The Immigration Crisis Is Tearing The US Apart

The immigration crisis on our southern border has grown even worse with the resignation of Kristjen Nielsen. The controversy is out of control because President Trump is continually at war with fellow Republicans and Democrats alike.

We all know that Trump prefers sycophants who do his bidding, often times in violation of laws, precedents and tradition. The problem is that the president looks at interlopers from the south as invaders, not refugees looking for a better life.

The situation the US now faces is a crisis and a humanitarian disaster. Understandably most blame Trump for the current impasse and contention. But the “blame” also belongs to the presidents, lawmakers and politicians that balked at installing effective immigration policies during the past 20 years.

The current number of illegals in the country is probably about 15 million or just under 5% of the US population. Why has the US turned a blind eye to this situation? Why have the country and border states allowed millions to just walk into the US?

As crazy as it sounds Democrats must be thinking that new, poor immigrants who become citizens will ultimately give liberals an edge politically. Keep in mind that Texas has historically been a red state, and the influx of new Democratic voters could change the political calculus.

Similarly, the liberal stronghold in California would be strengthened by an influx of poor voters. Of course this process would be evolutionary as it takes several years to gain citizenship. Keep in mind that the birth rate of the interlopers is high compared to the US, and all newborns in America are citizens.

The existing situation has caused great consternation in border-states and throughout the country. Millions of poor people have dispersed to places away form the border such as Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. The stress that these people put on educational and medical institutions has dramatically impacted state and federal resources.

There is no other sensible response to the existing number of interlopers than providing a pathway to citizenship. We could not summarily round up millions of illegals, separate them from their children who are citizens and send them back to their countries of origin.

That brings us to the current problem. The inflow into the US is down from astronomical levels, but it is still large. Thousands of families are approaching our border looking for asylum and support. The response by Trump and Congress has been nothing but confusing and lacking in empathy. Why? Because the policies to deal with immigration have not been settled.

It is perfectly acceptable for the US to take care of the illegals that are already in the country, and do everything possible to end any further illegal immigration. This is the right policy.

Unfortunately the leadership of conservatives is in the hands of a man who fights all opposition with a slap in the face. And the opposition has responded inexplicably by attacking those agencies that protect our borders by establishing sanctuary cities, demanding the dismantling of ICE and resisting all efforts to stop the flow of illegals into the country. The actions by liberals are stunning in so many ways.

The road to good immigration policies will be difficult and controversial. This problem is not unique to the US. Other developed countries around the world are trying to deal with the same issues. Nativism and nationalism is growing globally as citizens rear up and object to illegal and legal immigration for a plethora of reasons. The issue is tearing people apart.

It’s time for maturity, wisdom, empathy, courage and strength. The US cannot adopt all people who approach our borders. Those vying for political power should be prepared to answer very tough questions about how they will deal with illegal immigration.

The Pope Should Deal With His Own Issues

During a visit to Monaco Pope Francis had some choice words for President Trump and his efforts to build a wall to put a stop to illegal immigration into the US. The pope must think a good offense is the best defense even as he attempts to quell the response to widespread sexual abuse within his Church.

Francis has become a man of platitudes, and not so much action. For instance, “[he] warned on Sunday that those who close borders ‘will become prisoners of the walls they build.’” In 2016 the pontiff suggested, “Mr. Trump ‘was not Christian’ for his belief in building walls, rather than bridges . . .”

It’s outrageous that the pope suggested that Trump’s legitimate actions to protect the US are un-Christian while his entire priesthood is under indictment for sexual predatory acts against children, nuns and priests. And his hierarchy has systematically worked to shield abuses, and those that cover them up for the “good of the Church.”

According to the UN Refugee Agency there are 68.5 million displaced people in the world including 25.4 million refugees. These numbers don’t account for those who are attacked for their religious beliefs and ethnic backgrounds. There are countless places throughout the world that put people in danger. Unfortunately there are not enough destinations available to provide sanctuary for these people.

Illegal immigration has skyrocketed in recent years. Estimates indicate that the US has experienced a wave of illegals that is at least 15 million people or about 5% of the total population of the country. These interlopers are looking for asylum and/or a better life, and seemingly, will do anything to escape dangerous and unpleasant living conditions in their homeland.

The problem is not less in other places throughout the world. Europe, another prime destination for displaced individuals, has encountered serious immigration issues. Even if governments are willing to accept a certain number of refugees, indigenous people are often times unwilling to accept the impact of increased immigration that could lead to a loss of jobs, draining of financial and social resources of the host country, the establishment of ghettos, a disruption in the political balance and an increase in violent activity.

