Government vs. Civil Liberty

The Constitution guarantees the right of free speech. Some Americans rebel against those who have different perspectives relating to unencumbered speech. Anytime a college or a high school censors free speech of a student or a guest speaker, it is a direct attack on our liberty. In a free society, citizens, the press and the opposition must have free rein to present their side of an issue. Of course, a speaker who incites violence is not, and should not be, protected.

Lately, liberal elements and institutions of higher learning have unilaterally canceled opportunities for dissenting voices. Often, the issues involved are highly contentious. Women’s rights, BLM, gay marriage, civil rights, the right to protest and the role of police officers are front and center. Burning down cities, looting stores, destroying property and committing bodily harm are too often associated with “free speech activities.”

Do you feel that the government is too intrusive into the affairs of average Americans? It seems to me that federal and state politicians are in our faces, pockets and lives far too often. Our civil liberties are being threatened on a daily basis.

The first thing that comes to mind is taxation. Our government has the right and duty to tax income and purchases to fund its needs. Since Washington is responsible for defense, security and a plethora of services, it needs to take part of our earnings every paycheck. But who evaluates whether the federal and state governments are using our money wisely? And who determines how much every citizen should contribute to the expenses of state? Of course, the answer is Congress. The people we elect every two years are the stewards of taxes imposed on citizens and noncitizens alike.

I’ve always been amazed that the 1% of earners have not been have not been abused in this regard. If 99% of Americans effectively have control of the government, why wouldn’t they attack the affluent more strenuously? If you ask someone who makes $50,000 or $100,000 to vote for a person who believes in higher taxes, why wouldn’t they be agreeable. It will not cost them anything while they increase government revenue that can be spent on things that improve society.

I suppose that everyone, rich and poor, aspires to make more money and to become part of the 1%, even though this logic is faulty. Thank goodness some of our leaders recognize that you can’t tax the rich at 90% and have a true capitalistic society. Many 99%ers want capitalism to thrive. They understand that the richest people subsidize the poor and middle classes in the country. Trickle down economics is a reality.

Are our tax dollars being spent wisely by our legislators? Should we spend almost $1 trillion each year to defend our country? These dollars are being used to protect our freedom, and worth every penny spent. Aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons are expensive items.

Why does the government try to keep taxes low on corporations? The answer is simple, corporations hire millions of Americans and pay them good wages.

But what about welfare and financial aid? America has an obligation to care for the needy. No one really disagrees with this principle. What roils people is that welfare always increases and never subsides. Aid that was needed years ago, but it’s no longer required, should end. And why shouldn’t every able-bodied person have a job, rather than a monthly check that enables them to stay home? There should be a quid pro quo for securing aid.

Parent involvement in schools is being attacked in recent months. There has always been a conflict between teachers and student parents about the level of involvement of the latter. Some parents want to have a say about what novels are read by students and, generally, the curricula designed by school administrators. Some teachers want to press students on certain theories about controversial issues too early or too often. For instance, the legitimacy of gay marriage has been a hot topic as well as issues regarding evolution. These topics are fair game only when the students are old enough to digest the facts (not opinions), and with parental input.

In recent months during the pandemic, the conflict between teachers and parents came to a head. In-school instruction versus home teaching has been a hot topic. Most parents, even those who are concerned about the deadly virus, want their kids back in the classroom. They believe children learn more when the teaching occurs face-to-face, in person. Many teachers are concerned about the health risks of an in-person teaching. Should the federal government intervene? This would be better than allowing the teachers to run free rein over our children.

Another fire storm involves the southern border of our country. Radical elements really do believe that entering our country without proper authorization is not a crime. These people are dead wrong. There is a procedure that must take place for immigrants to enter the US and ultimately become citizens. Local governments have no right to unilaterally change these requirements.

