Hillary Clinton’s History Is Relevant

By Sal Bommarito

Hillary Clinton is running for president, again. She’s on a mission to extend the Clinton dynasty.

As Clinton changed jobs over the years, attorney, to First Lady of Arkansas, to First Lady of America, to senator, to secretary of state and now to president, she and her husband have been tied to many scandals and even more allegations. Yet, Democrat diehards are indefatigable in their support of Hillary.

The story of Hillary and Bill’s exploits go way back. Many new voters are were not born or were too young to appreciate some of the things the Clintons were accused of, suspected of and investigated for over the years. In all fairness, prosecutors often fell on their faces, and some were encouraged by the powers that be to drop charges. But, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Last May, the magazine Whistleblower published an article that listed “Hillary’s 22 Biggest Scandals Ever.” I pared the list down and condensed each explanation greatly in the interests of brevity. Additionally, I stipulate upfront that the magazine appears to be very anti-Clinton.

The resultant list should cause a prudent voter to step back and reconsider her or his support of Hillary in the 2016 election.

This election cycle has proven that voters can turn a blind eye to even the most egregious behavior, when you consider the backgrounds and commentary of Hillary and her likely opponent in 2016. In any case, I think voters should not ignore history that for Hillary includes a lot of shady dealing and distortion of the truth.

And so, here are the abridged scandals for your perusal. If you want the full narrative, bring up the article using the link provided earlier.

  • Clinton’s use of IRS for personal vendettas- IRS files were used to “harass and exact revenge on political enemies.”
  • Covering up Bill’s dirty deeds- The Clinton’s pattern was to “stalk, scare and threaten . . . women such as Genifer Flowers, Kathleen Wiley and Paula Jones.”
  • Looting the White House- In 2001, the Clintons reportedly “vandalized” the White House of furniture and gifts worth $190,000. Additionally, the Clintons “auctioned off and sold taxpayer-financed goods and services in exchange for political campaign contributions and personal profit.”
  • Filegate- The Clintons obtained FBI files on personal adversaries.
  • Emailgate- Hillary kept her official correspondence as secretary of state on a private mail server located in her home. An investigation has proven that top-secret information was communicated in unsecured emails. These actions could result in felony indictments of Hillary and her aides.
  • Travelgate- The White House travel staff was fired and replaced by Clinton cronies.
  • Whitewater- A failed Arkansas land deal involving the Clintons resulted in the failure of Madison County Savings and Loan. This financial fraud caused several Clinton friends to go to jail including a former Arkansas governor and two municipal judges. The Clinton’s dodged prosecution.
  • Landing under sniper fire in Bosnia- Hillary lied about visiting Bosnia and encountering sniper fire. It was proven to be untrue by news footage.
  • Pardongate- Prior to leaving the White House, Bill granted many pardons, including the convicted tax evader Marc Rich, whose wife was a major contributor to Hillary’s senatorial campaign.
  • Hillary had a 9787% profit from a cattle futures transaction. Tyson Foods, a large Clinton donor, helped Hillary earn over $97,000 from the transaction.
  • Hillary Iran fundraising- Hillary’s Foundation received more than $50,000 from a foundation liked to the Iran government.
  • The Clinton Foundation- Allegedly, funds have been misused.
  • Benghazi- Four Americans including the ambassador to Libya were killed by terrorists. Hillary has been accused of “dereliction of duty.”

I’m amazed by the resilience of certain candidates. They seem to be immune to the stigma of bad behavior and inappropriate comments made. These should be part of a voter’s assessment of a candidate’s character and ability to lead.

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