Trump Must Keep His Promises

This week Sean Hannity of Fox News, an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump, offered his viewers a menu of issues that the president-elect must address during his tenure in office. Hannity indicated that Trump would not be successful unless he delivers on the promises made during the campaign.

In no order of importance they include the following:

  • Repeal Obamacare. This is a signature issue for Trump. His constituents are expecting decisive and immediate action relating to this failed initiative. The problem with repealing or even amending the legislation is that 20+ million people will be affected. The transition to a new arrangement must be seamless and simultaneous or it will create chaos.
  • Lower taxes. Trump promised to decrease taxes for all Americans. The question is how can Trump lower taxes without dramatically increasing the deficit? Will the Trump team try to convince Americans that lower taxes will spur the economy and offset lower federal revenues?
  • Repatriation of offshore corporate cash. American corporations have accumulated $2 trillion of cash in foreign countries. These funds would be subjected to a 33% tax if repatriated to the U.S. Trump is considering a tax holiday that would enable these funds to come to the U.S. with only a 10% surcharge. The money, presumably and hopefully, would be used to increase business operations in America resulting in higher employment.
  • Build a wall (or a fence or a barrier of some kind). Trump must erect a structure that inhibits illegal immigration from Mexico. It is key issue for the president-elect that was heavily marketed during the campaign.
  • Appoint conservative justices. Justice Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court is still vacant. Trump supporters expect him to name a constitutionalist to fill the position and restore the previous split between liberal and conservative judges on the court.
  • Improve conditions in urban areas. Trump campaigned hard to break the stranglehold of Democrats on African American voters. He made some minor inroads by insisting that liberal leaders did nothing to improve the lives of this group in recent years. Trump has a once in a lifetime opportunity to score big with urban minorities if he can create real change. This means, among other things, increasing employment, improving schools, settling the differences between the police and residents, etc.
  • Energy independence. By tempering global warming regulations and disenfranchising radical environmental groups, Trump can help make America more energy independent. As a starting point he should ensure regulatory approval of existing pipeline projects and free up more protected areas to increase energy production.
  • Drain the swamp. Trump says corruption and cronyism must end in Washington. Many are hopeful that he will push for term limits for more elected offices. This will result in a massive changing of the guard in Washington and around the country.
  • Radical Islam. Trump promised to root out terrorists and to dismantle ISIS. These will be great challenges for the new administration and the military that may require the assistance of Russia, Iran and a plethora of interested parties in the Middle East.
  • Extreme vetting. Trump must secure the U.S. by making it exceedingly difficult for troublemakers to enter the country. This can only be done with coordinated and aggressive racial profiling of immigrants to the U.S. The new president should disregard claims that he is xenophobic and discriminating.
  • Education back to the states. Federal efforts to improve education have been disastrous. Each state must assume the responsibility of educating their young. Public education has failed and needs to be supplemented with more choice, vouchers and a greater number of charter schools.
  • Free and fair trade. All of the U.S.’s trade agreements must be reassessed to insure that America does not lose more jobs. Those agreements that are detrimental to our interests must be abrogated.
  • Remember the forgotten men and women. Recent leadership has focused principally on densely populated areas. However rural areas and places that are dominated by lower and middle class citizens swept Trump to victory. The new president should not ignore their needs.

Donald Trump has a tough row to hoe. His detractors have already started to parse and criticize his every action and comment. Given his political success in the election the president-elect should do what he thinks is good for the country and not be swayed by those who are responsible for America’s precarious global reputation.

It is imperative for Trump to hire the best people to assist him. And he should strive for diversity in his cabinet and among his aides.

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