Biden Is A Puppet For Radical Liberals

From the start of Biden’s campaign to become president, I had doubts that unfortunately have come to fruition. The president was a political hack for years, mostly in the Senate. He concluded his subservient years with an 8-year stint as vice president in the Obama administration.

Most of the time, Biden bounced around like a pinball trying to make his constituencies and his colleagues love him, appreciate his ideology and understand his propensity to flip flop for political expediency. Biden has had a change of heart about too many issues over the years to outline in this post. They include abortion, crime and international relations.

What’s most important is what has Biden morphed into during the first few months of his presidency. For one thing, it is hard to believe that he is the origin of new policies he now espouses. Joe Biden has become a puppet for certain left-wing influences in the Democratic Party. He decided to go far left even though, in in his heart, he knows that the demands of Pelosi, AOC and Schumer are not good for America.

The only semi original idea he has put into action was the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. To follow in the footsteps of four presidents, Biden did not waste time jawboning about the hopeless situation in the country. He recognized that supporting a nation in Asia that is dominated by radical Islamic bullies and misogynists was very bad policy and not endearing to Americans.

Unfortunately, it also appears that Biden, looking for a quick political victory, ended up with egg on his face by ignoring the warnings of his generals about the strength and determination of the Taliban. For some unknown reason, Biden ordered the exit of soldiers before the evacuation of Americans and helpful Afghans. The Taliban jumped on this naive strategy and took control of the country. The result: a promised exit, but with loss of American and Afghan lives. The country is now in turmoil in the hands of violent and uncivilized religious fanatics.

The sh__storm on the southern border of the US was another screwup that materialized in a matter of days. Joe wanted to be supportive of open borders and encourage a gaggle of new and likely Democrat voters to enter the US illegally. These people, thousands of them, had no money, no place to go in the US, no papers, no job opportunities and were in poor health (some with COVID).

In a heartbeat, Biden’s sycophants created a refugee crisis that rivals situations we have seen throughout the Middle East and other places around the world. These people are not going to be able to vote for liberal causes for some extended period of time assuming they can dodge immigration officials and find someplace to live in America.

And lastly, what is going on with the infrastructure deal? Virtually every politician is in favor of a proposal to improve our bridges, roads and other infrastructure across the country. Pelosi refused to move forward unless a follow-up deal for three to $4 trillion was assured. The latter deal is 100% opposed by Republicans. So, all the legislation was held up and funding for new infrastructure and associated jobs are in limbo.

Where is the leadership? Where is the negotiating skill that Joe Biden supposedly has? Does anyone care about the potential damage that a $4 trillion entitlement will have on our national debt and our economy? Liberals don’t care about anything other than giving away money with no quid pro quos other than a promise to vote a certain way.

Someone should give our pols an Economy 101 lesson about the evils of inflation and high interest rates.