Hardball Politics Is Hurting America

Americans with different political persuasions have disagreed with each other ever since our forefathers founded this country. The negotiations that led to the formation of our republic were extremely intense.

Over the years American politicians have fought about and dealt with many serious issues including states’ rights, slavery, declarations of war and so much more. Unfortunately leaders and lawmakers of today have intensified their confrontations. With great encouragement from the press and social media, we now live in world where a new crisis arises from disparaging remarks and bad behavior every day.

Liberals attribute the nasty and unproductive environment to the election Donald Trump. He epitomizes the essence of hardball politics. He believes performance and winning supersedes all else. Sensitivity, empathy, humility, comity and truthful interface are no longer values that political adversaries care about.

But it’s not just about Trump. There are others who provoke, slander and lie to gain an edge. Politics is a dirty business practiced on both sides of the aisle.

Even more disconcerting is an unbridled media that happily reports the most sordid and hurtful actions and comments of others to gain notoriety and readership. No longer do reporters skirt certain issues to temper scandal. No longer is reporting unbiased and factual. The press bares great responsibility for the current state of affairs. They are a pack of wolves, desperate to tear apart and ruin a person or organization before all the facts have been analyzed. A scoop, even it is untrue, is what the press thrives on.

Exacerbating the lower standards of the protected fifth estate are social media trolls who, for both profit and sport, eviscerate others with unfounded gossip, bias and exaggeration. A single “dirty” item can spread across the globe in a hear beat as part of a “viral” moment. Even the term viral has a negative connotation relating to disease.

What are the implications of incivility to our society? For one thing it is driving away good people from public service. Why would a judge want to become a Supreme Court justice given the insulting and degrading confirmation process? Why would anyone want to be a legislator and dedicate most of their time to raising money for the next election, and trying, every day, to impress aggressive journalists? The current system has us struggling to find one really qualified person to be our next president. And, what about the pathetic and incompetent individuals that are elected mayors of great cities and governors of our states?

Some people have used our Constitution to justify the application of money in our elections, a serious mistake. No longer are winners the most qualified candidates. Rather the elected are the best fundraisers. The importance of money ahs been turbo charged by trying to prove that campaign contributions are an element of free speech.

Do we want leaders who are experts at creating vicious political advertisement, or men and women whose principal objective is to keep America great? Being reelected, and raising the money to accomplish it, is all that is important to politicians these days.

And finally there is the issue of term limits. Without limits, corruption and entitlement flourish. The old must make way for the young. The usefulness of a politician is offset by his or her personal idiosyncrasies over an extended period of time. And ironically, the only people who can bring us the blessings of term limits are the ones who will lose their jobs with term limits.

How’s Trump Doing?

It’s going to drive liberal Trump haters insane to hear that the president is scoring huge victories in spite of his frightful attitude and undiplomatic demeanor. The biggest issue, relating to the election, is the surging US economy.

The stock market hit new highs on Friday. There are competing influences impacting the markets, but generally there’s a lot of positive momentum. However, Federal Reserve Chief, Jerome Powell, said the following “. . . trade tension and a weaker global economy [are] weighing on the outlook and [he] said the Fed was prepared to act.”

Some economists think Powell is intentionally ignoring the strong jobs report and the potential ‘trade truce’ with China. Currently most are expecting a move by the Fed at its next meeting. Critics of such an action say it is an accommodation to Trump. Others point out that problems in Europe, including Brexit, and an economic slowdown in China justify some loosening by the Fed. Who says the Fed is apolitical?

In the meantime inflation is not a pressing problem and consumers are spending at a rapid clip. The former gives license to the Fed to keep interest rates down.

The old adage, “It’s the economy, stupid” is apropos. Trump is going to get a boost in the election if the economy continues to improve, unemployment stays under control and wages for the middle class increase.

Making it more disheartening for Trump naysayers is the possibility that the president may actually negotiate a favorable trade deal with the Chinese. I’ve been saying all along that the US can have a great impact on the Chinese economy. Tariffs are one way to exert this advantage. The US buys far more products from China than China from the US. Tariffs will decrease the current trade imbalance, and this will increase worker furloughs and bankruptcies in China.

