The Election Is Upon Us, Vote!

The debates are over. There will not be any assistance for Americans out of work. All we need to do is deal with the 10s of millions of dollars of attack ads on TV, most of which are shameful distortions of the candidates from both parties.

Regarding the latter item, the opponent of Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has purportedly spent over 100 million dollars during his campaign. What has the political world come to? Wasting money and mudslinging is what it’s all about. Just think about the productive things this amount of money could have been used for. Unfortunately, current law allows unlimited donations, in certain circumstances. Giving money to political candidates has been deemed to be a form of free speech, and constitutional.

Millions of people already have voted, and it appears that more than half of all voters will cast their ballots before Election Day. If this results in greater participation by eligible voters, I’m supportive. It remains to be seen whether Trump’s worst nightmare, illegitimate ballots, will be an issue. And, the ability of the US Postal System to handle the increase in activity resulting from mailed in ballots also remains to be determined. I voted early and am relieved I will not have to stand on a line for hours to cast my ballot.

There are several contentious issues that may have an impact on the election results even though many people have already voted. For sure, the inevitable confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett is one of them. The judge’s qualifications have been minimized by accusations of political foul play. Democrats don’t believe that a sitting Republican president and a Republican Senate should be able to confirm a new SCOTUS justice because the president’s term is nearly ended. The Constitution clearly states that the current president, not a future president, has the duty to nominate a new justice, and the Senate must advise and consent in its own time. Both parties are doing their jobs as required by law.

Democrats are saying that ACA is under attack, and Trump wants to take away the right of Americans to obtain insurance if they have existing medical conditions. The Supreme Court, with Amy Barrett on the Court, will decide whether ACA is a viable law without the mandate that has been deemed unconstitutional. Trump is not adjudicating the case. The president has said numerous times that pre-existing medical conditions will not prevent Americans from getting insurance, and that this will be part of any new medical insurance reform.

One other issue that could, and should, impact voters is whether Joe Biden is lying about his relationship with his son regarding corruption accusations. Actually, it has been proven, it’s on tape, that Biden lied during the debate. The question is whether his family has inappropriately accepted money from foreign sources. It looks bleak for the candidate.

I can safely say the past year has not been a golden moment for American politics. Trump has gotten things done, but his style is the worst of any president in history. Democrats had a great opportunity to walk away with the presidency if they had just nominated a dynamic person. This is the second time in four years they did not. Time will tell whether they will lose for a second time because of another horrible political blunder.

Power and Personal Ambition

What motivates leaders of our country? Clearly, power is an aphrodisiac savored by most politicians. When do the personal objectives of people in power interfere with the needs of the many? The answer should be never, but it is frequently the case.

Most politicians believe their ideas and solutions to problems are more valuable than others. Too often, they turn a deaf ear to constructive suggestions. And so, there are two major political parties who espouse different ideologies that hopefully will give us peace, prosperity and equality. But the road to a good life is only made possible through compromise, something that can be very difficult to orchestrate these days.

Donald Trump is the best example of a man who wants the best for America and its citizens, but his actions are often unclear because of a personal agenda. Supposedly, Trump is very wealthy, so he is not driven by monetary gains, but, is this really true? Although he ceded the management of his personal assets to his sons and other confidantes, the Trump empire seems to benefit greatly because the real force behind the company is the president of the United States.

Our forefathers anticipated this circumstance, conflict between personal wealth for those in a position of power, and the good of the nation. And so, over the years, presidents were required to divest ownership, or at a minimum, control over assets that could be affected by their position in government. Trump is an excellent example of how personal priorities can result in poor presidential decisions.

Let’s dig deeper into the issue of conflicts. For some reason, Trump has decided to take a leading role in the handling of the pandemic. He has made quite a few decisions that others, including health experts, have disagreed with.

One could say that the health care community was caught with their pants down during the initial onset of Covid. This blog has been critical of medical efforts that resulted in more cases of the disease and more deaths. What have researchers been doing in the last 100 years, since the last great pandemic, to protect mankind against an existential health threat? Seemingly very little, or they have been diverted by other research projects. Medical experts get low marks for there preventative work as it pertains to influenza.

