America Can’t Afford An Open Border

Most Americans are not xenophobic, bigots or discriminatory towards people of color. They support many charities that benefit the needy.

And yet, some of these very tolerant Americans are not in favor of allowing immigrants to enter the country illegally and then give them a license to stay indefinitely. No crime should be rewarded with the most cherished possession of citizenship. Radical left-wing activists would say these people are racists. It’s not true.

Further, Americans appreciate the importance of immigration to our country since it was founded. Our country is a beautiful melting pot. So many of our ancestors came from Europe and still retain many traditions. In fact, as Americans have evolved over the years, they are now merging together with other minority groups.

Our country’s immigration policies are antiquated and must be changed. One thing is sure, we don’t have an obligation- moral, humanitarian or constitutional- to accept refugees from places that are not as wonderful as America? Actually, no country in the world can compete with the lifestyles of America. It is no surprise that’s so many foreigners seek to become citizens of our country.

During the past half century, millions of people have entered the United States illegally and stayed as undocumented aliens. By law, they should have been exposed and sent back to the countries of their origin.

What is the result of this massive immigration? For one thing, Americans have subsidized this group to the tune of billions of dollars. Some estimates show that up to 15 million people are unlawfully in the country at this time. Many have taken jobs and built productive families. Some pay taxes and obey our laws. But many have not assimilated and need support to get by every day. This ranges from health care to education to welfare. It comes as no surprise that Americans have adopted this group of illegal settlers in spite of the costs. In fact, there is a tremendous movement to grant citizenship to those that live in America peacefully. After all, it would be inhumane and impractical to round up millions of people and ship them back to where they came from.

But the situation has become worse as millions more have continued to pour across our southern border. Most of the new illegals believe they have a “right” to enter our country. Some say they are persecuted and forced to live in abject poverty. Some say their countries are ruled by cruel despots. Can the US solve all the problems in the world? Hardly.

Liberals in America have expanded the meaning of generosity to include saving every poor person who shows up at our borders. To them, it does not matter if the interlopers are unhealthy, criminal or without any resources. Just let them all into the country without any restrictions.

This is a classic case of open borders. If America could afford to pay for all those trying to immigrate to it, the acceptance of these unfortunate people might be justified. But what is happening is that our needy citizens are getting shortchanged because we now must care for millions of strangers. It is a situation that cannot continue.

What are the costs of illegal immigration? It’s anyone’s guess. What does it cost to care for 10 plus million people? What does it cost to teach millions of children? What does it cost to house and feed millions that have no money to pay for these things? How much does it cost to ensure these people are healthy? How many more policemen do we need to watch over these interlopers? Who is going to pay for open borders? Answer, the taxpayers.

It is stunning that Democrats have assumed the role of savior for these people. They have illegally imposed higher taxes on Americans to assuage their guilt. Of course, there is a potential payback. If these undocumented illegals become citizens, they will likely vote Democratic as payment for their citizenship. Will it change the political landscape of our country? How will that change the direction of America? Excluding immigrants who already arrived, it would alter our population by over 5%. The percentage is much greater if you include newborn babies after immigrants arrive.

Moderates are prepared to accept a road to citizenship for all the law-abiding immigrants who have arrived already. But they are not willing to accept one additional person. This is a fair deal that should be part of new immigration policy.

Woke and Cancel Cultures Threaten Free Speech

Cancel culture definition: A modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles. [Author’s note: It’s a common weapon among woke anti-freedom of speech advocates.]

Have liberals created a new form of discrimination that is aligned with cancel culture? It is no longer possible for conservatives to speak freely on sensitive subjects in public places including schools, workplaces, in the media and even in the halls of Congress without being “cancelled.” Let’s explore the aggressive posture taken by Democrats in recent years.

Most recently, Dorian Abbott, a physicist and professor at the University of Chicago, was asked to make a speech during the John Carlson Lectures at MIT about “… new results in climate science to the general public.” A backlash by MIT students and alumni erupted. They called on MIT to cancel Abbot’s invitation because of his publicly stated opinions about student admissions at elite colleges. This is one instance of cancel culture at its worst. Abbott was “cancelled.”

Since when are conservative commentators banned from places of higher learning? Consider Berkeley in 2017, the original epicenter of free speech in the 60s, when liberal students burned down the town to prohibit a conservative TV personality from making a speech. Shame on them. It was another case of cancel culture.

Woke misbehavior started quite a few years ago.  In 2000, for instance, if you disclosed to a liberal that you were a George W. Bush supporter, you may have been verbally abused? Did Al Gore supporters call you an idiot because you voted for the second Bush? Were you lambasted every time you spoke up for Bush’s policies that happened to champion exceptionalism, capitalism, free speech, closed borders, quid pro quos relating to welfare, charter schools, and balance budgets?