One of the most important issues for Xi Jinping is keeping Chinese industry running at full speed and keeping workers on the job. Frankly it’s more important for Xi, personally, to smooth relations with the US regarding trade than any other area of disagreement between the countries.

What can the US gain from negotiations with the Chinese? One thing is respect. US economic strength is far more influential than military might, although America is still, by far, the most powerful nation in the world. China needs favorable economic conditions. Many of its industries are highly leveraged, especially banks, which cannot deal with large credit losses.

Moving to other areas, Trump is going to make a deal with Kim Jung-un. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if a nuclear disarmament treaty is indirectly a part of a US trade deal with China. If I were Trump I would make a NOKO accommodation a required element of the trade negotiations.

Kim is in a position to solidify his regime for decades but he needs desperately to end economic sanctions and to have US become a trading partner. This can only happen if Kim gives up the nukes. If he walks away, economic sanctions will eventually be his downfall. Once again the US’s economic might can ultimately be more powerful and be less expensive than going to war.

The ayatollahs of Iran are on a road to oblivion. By continuing to threaten commerce in the Straits of Hormuz and stoking terror elsewhere in the Middle East, Iran is losing support of the European Union, especially Great Britain. Attacking oil tankers is a stupid and unproductive strategy that my earn Iran a few hundred cruise missiles as a warning. Similar to other countries mentioned above, US economic sanctions are disseminating Iran.

Trump was absolutely justified in abrogating the Iran nuclear deal. Most importantly it gave Iran a pathway to nuclear arms in about a decade.

Domestically, the majority of Americans are not enamored by the actions of Trump. In fact so many despise him that they will not give him credit for his successes. And further, too many Americans would be happy to see the president fail even if the country suffers. This group includes the liberal press.

But Trump presses forward with aggressive comments and distortion of the truth. He seems to relish opportunities to slam his opponents in fiery rallies and on social media. These are unproductive, but Trump says he must defend himself from fake news and unfair treatment by his opponents.

All this is a sideshow to the main attraction, the 2020 elections. Trump looks like a winner mostly because Democrats have moved too far left. A socialist will not be elected in America, at least not yet. Also, Americas will grow to understand that every entitlement can’t be free. The country cannot provide new entitlements without cutting critical services elsewhere, no matter how much they increase taxes. American voters will understand this problem as the debates and the political rhetoric continues to ramp up.

Beto Says America Is Based Upon White Supremacy And Slavery

The age-old adage than politicians must go radical in the primaries is in full bloom.

The latest outrageous comments were made by Beto O’Rourke to a group of immigrants this week. Beto says the US was founded on the concepts of white supremacy and slavery. Further he commented, “ . . . every single institution and structure that we have in this country still reflects the legacy of slavery and segregation and Jim Crow and suppression, even in our democracy.” It’s no wonder that the boy wonder, who lost to Ted Cruz, is being lapped by the Democratic field of candidates.

Beto made these untoward observations to attract the votes of people of color, plain and simple. His vision of America is warped and completely ignores the progress that has been made as America struggles with being the most diverse country in the world, a proverbial melting pot, if you will.

It hasn’t always been easy adjusting to wave after wave of immigrants over the years and striving to rid ourselves of the stench of racial inequality. But Americans have thrived as Irish, Italian, Polish, Jewish, Mexican and Muslim immigrants flooded into the country.

Every time a new group asked the US to give them a new lease on life, Americans have come through. But there are always roadblocks and minefields to negotiate.

As far as blacks are concerned, the fight continues. But one should appreciate that never have people of color had more influence politically and socially than they do right now. For sure there are laggards, bigots, supremacists and skinheads that despise everyone. These people are not representative of America today.

Beto’s comments are an insult to Americans, and they are totally misinformed. The guy wants votes so he keeps telling minorities and the downtrodden that there is no hope in America, unless they elect him. That would be a frightful mistake.

Beto adversaries, the rest of the gaggle vying for the Democratic nomination for president, are similarly inclined. They are exaggerating the circumstances affecting minorities and degrading many Americans and companies that have done so much to push forward progressive changes. Money spent trying to give people a better life is never mentioned, nor are the good intentions of philanthropists and socially conscious people outside of the Democratic Party.