How has Trump responded? He, believing that he is the smartest person in the world, initiated actions that were not endorsed by health experts. The layman, Trump, morphed into an infectious disease guru. Trump established protocols that were derided by the health community. Did he do so because he had no confidence in the “experts,” or is he just a control freak thinking that he could be the person who saves mankind? Incidentally, he has insisted on using therapeutics that are still in the research stage for his own care.

The largest mistake that Trump makes on a daily basis is that he does not rely upon his aides. A president can recruit virtually anyone to help him or her govern the country, and Trump has been chewing up and spitting out quite a few of such people. They leave positions of great power because it is so hard to work for this president.

Why is this so? It’s because Trump has a personal agenda. He wants to be legendary. He wants to be a great hero. He wants to be adored and beatified by the people. He wants to show every American and every other person on Earth that he’s the greatest. He will steamroll anyone who challenges his ultimate authority. He is a clear and present danger because of his pride. Pride is a deadly sin.

So, what do we do now? The choice is between Trump, a megalomaniac undeserving of such great power, and Biden, an older man who will not actually govern the country. If Biden wins, it’s likely that left-wing liberals like Pelosi, Harris, Sanders, AOC, Schumer and scores of caucuses in Congress will usurp power from the president and the executive branch of government. We now have a president who has too much personal authority. Under Biden, socialists and anti-American groups will have a field day. Good luck picking a candidate.

Total Craziness and Confusion In Washington

The death of JFK, the resignation of Richard Nixon and the 9/11 attacks were challenging events on a par with the medical, socioeconomic and political drama playing out today. But with a growing electoral confrontation, a contentious SCOTUS confirmation and a stubborn pandemic, 2020 events may soon pass the other dark moments in America.

The announcement that the president and the First Lady tested positive for COVID-19 was a fitting end to recent craziness in Washington. Besides fretting about bogus election ballots and more corona virus cases (and deaths), we must now consider what will happen if the president dies or is too sick to govern. The complexity is disconcerting because there are so many different things that may take place if these contingencies occur before (and after) the election.

The New York Times outlined the possibilities and brought up a unique concern. Granted, it is highly unlikely, but if Trump and Pence die or are incapacitated (they could both afflicted with serious Covid sickness), would the reins of government pass to the Speaker of the House? That is the procedure that most average Americans believe is true (president, vice president, speaker then president of the Senate). Some constitutionalists are suggesting that an official from the executive branch should supersede the two leaders of Congress, like a cabinet member (the first would likely be the Secretary of State).

Given that Trump is a male, over 70 and overweight, he is in the vulnerable group relating to the pandemic. However, the odds are higher than 90% that he will recover, in great part because of the extraordinary medical care he is receiving.

Another brewing item is whether the Senate Republicans have enough votes to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett, since Senators Lee and Tillis have contracted the virus. Both are members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. In response to this, Republicans suggested that senators should be protected and proceedings be done virtually. Guess what? Democrats objected to this proposed change in voting. Nobody is cooperating with anybody. The rule is senators must appear in person to vote on any issue.

Neither politicians nor average Americans are amenable to negotiation and are acting in the most uncooperative manner. Disease, a presidential illness and an election are not enough to bring the political pit bulls together. Everybody has been asked to pray for the president and his wife, but what are they praying for? I’ll allow you consider this question.

In the meantime, our president is hold up at Walter Reed Hospital fighting the virus. Let’s all hope the situation does not become even worse giving opportunists more avenues to create political chaos.

One Of These Guys Will Be President

I assume very few knowledgeable people were surprised about what happened during the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. I listened to several talking heads afterwards and continue to feel the confrontation was shameful. One of these guys is going to be the next president of the United States. Heaven help us.

If any of my children behaved the way Trump did, it would result in a timeout. I wonder if the guy is like this all the time. Does he interrupt and belittle his aides? Does he scream at his wife and family? As a CEO of a big company, did he act rudely to customers, bankers and fellow workers? Does he verbally browbeat leaders of other countries if they don’t comply with his wishes?

Perhaps he was raised to be a bully by his father. What does a dad say to his son that makes him act like an uncouth ape? It’s no surprise that Trump can never behave like a normal person. As far back as the 2016 debates, he acted like a jerk. Seemingly, he’s never been embarrassed by his actions.

