Politicizing Covid-19

I’m sad to report that, along with so many other issues, the pandemic is being politicized to the maximum extent possible. By way of comparison, it’s the same as a president and his opponents using an extended military conflict for political gain. When the health of the entire world is dependent on our leaders, politics should be left at the door of the conference room. There is misbehavior on both sides of the aisle.

In the case of a national emergency, the president, the commander-in-chief, must lead the country. For the most part, he or she must develop a game plan to defeat the enemy. In this case, the enemy is an infectious disease that has killed thousands of people globally.

The criticism of Trump began when the flu virus started to rampage across the world. Given that medical science was not up to the challenge, and experts didn’t have a clue about how to respond to COVID-19, the president took action to protect the country. He prevented travel to and from China and the other places that posed a threat to the US, and he tried to calm Americans.

Democrats endlessly harped on the president’s decisions. What is curious, is that the experts were not in agreement about what to do, so Trump made decisions on his own. He tried to do the things that would minimize the spread of the pandemic. Frankly, when the history books are written about this sordid situation, they probably will say there was no one who had the right answers to defeat Covid. The disease was going to take its course no matter what actions world leaders took.

Masks were not going to guarantee our health. There were not enough of them, or ventilators, because medical experts did not predict the world would need them. China reacted in their political interests and let the rest of the world down by downplaying the strength of the virus. The history books will probably say Trump did the best with what was known at the time.

This is not to say that every tactic Trump employed was strictly in the best interest of the American people. The disease arose during an election year and the politicians were yearning for an opportunity to showcase their leadership. Trump exaggerated, and Democrats tried to downplay an ongoing economic surge. The latter got their wish in the form of the coronavirus.

Fast forwarding to the present, the president was on TV this week promising to deliver a safe vaccine before the election. No surprise there. Trump may need to keep this promise to get reelected. But the proof is in the pudding. If a safe vaccine is not available, for the general public, by Election Day, Trump will probably lose to Joe Biden.

So, why are Democrats berating him for predicting that a cure is around the corner? Simply put, Democrats will do anything and say anything that hurts the president’s chances to win reelection. This includes charging the president with lying about a deliverable vaccine for everyone, not just for the most vulnerable among us.

One would think that all Americans including Democrats would do anything to benefit the well-being of the country, even if it resulted in votes for Trump. We’re talking about a disease that has the potential to kill off the entire human race. Why would a patriot be anything but helpful? Why would Trump lie about something so important that will either take place by Election Day or not?

Every day, I feel more embarrassed and ashamed by my leaders. Even to save the world from a horrible pandemic, Republicans and Democrats cannot join hands to work together to defeat the disease. After the pandemic is over, and we have our next president, voters should spend time to consider whether the losers we have as leaders should be thrown out of office.

The Pandemic Could Be A Long-Term Affair

Everyone is asking themselves each day, what’s it going to be like after the pandemic, and when will it finally subside? In the meantime, the politicians are bickering with each other about every aspect of the virus crisis including members of the same party.

I still believe the public is not receiving the information it is entitled to, which will enable average Americans to make personal choices about taking risk. Is it because we can’t be trusted with sensitive data, such as how many people are actually dying? One would think that this is the most important metric. If the death rate decreases to a nominal number (not to minimize the importance of any deaths), the nation should begin to return to normalcy, the definition of which remains to be determined.

Given that older people and those with serious medical conditions are the most vulnerable (to die), the behavior of all Americans should be built around a plan to protect this group. The operative metric for vulnerable people is the number of new cases of coronavirus. The danger is not about new cases per se, rather, it’s preventing vulnerable people from exposure to the bug.

As an aside, large and small companies should advise vulnerable employees, the aged and those with other medical issues, to work from home and avoid unnecessary contact until new cases diminish. It is not necessary for the entire workforce to work remotely without end.

The really big issues facing political and business leaders are return to school, return to the office and attending crowed venues, including religious ceremonies, weddings, restaurants, bars, movies, and gyms. For most people, visitation with family members is also a critical issue. It’s going to be different to stop Americans from seeing their loved ones for much longer.

The estimated arrival of a vaccine is now front and center. Because of the impending election, the timing and approval of a prevention therapy has become greatly politicized. When this happens to any issue the information flow becomes unreliable and distorted.

