Do You Empathize With Felicity’s Punishment?

The focus of the press and the liberal media is becoming more outlandish every day.

Why does the Felicity Huffman affair receive so much attention from the press? Presumably, it’s because the woman is a famous actress caught up in a sordid incident. But does it warrant front-page coverage by the NY Times along side terrorist attacks, genocide and other major issues affecting America and the world? She made a paltry $10,000 payment to illicitly help her daughter obtain a higher SAT score. No one was injured, and no property was damaged. Is this really important news?

The Times and liberals would say yes. Actions by a wealthy family to enable a child to gain admission to a prestigious school are indicative of the inequality that pervades the country. Middle class families don’t have the resources to enlist proctors to change their kids’ answers on standardized tests.

Is it really necessary to toss Felicity in jail together with hardened criminals? Would significant community service together with a sizeable fine and the loss of acting opportunities be sufficient punishment? Nope. “Put the cheating woman in jail.” I hasten to point out that our prison system is actively freeing drug dealers and real, and honest-to-God, felons.

I understand the presiding judge wanted to set an example. But Felicity pleaded guilty, is remorseful and the crime is barely worth mentioning. Her plight is very different than other situations where wealthy families have given hundreds of thousands to greedy college employees and coaches to falsify their children’s participation in athletics to gain admission.

You say it’s the same as Huffman’s crime. I say the others are more conspiratorial involving bribes to a large group of participants.

The “tough on crime” readers are going to say “don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time.” But the pendulum is swinging too far to the left as we incarcerate a misguided mom, who happens to be rich and famous, while we free many who have committed violent crimes.

Note: I do not know the Felicity Huffman.