The US is by no means the only country that is struggling with the humanitarian and political implications of illegal immigration. But, do wealthier nations have a moral obligation to assist those seeking sanctuary and a more conducive living environment?

Of course there is an obligation, but it’s not open ended. In the US the government has turned a blind eye to wave after wave of illegals that have overwhelmed our country. They are needy, hungry, must be sheltered and require medical assistance, all of which they can’t pay for. The result is that taxpayers must pony up money to subsidize illegals.

This use of resources has put a great strain on many border communities and beyond. Our cities barely have the financial wherewithal to repair infrastructure and to take care of our homeless. Now a new group needs support. It’s a daunting problem that requires great patience, foresight, determination and courage to say no at some point.

Illegals should not be allowed to jeopardize the tranquility of US citizens. And, the US has needs that are not being met because more and more tax money is being diverted to interlopers.

This growing problem in the US and around the world is not something that will go away. And to have pontiffs flinging insults, even while they are under duress, does not make the situation easier to deal with.

The pope often speaks about income and wealth inequality while it hoards billions, and perhaps trillions of dollars, of real estate and art treasures. The church should tend to its own problems and let the rest of the world deal with their issues.

Is Illegal Immigration Creating A National Crisis?

Reluctantly I must side with President Trump on his proclamation that illegal immigration into the US is creating a national emergency. And therefore he has the authority and obligation to access funding to prevent risk to our nation if Congress refuses to do so. Reaction to this situation will be the focus of future debates in Congress and ultimately at the Supreme Court as they both define what constitutes a “national crisis.”

Americans who are against building a wall are minimizing a very important fact. It is that 15 million people have entered our country illegally over the past few decades. These individuals are living in America without authorization of the US government. They are criminals regardless of whether they assimilated into our society, obey the law and pay taxes.

Fifteen million people represent 5% of the population of the US. It’s inconceivable that this alone does not rise to the level of a crisis. Many illegals are using services such as educational facilities and health care. In total experts have said that, after payment of taxes, this group costs US taxpayers over $100 billion annually.

The money being allocated to illegals is diverted from legitimate needs of Americans. It puzzles me why those representing downtrodden US citizens are not concerned about this unauthorized and un-appropriated use of taxpayer money. Their constituencies are effectively the victims of past negligence and incompetence relating to US immigration.

If this state of affairs, millions of illegals in our country and billions spent to support them, is not a crisis, I don’t know what is.

Before you start thinking all this is the ranting of a xenophobe, allow me to offer some further personal thoughts.

I think it would be absurd and inhumane to try to round up 15 million illegals and send them back to their countries of origin. This doesn’t mitigate the fact that the group is violating the law. It makes more sense for Americans to encourage Congress to create a path to citizenship for illegals based upon a very precise set of preconditions.

You’ve heard them all before. Illegals must register, without risk of deportation. They must be law-abiding. Their only crime can be living illegally in the US. All criminal offenders should not be able to obtain citizenship or remain in the country. Every one is required to have a Social Security number and pay taxes on their income. Everybody must promise to learn English and do everything possible to assimilate into our society.

There is one more condition that is very important to me, and many other interested Americans. I will not support new immigration policies unless the US ends further illegal immigration. The problem must not be allowed to grow, and we need to use all the resources available to the government to gain complete control of our borders.

This is a tall order. The US must be willing to consider every reasonable tactic including some experimental methods to stem the tide of illegal immigrants. We must do whatever is possible to assist border guards as they protect our homeland.

Given the existence of 15 million illegals, should the government be aggressive to thwart new interlopers? I think yes. Should all types of strategies be considered to stem this crisis? Yes. I’m prepared to pay my fair share to build a wall along with other things such as high tech surveillance.

The amount of money that should be spent, including a barrier, to affect a comprehensive immigration policy is small compared to how much the US has spent in blood and treasure fighting wars that cannot be won and entitlements that are bankrupting the country.

Trump has done a terrible job trying to convince Americans that a wall should be part of a larger response to the border crisis. His incompetence in this effort does not abrogate the fact that a lot of money is being spent on illegals and many of them are part of a growing humanitarian crisis.