Trump would love to have a vaccine before the election. I hope the president does not push the vaccine upon us before it is determined to be safe. Correspondingly, I hope the Trump’s opponents don’t do anything to unnecessarily slow down the process for political gain.

I keep returning to the issue of normalcy in this blog. Realistically, people will not go to work willingly until they are sure it’s safe, and transportation to and from the office is reliable and sanitary.

Similarly, children going back to school are another bugaboo. Even though healthy children don’t die from the virus, many parents will balk at knowingly sending their loved ones into a diseased environment.

Unfortunately for restaurants, diners are not going to take unnecessary risks for a meal. Many smaller bistros are going to be forced out of business because of reticence on the part of their customers, and a distance requirement that will negatively affect the number of meals that can be served.

And then there are transportation issues, beaches, parks, museums, etc. that will be problematic for a long time. We are all in for a tough ride in the short to medium term. Risk aversion will be paramount to most Americans.

Calculated Risks Pertaining To Corona Virus

Don’t you wish you could freely visit family members, work at your office, take your spouse out to dinner, walk the streets without wearing those damn masks and send your children off to school each morning? Well, don’t expect to do these things too soon. Many Americans and many government officials are being especially careful and conservative as they protect their loved ones, co-workers and constituents.

Supposedly, 94% of Americans who die from the coronavirus had pre-existing conditions. That means you have very little chance of dying unless you have a pre-existing medical issue. The list of ailments is available from many sources. These favorable odds present interesting possibilities along with extremely difficult considerations for our leaders.

Should political and health authorities make decisions assuming that anyone who contracts the virus can die? Americans make decisions all the time that are based upon the odds of dying or being injured, such as smoking, driving a car, skydiving and travelling on an airplane.

The risk of getting sick is approximately the same for everyone. If two people attend the same beer party, don’t wear masks, don’t distance and don’t wash their hands, they probably have about the same odds of getting sick (at least as far as we know). But, if one of these people has asthma, he or she has a much greater chance of perishing from the disease.

As our president, governors, mayors, business CEOs, teachers and heads of families make decisions about how to live, work and socialize, should they do things that defy the odds? This could be decisions that decrease or increase the odds of mortality. It depends upon the exact odds, one would suppose.

Take going to school, rather than studying from home. If a healthy child has practically zero chance of dying, shouldn’t a decision to send the child to school be a legitimate choice? Keep in mind, the child may have a meaningful chance of contracting the virus and being sick for up to two weeks.

Similarly, the CEOs of companies must decide whether to order their employees back to the office. If they know who is vulnerable, who has existing conditions and/or advanced age, they could reasonably demand that employees come to work, excluding those at risk.

Similarly, the president, who is responsible for the safety of 340 million American must decide how to set a pace for a return to normalcy while encountering scores of different opinions. For sure, he or she must ensure that masking, distancing and washing are employed. But when does the president say it’s time to reinvigorate our economy? It probably should be when he is sure a vast number of Americans will not die from the coronavirus, more so than whether Americans might contract the virus.

In recent history, the presidents of the United States did not shut down the country for measles and mumps. These viruses infected millions, and the vast majority of sufferers did not die, unless they had pre-existing conditions.

When will Americans get back to normalcy? Are we going to have our lives be disrupted in perpetuity, or are we prepared to play the odds? The odds would have us be extra careful about vulnerable people who have a high chance of dying if they contract coronavirus.

And of course, there are less then all-in options. Certain activities are more dangerous than others. The menu is great and includes eating inside restaurants, going to the movies, going the health clubs, going to bars and the like. With proper precautions, we can live relatively safely and participate in these activities.


As We Fight The Virus, Society Is Changing

As we battle the pandemic, many new issues have arisen for Americans. Broad social changes are under way, even as our neighbors are suffering and dying from the virus. Following are a list of some of the most significant items.

Diversity. So much is being discussed about the need for diversity in business and everyday life. The most downtrodden groups, specifically women and people of color, are making massive demands. It’s strange that the pandemic would encourage such unrelated actions while so many are suffering medically and financially.

In business, corporations are striving to diversify their boards of directors and promoting more women and Blacks to senior management positions. Large investors are blackballing corporations that either ignore or resist demand for diversity. Having more diversity among decision makers will improve the performance of corporations in the minds of most savvy investors.

Heroes and icons. Quite a few former heroes and great Americans have lost their hallowed status. Many of our forefathers who fought for our country’s independence are being outed for owning and trading slaves. The accomplishments of these former heroes are being denigrated because of their insensitivities relating to the plight of Blacks. The result has included tearing down statues and memorials. Even Washington and Jefferson have been caught up in the controversy.