I know Republicans who lost friends because they worked at financial institutions, bastions of good economic policies and many conservative perspectives. I know people who were ostracized at their children’s school because they donated “too much money” for scholarships. In the meantime, monetary gifts were subsidizing the critics’ children.

The situation is dire. Families have splintered because a member supports conservative candidates. It has become so difficult for parents and children to have political conversations in a civil manner. I hasten to point out that young liberals don’t believe free speech is the right of all Americans, only the right of liberals. Did they happen to learn this at school or at home, or both?

Our schools and colleges are overrun with teachers and professors that discourage students from having conservative perspectives. Even in grade school, liberal minded teachers forbid the discussion of issues that are contrary to their dogma, like gun ownership and abortion.

What is the problem with the woke culture? Do they really believe conservatives are stupid, uninformed, uneducated, misogynists and outright bigots? Keep in mind that since Franklin Delano Roosevelt there have been seven Democratic presidents and six Republican presidents. There is a large contingent of conservatives in our society, and they will be heard in the political arena.

It just so happens that there are also more and more moderate Republicans in the country that were infuriated by the actions and rhetoric of Donald Trump. They are proud Americans that are educated, well read, alumni of excellent colleges and grad schools, who pay their fair share of taxes and resent the sledgehammer politics of liberals.

For the most part moderates are supportive of important social issues such as a woman’s right to choose, gay marriage and gun proliferation. They despise the radical right that sponsored the hooligans that attacked the Capitol.

Moderate Republicans don’t want medals. But they do want our leaders and lawmakers to be civil with each other and to negotiate compromises on all important issues. They want fair taxation that is driven by well thought out entitlement policies that are not perpetual. Aid should be given when needed and stopped when Americans are back on their feet.

And finally, moderates will not except lies and exaggeration from our leaders. Our presidents and congresspeople should be truthful and transparent. If you consider all these things you probably won’t ban conservatives and Republicans from your homes and schools.

The last thing Americans need is more discrimination against any group.

Trump’s Back, But Don’t Sweat It

Donald Trump’s attempt to become a viable presidential candidate in the 2024 Election is a total farce an insult to America. Liberals would have you believe that the former president has an efficient political system in place, capable of blowing up the ambitions of anyone who does not show him respect. I think this characterization is a canard.

True, there are small pockets of radical right-wing fervor around the country. But they are unorganized, not institutionalized and have very little political clout outside their own domains. Trump was unable to lead the government and effectively recruit capable aides. Yet, liberal commentators would have you believe that he has a large organization of operatives prepared to sabotage our government and our political system. This is a myth.

Let’s get personal for a moment. The man is a narcissist and cares about no other person than himself. He’s not a patriot. He endorses activities that supposedly reflect well on his ideology. [Consider the assault on the Capitol]. His ideology is fluid and changes on a daily basis in response to criticism. What makes me chuckle is that Joe Biden was such a horrible candidate that Trump was able to have a decent showing in the 2020 elections. Against a qualified Democrat opponent, Trump would have lost decisively. And remember, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, the only politician in America who couldn’t beat Trump at the time. He’s had the good fortune of running against two incompetent losers.

Trump believes that the electoral system is corrupt. For sure, there was some cheating going on. But the crimes espoused by Trump and his minions are just too unbelievable for most Americans. Our electoral system is not perfect, but it has weathered the passing of time and as given us duly elected officials for over two centuries. The criticism of our system by liberals is similarly over the top. With a bipartisan effort, our lawmakers should be able to find compromise for a voting system for those who are currently disadvantage.

Trump’s terrible reputation was widespread before he was elected in 2016. Americans took a chance on him because he ran against a person who’s even more despicable than he. We elected a person who had no governmental expertise and had a history of terrorizing anyone he dealt with in business. When we look back, it’s easy to say it was a stupid move by the voters. The country needed a change, and we just picked the wrong person. Why would Americans do it again? Why vote for a man who is universally hated?

Trump had some good plans. Unfortunately, he was unable to prove that they were beneficial for America. Now, even Trump’s best proposals are anathema just because he offered them. The “wall” and immigration policies Trump laid out would have been far better than the mess at the southern border at this time.

 Trump called out deadbeat countries for underfunding NATO. Trump exposed China for what it really is, our most deadly and sinister enemy. Trump would not negotiate with Iraq’s ayatollahs. They are liars who hate all non-Islamic people. And the list goes on. Trump would have been a better president if he hired and listened to informed aides. He wanted to be a dictator, and the country did what it should, bounce him from office.

