“A Better Deal?” Pelosi And Schumer Must Step Down For Democrats To Make A Comeback

A few days ago Nancy Pelosi, the longtime leader of House Democrats, along with Chuck Schumer, the minority leader in the Senate, brought us “A Better Deal.”  Bryon Dean Wright, a Democrat wrote a scathing piece in which he said Democrats were clueless about what they must do to win future elections.

Pelosi said that her “better deal” will be the first step in rebuilding the party’s standing with voters.  Schumer said voters do not know what the Democratic Party stands for. In fact 67% of Americans view the party as out of touch.

Democrats keep repeating Hillary Clinton platitudes as if they were  elixers for the party. The economy is rigged against average Americans, the minimum wage should be increased to $15/hour,  corporate monopolies are bad for America and drug prices are too high. That’s about the extent of the Democratic platform at this time.

Elizabeth Warren was also present at the preview of “A Better Deal.” She said the economy is broken. She probably has not been reading the Wall Street Journal, or she would know that stock prices are soaring, inflation is low, unemployment is down and businesses are reporting good earnings, which will help Americans find more higher paying jobs.

Voters are disgusted with pols who only want to rake in more cash to campaign and retain their seats. This flies in the face of good government. Only term limits and new blood in the halls of Congress will change the attitude and objectives of our lawmakers. Ironically President Trump has called for term limits even as his party is in the majority. There is no way decades old hacks like Pelosi and Schumer would agree to new laws that would limit their tenures in Congress or ability to lobby after their careers end.

Pelosi told the world she is a “master legislator.” This is an incredibly self-serving comment that very few Democrats would subscribe to. But many legislative colleagues need her to raise money for their election campaigns, so Democratic dissent is rare.

Democrats have an opportunity to make gains in 2018 and in 2020, but they will not be successful with their existing tired, cynical and obstructionist leaders. The party needs a fresh face, a person with new ideas. This is unlikely. Party members are going to see the same people making the same suggestions in 2018 that Hillary Clinton offered Americans and lost with.


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