Social interaction. Americans, for the most part, are affectionate. Hugging and kissing friends and family members is commonplace. Or, should I say, was commonplace. Moving forward, the pandemic has taught us that being touchy feely can be hazardous to your health. After the virus is defeated, it’s likely that physical contact will be much less.

Physical interaction between people who are romantically inclined will also be affected. If we’re going to shun an innocent kiss, how will we react if one individual tries to encourage intimacy. It will likely be very awkward.

Physical fitness. Physical fitness hit a high point before the pandemic. More Americans than ever were exercising several times each week for health and vanity reasons. But, the authorities have indicated that health clubs are extremely dangerous. Heavy breathing and expelling hot air and spittle when exercising are perilous to bystanders. It’s how the Covid virus spreads- through the air. For this reason, authorities have not allowed clubs to reopen, and many are going out of business.

Restaurants. No small business enterprises have suffered more than restaurants, eateries and cafes. Many have gone bankrupt, and more certainly will prospectively. In New York City, dining indoors is not permitted. So many restaurants have taken over space outside their doors. Unfortunately, the number of meals that can be served is a small percent of what it used to be, especially with distancing requirements. What’s going to happen in locations that are cold during winter months, if restrictions do not end? And, even if restrictions are decreased, will diners risk infection when restaurants must serve food indoors?

Police protection. Probably the most controversial political actions are those involving police and funding of these first responders. Black demands for fairness and equal justice have expanded dramatically, and now some cities are decreasing police protection by reducing personnel and slashing budgets. The result has been more crime. Some is perpetrated by violent protesters, and some result from decreased responses by police departments. How will we protect our urban centers without aggressive police surveillance and response? This question remains unanswered.

Returning to school. A gigantic controversy is brewing relating to decisions about sending our children back to school in September. Is it safe? Will the virus spread if schools are opened? Are our parents and grandparents vulnerable to the disease being carried home by innocent youngsters? Are teachers in jeopardy? There are many different opinions about how to proceed and school administrators are going to go their separate ways. Will parents send young their young children back to classrooms before a vaccine is the discovered and is employed?

Protest. We need a new definition of protest. We need agreement among dissatisfied groups that violence, under no circumstances, is a good thing for our society and social interaction. Destruction of local neighborhoods is criminal an unproductive. Nevertheless, authorities must do their part to deal with complaints from abused groups, especially people of color.

The 2020 elections. The tabulation of votes in November is going to be contested because our voting systems are antiquated and not secure. The chaos that is likely to occur is going to result in a massive demand by Americans to upgrade our election process. If we are not diligent in this regard, every voter will question the validity of our election results

Government financial support during crises. The government’s response to the needs of average Americans in the midst of a financial crisis has been inspirational. It’s great to see that all politicians, to some extent, support this aid. There will be controversies about the extent of aid, but we will work through these issues. Our federal government must step up to support those in need.

Many Covid Questions, And Very Few Answers

There are many questions that must be answered before we can return to our normal lives after the pandemic subsides. Unfortunately, most questions have no answers at this time. This makes decisions nearly impossible for the authorities and individuals alike.

This blog has expressed skepticism about the timing of getting back to normalcy on numerous occasions. Every sensible individual on Earth is still distancing, using masks in public, quarantining and isolating. The reason for these precautions is that the virus is still wreaking havoc on our society. Thousands of people are still testing positive and too many are dying. The aforementioned actions are the only defensive tools we have until a vaccine is discovered and proven safe.

The following is a list of questions that are on most people’s minds. It is not complete, but it covers most concerns. Given that information flowing from our leaders and health experts is choppy, incomplete and tilted because of the impending elections, it is difficult to have confidence relating to new initiatives or a return to normalcy.

Not in any order of importance, here are the questions that so many of us are pondering:

  • When will a vaccine be produced that can safely be used with confidence?
  • Under what circumstances will we send our children back to school?
  • When can we safely go back to our offices to work?
  • Is public transportation safe?
  • For how long will we need to use masks outside of our homes?
  • When will restaurants open without restrictions distancing requirements?
  • When will health clubs open?
  • When will we be able to safely visit elderly relatives and friends without endangering their lives?
  • Are elevators safe to use?
  • When will it be safe to fly commercially?
  • What are the key metrics that will indicate that the pandemic is ending?
  • When will we be able to go to our beaches?
  • When will it be safe to go to concerts, ball games, theater and movies?
  • When will all states be safe to travel to?
  • Can we get sick from the virus more than once?
  • Will everyone be immunized?
  • How long will it take to immunize every American?
  • What will happen if some Americans refuse to be immunized?
  • Who will pay for the immunizations?
  • When will it be safe to travel internationally?