The same elements are also betting that illegal immigrants will become citizens even though they have broken our laws. And if enough of these immigrants become citizens, they will impact the balance of liberals and conservatives and in the country. Really? Do radical elements think that conservatives are going to stand aside and allow millions of people who illegally crossed our borders to become citizens?

Actually, the answer is yes. Millions of illegals are already living in America, and if they follow our laws, they will likely receive citizenship. But the flow must stop, and conservative groups must do everything possible to stem the illegal flow of humanity onto our soil. If not, the rights of legitimate citizens will be denigrated.

As you can see, there are many areas where our government has usurped the power of the people. Our leaders must recognize that they are in power at our pleasure and only if we vote for them again in the next election. Unfortunately, because of opposition to term limits, too many of the people in Congress have remained in power to the detriment of all citizens. I believe a strong federal government is important to our country, but the power of the people should never be minimized.

America Can’t Afford An Open Border

Most Americans are not xenophobic, bigots or discriminatory towards people of color. They support many charities that benefit the needy.

And yet, some of these very tolerant Americans are not in favor of allowing immigrants to enter the country illegally and then give them a license to stay indefinitely. No crime should be rewarded with the most cherished possession of citizenship. Radical left-wing activists would say these people are racists. It’s not true.

Further, Americans appreciate the importance of immigration to our country since it was founded. Our country is a beautiful melting pot. So many of our ancestors came from Europe and still retain many traditions. In fact, as Americans have evolved over the years, they are now merging together with other minority groups.

Our country’s immigration policies are antiquated and must be changed. One thing is sure, we don’t have an obligation- moral, humanitarian or constitutional- to accept refugees from places that are not as wonderful as America? Actually, no country in the world can compete with the lifestyles of America. It is no surprise that’s so many foreigners seek to become citizens of our country.

During the past half century, millions of people have entered the United States illegally and stayed as undocumented aliens. By law, they should have been exposed and sent back to the countries of their origin.

What is the result of this massive immigration? For one thing, Americans have subsidized this group to the tune of billions of dollars. Some estimates show that up to 15 million people are unlawfully in the country at this time. Many have taken jobs and built productive families. Some pay taxes and obey our laws. But many have not assimilated and need support to get by every day. This ranges from health care to education to welfare. It comes as no surprise that Americans have adopted this group of illegal settlers in spite of the costs. In fact, there is a tremendous movement to grant citizenship to those that live in America peacefully. After all, it would be inhumane and impractical to round up millions of people and ship them back to where they came from.

But the situation has become worse as millions more have continued to pour across our southern border. Most of the new illegals believe they have a “right” to enter our country. Some say they are persecuted and forced to live in abject poverty. Some say their countries are ruled by cruel despots. Can the US solve all the problems in the world? Hardly.

Liberals in America have expanded the meaning of generosity to include saving every poor person who shows up at our borders. To them, it does not matter if the interlopers are unhealthy, criminal or without any resources. Just let them all into the country without any restrictions.

This is a classic case of open borders. If America could afford to pay for all those trying to immigrate to it, the acceptance of these unfortunate people might be justified. But what is happening is that our needy citizens are getting shortchanged because we now must care for millions of strangers. It is a situation that cannot continue.

What are the costs of illegal immigration? It’s anyone’s guess. What does it cost to care for 10 plus million people? What does it cost to teach millions of children? What does it cost to house and feed millions that have no money to pay for these things? How much does it cost to ensure these people are healthy? How many more policemen do we need to watch over these interlopers? Who is going to pay for open borders? Answer, the taxpayers.

It is stunning that Democrats have assumed the role of savior for these people. They have illegally imposed higher taxes on Americans to assuage their guilt. Of course, there is a potential payback. If these undocumented illegals become citizens, they will likely vote Democratic as payment for their citizenship. Will it change the political landscape of our country? How will that change the direction of America? Excluding immigrants who already arrived, it would alter our population by over 5%. The percentage is much greater if you include newborn babies after immigrants arrive.