I hate to denigrate fellow Americans, but I just cannot see why Republicans of any type would support Donald Trump, the most hated man in the world, for president, at such a vulnerable time for Democrats.

Biden is too old, two weak and not intelligent enough to run the country. It took him a short time to prove he doesn’t know what the hell is doing. He is a puppet for the radical progressives who want to change the world in one presidential cycle.

Good Republicans candidates could very well retake control of both houses of Congress in 2022 and the presidency in 2024. Let’s not blow this opportunity by giving Trump a voice in our political system once again.

Start Packing, Mr. President

Everyone, including the writer, has been very critical of actions, and inaction, of President Biden in recent weeks. Perhaps we should be focusing on positive steps that the leader can take to benefit America and Americans even if they mark the end of the insane power play by liberals in Congress.

The first thing that comes to mind is the infrastructure deal that nearly every legislator said would be good for the country. Our infrastructure needs an upgrade lest we watch our bridges and roads become more dangerous and crumble before our eyes. Democrats are currently using the $1.5 trillion deal as a bargaining chip to do another $3.5 trillion or more of entitlement giveaways. Virtually every Republican is against the latter deal, and most would vote for the first infrastructure proposal without any hesitation.

Democrats need to be amenable to deferring conversations about borrowing a spectacularly large amount of money for social and environmental improvements. Getting something done would really help Democrats at this moment. And they could assign blame to Republicans for not supporting the follow up legislation. This could have a meaningful and beneficial impact on Democrat political standing in both 2022 and 2024 elections.

Trying to add $5 to 6 trillion to our national debt at this moment is really a terrible idea. And to attempt it without any support from the minority is political suicide for Democrats. Loudmouth progressive crazies in the liberal fold will just have to wait and see and how the chips fall in the coming elections to implement the biggest entitlement program in history. I don’t think the large new legislation is doable in the foreseeable future. Democrats should attempt to push through pieces of the larger deal that would attract Republicans, especially some things relating to climate change.

It may be too late, but Biden really needs to take drastic action along the southern border and stifle illegal immigration. He and Kamala, who is supposed to be managing the process, are just ignoring the despicable refugee conditions that have developed. The suffering at the location is not acceptable. Biden should support “the wall” that most Democrats mocked a few years ago and flood the area with troops that will be needed to stop more illegals from entering the country.

At this point, there will be dramatic and horrific human suffering regardless of what direction the federal government takes. It should opt to end the migration even if the use of force is necessary. It has become nothing less than an invasion.

Biden’s approval ratings are dropping precipitously each day as he dodges questions from the media, and his progressive colleagues continue to talk up unrealistic expectations. Biden’s administration was doomed right from the start by the likes of Sanders, AOC, Pelosi, Warren and all the fashionable progressives in Congress.

Promises were made and no one except the opposition bothered to count votes to see if the razor thin margins in the House and Senate could accommodate such drastic changes in our social programs, much less adding another $6 trillion to the deficit. Biden was snookered into supporting outrageous changes built on a vicious attack by progressives on Republicans and conservatives.

The time is coming when Democrats are going to have to back off and let Biden’s term fritter away. He will be remembered as a dismal president, one who didn’t have the energy, courage or skill to do the to do things demanded of him by power-grabbing progressives.

The least Biden should do is end efforts affiliated with changing our society and economic systems in one presidential cycle. Democrats made promises that were impossible to keep and should be prepared to lose big in 2022. Maybe that will encourage them to work on projects and goals with Republicans that are attainable.

Biden’s Impending Demise

The most important issue for Democrats is recognition that their majority in Congress is paper-thin. A few votes in the House and only one in the Senate may prevent them from overhauling entitlements, governance, taxation, voting, environmental issues, immigration and so on.

This paper-thin margin is already giving the likes of Pelosi, AOC, send Sanders, Warren and all the rest of the ultra-progressives a fit. Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema are not in lockstep with their Democratic colleagues in the Senate. Without both of their votes, liberal initiatives will fail.

What are Manchin and Sinema’s concerns? For one, they don’t believe the country should try to change itself drastically with without bi-partisan support. Why don’t Democrats appreciate how much sense this makes? The partisan divide in Congress, fostered by really aggressive rhetoric by Democrats, is going to completely destroy any effort by our lawmakers to address the needed reforms in the areas mentioned above. Our entitlement system, taxation and relationship with the environment need fixing. But borrowing 4 or 5 trillion dollars coupled with frivolous spending across the American landscape is not the answer.