As stated previously, this is not a complete list. And, most of the questions are unanswerable at this time. We must continue to demand transparency from our leaders to make sensible and measured decisions for our families and businesses.

It’s Pathetic: Trump Or Biden

There’s intrigue in the air. Hopeful candidates, political hacks, businesspeople, community organizers, minority groups and the news media are jockeying to position themselves before the 2020 elections. Public relations gimmicks and false advertisement in newspapers and on TV have overwhelmed Americans. The truth is difficult to come by. Every communication is wharped by election considerations.

For the first time in recent history, voters are perplexed about their choices for the highest position in the land. In most previous elections, voters would have said that at least one of the presidential contenders was well qualified to become the most powerful person on Earth. Not this year. We have two men vying for the top spot or who are a bad combination of a sick joke and outright incompetence.

On the one hand, we have Donald Trump, who miraculously stole the presidency from Hillary Clinton in 2016. Even Trump thought he was going to lose big to Hillary, as she attempted to extend the Clinton dynasty. What a surprise! The polls showed her easily defeating her opponent, and the know-it-all media was prematurely celebrating a big victory. All of a sudden Florida fell to Trump and a number of battleground states voted for Trump for the hell of it, or because Clinton didn’t feel the need to visit these places during the campaign.

What we got is a caricature of a megalomaniac as president. He didn’t know what he was doing at first and governed the country like the despot he was in business. But there was too much smoke, too many mirrors, too many lies, too much bad judgment floating around. Every Trump hater began to label the president a fibbing, self-aggrandizing, incompetent, non-diplomatic, racist, misogynistic, sexist, mean person.

For four years, America has put up with Trump’s quirky personality and inability to work with or trust anybody he hired to be Secretary of State, Attorney General, head of any number of intelligence agencies, etc. Trump’s non-familiarity with big government has turned Washington topsy-turvy. The nation’s capital is more than ever chock full of con artists, shylocks and social climbing power mongers. But now, we also have a person with bad character in the White House.

Internationally and diplomatically, Trump has been the laughingstock of the global community. His counterparts in every country couldn’t believe that the most powerful man in the world was a dingbat. Play to his ego, and you can get whatever you want from Trump, they thought.

Anyway, we survived the last four years, barely. To make matters worse a pandemic has attacked the world and made the political scene even more insane. Now we have a terrible politician playing the role of an infectious disease expert. An existential threat is being managed by a man who was famous for being a robber baron and a real estate con artist.

Many believed Trump would drop out after four years of abuse by the entire Washington infrastructure. What kind of man comes back for more punishment after getting eviscerated each and every day on all the news outlets? Everyone hates the president, even people who support him. We hoped he would say after four years, “That was fun, I want to do real estate deals and build golf courses. I quit.” No way, he wants four more years.

You would assume that savvy liberals and Trump’s opponents would recognize that he is really vulnerable and ripe to be taken down. For the second time in four years, Democrats picked a person who is one of the few people around that Trump can defeat. Joe Biden, 79 years old, Sleepy Joe, is the man that has been chosen to defeat the president. He’s been hanging around Washington for 50 years and never really accomplished anything. He likes to remind Americans that he was Vice President. Big deal.

How could Democrats select Biden to run against Trump? He’s too old, too mistake prone, inarticulate, bumbling, not respected and after half a century of doing stuff in Washington, is clearly unprepared to be president.

Just about any decent Democrat could beat Trump head-to-head, and the liberals picked Joe. They are 0 for 2 picking contenders for the presidency in the past four years. Who is the Democrat king maker? He should be summarily fired.

And consider the positions Biden must take to solidify his base: de-funder of police departments, supporter of violent protests, pro entitlement giveaways in which unemployment pays more than a real job, releaser of criminals from prison, open borders advocate, illegal immigration sponsor, government over spender, etc. And most importantly, Joe has to sound like a socialist to collect votes.