Moderates are prepared to accept a road to citizenship for all the law-abiding immigrants who have arrived already. But they are not willing to accept one additional person. This is a fair deal that should be part of new immigration policy.

Biden’s Downfall: Afghanistan, Immigration and Entitlements

Let’s face it, Joe Biden is having a really difficult time performing the role of chief executive and commander-in-chief. His leadership skills are shaky at best, and his aides and fellow Democrats are leading him down some dangerous paths.

There are a few issues that stand out, that could very well foretell the future of the Biden presidency, even at this early stage.

The Biden administration has been saying it is doing a great job disengaging in Afghanistan, dealing with its leadership and extricating Americans trapped in the country. These comments are laughable.

Afghanistan is a dangerous place that is home to the Taliban, a misogynistic group of men who place little value on women and anyone who is not Islamic. The group is so warped that it believes fostering terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda and violent militia groups are legitimate undertakings.

The Taliban hates America for a variety of reasons, the most important is that they believe we are heathens. We invaded their country 20 something years ago and have not been able to deflate the spirit and determination of Taliban rebels. Many in history have had the same result.

The time for America to evacuate Afghanistan arrived, and Joe Biden ordered the troops home. For some reason, he decided to abandon Americans who would who were distributed throughout the country and Afghans who worked with America over the years. Moreover, equipment, armaments and intelligence were left behind in the haste to leave the country rapidly. Now the Taliban is killing its people with US rifles and tanks.

It was a plan from hell. Who told Biden that the Taliban would allow Americans to leave without any repercussions? Who told Biden that the government transfer would be bloodless and orderly? Who told Biden that the Taliban would allow anyone to leave the country, including people who were loyal to the US? Either the generals told the president everything would be hunky dory, or he made a decision to that effect.

Individuals who we’re locked up for terrorist crimes at Gitmo now hold senior positions in the government. The deadliest Taliban leaders are controlling the country. And, terrorist groups are mustering on Afghan soil preparing to wreak havoc on peaceful neighbors and the US.

Biden’s grade for his Afghanistan strategy is an “F”, even if a couple hundred thousand people have been air lifted from the country to this point.

We haven’t heard much about the southern border for the past few weeks, but the situation is dreadful. Biden inadvertently invited individuals from below the border to come to America as part of his open border immigration policy. Who arrived? Dirt poor people, people with no hope, sick people, uneducated people and a bunch of violent people. The sad part is that the number of unaccompanied minors grows every day.

It’s already been speculated why Biden and Democrats would welcome so many into the US. Some say it is because these people will ultimately support liberal causes in our country when they become citizens? It’s hard to imagine a person wading across the Rio Grande today pulling a lever to vote for AOC or Nancy Pelosi in the next 10 years.

As with Afghanistan, the president had no plan to deal with the mass of humanity that is now parked at our borders.

And finally, I want to discuss the $3.5 trillion entitlement giveaway that Democrats or at least most of them believe is so important.

The question is not who wants the legislation. Democrats support numerous social programs, climate change, etc. Rather what are the implications of the legislation?

They are horrendous. It will end the economic growth we are now experiencing. When this aid is monetized it will create inflation and drive us into a recession. But we’ve already rehashed all this. The question is will it come to fruition?

Democrats are trying to use parliamentary procedures in Congress to avoid an expected filibuster by Republicans. I’m not quite sure of the possibility. But assuming it is doable, Democrats probably won’t have the votes to pass the legislation in the Senate and in the House.

Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, is not going to vote for the legislation. He changes the vote in the Senate from 50-50, which does not include the vice president who votes in a tie, to 51-49 for Republicans. The senator said he was not going to support a massive entitlement without concurrence of both political parties.

In the House, speaker Pelosi can only lose three or four votes given the magnitude of the legislation. It is likely that a few Democrats will resist.

The writing is on the wall. All of Biden’s pet projects are turning to garbage. He is going to see that his tenure is limited by the results of the 2022 midterm elections.

