Presidential Liars

Politicians have been lying to me and the rest of their constituencies since I took government classes in grade school. This phenomenon has reached epic proportions in recent years.

For historical perspective, I will begin by mentioning some of the more outrageous hyperbole from years past beginning with the first George Bush.

Bush told Americans he would not raise taxes. With great fanfare, he told us to read his lips. No way. He broke his promise and it cost him the election with Bill Clinton. It was a shame because Bush was probably the most experienced person to assume the presidency in many years. He was a congressman, head of the CIA and vice president. He defeated Saddam Hussein with virtually no casualties in the first Iraq war. One slip of the tongue caused his legacy great damage.

One of the biggest liars in history was Bill Clinton. He thought he could bull—t anybody including the American public. His tenure was chock full of mistruths; the biggest was about not having sex with Monica Lewinsky. He also fibbed about his sexual exploits with several other women and various self-dealing financial transactions when he was governor.

Boys will be boys, and presidents will be presidents. Philandering goes on all the time in Washington. Who am I to judge another man? But Bill was caught red handed, remember the infamous dress, and on national TV he looked Americans in the eye and denied any misbehavior. I always thought Clinton’s tryst with Monica was horrible transgression because it wasn’t a fair fight, a 20-year old intern was taken advantage of by most powerful man in the world. Sex in the room next to the Oval Office. Can you believe it?

That leads us to consider the veracity of every other thing Clinton told America. Americans heard many more lies from the man while he conducted his presidential duties.

The second George Bush started a war based upon a lie. The late Colin Powell, representing Bush, said the Iraqis had weapons of mass destruction. None were ever discovered. Did Bush lie? Did his aides lie to him? Did anybody in Bush’s cabinet lie because they wanted to unseat Saddam Hussein. In any event, this untruth resulted in a war that cost American lives and treasure.

Barack Obama was different than his fellow presidents. He lied to himself. He thought he was the smartest man on the planet. Without any experience he sashayed into the White House and rammed one of the worst laws in history down the throats of Americans. It’s now un-affectionately known as Obamacare. The results of this inane and poorly executed entitlement were financial upheaval because our country could not afford the legislation, defeat in the midterm elections and the loss of a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Basically, Obama was a do-nothing president because he did not understand the issues pertaining to a misguided law and ignored the experts. He was a political neophyte.

The Trump administration was fraught with one outright lie and exaggeration after another. In retrospect, this unbelievably despised person misled Americans more than he told the truth. The nation was so hard up for a hero that they elected a man with no character and no soul. There were so many instances of outright hyperbole that it makes me feel ashamed that this man was elected president of my country. Fact is that he was a liar before running for president and was pitted against another liar who he defeated.

And now we have Joe Biden in office who has nothing to lose. I promise it’s Joe’s last gig. Most Americans recognize that he is incapable of governing the US. He was an empty suit in Congress for years, and now, he is showing that he cannot deal with the rigors of being president.

At the current rate he may morph into the worst prefabricator of all time. He lies about virtually everything he does or doesn’t do.

The immigration problem on the southern border is not under control. It is a full-fledged crisis and human and humanitarian disaster.

The proposed new entitlements worth over 3 trillion dollars will make inflation increase. By saying that Nobel economists told him entitlements will end inflation and strengthen the dollar, the president is misleading the public.

Joe Biden’s son has broken numerous laws taking money from companies around the world for favors from his famous dad.

Biden has lied to Democrats. He promised progressive things that are not possible, and he assures moderates that he will heed their warnings about big government. He is leading Democrat politicians down a path of defeat and shame. It will begin during the midterm elections and continue into the next presidential election.

Biden is even now having issues with Kamala Harris about her role in the administration. He leaves the dirty jobs for her to deal with.

I think we would be stunned if we knew what inane things by Biden was saying to other world leaders. Consider the recent chat Biden had with Xi.

As a commander-in-chief he made a mess out of Afghanistan. He still believes he can negotiate with Iran’s crooked ayatollahs. Not a chance.

Democrats and Republicans can already see the writing on the wall. I’m frightened he has another three years still remaining as president. But, by then progressives will be telling Biden what to do each and every day.

Unbridled Spending Could End Liberal Dominance Prematurely

Democrats are at a crossroads shortly after taking control of the government in January. Should they take a lesson from Barack Obama and be humble, or should they ram through progressive and costly programs that transfer wealth to people at lower socioeconomic levels on the shoulders of the affluent? How will this philosophy impact the growth and well-being of our economy and society?

President Obama responded aggressively to the Great Recession, although many of his advisers believed he did not go big enough in deference to Republican objections. An $800 billion spending plan in 2008 was a seemingly bold plan involving federal government support. It was the largest amount of fiscal aid that has ever been provided. No one knew what the ramifications of such a large capital infusion would be at the time. Progressives said it didn’t matter, and Republicans predicted it would have a significant impact on inflation caused by astronomical spending by the federal government.

Biden and his fellow Democrats are once again testing the limits of fiscal giveaways by enacting a law that provides $1.9 trillion of assistance. The new president ignored the warnings of his rivals about the national debt, the weakening of the dollar and other things such as support of state budgets. Not one Republican senator voted for the legislation.

Progressives lauded the amount of money dedicated to minority causes, climate control, etc. The financial impact of the Covid pandemic was the impetuous upon which progressives passed this legislation. The total Covid related funds provided by the federal government are now several trillion dollars, although a large amount of the funds will be used for unrelated purposes. How will this impact the country economically?

The result of this overfunding will ultimately determine the fate of Democrats politically in the near future. If the country bounces back and inflation remains low, liberals will be celebrating more gains electorally. If the aid package does not do what progressive say it will, or if the country is subjected to inflationary pressures, the Dems will be struck down in the 2022 midterm elections.

Biden has gotten off to a horrendously bad start on the immigration front. The problems, suffering and confusion on the southern border, will be painful politically to liberals. The US is enabling thousands of destitute illegals to enter into the country without an infrastructure to manage the process. Towns and cities across the country will be hard pressed to accommodate these poor individuals.

The next thing on Biden’s agenda may be elimination of the filibuster. This will give liberals an opportunity to tear down our capitalistic society and keep the spigots open to fund illegal immigration and costly new entitlements. Forgiving college debt will soon be discussed, another trillion-dollar adventure.