I’m shaking in my boots about the staying power of Covid-19. I’m also frightened that either Trump or Biden will be president for the next four years. Doesn’t the country have some better individuals to be president. Apparently not, at least in 2020.

Who am I going to vote for? Neither of these two candidates.



Covid Misreporting and Back to School Decisions

Reporting by health officials and the mass media of coronavirus deaths continues to be very misleading. This is outrageous because the strategies moving forward to fight the pandemic will be impacted to a great extent by how public opinion effects our leaders. If the facts are incomplete, withheld or spun improperly, our leaders may be influenced to act inappropriately. The back to school issue, for instance, can be greatly distorted depending upon how one considers and evaluates deaths from the virus.

The natural inclination is to be conservative when it comes to our children. When in doubt, do the safest thing. But if an assessment of back to school includes concern about potential deaths, which it should, our leaders should be leaning towards the back to school alternative. This is because very few deaths of young people are attributable to the coronavirus.

The American Council on Science and Health provides statistics about Covid deaths in the US by age.

Public health officials and the media have been warning us that coronavirus kills not just old or immunocompromised people, but young people too. While this is true, it remains relatively uncommon. The CDC provided accumulated mortality data about COVID-19 from February 1st through June 17th. It follows below.



Deaths       % Covid Deaths


Under 1 year          8             0.008

1-4 years             5             0.00 5

5-14 years            13           0.013

15-24 years           125          0.121

25-34 years           699          0.676

35-44 years           1,780        1.722

45-54 years           4,976        4.815

55-64 years           12,307       11,909

65-74 years           21,462       20.769

75-84 years           27,259       26.640

85 years and older    34,435       33,322

All                   103,339      100.00


As shown, deaths of young people, from babies to college students, are almost nonexistent. The first age group to provide a substantial contribution to the death total is 45 – 55 years. This group contributes nearly 5% of all coronavirus deaths. More than 80% of deaths occur in people aged 65 and over.

Of course, there are other considerations. For instance, children could be infected and possibly bring the virus home to parents and, worse, grandparents. This essay is not politicking for one decision over another. Rather, it is merely pointing out that if leaders are shying away from opening schools because of the mortality alone, the decision is not sound.



Using Students For Political Gain

President Trump’s strong-arm tactics relating to education are inappropriate and immoral. For political purposes, the president has contrived ways to get Americans to discount the risks relating to the pandemic in the educational sector.

Exacerbating the situation is the poor reporting by health sources and the mass media. Are these groups simultaneously trying to influence the political landscape? For weeks this blog has demanded to know the most relevant statistics about the deadly virus. For instance, the media continues to emphasize the number of new cases (which are related to the increased number of tests) and ignores the more important statistic of deaths of healthy young people (supposedly they are very rare).

To reiterate, are healthy young people dying, or does the virus seek out the aged and the physically impaired for the most part? With accurate information, discussions about opening and closing aspects of American life could be made more effectively.

Trump has decided to focus on schools, all of them, Kindergarten through graduate school by threatening state leaders and educators who are concerned about the well being of their constituents. As mentioned above, the stats are not conclusive, so decision-makers must decide without full information. How can the president penalize anyone for taking a conservative approach when it involves our children, and our future?

Opening public schools in August and September is one of the most frightening propositions. Millions of children are at risk. Many of them have parents and grandparents who are vulnerable. Thousands use public transportation or buses filled to capacity to commute to school. The largest populations of students are in urban centers where population density makes it wise to teach remotely, so many classes will be online. This is advisable, at least for the short term or until the virus shows signs of ebbing.

And what about the thousands of teachers who would be put at risk; there are quite a few who are vulnerable because of age and unaffiliated medical conditions.

In college and gradate school, Trump is trying to impede visas for international students unless they take in-person classes. (Note: Just yesterday afternoon, Trump apparently abandoned this tactic.) Most colleges are shying away from crowded classrooms in creative ways. But many classes will still be taught face to face. This will endanger students, teachers and the support staffs. Why not defer actual classroom work until the stats are more favorable. And why is Trump so insistent? Is it because of the election?

The response from leaders, decision makers and health officials has been disappointing. This is not to say anything condescending about first responders. A president on the ropes is harassing our leaders and decisions makers. His tenure is on the line and he’s prepared to go all in to be reelected, even if innocent Americans will be subjected to a deadly disease. It’s shameful.