From time to time our country has setbacks. They are to be expected. The president’s attitudes and perspectives are often interpreted by critics to be sexist, racist and misogynistic. I understand and agree with many of these observations. But Trump’s tenure is just a fleeting moment in history. His missteps will be rectified by his successors.

Democrats are doing themselves a disservice by trying to convince voters that socialism and increasing entitlements without quid pro quo are the solutions to our problems. They would be better off if they encouraged the downtrodden to change their focus to self-improvement. More money, that the country cannot afford, is not the answer. It’s jobs, family solidarity and community that will improve America. The goal should be to get people more work, not more welfare.

Democrats need to take a class in arithmetic. If they did, they would realize that entitlements are going to bankrupt America and exacerbate income inequality, economic conditions and America’s security.

How Trump Will Win Or Lose In 2020

Currently, polls have President Trump losing to all the major Democratic candidates in head-to-head contests. What may happen between now and the Election that would enable Trump to capture a second term?

The first thing to consider is the polls themselves. It appears that Trump’s base continues to be about 40% of the electorate, obviously not enough to win a general election. He needs 10% more support to gain a majority. Keep in mind the winner must win the majority of electoral votes to claim the presidency. But unless another anomaly occurs, the winner of the popular vote will also be the victor in the Electoral College.

The obvious place for Trump to gain a majority is with independents. Because this group is the least vocal, it’s sometimes hard to read their state of mind. A thriving economy will certainly have a positive impact on Trump’s fortunes with independents, especially since economic conditions are already moving forward at a good clip. The opposite, a poor economic outlook, would be a huge problem for the president.

Trump is treading on thin ice in a number of areas diplomatically that could lead to military action. Specifically these might involve Iran, North Korea and any number of hot spots around the world, in particular, the Middle East. A military strike against either of the countries above will not help Trump’s cause in 2020. However, a resolution of one or both brewing conflicts would substantiate the administration’s tough negotiating style.

Economic warfare is another issue that can make or break the president’s campaign. A positive end to the Chinese standoff would be a huge win for Trump. His unwavering strength in conversations with his Chinese counterpart could be a disaster or a monstrous step forward for America. Moreover a win against China will greatly impact other trade confrontations under way with Europe, Mexico, Canada and Japan.

Turnout will be a big factor in the 2020 Election. Certain groups historically have not been reliable at the polls, in particular young people and blacks. Both groups are overwhelmingly supportive of liberal candidates, but they must go to the polls to exert their influence. High turnout will greatly enhance the prospects of Democratic candidates. The bigger question is whether liberal aspirants will inspire millennials and people of color to ensure their participation.

There are a plethora of other possible events that could sway the electorate, one way or the other.

If Republicans effectively label Democrats as socialists, the latter will lose votes. Given the persuasion of most liberal contenders, this campaign strategy should be a winner for the G.O.P. The country is not, nor will it ever be, anything but a capitalistic society that rewards hard work, ambition and creativity.

A terrorist attack is always a big risk for liberals as it validates all of the paranoia of Republicans. Conservatives are much more aggressive in their rhetoric against enemies of America that as of late include unbridled illegal immigrants on the southern border. The right’s desire for a strong homeland has always been an advantage.

Massive protests are occurring regularly around the world. The latest is in an unlikely place, Hong Kong, as it fights against China’s efforts to stem the tide of personal freedom. If unrest grows in the US, it will probably be in support of one or more liberal causes. This form of expression is very powerful and will benefit the left. The likely issues include income inequality, racial inequality, health care and women’s reproductive rights.

Right now the scales are tilted towards Democrats. But their field of candidates is weak and untested. Nevertheless it would be hazardous to place a bet on the outcome of the 2020 Election at this time.

Millennials And The 2020 Elections

Millennials around the world are clamoring for more responsibility in every aspect of society. It makes one wonder how millenials in the US will respond in the 2020 elections.