Trump And Pelosi Are Lousy Negotiators

Thankfully the government standoff between President Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ended. Both of these elected leaders represent the worst of American politics, not to mention their pathetic negotiating acumen. For a paltry amount of money, the Speaker made it impossible to craft a settlement before thousands of government workers were tormented for two months.

Trump should have declared a national emergency on our southern border. After all, the situation in Texas and other places abutting Mexico has become a huge threat, and the furlough of critical workers was making airline travel hazardous.

What did Trump have to lose? He could have taken money from the Defense Department and continued work on the wall. He could have been a hero to furloughed workers with no help from liberals in the House or Senate. As a bonus the president could have given DACA children a 90-day reprieve.

Lawmakers from both parties would have been screaming holy hell, as the president circumvented their responsibility for funding the government. By the way average Americans wouldn’t have given a hoot about any so-called abuse of power. They already think their representatives in the White House and Congress are incompetent and that many of them really should retire. In 2020 voters should weed out the dinosaurs and bring some new blood into US politics.

The situation should never have reached the point it did. Yet, there’s now a growing realization that many Americas have very little savings and are unable to survive any deferral of their pay. Some experts say that about 57% of adult Americans have less than $1,000 to their name. So when emergencies arise, these people have nothing to fall back on. During the recently ended furlough many workers could not come to work because they didn’t have the money to pay for gasoline.

More affluent Americans are also cutting it close. As one earns more money in this country, expenditures for disposable items and entertainment increase. This is one reason why so many parents have not been able to help their children with college tuition payments. Too few are inclined or able to squirrel away money for important purchases.

In urban centers how many individuals have a nest egg? Does any one have one year’s salary socked away? Not many. So when a medical emergency or a furlough occurs, or any one is fired, the family has to sign up for food stamps or other types of aid.

Is the government supposed to provide a safety net for these contingencies? It’s not prepared or financially able to do so. The financial condition of the country is worsening every year plagued by deficits and entitlements that never end. We save nothing for inevitable hardship. The pols that spend our tax payments are not fiscally responsible. Our government has only rarely generated enough revenues to pay for out-of-control expenditures. And old programs live in perpetuity.

Foreign countries are in the same boat. Most are bankrupt. They must borrow to meet their obligations. When socialists take over governments the situation spins further out of control. Every citizen demands more government support and fewer work hours. France is a perfect example of this untenable phenomenon.

In the US pols like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez are spewing their socialistic crap, and too many actually think this 29 year-old bartender from the Bronx has any idea what she’s talking about. Socialists want free college tuition, universal health care, 70% tax rates, increased aid to able bodied Americans who rather not work, more services for illegal aliens and voting rights for convicted felons. It’s unbelievable. If these pols ever gain any real power, the country will go down the drain.

At a cocktail party I attended a learned scholar announced that Nancy Pelosi is a hero for her role in shutting down the government. Really? She orchestrated it for a small amount of money. She didn’t realize that Trump would have jumped through hoops to get $5 billion for his wall. Pelosi was in a position to take care of the DACA children and even begin to pave a road to citizenship for the 15 million illegals already in America. The naysayers are adamant that Trump would not have caved. I disagree. He was desperate. Why would he ultimately open the government for nothing in return? They’re both lousy negotiators.

Be prepared for Trump to use his powers to declare an emergency. He’s not going to back off from his mission to build the wall.

A $5 Billion Wall Has Paralyzed Congress

The Senate is going to vote on a proposal this week to end the government shutdown. It includes about $5 billion for Trump’s wall (fence or barrier) and an extension that protects DACA children.

Even before the proposal was made to Senate lawmakers, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, said the bill was dead on arrival. She reiterated that she would not compromise or accept any Trump proposals until government employees were brought back to work.

The ability of McConnell, the Senate Leader, to find 60 votes to end a filibuster is dubious. He needs 7 senate Democrats to vote with his Republicans. There are a few Democratic members who will likely take heat if they don’t support the bill, but it’s improbable that a deal is going to be approved. In the meantime hardship for government employees on furlough is increasing.

When you think about the current roadblock in Congress, you have to scratch your head and ask why each side is so obstinate about negotiating a compromise. It’s easy to find fault with the combatants.

The first thing that comes to mind is why Trump continues to use government shut downs to try to get his way. Too many Americans rely upon the efficient operation of the government for jobs, security, air travel and a thousand other things. Trump thinks Americans will endorse this tactic, but he’s wrong. He should end the standoff and open all government offices immediately.

