The New York Times Continues To Attack Trump, But Very Few Care

The New York Times’ columnists are still not responding civilly or constructively to the landmark victory of Donald Trump. The City’s journalistic elite continues to be apoplectic about Trump’s thrashing of Hillary Clinton calling it criminal, a fluke and an outrage. Yet the paper’s limited circulation means that only a small number of Americans are really impacted by the Times’ vicious attacks on the new administration.

What’s really disturbing is that such a prestigious newspaper with a mere 1.2 million in daily circulation, actually believes that the warped perspective of their columnists carries any real weight around the country. The Times’ circulation is the third largest in the U.S. behind USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. It should be noted that over 126 million people voted in the 2016 election. So only a tiny fraction of the electorate have been subjected to the Times’ left wing tilt during the presidential campaign.

Continuing its 18-month onslaught against Trump, the Times published three op-eds on December 5 that flayed the president-elect. They are titled “The Constitution In Danger,” “Trump’s Agents of Idiocracy” and “The Art of The Scam.” The titles speak for themselves. You can deduce what they are about. Suffice it to say the Times thinks Trump supporters are fools for voting for him.

Donald Trump has many faults that this blog has exposed repeatedly during the presidential campaign. The electorate already knows the man’s an egomaniac and a very tough businessman. We know he’s a misogynist and not particularly conversant about details relating to complex issues he blathers about.

But the Times has gone one step further and conjured up a new journalistic alchemy in which it mixes together all of the president-elect’s shortcomings and concludes that he will violate the Constitution, be an agent of idiocracy (this is not a real word, by the way) and be a scam artist in the White House.

Let’s face it, nearly all the Times’ columnists and reporters are left wing, self-proclaimed intellectuals who despise the person who will be our next president as if he has already hurt them personally. These writers are smug and condescending critics of any ideology that doesn’t line up with their worldview.

They have no patience and zero tolerance for the deplorable people, idiots, morons, cretins and dumbasses who believe our government just might be too bureaucratic, wasteful and intrusive. They are aghast whenever anyone criticizes their heroes, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They are the purveyors of political correctness even as they spew their venom on Americans that don’t read the Times, which totals about 320 million people each day.

What the Times has failed to accept is that about half of the voters in the country are unhappy with the federal government. These people responded to Trump’s call to drain the swamp and to change the way things are done in Washington.

The swamp represents the establishment that has perpetuated misgovernment for the past several decades and includes both major parties. Granted, Trump’s rhetoric is sometimes exuberant. But his proposals are enticing for average Americans, if not for the Mensa crowd at the Times. What’s wrong with a stronger military, more jobs, less frivolous spending, an end to illegal immigration and a whole lot of change?

Every time I read another attack ad in the Times I can’t help thinking about the alternative candidate in 2016. [Note: I thought Trump and Clinton were horrible candidates, and didn’t vote for either of them]. Does anyone not think that Hillary and Bill are corrupt? The proof of their misbehavior is strewn across the past thirty years. How many times were the people of this country going to drink the Clintons’ poisonous Kool Aid? Not in 2016. Trump supporters knew that the Clintons would use their power to line their pockets and sate their relentless odyssey for


Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet and the naysayers and crybabies are saying nay and whining every day. Give the guy an opportunity to lead the country- he earned it. I predict that if Trump keeps his promises he will be a very popular president. His methods and temperament are disconcerting, but if he improves the economy, makes us safer and does all the other things he spoke about during the election his credibility will soar no matter how many times the New York Times rains on his parades and calls him names.

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