Health officials have wasted decades and trillions of dollars not focusing on influenza and it existential impact on societies around the world. These experts know new strains are brewing constantly, but they chose to focus elsewhere. What could be more important than stopping a pandemic?



Young People May Be The Key

It’s becoming apparent that young Americans will ultimately decide what direction the Covid-19 pandemic will take prospectively. This group is abandoning isolating and masking more often as each day passes.

After spending time in New York, Colorado and Florida during the past several months, I can attest to many unsafe actions by the youngest among us. Is it the belief that they will live forever that drives them to take unnecessary risks? Or are they aware of the statistics that indicate young people who contract the deadly virus do not die from it, unless they have an existing condition?

The problem with these perspectives is that many can pass on the deadly bug to others that are vulnerable. Older people, including ones they love, such as mothers fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers can and have been dying in increasing numbers. Who is responsible for the actions of these individuals? Why do they care about their own amusement more than the safety of others?

Consider the actions of young people over the past few months. Where do they congregate? It is summertime in every state, so being outdoors and in the sun is a prime activity. Sitting on the beach without distancing or masks could be a deadly past time.

In the evening, drinking increases and so does the risk of spreading disease. Crowding anywhere to savor the music and socialize with others has been a major inspiration for the virus. Wearing a mask while one is trying to meet others is not popular. If a casual meeting results in further intimacies the odds of contagion increases exponentially.

Protesting in large groups is another popular activity of the young. Crowds are a risk. Asymptomatic individuals can create havoc as rabid demonstrators abandon masking and do not keep their distance from others. Emotions are high and spreading ones’ beliefs trumps all other considerations.

In and this day and age, and during the pandemic, living at home with parents and other older relatives is commonplace. If these older people are 50 or 60 years old, statistics indicate that contagion and subsequent death is much greater. Where are the responsible people? I don’t know, but they’re not the ones schmoozing on the beaches and at nightclubs.

If we are ever to beat this disease, young people will have to cooperate. Simply put, we need to avoid going to places where crowds are dense and where conditions are ripe for disease, like transportation centers, subways and elevators. The alternative is that the number of cases will continue to grow and many older people will die.

The other possibility is enforcement led by the police, National Guard and even our standing army. Americans don’t want a deadly disease or armed officials deciding how we live our lives.

Sacrifice Now Will Save Lives Later

The flu bug is relentless. There seems to be no stopping the pandemic based upon recent increases in new cases. It’s time for our leaders and citizens to accept that the flu is still a dangerous and existential threat, and to be in crowded places with or without a mask and close to others is foolhardy. It may take longer than expected to silence this menace. Unfortunately Americans are not the most patient lot.

But, cabin fever is overwhelming many. Young and old people are restless and bored. The need to socialize has stirred Americans, and made some careless. They want to go out on the town, drink, dance and talk face-to-face with friends. The problem with all this is that it’s spreading the virus and people are dying unnecessarily. Some Americans are either selfish and/or ignorant.

We also need to decrease the number of new cases before the fall so our children will not be in any danger when they go back to school. And we need to protect older, more susceptible family members and and neighbors.

Similarly, corporations and small businesses are champing at the bit to get their people back on the job. But to do it too early, especially in urban environments, could be a deadly mistake. Why would any CEO unnecessarily put his or her employees in harm’s way if work can be done efficiently from home?

By disregarding the risk that still exists from the pandemic, more people are going to get sick. There will be more suffering and continued calls for isolation. Hopefully, this will not lead to more deaths.

On the last item, I’ve seen little in the press that tells us whether new cases are, in fact, resulting from more testing. I’m not endorsing Trump’s ridiculous comments about the virus or his unsubstantiated optimism. But if you test more, more cases will be found, especially if many are asymptomatic. We need accurate and transparent accounting.

Another stat that is similarly underreported by the press is the number of new deaths. Are they increasing or not? Are young people without pre-existing condition dying? Or do we have to accept that a lot more people will contract the virus, as has been the case with less virulent flus over the years.

I believe it’s true that if young people get the virus, very few will perish. However, vulnerable individuals who come into contact with sick young ones are in serious jeopardy.

Why can’t the greatest country in the world accurately track the stats of a disease and inform the public about what’s at stake? Are we being shielded from the truth? Are we too stupid or immature to handle the reality of this disease? Is there a conspiracy to dole out information in a way that benefits one presidential candidate over the other? Conspiracy theories will abound.