The Dems have dug in their heels and refused to compromise when the issue at hand is mere chump change for the US government. Congress pisses away far greater sums of money with stupid, ill-conceived and ineffective entitlements every week they are in session. So what’s driving the Democrats?

It’s simple- they don’t want to give Trump any legislative victories. They believe that by acting in such a manner, it will increase the chances of defeating Trump in 2020. Frankly it’s a little early to think that a $5 billion face off now is going to move voters from red to blue in two years.

Also Dems have supported and approved appropriations for walls on the southern border in recent years. Obama was president and signed off on many billions that were used to construct barriers to stop illegal immigrants. Now Pelosi and others are saying the wall is immoral and racist.

As discussed in earlier blogs Democratic endorsement of illegals in the country makes no sense. They want to create sanctuary cities and states where people who entered the country illegally can be safe from immigration officials. Not since the Civil War have Americans broken the law to protect a class of people. But at the time it was to protect African Americans citizens, not foreigners.

How can any American defend and support elected US officials, governors, senators or congress people that provide safe havens for illegals and demand that immigration officers be terminated? Beats me. In the meantime the money being spent on providing services for illegals is not available for destitute Americans.

The situation in Washington is so horrible because individuals on both sides of the immigration issue are incompetent and incapable of seeing what is best for our country. Too many lawmakers are relics of the past, unable to make tough decisions. In the meantime Trump is tweeting away while Washington is burning.

Our country has so many other critical issues that need attention. We are being assailed by terrorists, who would like to kill us and bring down our high tech infrastructure. Our environment is worsening every day. Our roads and bridges are crumbling before us. Our health care system is teetering. And our children are not being educated adequately.

In the meantime we fight about a paltry $5 billion installment on a wall.


Ronald Reagan Supported Legal Immigration

In his last speech as president Ronald Reagan sent a “lover letter to immigrants.” He said, “You can live in France, but you cannot become a Frenchman. You can live in Germany or Turkey or Japan, but you cannot become a German, Turk, or Japanese. But anyone from any corner of the Earth can come to live in America and become an American.” Here is a link to the entire speech.

For many months I have been fulminating about the incompetence of our leaders regarding immigration. I queried, how could so many people be allowed to enter the US without authorization? It’s a travesty that over 15 million were not processed the way my grandparents were at the turn of the Century over 100 years ago.

My rhetoric concerning immigration is not a condemnation of immigrants or what they have done to make my country the greatest in world. I am not a xenophobe, a racist or intolerant. I believe immigrants bring with them fresh perspectives that are beneficial to our culture and our daily lives. They bring a sense of hope for us that sometimes wanes when times get tough. They appreciate our democracy and the freedoms that Americans sometimes take for granted. They remind us that the US is the best place in the world to work, raise a family and enjoy an American dream.

Nevertheless the US has standards and protocols that must be adhered to. By doing so we can protect our country from the small number of those that want to export hate and violence. And immigrants must be prepared to assimilate and be part of our society. We should not accept those who want to establish ghettos consisting of their own kind, who are unwilling to adopt our language or who are not prepared to obey our laws. Vetting of immigrants insures that most immigrants will, in fact, contribute to our way of life.

Allowing so many illegals to enter our country over the past 20 years was a serious mistake. Porous borders are not good for America. Now 15+ million illegals are in our country and we have no alternatives. We must integrate them to avoid chaos, but we should do so in an orderly fashion that ensures our way of life. There must be conditions to citizenship.

New illegal immigration must not be allowed. Leaders of today should not permit interlopers who flaunt our laws to gain entry. We must vet, and we must be strong as we accept new applications for immigration, asylum or for any other kind of issue.

The people who have entered the country are using resources that should be directed towards American citizens in need. This diversion is an outrage. The people who legally live and work in America should not become more destitute because others are breaking the law. Nor should our leaders turn the other way and allow this travesty to continue. Whether you want to recognize it or not, most illegals take more than they contribute. In fact this disparity has been estimated at over $100 billion each year.

The solution to the current immigration problem is not really that complicated. We must resign ourselves to the fact that the group already in the country should be given a path to citizenship that includes a vow to comply with our laws prospectively and to assimilate into our society. It would be inhumane to round up millions and ship them out of the country. The only quid pro quo is that new illegal immigration end immediately. If the wall expedites this objective I’m in favor of it.

Let me repeat myself. I am totally supportive of immigration into the US just as Ronald Reagan was. It must be legal and orderly. I am not in favor of porous borders that result in immigration that taxes every level of our government. The US cannot be the repository of all individuals throughout the world who seek a new place to live.



