Opening Day At Yankee Stadium

I have a very annoying habit of leaving Yankee games in the seventh inning. [Note: I walked out during Jeter’s last game before he hit a walk-off homer in his final at bat.] The traffic after the game is too much for me to handle. My kids never knew that baseball games were nine innings, not seven, until they were teenagers. 

On Friday, I broke my rule and stayed to the bitter end. It took about 50 minutes to get home even though I live only seven or eight miles from the stadium.

I love baseball, and I love the Yankees. My heroes over the years were Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter and now Aaron Judge. I feel queasy about negotiations between Yankees and Judge, as they attempt to extend his contract.  Judge turned down a $200 million plus deal over seven years, which would make him one of the highest paid players in the league. It seemed like a generous offer, but Judge wants to test free agency at the end of the year and not discuss his contract until the season is over. Seems to me that the deal offered by the Yankees is compensatory, but Judge wants more.

He’s testing my patience as one of his biggest fans. To be a Yankee and paid so much money should be quite enough for hitting hard balls with a wooden bat. He would be set for life. Loyalty to the fans means something. Being a Yankee you’re your entire career is a big deal. Think Derek Jeter and Mickey Mantle. I’m sure Judge’s negotiations had both parties blabbering away.  It’s a business after all. I’m just disappointed because the Yankees may lose Judge. What will happen to the judges’ robes that appear every game day in the bleachers if he goes elsewhere?

The first day of Yankee baseball was a big success. I expected to be rewarded for the ridiculous amount I pay for Legend seats, especially after what happened last year. The Yankee opener against the Red Sox was just what the doctor ordered. It was an extra inning affair. Josh Donaldson drove in the winning run with a single in the 11th inning. Josh is a seasoned veteran that the Yankees picked up during the off-season. 

Garrett Cole, the Yankee ace, started the game and allowed three runs in the first inning. It was a terrible beginning for the pitcher, who the Yankees are depending upon for many wins this season. Yanks scored two runs in the bottom of the first to take the heat off of Cole, and he was terrific thereafter. 

A few Yankees hit homers and were cheered wildly by the sellout crowd. The Bombers depend upon homers with a lineup that includes so many sluggers. 

I have Legend seats which entitles my friends and I to gorge ourselves with food. Just about every imaginable item is serve. Sushi, hotdogs, hamburgers, steak, lamb, pasta, salad, crab claws, pastries, ice cream, candy, peanuts and so on. When I bring guests, I tell him to fast for the whole day to ensure that they eat enough to make a dent in the cost of their tickets.

The Yankees won on Saturday as well giving them a 2-0 start for the season. I’m going to the Monday night game with some friends and hope to see another victory by the
Bombers. We will certainly do our best to eat as much as possible before the game starts and to snack several times afterwards.