Love Him Or Hate Him, Trump Is Sheer Determination With No Regrets

I’m not a Trump advocate or his apologist. During his campaign this blog attacked the candidate on many issues. After he was elected president my criticism continued especially relating to the man’s style and self-aggrandizing persona.

Yet the overwhelming assault on Trump by the liberal press irks me. And, I’m saddened that so many Americans want to see a sitting president fail. It’s very un-American.

Donald Trump is not a nice guy. He believes that a stick is more effective than a carrot in his efforts to convince others to accept his will, a philosophy that served him well in his business career. The world has become such a contentious place that American leaders must take a tougher stand to protect the country and to encourage other nations and leaders to do the right things.

On immigration, previous administrations have turned a blind eye as more than 10 million illegals have overrun our nation. Why did they let this happen? Trump refused to follow suit, so he campaigned for immigration reform. The plight of immigrants traveling through Mexico has divided the US. It’s nothing like the orderly and legal migration of earlier immigrants. The latter followed the law, built lives in the new world, were assimilated into our culture and made America a better place.

Many immigrants crossed over our borders illegally and have become a huge financial and political burden. Even more disconcerting is that they, and some misguided Americans, think illegals have a divine and/or legal right to come to the US. What is the cost of all this to the US taxpayers, you ask? The number is estimated at $116 billion each year after the receipt of income tax payments. This money should have been used to benefit American citizens.

It’s too late to reverse history. At this point it makes sense to accept the productive and law-abiding illegals that are already here. But a growing number of Americans believe that not one additional person should be allowed to enter the country illegally. So, is a one-time $25 billion expenditure for a wall (plus associated operating costs) a good investment for America? Damn right it is. The problem is Trump has done a lousy job selling the proposal to his constituencies. He spends more time trying to jam it down our throats than explaining the long-term benefits of more restrictive immigration policies.

When considering the problems around the world and the diminished reputation of the US, attributable to previous presidents, you should surmise that kindness and unrestrained foreign aid are not the answer. The world takes our generosity for granted every day. An iron fist to fend off the likes of North Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia and China is needed.

Trump has done a masterful job dealing with rogue regimes. Kim Jung-un may be ready to negotiate nuclear disarmament. This would not have been possible if Trump had been “more” diplomatic in his approach.

Syria is totally out of control even as Russia and Iran pull the strings. It’s time for the US to respond to chemical attacks by the Assad regime on his own people, along with many other atrocities. Trump will likely, and rightly, punish Assad, the mass murderer, for his ungodly actions.

Iran is making a mockery of sincere efforts to craft a pathway to peace in the Middle East. The nuclear treaty is a farce and should be abrogated immediately. And Trump should continue to work with Israel and Saudi Arabia to destabilize Iran economically and politically.

Russia has become a principal antagonist of the US just as it was during the Cold War, notwithstanding the attempts of Putin and Trump to develop a relationship. The Russians are dishonest and should not be trusted. I’m confident that Trump knows this and is acting accordingly in spite of overt actions that would lead some to think otherwise. Reagan bankrupted the Soviet Union 35 years ago. Trump should continue to keep economic pressure on Russia and do it again.

China is a clear and present danger. A trade war was inevitable. China protects its industries aggressively and the US does not creating unsustainable trade deficits. The Trump economic offensive against China will have a positive impact in the long run, even though there will be some short term pain.

In all these situations Trump has made smart moves against America’s adversaries. It’s true however that Trump creates problems for himself by doing things that many Americans find disturbing.

One is his reliance on his family members. The Kushner family is not worthy of a vaunted role in the administration. Jared was not given top-secret clearance for a reason. And, he’s not qualified to make peace in the Middle East. His business interests are creating conflicts for his father in-law. Trump should disassociate himself with him.

The president’s sexual adventures of yesteryear are sucking the air out of his administration. We have so many substantive problems to deal with in America, and the liberal press can’t get enough of Trump’s dalliances. The president should do what ever he can to end this sordid chapter.

Trump has mastered the art of communicating directly with America. Unfortunately his tweets are often idiotic and ill conceived, but he’s able to stay ahead of the press and make news. I suspect social media will be an important tool for all future politicians.

The rift between Democrats and Republicans has paralyzed the country. It’s not Trump’s fault. Nor are the issues that have surfaced between moderate Republicans and conservatives. He inherited this bizarre state of affairs. Although his style creates unneeded static for our country, his determination to get things done is admirable. Trump has been very aggressive with his political opponents and members of his own party. This is necessary to achieve his agenda.

Finally there is the media. Personal assaults and disrespect by the press directed at the president are unacceptable. The outrageous commentary by sanctimonious columnists at the Times and Washington Post is not good for our country. The liberal intelligentsia on both coasts is losing face every day. The rift between our leaders and lawmakers does not move average Americans and should not be encouraged in the newspapers and on TV. It’s even gotten to the point where Joe Biden challenged Trump to a physical confrontation. What an ass! Unless we’re going to encourage pistol duels at dawn like in the old days, the rhetoric needs to be ratcheted down.

Trump is far cry from a great president. Yet he has the determination to get things done under the most extreme circumstances. Maybe the liberal know-it-alls should cut him some slack. We can vote Trump out in 2020 if the situation deteriorates any further.



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