Americans are very idealistic in their early years and have grandiose observations about what is wrong with the country. It happened big time in the 1960s when civil rights and the Vietnam War dominated our lives causing massive protests and civil disobedience. Today the issues are different, but just as important to young people.

What are some of the most important issues to millennials?

From an individual perspective, young people have been complaining on end that they are saddled with significant debt, in particular loans used for higher education. Not many colleges have done much to rein in ever-higher tuition costs in recent years. However, some institutions have taken dramatic steps to give more scholarships in lieu of loans that must be repaid. For some schools, huge endowments have made entitlements readily available. Other wealthy institutions should be encouraged to do more, rather than increasing investment assets.

The irony is that some students are breezing through college taking courses that have little relevance to the jobs they ultimately apply for. It would be wise for students to take courses that are affiliated with areas they wish to pursue after graduation. History majors are soliciting administrative positions, for instance. It would also be beneficial for schools to offer more classes that teach students trade skills.

The pressure of high debt has impacted the number of marriages among millennials (they are less and later in life), the timing of having children and the ability of young people to buy homes (and move away from their parents). It’s unfortunate that some life decisions are directly related to the amount of money one has in the bank.

More generally, young people think the previous generation has been screwing up things for them prospectively. Many believe the government is too intrusive, and there are too many restrictions and laws that impede their lives. Prohibition of the sale and personal use of marijuana are major items for a large number of young people. Additionally this same group feels the government is spying on them and invading their privacy.

Scores of young people are sympathetic to the plight of the downtrodden and to income inequality, more so than their parents, or so they think. Somehow being successful and becoming well to do is considered evil and all Americans in this category (the 1%ers) are not paying their fair share. Note: the definition of “fair share” is debatable and highly elusive.

Related to the life styles of the rich and famous are young people’s concerns for those who need assistance. What they believe is that every conservative either does not want to help Americans that ask for support, and that Republicans purposely elect leaders and lawmakers that perpetuate poverty in the country.

In fact most rich people are inured to paying an oversized share of taxes in the US. The frustration for 1%ers is more related to irresponsible government spending and the inability of free-spenders to creatively fund entitlements.

Over time young generations must assume responsibility and take over the government. America is at a crossroads, as older politicians are unable to pass the baton. Ironically, Democrats that include most millennials, have three seventy year-olds seriously contending for the presidency. And, in the House of Representatives, the top leaders are all significantly over seventy. In the meantime, several young (and mostly female) neophytes defeated incumbent Democrats during the mid term elections.

What has been the response of the Democratic establishment? They have threatened anyone who assists a Democrat in an effort to replace an incumbent Democrat.

Our Congress is chock full of old white men whose time has come to retire. Both parties are suffocating because old dogs don’t do new tricks, and old incumbents don’t want to give up their seats. Term limits are desperately needed on Capitol Hill and throughout all government.

Let’s discuss Democrat presidential candidates. The old adage that you must be radical in the primaries and moderate in the general election has already come into play. Every Democrat has either overtly or implicitly espoused socialism- that’s how far left the group has come. Their proposals are idiotic, too expensive and totally pie in the sky. They’re promising new entitlements that cannot be delivered.

Increasing taxes on the wealthy is the only source of new revenues for Democrats. There has been no thought given to abrogating entitlements that are no longer productive or doing what they were intended to do.

There are plenty of young people in the Democrat’s mad rush to regain the presidency, but none of them are leading the group. The Democrats are headed towards a real catastrophe next year that will become more obvious in the impending debates.

Young people have some important decisions to make. Many may just stay home on Election Day as they have done historically. Let’s hope not.


No Democratic Candidate Can Defeat Trump

Donald Trump has done everything humanly possible to alienate Americas outside of his political sphere. The 2016 election and subsequent polls have never given Trump a majority. A vast swathe of America despises him. He’s only been successful in the last Electoral College. There is no reason why a Democrat should not be the next president. And yet, it’s not going to happen. Here are five of the most important reasons why.

#1- Democrat infighting. When it’s all said and done there will be 20 or 30 liberal candidates fighting tenaciously for the Democratic nomination. Even though all are very progressive, each has a special interest(s). Sanders is universal health care (among several other issues), Gillibrand –women, Harris- prison reform, Biden-anyone’s guess, O’Rourke- immigration and so on.