The only time he’s in his element is when he’s speaking to his constituencies at big rallies when he is on display. Trump is really dynamic, frequently going off script. Yet, anything goes. It’s anybody’s guess what might come out of his mouth.

Trump’s objective was to addle Biden. He wanted to confuse Joe by keeping unrelenting pressure on his opponent. Breaking Joe’s concentration was his objective, which he did numerous times during the debate. Biden, at one point, told the president to shut up. I was thinking the same thing, as was Chris Wallace. Trump was interested in proving Biden is feeble and not strong enough intellectually and otherwise to be president.

Joe Biden speaks in platitudes. He offered nothing specific to allay concerns about his mental proclivity. Maybe in the old days, Joe had a quick wit, I really don’t remember, one way or the other. But, during Tuesday night he said nothing other than Trump is an embarrassment and that he has done a lousy job as our president.

The problem with Biden’s approach is that he was playing Monday morning quarterback on the handling of Covid and other problems. The pandemic was new to everybody, including the real estate developer who was our president. And furthermore, if the US did what Joe suggested, the number of deaths would have been greater according to some experts.

The fact checkers were busy parsing every word Trump said, but they forgot to listen to Biden. His comments about the economy, health care and foreign relations were not particularly accurate.

But most of all Joe is whining too much for my taste. He is not strong, like his adversary. He also keeps telling the world about his life tragedies. We all must face demons and difficult times during our lives.

Joe Biden has started to set himself apart from the more radical elements of his party. He started out by saying he “is” the Democratic Party, a strange pronouncement. He said violent protest should be prosecuted. He is not in favor of de-funding the police. I’m wondering what AOC and Comrade Sanders are saying to their confidantes.

I don’t think many minds changed during the debate. Trump was loud and domineering. Biden seemed fragile and unprepared. He apparently had a list of statistics he wanted to mention and not forget.

The affair did not disappoint me because my expectations were so low to begin with.

Did Trump Commit Tax Fraud?

The New York Times indicated that the information they’ve obtained about Donald Trump’s taxes was received from a source that legally possessed the information. It’s unclear how professionals, an accountant, lawyer, financial planner or employee of Trump, could possess such personal data and legitimately (and legally and morally) share it with a newspaper.

Frankly, all of these unnamed source scandals are beginning to rub Americans the wrong way. For all we know, the British spy, who concocted the infamous dossier on Trump, invented this whole pre-election tax brouhaha over the past two weekends (I’m being facetious). There’s a lesson to be learned. In politics, if you want something to remain confidential, don’t share it with anyone other than your lawyer or clergyman.

The Times is milking the information for all its worth. Actual legal transgressions have not been revealed (yet). And the timing of the disclosures is convenient (just before the debate). Did Trump or his financial advisors commit crimes? Did they not report income, fail to pay taxes on reported or unreported income, overstate deductions, improperly use deductions to decrease reported income? I don’t believe there is anything in the disclosures so far that accuses the president of criminal misbehavior.

Accounting is an expertise that is not familiar to most Americans. Tax accounting is the most complex aspect of accounting in general. Millions of Americans go to H&R Block and similar companies seeking help with their personal taxes each year. Their tax returns are a few pages, not voluminous like Trump’s. It’s likely that most of those following the story are not sure what Trump has done wrong, other than being an aggressive investor and advocate of himself.

Most people don’t realize that public companies and many large private companies report their financials two ways. One set up books is prepared on a cash basis for the IRS, and another is prepared for public consumption. The difference between these statements could be gigantic, especially profits and losses.

One issue is depreciation. For the IRS, depreciation is subtracted from revenues on an accelerated basis (more in early years and less in later years); it’s perfectly legal. This results in higher expenses and lower profits early on and is used for tax purposes (lower earnings, lower taxes). The other form of depreciation is calculated on a straight-line basis for the public (equal amounts each year). The method will result in higher profits early on.

And then there are loss carryforwards, which are historical losses that can’t be used currently, but can be offset against profits in the future. If Trump owned a casino that went bankrupt and reported a huge loss, it may not be used in the year of the bankruptcy; he could, and does, shelter profits in the future with these losses.

To summarize the accounting issues, one only has to note that Trump has been under IRS audit at least since he took office in 2016. It would be virtually impossible for him to conduct a massive tax defalcation under the noses of the tax authorities.