A second overhanging disaster is the potential of financial instability within the American economy. Today, the US is able to borrow all the money it needs to fund the growing annual shortfall between tax receipts and expenditures. However, the gap has widened to epic proportions, and some may begin to question the strength of the American dollar. Our national debt is $28 trillion and growing at a feverish pace. The only source of relief for Democrats is to raise taxes on one class of people. But affluent taxation will not be enough to pay for new entitlements being discussed at this moment.

Too many Americans don’t pay taxes because they are below the minimum threshold. Our government (US taxpayers) subsidizes these Americans, but with no quid pro quo in almost any case. Assistance during COVID and for the loss of jobs is justifiable and noble. It’s something that the federal government should do. But paying people to stay home (and not work) is a recipe for disaster. Entitlements should not be perpetual support, except for those who cannot work for legitimate reasons. Entitlements should be available to people in temporary need. Every able-bodied person should have a job guaranteed to them by the federal or state governments. Only then can we reduce the stress that entitlements have put on our economy.

Why are Democrats so anxious to give entree and citizenship to illegal immigrants? Why reward foreigners for breaking our laws? Who are these immigrants? Do they do anything for our economy besides use our resources? Are they disease free? Did they break the law in other ways? Why do hardworking Americans have to pay for the shelter, food, schooling and medical bills of these illegal interlopers? Is it because these individuals will ultimately vote for Democrats? Are Democrats so sinister? Our immigration policies need to be fixed before the migration problem really gets out of hand. Efforts by Biden and Harris have been pitiful regarding this matter.

Currently, legislation in the Senate is subjected to a filibuster by the minority party. Certain issues such as confirmation of judges and justices are done with the majority votes.

The filibuster protects the minority from frivolous proposals by the majority. It is the only source of redress during times of stress and government misdirection. The majority always wants to eliminate the filibuster to make legislation easier. This is the case even though the filibuster will protect those who lose their majority in the future. Sens. Manchin and Sinema recognize the importance of the filibuster and are prepared to prevent any changes. They are patriots for demanding good government.

Joe Biden is really struggling to develop a consistent foreign policy network. Our enemies are the same regardless of whether a Democrat or a Republican is sitting in the White House. Biden has decided that every issue addressed by Trump was improper including his handling of Europe, Iran, China and Russia. This visceral approach makes no sense. The positive things done by former administrations should not be abandoned for political reasons. Of note are the botched Afghanistan withdrawal and a stated desire to work with the rogue ayatollahs in Iran. The diminished status of Israel in the eyes of the Biden administration is also a huge mistake.

The list goes on. Biden is being overwhelmed by progressives in every area of government. Our country is not prepared to become socialistic. We are capitalists, and we demand the federal government solve our problems and deal with the evil and horrific actions of others around the world.

Coincidentally, in yesterday’s New York Times, Charles M. Blow discusses the fact that Democrats are in danger of losing the support of many Americans based upon Biden’s performance. Even a diehard liberal commentator like Blow recognizes that Joe is failing in many areas as he tries to govern the United States. I won’t repeat the things mentioned in Blow’s article, but many are discussed in this essay.

Two Very Different Women Attacked By NYTimes

Ironically, I decided to write one rebuttal to op-Ed pieces that tear apart two very different women, Elizabeth Holmes, the Theranos founder, and Kyrsten Sinema, the centrist Democratic senator from Arizona. Both women are under a microscope for their behavior. The New York Times sanctioned the hit pieces in their editorial section.

The author of the Holmes story was at Harvard around the same time as the now infamous former CEO of Theranos and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame. She presents her deepest feelings about the success and financial gains of Holmes in a short time span, as if anyone cares.

The author accuses Holmes of stifling the momentum that women have enjoyed in recent years in business and otherwise. I think the op-Ed is bogus. Holmes is a liar who committed various types of illegal activities including securities fraud. Everybody knows this, and she will pay dearly for her missteps. Holmes, in no way, has taken anything away from women that have been successful in recent years or will be in the future. In fact, it appears that the author is just realizing that she does not have the right stuff to make a big splash in her own career.

The article about Sinema is a red herring. The liberal columnist who wrote the article thinks she is a narcissist because the senator has become an outspoken impediment to the outrageous objectives of progressives during the past few months. She has expressed her opinions about big government and will fight to decrease the staggering amount of entitlements and giveaways in Joe Biden’s four or five or six billion plan to socialize the country.

The fact is that many people, including the writer, think that Sinema is a patriot by criticizing and refusing to vote for her party’s extraordinary spending extravaganza. She has risked her political fortunes for principle. She probably should change her party affiliation.