Every member of the group will be vying to be the ultimate left-wing candidate during the primary. Historically presidential candidates cater to the most radical elements in the primaries and move to the center in the general election. Not in 2020. Every Democrat will continue to move further left as the campaign revs up.

Democrats are not a cohesive group, although their caucus in Congress has consistently voted against all initiatives by Trump. They are only united in one regard, the demise of President Trump.

Sanders still thinks the old guard cheated him in the 2016 primary. And so he has a chip on his shoulder and is clashing with Clinton trolls who for some reason continue to have influence over Democratic dogma and money.

Joe Biden is a confused has-been. He has no idea whether he will contend, but he is keeping Democrats on the edge of their seats waiting for an announcement. He also should stop touching women without their consent.

#2- Socialism. All of the Democratic candidates have gone all-in for socialism. Being a socialist used to be the kiss of death for politicians in this country, and now it’s all the rage. Liberals have decided the best way to combat Trump’s outrageous and destructive leadership is to act more like countries that we have despised and conflicted with over the years. This has occurred even as many of those same countries have moved away from socialism to capitalism economically. Russia and China are the most noteworthy examples of this.

Our nation cannot afford to provide free health care, free education, free prescription drugs, free college tuition, free child care, restitution to oppressed Americans, etc. There are not enough wealthy people in the country to bilge to fund all these programs and entitlements.

America is a capitalistic country and most people, liberal and conservative, want an economic system that rewards hard work, innovation and ambition. Americans don’t want the federal government to assign to them the same salary, same house and same life as their neighbors. They believe in exceptionalism. No matter how much Sanders screams and hollers this country will not accept his vision.

#3- The Sanders factor. It is inconceivable that America would elect Bernie Sanders president. He’s a socialist who has no conception of what services cost or what America can afford. He opposes millionaires and billionaires even though he recently joined the 1%. He’s too old and his vision of government is warped. The only people who will vote for him will be unpredictable and naive millenials and downtrodden ethnic groups that want more entitlements without conditions.

#4- Trump Investigations. Democrats are a political party with one objective, the ouster of Donald Trump. Forget about security, nuclear proliferation, trade, safe borders and the well being of our financial system.

In fact even after a rabid prosecutor and his openly left-wing cadre spent two years trying to make a case against Trump, Democrats now want to restart the investigation. Have you heard about any real initiatives by Democrat leaders lately?

More investigation is not what Americans wants. Voters want to be safer, earn a fair wage and live a rewarding life with their families. Political soap operas no longer will move the electorate.

#5- The economy. Our economy, even with a global slowdown is doing very well. Unemployment is low and wages are increasing. Confidence is high. In times of good economic growth, incumbents win elections.

Our nation has many issues to deal with. Yet Democrats have not shown one scintilla of interest or creativity to make the America better. They are losers in 2020 in spite of Trump’s outlandish leadership.



Democrats Will Not Win In 2020

Democrats are playing into the hands of Donald Trump. He’s likely to be reelected because the opposition is making so many bad political decisions starting with their selection of candidates.

Most everybody in the country wants the Mueller investigation to end. Liberals were hoping that the president would be implicated in a conspiracy with Putin. It didn’t happen.

A massive collusion was something Democrats were depending upon. They wanted to ride it all the way to impeachment and/or the election. But the truth has been revealed. Trump and his band of dingbats are clumsy, indiscreet and naïve. And, they are totally incapable of orchestrating a massive effort to influence an election.

Would everyone please keep in mind that Trump is not a spy like James Bond. He’s a real estate guy. The president has been incapable of putting together a cohesive and effective administration. How could he possibly mastermind a scheme to take over the US government? It’s all fake news. And now it’s been exposed.

Most people thought Mueller and his ultra-liberal crew were honest hard-working idealists who live to put bad guys in prison. Not true.

They are serial leakers. All they want to do is bring down the president even if the evidence doesn’t justify it. Even now they are sending notes to liberal politicians that AG Barr misrepresented Mueller’s findings. If so, why hasn’t Mueller spoken up? The answer is that there was no collusion.

