What If The Bidens Are Corrupt?

Regardless of your political persuasion, it’s frivolous to ignore past and continuing accusations of misdeeds by elected officials and associates of these individuals.

If there is credible evidence, our government and the Department of Justice, must follow up with comprehensive investigations about all acts of treason, espionage, corruption, sexual misconduct, racism, collusion, etc. The most publicized probe was the one in which president Trump was accused of being in cahoots with Russia to influence the 2016 Election.

In fairness, it should be noted that no one was able to prove that Trump was guilty of any crimes, even though the US government invested tens of millions of dollars in the infamous Mueller sham report and impeachment of the president.

You may have noticed that I used the word “credible” earlier in this post. As it turns out, the information that was the basis of four years of presidential harassment was based upon a dossier assembled and paid for by Democratic operatives. The information in the dossier was debunked. The data was false, but the DOJ had an obligation and a responsibility to investigate to ensure that our election process was viable and free of outside interference.

What’s interesting is that after the allegations were proven bogus, it then became crucial for the DOJ to investigate the parties that were responsible for the dossier. These proceedings were/are just as important as the ones involving Trump’s alleged collaboration with Russia.

The fact that biased DOJ agents dragged their feet when told to investigate the dossier is a legal travesty. It is obvious that certain politicians were involved in illegal shenanigans, even as reticent federal agents swept the misdeeds of Democratic operatives under the table.

Fast forward to this moment. Joe Biden and his son Hunter are allegedly involved in suspicious, peculiar and self-dealing activities with foreign governments and companies. Informed people believe that both Bidens, or at a minimum Hunter, received money to buy the cooperation and influence of Biden senior.

There are whistleblowers and a computer that authenticate these allegations. Yet, the DOJ stonewalled the investigation and waited until after the election to announce an investigation of Hunter.

Making the investigation of the Bidens public could have resulted in a different outcome on 2020 Election Day. The Bidens may not be culpable. A comprehensive investigation will enable law enforcement to get to the bottom of these allegations. If the Bidens are innocent of any wrongdoing, they will be exonerated.

It is a miscarriage of justice to ignore these allegations. Corruption by elected officials is not a new issue, and as people always say- no one is above the law. Too often, after achieving the status and perquisites of elected office, people do illegal things that enhance their financial and political power. They must all be investigated and prosecuted.

Our country really doesn’t need to have a Biden scandal before Joe takes office. It is the fault of federal agents that the country is now in such a precarious position. The investigation should have been announced so that voters could make a decision with all the facts.