The Real Reasons Why Corker And Flake Are Retiring

My latest blog about Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake received some serious blow back from readers. This may be a result of me not explaining myself adequately.

Both senators have decided to retire after having very serious disagreements with President Trump. In both disputes public statements and social media posts became very personal.

The senators indicated that they could no longer be a part of the Republican political scene because actions taken by the Trump administration were not consistent with their principles. However, both neglected to point out that their approval ratings were plummeting (Corker-41%, Flake, 18%). The senators were going to have a very difficult time getting reelected if they ran again.

In my blog I posed questions about objectives and loyalty of congress people. I stated that the most important thing for a member of Congress is to win the next election. Only by doing so can an individual retain his or her power and help the party. To reiterate the senators were not fairing well with their constituencies.

What about loyalty to the party? Things are accomplished in Congress when one party (the majority) overwhelms the other party (the minority) and enacts legislation consistent with its agenda. Compromise is preferable especially when controversial legislation is being considered.

The party caucus is most powerful when all the members toe the line. It is this point that some readers misinterpreted.

Unless a significant issue arises that is anathema to a lawmaker or flies in the face of his or her constituencies, the lawmaker should vote with his party colleagues. In the cases of Corker and Flake they say they are concerned about the style and personality of the president, not his agenda.

I specifically pointed out that a huge number of Americans are horrified by Trump’s method of governing. But a large number of the same group is supportive of the administration’s agenda. I am a part of this group.

I refuse to give up on the president unless he is unable to deliver on his campaign promises, for any reason. Note: Trump is dangerously close to this eventuality. The outcome of tax reform could very well seal the fate of his presidency.

Neither of these senators should be walking away at this critical moment in history because they believe Trump is an a—s.

Getting back to polls, it is abundantly clear that both senators were going to be defeated in their primaries. If there is any doubt about this outcome, Steve Bannon had already targeted them and was recruiting candidates to challenge them.

The morale of all this is that the Republican Party is prepared to weed out outliers and traitors to ensure that Trump’s agenda can be enacted.



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