So what do Democrats want to do? Generally they hope to destroy the president at any cost. Specifically they want to keep alive the conspiratorial fake news gravy train. But it’s not going to help them garner an advantage over Trump, or result in impeachment.

Mueller’s done. He couldn’t find enough evidence to prove what he really wanted to prove. The American public is going to beat congressional Democrats to a pulp in 2020, if they move forward and redo the Mueller witch-hunt.

Democrats are allowing the newest, most inexperienced and most radical elements of their party to set the agenda for the presidential campaign. And the party platform is being loaded up with socialistic and progressive pie-in-the-sky nonsense that voters won’t ultimately support. Why is this not obvious to the bumblers vying for liberal votes?

It’s not necessary to go crazy left to make gains against Trump. Even large portions of the liberal base won’t support contenders that propose the country adopt Marxist principles. America is a capitalistic society in which exceptionalism is valued and rewarded.

Other than idealistic college students who are influenced by left-wing professors, and the most radical elements in our society, no one wants their homes, schools, salary, cars and bank accounts to be the same as their neighbor. People want a chance to be great. They want to innovate, invent, be creative, work harder than others, make more money and have a more comfortable life.

Socialism is a non-starter in this country. Republicans are going to continually point out the pitfalls of socialism including the fact that every meaningful socialistic experiment in the world has failed.

Democrats keep resorting to initiatives that have already failed. Health care aka Obamacare is a bust. Premiums are higher, deductibles are greater and service is declining. Obama’s dream and legacy has become a nightmare for many Americans.

What do Democrats now propose? Universal health care. The Obamacare mandate already has many Americans addled. Why is the government trying to make them buy health insurance if they don’t want it? The answer, Obama’s plan would have this group subsidize the unhealthiest among us.

The latest gambit is to go all in and have every American be insured with the same plan. It won’t work for two reasons. One, almost 200 million Americans are unwilling to give up their company or private health care coverage. Why? Because they want to keep the their doctors, and they don’t want to wait for services.

The other reason universal health care is a non-starter is because our country can’t afford it. Liberals, if they spent any time analyzing the facts, would know that the current health care system, in which nearly 200 million Americans pay for coverage, is already bankrupting the country.

If everyone was 100% subsidized by the federal government, all the entitlements that Americans now enjoy would end and a federal bankruptcy would be imminent.

Nothing substantive legislatively is going to happen prior to the 2020 election. Trump will attempt to do beneficial things for the country and will be stymied at every turn. Total obstruction is what we will experience.

There is one ray of hope for the country. We must all pray that Trump gets fed up being president and resigns. He’s going to win against anyone in the current group of Democratic candidates. But if he resigns, Nikki Haley can save the day. I understand Haley made a big splash at the recent AIPAC Conference.

Trump Smells Democratic Blood

Now that Robert Mueller has completed his witch hunt, can we get back to having a normal and productive government? The answer is no.

The bad feelings between Trump, Democrats, turncoat Republicans and the liberal press are worse than ever. The president is now looking for blood. Many are saying that Trump should bask in his exoneration, the collusion part of Mueller’s investigation, and get back to his agenda.

But that’s not Trump’s style. He’s going to seek revenge. I’ve been considering whether the president’s desire to destroy all those who mercilessly attacked him, and made it so difficult to govern the country, is legitimate, or whether he should let bygones be bygones.

I keep coming up with the same answer. Those who manufactured the collusion conspiracies should pay a price. If I were in Trump’s shoes I would not just move on. After all, malicious and deceitful individuals, driven by hatred, frittered away over two years of Trump’s presidency.

Trump will likely go further than merely trying to denigrate the people responsible for the fake news and collusion with Russia. In 2020 the major political antagonists will be exposed for their failed coup d’état every day during their reelection campaigns. Voters should hold them accountable for their lies and deceptions. Hopefully they will be trounced and ushered out of office in droves. In politics, this is the appropriate punishment for transgressions.