Biden Is A Puppet For Radical Liberals

From the start of Biden’s campaign to become president, I had doubts that unfortunately have come to fruition. The president was a political hack for years, mostly in the Senate. He concluded his subservient years with an 8-year stint as vice president in the Obama administration.

Most of the time, Biden bounced around like a pinball trying to make his constituencies and his colleagues love him, appreciate his ideology and understand his propensity to flip flop for political expediency. Biden has had a change of heart about too many issues over the years to outline in this post. They include abortion, crime and international relations.

What’s most important is what has Biden morphed into during the first few months of his presidency. For one thing, it is hard to believe that he is the origin of new policies he now espouses. Joe Biden has become a puppet for certain left-wing influences in the Democratic Party. He decided to go far left even though, in in his heart, he knows that the demands of Pelosi, AOC and Schumer are not good for America.

The only semi original idea he has put into action was the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. To follow in the footsteps of four presidents, Biden did not waste time jawboning about the hopeless situation in the country. He recognized that supporting a nation in Asia that is dominated by radical Islamic bullies and misogynists was very bad policy and not endearing to Americans.

Unfortunately, it also appears that Biden, looking for a quick political victory, ended up with egg on his face by ignoring the warnings of his generals about the strength and determination of the Taliban. For some unknown reason, Biden ordered the exit of soldiers before the evacuation of Americans and helpful Afghans. The Taliban jumped on this naive strategy and took control of the country. The result: a promised exit, but with loss of American and Afghan lives. The country is now in turmoil in the hands of violent and uncivilized religious fanatics.

The sh__storm on the southern border of the US was another screwup that materialized in a matter of days. Joe wanted to be supportive of open borders and encourage a gaggle of new and likely Democrat voters to enter the US illegally. These people, thousands of them, had no money, no place to go in the US, no papers, no job opportunities and were in poor health (some with COVID).

In a heartbeat, Biden’s sycophants created a refugee crisis that rivals situations we have seen throughout the Middle East and other places around the world. These people are not going to be able to vote for liberal causes for some extended period of time assuming they can dodge immigration officials and find someplace to live in America.

And lastly, what is going on with the infrastructure deal? Virtually every politician is in favor of a proposal to improve our bridges, roads and other infrastructure across the country. Pelosi refused to move forward unless a follow-up deal for three to $4 trillion was assured. The latter deal is 100% opposed by Republicans. So, all the legislation was held up and funding for new infrastructure and associated jobs are in limbo.

Where is the leadership? Where is the negotiating skill that Joe Biden supposedly has? Does anyone care about the potential damage that a $4 trillion entitlement will have on our national debt and our economy? Liberals don’t care about anything other than giving away money with no quid pro quos other than a promise to vote a certain way.

Someone should give our pols an Economy 101 lesson about the evils of inflation and high interest rates.

Illegal Immigration Stumps Biden Administration

The Biden administration is under the gun on several counts. A most important issue is illegal immigration on the US-Mexican border. President Biden has not been able to resolve the human carnage taking place, as promised.

The questions are: Does the US have an open border immigration policy? Are we going to allow millions of people to cross illegally into our country this year? Who’s going to pay for the care of these people that arrive with no money, nowhere to live, no food and no immunization from COVID? Where are we going to send these people after they arrive? To other border states, to New York City, to Chicago, to Los Angeles? Are Democrats willing to allow this massive invasion from the south believing that in five, 10 or 20 years the illegals will become citizens and vote for liberals? Is this any way to lead a country?

The situation down south has a number of important ramifications to consider short and long-term. The most pressing need is what to do with those who have been detained including hundreds of children. Are we going to cage illegals like animals until the system can catch up with the backlog? The captives must be fed, housed and treated medically. What is the short-term plan? Are we going to fill buses and drop these people off in the middle of cities throughout the United States? Are there plans to send illegals back to their home countries? How will we accomplish this? Who is going to pay?