Why Not Build A Wall?

The immigration controversy in America is taking a huge toll on our government. President Trump has shut down several agencies in an effort to force Democrats to work with him and to fund a wall that is supposed to prevent more illegal immigrants from entering the US.

Many Americans including the author of this essay are befuddled why the objective of stopping illegal immigration isn’t a noble cause. Why would Americans want the number of people living illegally in our country to increase any further?

It would be another story if this group of interlopers were meeting some sort of important need, or providing the US with a way to increase population in the face of lower birth rates. Rather, immigrants from the south, for the most part, are entering the country with no prospects of employment, without a place to live and creating financial chaos educationally and medically. Some analysts estimate that the net effect of 15+ million illegals is costing taxpayers about $125 billion per annum.

This money is being redirected from legitimate needs of American citizens and creating great strains on neighborhoods across the country.

How can we manage the affairs of our country with porous borders that allow undocumented people to enter the country with no barriers? Many of these individuals are destitute and are accompanied by minors, which serves to exacerbate an already terrible problem. Many claim that they seek asylum from some sort of persecution. The US has a process for this type of immigrant, which being ignored.

It’s heartbreaking to see that so many who want entry into the US are suffering, are hungry, are homeless. The world is a cruel place. But the US cannot be a repository for all those that are less fortunate than we are. It should be noted that many western countries are trying, just as unsuccessfully as the US, to help needy people.

Liberals, in their altruistic zeal, want to help the masses of people that are continuously entering our country illegally. This puzzles many Americans and has created a great divide. In fact some cities and states are breaking the law by setting up “sanctuaries” to shield illegals from our own immigration officials. These faux do-gooders have spurned the very people that protect their homes and provide safety against strangers who might be dangerous.

The security of our country is at stake. Grave mistakes in judgment over the past few decades have created a problem that is nearly insurmountable. Even with about 15 million illegals already ensconced among us, liberals are not willing to do what is necessary to stop the flow of more interlopers. This has occurred even though many who object to the presence of illegals in the country have agreed to allow them to stay and become citizens if they assimilate legally into our society.

The current situation is untenable. The president proposed a wall that will impede the flow of illegals into the country. It will not stop every attempt to do so. Many have criticized the wall saying it is too expensive and will not be effective. This commentary makes no sense. If illegals want to enter the country and they must scale over or dig under a 30-foot high wall, many will be unable to do so. The alternative is another 15 million illegals in the country over the next decade, which will increase the burden on taxpayers by another $100 billion each year.

Democrats and liberals have not proposed an alternative strategy to the wall. Trump is the only president in history that has directly addressed the proliferation of illegal immigrants. It’s a very difficult problem. The status quo is going to make the situation direr.

The current tab for construction is $5 billion (out of a multi-trillion dollar budget). Why not let Trump have his wall? It’s a relatively small price that may stem the tide of immigrants into the US.

Resources for the needy are limited and are becoming sparser every year. Why spend more on non-citizens Let’s move forward with the wall and see if it’s successful.

Are You Racist If You Are Against Illegal Immigration?

Passions are running high, and political rhetoric is frightful. It’s crunch time, and Americans must make a choice between the immigration proposals of Donald Trump and liberal politicians that want to open our borders.

It’s shortsighted to believe the current level of illegal aliens in this country, which supposedly stands at 12 million, is a non-issue. This number will increase substantially because of further illegal entry and childbirth of those already on American soil. Yet the naturalization of existing illegals is the only sensible alternative.

It’s inane to espouse further illegal accommodations, including the caravan of those marching towards the U.S. and sanctuary cities, which limits the effectiveness of our immigration officers. Why isn’t the number of illegals that use our health care and educational services at a cost estimated well above $100 billion annually a relevant concern?

Surely, there’s no turning back the clock on illegals already in the country. But it makes no sense to allow the number to increase, or to abandon efforts to deport those illegals that are criminals and/or troublemakers.

The most puzzling thing is why so many Americans believe that others have a right to come to our country with or without sensible conditions. There are no references to any such responsibility in our Constitution. Immigration is an activity that has resulted in productive diversity, but it has been measured until just 20 years ago.

Developed countries and some undeveloped countries are facing the same issues as the U.S. What policies regarding illegals make sense, are fair, are humane and take into account the citizens of the home country that are subsidizing them?