What do we learn from the Times’ attack piece so far? Nothing we already didn’t know, for the most part. Trump was/is a snake oil salesman who is able to talk people into paying him to use his brand on buildings, hotels, consumer products, etc.

We also learned that Trump is a major player in many bad investments; he lost millions on some of them.

And finally, we know Trump uses other people’s money whenever possible, mostly banks, to make investments, milk companies of cash and abandon them, such as Trump’s casino investments and subsequent bankruptcies.

Trump is not a nice man. He’s a narcissist and a salesman extraordinaire. He’s a pathological liar and exaggerator of facts. But no one has yet proven that he broke the law. However, I will admit that I would prefer to have a president whose moral compass is greater than just borderline.

I seriously doubt Trump’s base will be materially impacted by the Times efforts to expose the man.

Note: Just finished viewing the first debate. It was awful. I’m saddened that we don’t have a better choice for president. I doubt many voters changed their minds based upon the debate.

Farewell RBG

Farewell Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You were a liberal Supreme Court Justice and a great standard bearer of justice. Every American will miss your wise perspectives and wit.

I know you were trying to live long enough to give Joe Biden the honor of replacing you. Sorry it didn’t work out. In your coveted seat in Paradise, you will no doubt have a bird’s eye perspective while witnessing the fireworks that will kick off Sunday during the lineup of news programs.

Here is the preliminary state of affairs. Donald Trump has the constitutional duty to replace RBG, even though his opponents are saying he does not. Trump haters will remind us that the Senate would not consider Merrick Garland, the man that Barack Obama nominated during his final year in office. Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader of the Senate, indicated that the next president should be the one to nominate a new justice in an election year. The replacement would take Justice Scalia’s place on the Court. McConnell refused to take up the nomination of Garland and Bret Kavanaugh was confirmed. Now, we have a somewhat similar situation.

Trump will surely nominate someone who is a conservative that will impact the tenuous conservative/liberal balance of judges on the Court. Currently, there are four conservative judges, three liberal judges and Justice Roberts who sometimes votes with liberals. He is the swing vote.

If Trump manages to get a conservative confirmed to replace RBG, the Court would have five conservative justices, three very liberal justices and Roberts. But conservatives would no longer need Roberts to side with them to have their way. It would be a very important moment for the Court and could have a huge impact on American society and values.

What will Trump do? Presumably, he will move rapidly to nominate a new judge. Time is of the essence. The Senate must confirm with only a majority vote. Currently, the Senate has 53 Republicans and 47 Democrats and Independents who vote with them. To confirm, McConnell must find 50 senators to support the nominee. In a 50-50 tie, VP Pence will deliver the winning vote.

There appears to be three potential Republican holdouts, Murkowski of Alaska, Collins of Maine and Romney of Utah. If any other Republicans are not supportive, the nomination will fail.

Even though Amy Coney Barrett has the edge according to rumors, it might make sense for Trump to nominate someone familiar to the Senate to save time, like a member, to be the next Supreme Court Justice. Cotton of Arkansas and Cruz of Texas have been mentioned as contenders. By choosing someone familiar to the senators, the vetting time could be cut short. This strategy is a long shot.

The process will not be a smooth one. Democrats will harp on the following issues as they object to anyone nominated by Trump:

Garland’s nomination in the final months of the Obama administration. It should be noted that now Republicans control the presidency and the Senate. When Garland was nominated the presidency was in the hands of a Democrat and the Senate was Republican.

Replacing a liberal judge with a conservative judge will upset the current balance of power in the court.

Replacing a female judge with a male judge, assuming the nomination of either Cotton or Cruz, will create more resistance.

The history of all Trump’s possible nominees considering Roe v. Wade, gun control, civil rights, etc. will be controversial.

Trump’s presidential performance should not allow him to confirm three judges.

It’s going to be a zoo in Washington during the next several months. The pandemic, the election and the Supreme Court confirmation will serve to politicize our nation’s capital even more than it has been in the past.

Politicizing Covid-19

I’m sad to report that, along with so many other issues, the pandemic is being politicized to the maximum extent possible. By way of comparison, it’s the same as a president and his opponents using an extended military conflict for political gain. When the health of the entire world is dependent on our leaders, politics should be left at the door of the conference room. There is misbehavior on both sides of the aisle.