As an aside, the answer to every question proposed asking who will pay is moot. Of course, American taxpayers will flip the bill. In the meantime, America has millions sleeping on the streets of its cities, increased poverty, more food stamps issued, excessive exposure to COVID, etc.

I don’t know how our government can continue to ignore the developments along the border. The “wall” is not looking like such an inane alternative any longer. At least, it would have stemmed the flow of illegals to some extent.

The federal government had no right to accept so many people. It is Congress’ role to establish quotas. Accommodations must be made to alleviate all the suffering. There must be a process, not a mad dash to wade across the Rio Grande. Our performance handling illegals is not much better than the refugee camps located in third world countries across the globe.

And then, of course, there is the humanitarian issue, civic responsibility and morality of our actions. Allowing people into the country with no process and creating a new class of destitute nomads is not good public policy even if it seems justified from an ethical perspective.

The US cannot save everyone throughout the world that has problems. The US must first take care of its own challenges before trying to solve problems globally. Leaders in Washington continue to be more concerned about the nut job who was our last president. Get over it. Start governing and legislating effectively.

There are no easy answers. But, taking care of illegals already in the US is a good start. Let’s give them a path to citizenship, but with one huge proviso: there can be no more illegal immigration into our country moving forward.

“Build the Wall” Says One Progressive

Bret Stephens, columnist at the New York Times, wrote a thoughtful and courageous piece that endorses the “wall” that Donald Trump began to build to stem the tide of illegal migrants from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. According to Stephens, a true progressive, a wall will be needed to gain control of our southern border.

Stevens’ characterization of the flood of immigrants is “people who have been driven by fear or want from their homes in Mexico and Central America, and who are willing to take grave risks and pay exorbitant sums to make it to the US.” He goes on to say that Biden’s concept of compassion was an inducement to recklessness on the part of desperate people.

Stevens takes a moment to remind his readers of his disgust with Donald Trump, and that walls are ugly, defensive, suspicious things created by closed minded civilizations. Thanks Brett, we understand your hesitancy to recommend anything proposed by the last president, even if it would be helpful to progressive dogma.

We need a deterrent to stem the tidal wave of immigrants, 170,000 in March, up 70% over February’s number and the highest in 15 years. Stevens also endorses the word “crisis” to describe the situation on the border. The Biden administration refuses to do so. Detainees are being treated terribly by local officials. This encompasses an inordinate number of children.

The US according to Stevens is risking a version of the European crisis of 2015 that inspired Brexit and the popularity of far-right groups that eschew a humane policy to deal with migration.

Many moderate Americans would consent to an immigration policy that includes citizenship for the illegals currently in the country, if the US can end new illegal immigration. Democrats can expect no help from Republicans without this quid pro quo.

The US cannot be a security zone for persecuted people from around the world. We cannot increase our population by another ten million illegals already in the country. Resources are being drained by this group and not available to Americans who need assistance.

It was great to see that at least one progressive has considered the value of the wall on the southern border. It may not be an answer in and of itself, but it should be a part of any immigration policy that Congress proposes. I laud Bret Stephens bravery in taking a stand that is unpopular with his followers and colleagues at the Times.

Open Borders: A Social, Economic and Political Disaster

The horrendous struggle at the southern border has become a national crisis of the greatest proportion. Biden has opened our borders effectively encouraging unbridled and illegal immigration into the US. The perspectives of both political parties have morphed into an unwise and costly battle that will affect Americans socially and economically.

Liberals criticize conservatives for not being empathetic. They say, how can the US allow millions of people in Central America and in Mexico to be subjected to tyranny and human rights abuses? How can we ignore the cries for amnesty? The answers are that the US cannot stop suffering and abuse around the world on its own.

While Americans are demanding more money for childcare, education, health care, homes and a wide variety of other types of assistance, we are coming to the aid of foreigners and illegal immigrants who are competing for the same dollars. All mouths cannot be fed. The US must care for its own citizens before taking up the causes of others around the world. There isn’t enough money to pay for all of the demand.