What about Republicans who were beginning to abandon Trump shortly before Mueller completed his investigation? They’re going to change their spots immediately and rejoin the Trump team. The Republican caucus will be invigorated by the collusion victory (and Democratic missteps). Impeachment conversations will end as Republican senators reemerge in strength. It will be different for House Democrats to find enough support from their colleagues to initiate any constitutional imbroglios.

Will the corrupt and misguided press atone for their second gargantuan error relating to the future prospects of Trump? Not likely. As a reminder, the press mistakenly predicted the defeat of the president in 2016. The second was the demise and probable impeachment of Trump based upon collusion with Putin. The reporting was disgraceful and driven by abhorrence of the Trump administration. Journalism took a few steps backward during the past three years.

Political reporters disregarded facts and drowned Americans with innuendo and rumors that were never substantiated. Beyond this breach of journalistic trust, reporting proved to be dead wrong. Trump did not conspire with Russia. So says the special counsel who clearly would have preferred to deliver a different conclusion.

How will Trump haters respond to favorable news for the president? Liberals will likely push for a review of Mueller’s work by congressional investigators, which would only serve to worsen the colossal waste of time and money to date. Tried and true liberals are going to hate Trump until their last breadth regardless of the impact it has on our country.

People on the fence regarding Trump may support him in 2020, all things remaining equal. Democratic clowns vying for the nomination will surely try to destroy each other even as they all continue to support a socialist agenda.

Somebody should be warning Democrats that they are going to be big losers in 2020 if they try to sell America on socialism. Americans want exceptionalism, and they want to be rewarded for working harder than their co-workers.

Trump wasted little time before starting to rub Democrat noses in his recent vindication, fragile as it might be. The president wants to drive a stake into the hearts of liberals by dismantling Obama’s only remaining legacy, Obamacare. He wants the law’s mandate requirement to be declared unconstitutional. Do Americans really want to be forced into buying insurance even if they don’t want it?

The final obliteration of a really lousy health care infrastructure will be the ultimate embarrassment for Democrats. They will probably try to counter Trump by recommending an inane and outrageously expensive universal health care system. It’s not going to happen because America can’t afford it.

Mueller Couldn’t Find The Witch

Is Donald Trump “off the hook?” It appears so, at least as far as the Russian collusion witch-hunt is concerned.

But Democrats are so obsessed with destroying the Trump administration, they may subpoena all of the work that Mueller has done and start all over again wasting millions more dollars and time in the process.

But there’s so much more juicy Trump stuff for Democrats to dig into that will take them right up to the next election. Trump’s business practices and ethics will be next on the agenda. Also who’d be surprised if the Democrats surfaced one, two or ten other women who are willing to attest to being sexually abused by Trump?

From a political perspective it would be disastrous to reopen Mueller’s files. Americans across the country and in both parties are sick of the whole charade. The special counsel and his left wing sycophants would have done anything to nail the president, and they couldn’t.

Ironically, everyone knew that Trump and his merry band of amateurs were not savvy enough to perpetrate a voter conspiracy with Putin. Trump can’t even build an administration or retain his appointees. It’s absurd to portray the president as some sort of James Bond master villain seeking world domination. Americans wish he could be even mildly influential domestically and internationally.

Trump has proven over the years to be a terror in his business dealings. There are a plethora of bad stories circulating around from people he has done business with that are likely to be exposed in the ensuing weeks and months. Who knows if any of them might lead to an impeachment proceeding? Probably not, but it depends upon the nature of the discoveries.

Tax evasion is usually a fruitful direction for investigators. Has Trump cheated on his taxes? No doubt there are many gray areas in which Trump’s high paid tax attorneys pushed the edge of the envelope. But to prove evasion, the government would have to show intent to defraud the I.R.S.

Bribes, as defined by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, could present a problem for Trump and his dealmakers. Payments to foreign governments or their agents are commonplace, and illegal, for US individuals and corporate entities. Did Trump ever pay a bribe to gain a foothold to build a hotel, casino, building or whatever in a foreign country? It’s feasible, that’s for sure.

What will it take to force the creeps that Trump has done business with to testify against him? You have to believe Trump has pissed off many people during his reign in the real estate business. Could one of these people bring down the president after being threatened with jail time by prosecutors? Democrats will be turning over every rock to find rats.