In the case of a national emergency, the president, the commander-in-chief, must lead the country. For the most part, he or she must develop a game plan to defeat the enemy. In this case, the enemy is an infectious disease that has killed thousands of people globally.

The criticism of Trump began when the flu virus started to rampage across the world. Given that medical science was not up to the challenge, and experts didn’t have a clue about how to respond to COVID-19, the president took action to protect the country. He prevented travel to and from China and the other places that posed a threat to the US, and he tried to calm Americans.

Democrats endlessly harped on the president’s decisions. What is curious, is that the experts were not in agreement about what to do, so Trump made decisions on his own. He tried to do the things that would minimize the spread of the pandemic. Frankly, when the history books are written about this sordid situation, they probably will say there was no one who had the right answers to defeat Covid. The disease was going to take its course no matter what actions world leaders took.

Masks were not going to guarantee our health. There were not enough of them, or ventilators, because medical experts did not predict the world would need them. China reacted in their political interests and let the rest of the world down by downplaying the strength of the virus. The history books will probably say Trump did the best with what was known at the time.

This is not to say that every tactic Trump employed was strictly in the best interest of the American people. The disease arose during an election year and the politicians were yearning for an opportunity to showcase their leadership. Trump exaggerated, and Democrats tried to downplay an ongoing economic surge. The latter got their wish in the form of the coronavirus.

Fast forwarding to the present, the president was on TV this week promising to deliver a safe vaccine before the election. No surprise there. Trump may need to keep this promise to get reelected. But the proof is in the pudding. If a safe vaccine is not available, for the general public, by Election Day, Trump will probably lose to Joe Biden.

So, why are Democrats berating him for predicting that a cure is around the corner? Simply put, Democrats will do anything and say anything that hurts the president’s chances to win reelection. This includes charging the president with lying about a deliverable vaccine for everyone, not just for the most vulnerable among us.

One would think that all Americans including Democrats would do anything to benefit the well-being of the country, even if it resulted in votes for Trump. We’re talking about a disease that has the potential to kill off the entire human race. Why would a patriot be anything but helpful? Why would Trump lie about something so important that will either take place by Election Day or not?

Every day, I feel more embarrassed and ashamed by my leaders. Even to save the world from a horrible pandemic, Republicans and Democrats cannot join hands to work together to defeat the disease. After the pandemic is over, and we have our next president, voters should spend time to consider whether the losers we have as leaders should be thrown out of office.

What If Republicans Win

Liberals and long-term Trump haters are not going to accept a Trump victory in November without creating a stir. There’s going to be blood in the streets as agitators roil the emotions of those Americans who have looked forward to the moment the president would be ousted from office.

What will happen if the president is reelected? The count and recount of ballots will take some time to complete as the loser will undoubtedly challenge the results. In the meantime, provocateurs will be hitting the streets as the current abhorrent behavior morphs into a 1960s anarchy replay. Rioting, looting, injuries and death will supersede the carnage of the coronavirus pandemic. Urban discontents will have an excuse to destroy property and steal from their neighbors. The streets will be war zones where rioters and police will battle it out.

Large urban centers will be desecrated and much of the social advancement since earlier days will be lost. Gains by Blacks will be put on the backburner as the police attempt to bring order to the largest cities in the country.

The rioters will afford Trump an opportunity to use force. He will call up Reserve and National Guard units and pit citizen against citizen. The urban carnage will be the rationale for using military force to supplement police departments.

Crazed hysterical radicals will incite the newly elected hysterical president. Martial law, curfews and prohibition of any type of protest will be the order of the day. In the meantime, Democrats and Republicans will be screaming at each other on the floors of the Senate and the House trying to score political points.

The media will be publishing “I told you so” op-eds blaming the chaos on Trump and his backers. Columnists at the New York Times and all the other left leaning news outlets will try to denigrate anyone with a conservative perspective. Whether Trump wins or loses the election, he will lose. The election will be moot to 1/2 of Americans who voted for Trump.

Eventually, order will be restored, and the left-wing politicians will continue their witch hunt. Don’t be surprised if Trump is impeached again. Don’t be surprised if he ignores the entire process. The next four years will be an era of radical left venom directed at Donald Trump along with complete congressional paralysis.