In an ideal world there would be no poverty, religious persecution, racial discord or political instability. Every poor person believes or has a strong expectation that life in America, Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain is much better than their current circumstances. But there are not enough financial, societal, educational, medical and political resources in all the aforementioned countries to save every one that needs saving.

Advanced and wealthier countries have an obligation to protect themselves from outside influences that are harmful or disruptive. In recent years voters have been electing representatives that promise to protect the homeland from reckless immigration policies among other issues. More and more citizens in developed countries throughout the world are no longer willing to keep the floodgates open to people seeking something better. More and more individuals don’t want limited resources to be used for illegal immigrants at the expense of domestic requirements.

The leaders of these countries and their followers are not necessarily racists. Wanting an orderly and well-vetted system to accept applications for citizenship does not make Trump or his base evil or bigoted. Most Americans are descendants of immigrants. We understand the value of diversity. It results in innovation and prosperity, and in the case of America, the strongest and most wonderful place in the world.

No, it’s not racist to have closed borders and to accept new applications for citizens based upon a well thought out process. It’s not racist to have immigration officials rooting out troublemakers. It’s not racist to worry that illegals are straining our educational and health car system. It’s not racist to add up the cost of open borders, especially when there are domestic needs not being addressed.

America must make choices. We must fund the needs of America first, and hopefully, find enough money to help needy people around the world. The priorities should never be in reverse order.

Stop Any Additional Illegal Immigration First

Most Americans understand that this country is a melting pot, and its great success, in large part, is based upon diversity afforded by immigrants from all over the world. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that millions of people in other countries would love to move to the U.S. After all, we are free, and we have the best standard of living in the world. The questions are how can the U.S. control the number of people entering this country, and what should it do about the millions who have already come here illegally?


Frankly, the U.S. has done a horrible job controlling the flow of immigrants, particularly into the Border States in the South and West. This lack of control has created a maelstrom, which has yet to be addressed by the president or Congress. A New York Times editorial, predictably, advocates an open door policy that would do nothing less than cause panic in large and small towns across the nation.


In Murrieta, California, protestors blocked buses transporting migrants to a border patrol facility. The mayor of the city and infuriated citizens reacted in “farcical” manner in the opinion of the Times. I don’t see the situation in the same light.


The negative reaction of the community to the influx of a significant number of illegal immigrants is totally understandable (the violent and lewd behavior of some is not). In this peaceful hamlet, the U.S. Government attempted to foist a number of strangers from foreign countries onto the local citizenry. The migrants on the bus came to the U.S illegally; they may be peace-loving individuals or maybe not. No one really knows because the authorities have not vetted the interlopers.


If they remain in town, the local government would be responsible for their well-being, provide medical assistance and send children to the local schools. The latter would increase the size of classes with non-English speaking children, thereby slowing the pace of the learning experience. The former two issues would cost taxpayers (local, state and federal) plenty.


I’ve been wondering what would happen if several buses of migrants rolled into Greenwich, Connecticut or Scarsdale, New York. Would the locals in these communities welcome the migrants with open arms?


The U.S. Government knows the impact of illegal immigration over an extended period of time. The costs of this phenomenon in California have been devastating to the state’s economy. And, every state in this position expects the federal government to pay a portion of the expenses. So, even those of us far away from the southern border will feel the pain.


The Times editorial addresses the “insensitivity” of Republicans as they attempt to offer a first step to solve the problem- close the border to new illegal migration. Our country has sent hundreds of thousands of soldiers overseas to fight for and protect allies. Why is it unreasonable to send large numbers of soldiers to southern California, Arizona and Texas to stop illegal entry into our country, a national security risk?


Capping the problem must be the first step. Preventing the headcount of illegal immigrants from increasing from 12 million to 20 or 25 million is not insensitivity.


After the flow is cut off, the federal government can then focus on dealing with those already here illegally. I am not in favor of treating  people who have violated our law as welcomed guests. Yet, I understand and support a humane and fair program to assimilate those already in the country. However, the process should not be an easy one. Citizenship should not be a cakewalk. Applicants must prove that they will be good Americans, care for themselves and obey our laws. The penalty for not doing so must be immediate deportation.


The problems of immigration will not be simple to rectify. Resorting to bleeding-heart and politically correct tactics by the pro-immigration group will not be effective. The financial, security and demographic implications of adding millions to our population must be carefully considered. If we can solve this dilemma and decrease unnecessary expenditures, just think how much more will be available to Americans that are suffering as I write this essay.