I have a skeptical perspective of Democrat efforts to open our borders. Are they doing so to build a new social caste in America that is beholding to liberal politicians? Are they doing crazy things at the border for votes 5 to 10 years into the future? Or maybe they want to once again denigrate other efforts to bring sanity to immigration from the south.

Not often enough do liberals consider the ramifications of unfettered spending. For instance, who is going to pay for the illegals crossing the border? Taxpayers, taxpayers, taxpayers. Democratic leaders are threatening our capital system by refusing to balance the books. Of course, I appreciate that our nation needs stimulus to save businesses and its citizens. But why are we taking on responsibility of thousands of interlopers who came to our country illegally?

We don’t know anything about most of the people flooding across the border. Are they criminals, drug dealers, murderers? Are they infected with disease? I cannot believe that this country is inviting people into it with no documentation.

And where are illegals being sent after they arrive? Do they get transported to border cities, or Chicago or Los Angeles or New York? Where will they live? How will they get food? The stress that illegals put on the ultimate destinations is monstrous. You cannot invite people into the US and not give them medical attention and seats in public schools. What about the language problem? How are illegal children learning in classrooms that are taught in English. Seems to me the liberal politicians have put the cart before the horse. If they want to increase immigration, they must have an infrastructure to manage the process.

There are thousands of people who are working through the system and becoming citizens. They follow the rules. What are they thinking about the mad rush to make every person who steps on US soil a citizen without quid pro quo?

As I scanned the newspapers yesterday, I saw no substantive articles on immigration. The liberal media is just going along with this fiscal insanity and humanitarian excess.  

Trump Says Baltimore Is “Rat-Infested”

The name-calling and accusations between the White House and Capitol Hill are escalating every day. The latest involves, who else, the name caller in chief- President Trump, and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD).

The congressman, who is black, was berating a White House official about the appalling conditions on the border with Mexico. The rant included some very strong statements about abominable conditions that immigrant children are facing at the border. The implication was that Trump and his aides are not concerned with the welfare of innocent children.

Trump responded to the congressman’s tongue-lashing, and as is his style, indicated that Cummings’ district includes the “rat-infested” city of Baltimore. Further, Trump said the congressman has done little over decades to improve the abominable situation in the city.

Trump’s tweet was immediately labeled a racist slur because many of Cummings’ constituencies are black. It was an easy target for Trump-haters.

Many Trump supporters don’t really believe that the president intended to make a racial remark, but who knows what the man is thinking when he goes over the edge on social media in a hissy fit.

Cummings’ was wrong to accuse border guards of treating immigrants inhumanely, as funding has not been sufficient to adequately take care of the thousands who are illegally crossing the border. But Trump was also out of line with his inflammatory statement. It certainly will not be helpful to Trump if he expects to ever have a working relationship with House Democrats. And now this latest chapter of Trump’s bonehead rhetoric will dominate the news for days.

Trump has been in office for nearly three years and he has not changed his nasty and vicious attitude. And there is no expectation that a kinder and gentler person will emerge during the next 18 months through the 2020 election.

But support for Trump is building in spite of his ubiquitous verbal and social media assaults against those that disagree with him. The country is improving and Americans are taking notice.

Economically liberals are hoping for a downturn so Trump will not be able to use the economy in his campaign rhetoric. Liberals want the world economy to also come crashing down as a result of the trade war between China and the US. Liberals want the US’s allies to abandon us and to support the dangerous and existential Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration. Liberals want the situation at the Mexican border to blow up, even as border officials are working under the most adverse conditions while the pols “talk” about it daily.

But, intelligent Americans are able to look beyond Trump’s horrible personality and belligerent perspectives, if his performance warrants them to do so. The economy is not showing any signs of tailing off. Iran is going bankrupt, as Trump has cut off its revenues from oil sales. North Korea will also go belly up if Kim refuses to give up his nukes. China is not looking so strong these days as it faces growing unemployment and credit problems. And most recently, citizens of Hong Kong, who want to elect their own leaders democratically, are challenging Mainland China.