Initially, the financial markets will rejoice that Sleepy Joe and his band of Socialists have been defeated. Capitalism will win the first few days of the new presidential term. The medium-term performance of the stock market will depend upon how nasty civil unrest becomes and, of course, whether the pandemic tapers off. Hopefully, Trump will moderate spending to avoid another recession. The economy will boom if social issues don’t ruin the party.

If we assume the Senate stays Republican, with less than a 2/3 filibuster majority, and the House remains in the hands of Democrats, Trump will opt to govern by fiat and mandates from his bully pulpit. Foreign policy will tend towards isolation, and Trump will bring most of our soldiers home.

The president will get even tougher with his allies and force them to pay their fair share of military readiness across the globe, in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. China will be devastated by increased tariffs and hardnose negotiations with the US.

Trump will spend the next four years trying to convince his constituents that he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize (for Middle East accomplishments) and a place on Mount Rushmore. Americans will continue to roll their eyes every time Trump declares he’s the greatest.

Is Trump really destroying our Republic? Do you really think a president with less than a majority mandate and tenuous control of only one house of Congress can do that much damage? It should be noted that Trump and Reagan are the only presidents in recent years that did not start a war. In fact, Trump has brought many soldiers home.

No, Trump’s not going to do that much damage. In fact, his aggressive attitude towards allies and his enemies was something that benefited the US. We were being treated like patsies as China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and even the European Union rode roughshod over us.

Liberals are going to impose the most damage. They will encourage violence, while pretending to be peace-loving. This violence will cause Americans to confront other Americans. It will be a minor civil war.

The rule of law will be ignored as liberals in urban centers make excuses for rioting and destruction. The provocateurs will be hurting their allies by destroying local neighborhoods. Local officials will refuse to prosecute troublemakers.

The right of free speech has been dramatically taken from anyone who does not toe the line with liberals. Conservative ideology is anathema on college campuses, even as half the population of America espouses it.

In summary, liberals will have to come around to accepting that there are many different perspectives in the country. And every one of them has the right to be expressed. If they don’t recognize this basic right, our country will be walking backwards for an extended period time.

The impending election will make it obvious what groups are patriotic and what groups are enemies of the state.

The Price Of A Democratic Vote

Voters are going to have to hold their noses as they choose between the lesser of two evils in the 2020 presidential election. How did America get into such a terrible predicament? Why aren’t there scores of qualified individuals who would love to be president of our country?

This essay will focus on liberals and provide reasons why voting for the Democrats is a bad idea. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I am supportive of the alternative candidate.

One of the worst aspects of the Democrats’ campaign strategy is portraying America as a despicable world power and blaming all the evils around the globe on US and its current leader, Donald Trump.

Personalities aside, Trump is not responsible for the pandemic, the plight of Blacks in this country, huge deficits, terrorism or any of the other major issues that bedevil our nation.

Trump is not a nice fellow. He is results oriented, and without conscience. He is his own most enthusiastic supporter and cheerleader. He is not someone you would want to go out and have a beer with. He is also a liar and exaggerates his own accomplishments. Fact checkers are having a field day with every word he speaks and every tweet he posts on Twitter. But Trump has kept many promises, has propped up the economy and has put the fear of God into our enemies.

The next broad criticism of Democrats is that they will not win by proclaiming one after another that Donald Trump is a bad guy. Practically no one denies this including his most ardent supporters.

Related to this is the aforementioned denigration of our country by liberals. We are free. We can say whatever we choose to say. We can practice any religion. We can marry who we want. We can become whoever we want, if we study hard and work hard. We live in the safest place in the world. Our country has the strongest military on Earth.

Based upon all the protests and affiliated violence, you would not think the US is anything but a panacea. If you are jealous of those who work hard and have a better lifestyle than yours, you probably hate the country. We can all make up plenty of reasons to despise others. This is not a winning strategy.

I’ve tried to make a relatively complete list of controversial things that liberals are demanding and items in their party platform. They should drive voters to cast their ballots for the opposition. Here they are:

Liberals are anti-guns. Gun control has been a huge controversy for many years. Very little progress has been made on the issue. Most important is that a huge number of Americans hold the right to bear arms as sacrosanct. It is their #1 issue when they consider who they will vote for. Anti-gun sentiment lights up this voting block.