How will the conclusion of the Mueller investigation affect Trump’s ability to keep his campaign promises of 2016 to make the country more secure, rebuild the infrastructure, erect a wall, keep the economy chugging along and make new trade and strategic deals with other countries?

The answer is that Trump will not be able to make any gains by going to Congress. He’s in the exact same position as Obama. With a Democratic majority in the House, Trump will not be able to enact any legislation, so he will need to use mandates to make changes.

Regarding 2020, liberals better be careful. Trump is looking pretty solid politically. All his tweets and other commentary relating to Mueller’s investigation were spot on- it was expensive, disruptive, unfair and proved not a thing. Democrats are at a serious disadvantage going into 2020 for the presidency and in Congress. Their strategy to socialize the country is going to be a big bust.

2020 Election: Capitalism vs. Socialism

What are the choices for voters in 2020? One option is another four years of Donald Trump, unless he resigns, chooses not to run or is impeached. Another choice is one of 25 or so progressive Democrats that are espousing a socialistic direction for the country.

The only two choices that are not distasteful to the writer are the resignation of the president or a decision not to run. These would open the door for at least two excellent Republican candidates, Nikki Haley and Mitt Romney. Both have the experience, temperament and persona to run, win and be president. Yet neither of these individuals seems poised to challenge Trump in the primary.

Back to reality. Trump is more likely to run than not. His ego and warped self-adulation affords this possibility the highest odds. In the meantime the country will be stagnant as the “do-nothing but dump Trump” Democrats investigate and obstruct. They control the House with a plethora of committees and sub-committees that are dying to dredge up dirt on Trump.

Frankly, if anyone dared to vet Trump in 2016 they would have known that he is ethically (at the least) unqualified to be the most powerful person in the world, and an easy target of his opposition. His business dealings throughout his life have been anything but sterling. It’s very likely that investigation of his personal finances and business activities will result in a cornucopia of fodder for liberals in Congress.

Michael Cohen, the sycophant turned tattletale, has given the Democrats a head start on their mission to destroy Trump. But they have failed to recognize or accept that Trump’s base is oblivious to his ethics, misogyny, racism and lousy disposition.

Trump’s base is somewhere around 40-45% of voters that continue to support their guy through thick and thin. More and more of them, however, are admitting that they really dislike the man but approve of his polities.

What does that mean for Democrats? Well, they must convince more than 50% of voters to cast their ballot for an ultra-liberal. It appears that independents, once again, will likely decide the election. What liberals need to concern themselves with is whether independents will vote for a radical progressive, left wing socialist. What’s worse Trump or socialism?

If Trump can convince 10+% of the voters who are not already part of his base to vote for him, he wins assuming there is not another Electoral College blip. Keep in mind Republicans have 1½ years to attack the gaggle of socialists running for president, while they throw mud at each other and claim they are the most progressive.

Trump is already in attack mode. He says that every Democratic candidate is walking, talking and acting like a socialist. The question is whether the country is ready to abandon capitalism for limited fiscal responsibility associated with out of control spending on current and prospective entitlements. The Democrats are on shaky ground.

In order for Democrats to attract a majority of the electorate certain groups must come out and vote in large numbers. A low turnout will be disastrous for Democrats.

Socialism is not going to sit well with older Americans, who understand the pitfalls of this ideology. Most white Americans from the heartland of the country similarly are not going to be sympathetic towards socialists.

Democrats will need people of color, millenials and women to attack the voting booths. The most important issue is whether the first two groups will show up on Election Day.

Women could be the wild card. Most find Trump despicable and yet some will still vote for him. In the heartland the sympathies of women can be diverse. Some might say, “I can’t stand the man, but I don’t want a socialist in the White House.”

The 2020 election is not going to be as dependent on the economy unless it tanks before voting day. Rather the clash between capitalists and socialists is going to decide who wins. Will voters accept liberal calls for higher taxes, the dissolution of private health care plans, free college tuition, a ridiculous green plan that will cost trillions, a weaker military and a passive resolve in dealing with terrorism and domestic security?

In the end will enough voters hold their noses and vote for Trump in an effort to evade socialism?