The only thing that has gone haywire in America is Washington D.C. The left and the right are not capable of working together. Democrats are still trying to find a crime by Trump that is impeachable (instead of spending their time improving America and Baltimore). And Democrats have offered the electorate socialists and people who are unable to add and subtract as candidates for president.

The Democrats are going to lose in 2020. Armageddon is not around the corner. The US is still the strongest power in world. Voters will see the light and agree that the only thing worse than Trump in the White House, would be one of the liberal candidates in the Oval Office.

It’s shameful that among 330 million Americans we cannot find one person who is moderate, truthful, empathetic, intelligent and truly patriotic to be our president.


Dealing With Immigration, Iran And Health Care

Our country is facing a plethora of problems. Dealing with issues has become increasingly more difficult because our government is so divided, as are our citizens.

There are a few situations that are causing great consternation across the country. They include immigration policy, nuclear proliferation and health care.

Immigration to the US emanating from Mexico and Central America has torn our country apart. The immigration dilemma and its effect on our society should not have come as a great surprise. Developed countries throughout the world are experiencing similar demands from large groups of people that have been persecuted and are seeking a better place to live.

So many are trying to escape horrible circumstances that are exacerbated by authoritarian rule, genocide and religious intolerance. The number of refugees stacked up in terrible conditions has reached epic proportions. Food, shelter and medicine are scarce.

Some nations are threatened by the demands of people seeking a better life. Why is this so? Resources in most countries are becoming more coveted every day. Even in the US accommodations for illegal immigrants are impacting American citizens in need. By giving to the people waiting on our doorsteps, the government is depriving services to people who were born in this country and living in poverty.

Further, the migration of many people of different cultures creates an array of societal, financial and political issues. Immigrants must be cared for. Who is going to provide services? Where will immigrants be transported once in the country? In the US they cannot all settle in Texas, Arizona and California. How many people can be assimilated in a short period of time?

Americans have always been sensitive to suffering and agony of the downtrodden. It’s in our DNA to come to the rescue of forsaken people. But how many can we help? Should we open our borders and accept everyone? Is the US able to care for all immigrants that want entry and permanent status in the country? How much of our limited resources can we afford to give to these people? How will another 1,2,3 or 10 million immigrants affect our country? There are more questions than answers. Tough decisions must be made to rein in the immigration problem. Can the US be the destination of persecuted people from all over the world? Not likely.

A nuclear event is the greatest existential threat to our world. The use of a WMD even in a far off places such as the Middle East and the Far East would have dire consequences for millions of people.

Note: The most volatile situation at this moment is North Korea. It appears that its leader is amenable to negotiating a disarmament treaty. Since NOKO has deliverable weapons, it should be the highest priority of US diplomacy.

The most dangerous country in the world is Iran. The reason for this designation is that the country is the leading provocateur of terror in the Middle East. And it is committed to owning nuclear weapons. The Obama nuclear deal with Iran did not ban Iran from developing a nuclear capability. It only deferred this eventuality.

Trump, rightly so, pointed out this radical possibility and abrogated they treaty. Now the US is committed to isolating Iran politically and economically until it agrees to never build a nuclear bomb.

What might the ayatollahs do if they had a deliverable bomb? Under duress they could use it against Israel. This would be a foolish and deadly decision because Israel would retaliate in kind with a much greater counter punch. But if it did occur, the Middle East would be in turmoil for an extended period. And worse, the US might be drawn into the fray.

The US is committed to Israel, and it is likely that we would respond mightily to an Iranian nuclear attack, a contingency that can only be eliminated by preventing Iran from developing a bomb.

As an afterthought, it should be noted that Iran could also direct its venom towards its Sunni opponents. In a large-scale brouhaha, Saudi Arabia and others on the peninsula could also be attacked with WMDs.