Liberals want open borders. This is problematic because illegal immigration hurts federal, state and local governments financially, takes jobs from American citizens and fosters illegal activities such as drug running and other crimes. The sentiment against open borders is huge.

Liberals are waging a war against the police. For sure, there has been too many unlawful actions by rogue police against the Black community. The solution is training police to be more diligent and to avoid deadly force, not rioting, looting, mass confrontation with police and defunding of the police departments.

On college campuses, free speech is limited to liberal speakers. Free speech does not protect all ideas, as it was intended to do. Radical left-wing groups stifle the free flow of thought. This situation rubs many Americans the wrong way.

Liberal leaders support violent protests implicitly and explicitly. There will be greater push back by law abiding citizens and by the authorities if it continues.

Liberals are screaming for free college tuition and forgiveness of student debt. Who will bear the brunt of these absurd and very costly entitlements? The middle class, most likely.

Liberals are pushing to keep students out of school running up to the election. They’re politicizing our children’s welfare.

Biden says he will reinstate the idiotic Iran nuclear deal. Giving the radical ayatollahs nuclear weapons is an existential error.

Liberals favor socialism over capitalism. It’s highly unlikely that the majority of Americans in the United States today will vote for this change.

Liberals want unfettered welfare benefits with no conditions.

Liberals will attack our financial system if they control the government. The health and well-being of banks makes new technology and prosperity possible.

Liberals are giving amnesty to rioters in big cities and forgoing the rule of law.

Liberals want universal health care. It’s unaffordable. A better plan is to give people who cannot afford healthcare free insurance. This can be done by expanding Medicaid.

Liberals are going to raise taxes on the middle class if they are victorious in November. It’s the only way to pay for the outrageous entitlement programs that have been proposed.

As you can see, a vote for Democrats carries with it some dire consequences. A radical move to the left will destroy the American standard of living.

Biden Will Be A Stay At Home President

The liberal media and Democrats are trying to convince Americans that the convention was a great success. They claim it was a seminal moment even as one irrelevant speaker followed the next.

Think about it. The only important moment was the nomination of a Black woman as Joe Biden’s running mate. This was the first time that a woman of color and a woman of Asian descent received this honor. It was a big win for both the Black and Asian communities.

Unfortunately, Democrats pushed for Joe as their candidate for president. How unique and progressive was that. Not. Another old white man who has been hanging around Washington for four or five decades was selected to lead the Democrats. It was an opportunity to inject new blood into the party, but the bosses stayed with a 77 year old establishment guy who has flipped on many important issues over the years. Did liberals miss a genuine opportunity? They sure did. And, by the way Joe is going to have to explain his flip-flopping.

Democrats realized that Sleepy Joe may not have the stamina to govern for four years much less eight. So, what did they do? They picked a young woman who was spurned early in the primary process to step into Joe’s shoes, if he can’t perform politically. If Kamala is going to effectively be the president, standing in for him when he’s exhausted and running in his place in 2024, why not pick Kamala now to lead the party?

It just goes to show you how misdirected Democrats are. There’s a revolution occurring in their midst that is demanding radical changes. Progressives are slowly making more progress and gaining control. The party is not leaning left any more, it is radical left.

Young Democrats like Joseph Kennedy are attempting to this displace old hacks like Ed Marky, senator of Massachusetts. And Nancy Pelosi is backing the newbie. In case you don’t know, Joe Kennedy is a member of “the” Kennedy family.

Democrats have also broken a prime rule of politics: in the primaries go radical, and in the general elections be moderate. Ask Bill Clinton what he thinks of this platitude.

Liberals are creating chaos throughout the country with their outrageous demands. Reasonable and measured immigration has morphed into open borders. Peaceful protest is being replaced with violence and destruction of property in urban centers. Free health care for the needy is now unaffordable universal care. Freedom of speech only pertains to left wing ideologists. Conservatives are no longer permitted to speak at universities. Free college tuition, increased entitlements, and the list goes on.

And now Democrats have the audacity to think that they can win an election pushing a radical platform with a presidential candidate who will not campaign. He’s going to send his VP candidate on the road while he stays in his basement.

Democrats made a mistake picking an elderly man to be the leader of the free world and going ultra- liberal. They will pay the price.