As an aside, Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat of West Virginia, has teamed up with Sinema in an effort to bring Biden, Pelosi, AOC and Sanders back down to earth. Both Sinema and Manchin are doing their country a great service by pushing back against an unwise spending spree and one-sided legislation that will hurt the country economically and widen the gap that separates Democrats from Republicans.

Why is it that liberal commentators denigrate every politician and Republican that they disagree with? Maybe the media is culpable for the inability of our political parties to work together.

As for Holmes, she is merely a misguided, self-deluded opportunist who lied for financial gain. Her actions have nothing to do with the fortunes of great women.

Perspectives On Getting Older

Forty-two years ago, I was 30 years old. On my birthday, I found great comfort that I would not retire from work for another 35 years and had many exciting moments ahead of me. My employer at the time forced retirement at age 65. Little did I realize how quickly the time would go by.

My career had its ups and downs, but generally it was pretty good. My health was never an issue in the old days. I began to have annual checkups, and they were uneventful, a pain in the small of my back, wisdom teeth removed and such.

As the years passed, I was seeing doctors more often. The increase was barely discernible in the beginning, but now it’s all encompassing. Our bodies start to scream out for more attention as we move past 60. Hopefully, our problems are few and minor, but the doctors keep testing and probing until they find things that, at worst, will kill you, and at best, are annoying episodes that temporarily disrupt your life.

The luckiest among us have a partner to share the good times and the bad times. When you area older, you naturally worry that that he or she will precede you into heaven. When someone dotes over you for 30 or more years, you really start to depend on them for their wisdom and assistance (and everything).

Of course, there’s usually an extended family involved, children and grandchildren, to afford comfort and make good memories. But, at some point the young people must find their own happiness and will have limited time to give to you as life becomes more difficult and threatening.

Personally, I believe in the afterlife. I refuse to accept that 70, 80 or 90 years of life is the extent of our existence. Anticipating a new beginning at death makes the expectation of our demise more acceptable. In fact, religion and spirituality, I think, were created precisely for the purpose of ushering us into a new life. But I give those who believe death is the final moment of our existence great credibility.

You may ask why I’m writing this diatribe about life and death. I really don’t want to stick my head in the sand. I want to embrace my demise as just another moment in life, the last one. I want to be philosophical about the reality that everyone who lives must also die. I want to be brave when my time comes and give my loved ones the courage to face their ultimate reality.

As I lived my life, I came to understand that a man or a woman is ultimately judged by how they deal with problems during their lives not by how they respond to good times. No one cares how many deals a person does or how much money they accumulate. Rather, it’s the quality of your life, the beauty of your children, your legacies that you leave behind. Were you charitable? Did you help others? Did you create things that made other lives more livable and happier? These are the things that make your family and friends proud to have known you.

In the meantime, as I find my way through the 70s, I intend to weather my inconsequential aches and pains from football and rugby, enjoy my family, tried to talk about and think about important issues and prepare myself for whatever the good Lord has in store for me.

Be well.

Afghanistan Discrimination Against Women

If you had any hope that Afghanistan would emerge as a prosperous, diverse and law-abiding country, forget about it.

As an example of the despicable authoritarian regime, a New York Times article indicates that the Taliban has closed all public universities to women. They can no longer be teachers or students. This form of discriminatory sexual abuse is a small part of numerous religious and cultural practices that demean woman and their role in Afghan society.

How can a country operate effectively in today’s world when it has laws that denigrate half of its population? How can men be so unkind, unempathetic and misogynistic to their mothers, wives and daughters? What are the women thinking every time they are abused by male relatives and strangers on the street for improperly covering their faces or leaving their home without a male escort? Are Afghan men concerned that other males will covet their wives? If their wives are so important and dear to them, why do they treat them with such scorn?

An emergence of Afghanistan would be more likely if women could respond to the tyranny of men in their lives with a high level of animosity. The citizens of the godforsaken place known as Afghanistan would benefit greatly by a new menu of rules that pertain to females in the country, and them receiving some level of equality. Why don’t women around the world support Afghan women with money and outspoken abject disgust of Afghan men?

Woman in the US have many issues that are unresolved, but they are on their way to equality. Females who are treated like second class citizens in other countries should call upon their sisters around the world for help and good wishes.

Another place to accelerate this effort is the UN. All nations should work together in an effort to bring men under control in countries like Afghanistan. The UN has frequently expressed its concern for human right violations against woman globally, but I believe this needs more focus on places like Afghanistan.

Some men have been abusing women in the name of religion and culture for centuries. It’s time these abuses were made public and governments proactively respond to end them.