Health care is always front and center politically in the US. Obama created a huge conundrum that has tortured Americans and the country’s medical system ever since it was rammed down our throats several years ago. It has cost the country trillions and has made it difficult for any one in this country to feel secure about their ability to pay for a medial emergency.

The latest rage of Democrat liberals is universal, one payer insurance. Private insurance would not be permitted. Millions of people who are happy with their health care would be subjected to an entirely new arrangement that would impact the quality of service, the doctors they might want to use and how much they pay.

Instead of trying to herd millions of Americans into an expensive one size fits all policy, Obama health care reform should have only focused on those who were unable to pay for care. A large Medicaid service available to the needy was all that had to be done. However, Obama wanted to enact a large legacy initiative, and he ultimately screwed up the entire medical system. Now most of the 20 Democrats running for president want a health care mulligan that will further screw up health care.

The solution to the heath care Rubik’s Cube is evasive, but it should not be a one-payer system, and it should not take away private insurance already in effect. If redone incorrectly, the health care system could bankrupt our country.


The Immigration Crisis Is Tearing The US Apart

The immigration crisis on our southern border has grown even worse with the resignation of Kristjen Nielsen. The controversy is out of control because President Trump is continually at war with fellow Republicans and Democrats alike.

We all know that Trump prefers sycophants who do his bidding, often times in violation of laws, precedents and tradition. The problem is that the president looks at interlopers from the south as invaders, not refugees looking for a better life.

The situation the US now faces is a crisis and a humanitarian disaster. Understandably most blame Trump for the current impasse and contention. But the “blame” also belongs to the presidents, lawmakers and politicians that balked at installing effective immigration policies during the past 20 years.

The current number of illegals in the country is probably about 15 million or just under 5% of the US population. Why has the US turned a blind eye to this situation? Why have the country and border states allowed millions to just walk into the US?

As crazy as it sounds Democrats must be thinking that new, poor immigrants who become citizens will ultimately give liberals an edge politically. Keep in mind that Texas has historically been a red state, and the influx of new Democratic voters could change the political calculus.

Similarly, the liberal stronghold in California would be strengthened by an influx of poor voters. Of course this process would be evolutionary as it takes several years to gain citizenship. Keep in mind that the birth rate of the interlopers is high compared to the US, and all newborns in America are citizens.

The existing situation has caused great consternation in border-states and throughout the country. Millions of poor people have dispersed to places away form the border such as Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. The stress that these people put on educational and medical institutions has dramatically impacted state and federal resources.

There is no other sensible response to the existing number of interlopers than providing a pathway to citizenship. We could not summarily round up millions of illegals, separate them from their children who are citizens and send them back to their countries of origin.

That brings us to the current problem. The inflow into the US is down from astronomical levels, but it is still large. Thousands of families are approaching our border looking for asylum and support. The response by Trump and Congress has been nothing but confusing and lacking in empathy. Why? Because the policies to deal with immigration have not been settled.

It is perfectly acceptable for the US to take care of the illegals that are already in the country, and do everything possible to end any further illegal immigration. This is the right policy.

Unfortunately the leadership of conservatives is in the hands of a man who fights all opposition with a slap in the face. And the opposition has responded inexplicably by attacking those agencies that protect our borders by establishing sanctuary cities, demanding the dismantling of ICE and resisting all efforts to stop the flow of illegals into the country. The actions by liberals are stunning in so many ways.

The road to good immigration policies will be difficult and controversial. This problem is not unique to the US. Other developed countries around the world are trying to deal with the same issues. Nativism and nationalism is growing globally as citizens rear up and object to illegal and legal immigration for a plethora of reasons. The issue is tearing people apart.

It’s time for maturity, wisdom, empathy, courage and strength. The US cannot adopt all people who approach our borders. Those vying for political power should be prepared to answer very tough questions about how they will deal with illegal immigration.