Musings About Covid

It’s been an eventful year. Unfortunately, I contracted the Covid flu last March. It was a harrowing experience that continues to threaten so many people worldwide. It has changed the way we live each day of our lives.

My bout with the virus can be described as relatively moderate. I had a low-grade fever and suffered from aches and pains for several days. I was confined to my bedroom where I slept 15 to 18 hours each day and ate all of my meals alone. One good thing is that I didn’t realize how dangerous the disease could be for someone my age, 70 plus. If I knew how vulnerable I was, I probably would have had a nervous breakdown on top of all the other terrible feelings I had at the time.

At one point, I complained to my wife that I felt trapped in my room. I was losing my mind being cooped up for such a long period of time. I should point out that I was also recuperating from a minor medical procedure, which necessitated taking some strong medication. So, besides feeling like hell, I had to deal with anxiety and reactions to the drugs, which was disquieting to say the least.

I persevered and tried to get back into a strong physical fitness regimen. Every day, I walked in the oppressive heat. And, I resumed my yoga practice, which included meditation and physical fitness. I worked diligently trying to relax and fight off the negativity that overwhelmed me. It all ended successfully for me, but Covid still threatens the world every day.

The disease is sinister and sneaky. It attacks and kills individuals that suffer from respiratory problems, auto-immune issues and other maladies such as diabetes and asthma. I’ve commented before on this blog that I’m surprised the virus has overwhelmed us, and we have been so unprepared to deal with it. Billions of dollars are spent on medical research each year. Why hasn’t concern about a virus that could wipe out the human race gotten more attention and research dollars?

In 1919, millions of people died from a similar pandemic. In 2020, medical experts were surprised and ineffective dealing with Covid. Is it possible that not enough money has been dedicated to virus research? Is political correctness getting in the way of allocating our research dollars towards the most dangerous threats?

Information dispersed to the public has been misleading, incorrect and downright harmful. How many times have medical experts changed their minds about this malady? Have the experts done a good job cataloging the disease? Kudos are warranted for drug companies that created vaccines in record time. But the simple process of distribution has been abominable.

There is no consensus about who should be inoculated first or second or third. We don’t know whether we can be re-infected with Covid. We really are unsure about whether the antibodies protect us after we contract the disease. We don’t know a lot of things including whether Covid will impact our lives in future years. We learned nothing from the pandemic that took place 100 years ago.

Our federal and state governments have failed us miserably. They botched the distribution of vaccines. About 1.5 million people have received two doses of the vaccine out of a total of 340 million in America. The vaccine has been available for 30 days. You do the math. It’s going to be a long time before everyone who wants to be vaccinated will be fully vaccinated. Bitter disputes between federal and state officials have messed up the process. One would think that the federal government should lead the charge given the severity of the pandemic.

The Democrat government is once again wasting time trying to denigrate Donald Trump. Their efforts should be directed at supporting our economy and getting vaccine into every American.

Every day, my wife and I discuss the return to normalcy. What does it mean? Will we once again dine inside restaurants, and not have to eat on the street in 30-degree weather? Will we be able to go to a movie or are we destined to watch films at home on next Netflix forever? Will our children be able to go to classrooms to learn again without the threat of contracting the virus? Will all the people who were furloughed regain their jobs and be able to support their families? Seems to me the vaccine is the first step, and we need to produce more vaccines as quickly as possible.

Another major issue is travel. My family is uncomfortable traveling on commercial flights domestically. Will foreign travel bounce back and be safe in the near future? Will Americans once again be able to visit London, Paris and Tokyo?

And finally, my heart goes out to those that have delayed weddings, birthday parties, religious ceremonies, christenings, anniversary get togethers etc.

I wish everybody good health, and if you are sick, a speedy recovery.  

MRI Redux

When most people go to a doctor, the things they’re most concerned with are either being given a bad prognosis or being subjected to an invasive procedure. I’m not one of those people. Rather, I dread being told that I need yet another MRI.

And so, I decided to expose my fear of going in the tube for a half an hour of terror, hoping that writing about my phobia would help me deal with it more effectively. In two posts, I told my story. Little did anyone know that I was due to have another torture chamber moment at an imaging facility.

By way of background, I have let it be known to every person I know that MRIs frightened me to no end. I never knew I was claustrophobic. When skiing, I experienced some fear of heights. It was easy to deal with, as I never stood at the top of a trails and looked down steep slopes and huge moguls. I just jumped in. It worked like a charm.

An MRI, I hate to say, reminds me of a coffin. The noise it makes is ridiculously loud (unlike a coffin). The operators can’t believe that a tough guy like me acts like a hysterical sissy when I see the behemoth machine. I once was in an MRI and begged to be released, much to the chagrin of the operator.

I detected something different this time. The forms you must fill out before the procedure now ask specifically if you are claustrophobic. Thankfully, the medical profession is recognizing that more than a few patients are afraid of closed spaces. I checked yes, very. The day before the test, one of the assistants actually called me to ask me if I was taking a sedative before the procedure. I told her I was not.

In my last post, I indicated that my fears begin weeks before the procedure. I think about being stuffed into the tube, which is not really wide enough for me. I lose sleep, have anxiety attacks and so on. I decided I had to do something in an attempt to alleviate my fears.

So, I devised a three part plan. I practiced for the ordeal, kind of like getting ready for the big game. I stayed perfectly still on the floor with my eyes closed for 10, 20, 30 minutes, which is what I would be doing in a few days when I was tested. The second thing I did was meditate and try to convince myself that I could relax for an extended period of time without moving. My yoga instructor helped me greatly (thanks C.). And finally, I ensured that the imaging facility had prism glasses that would enable me to see backwards out of the MRI tube. This gadget is heaven-sent.

When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that the procedure would only be 15 minutes, if I did everything I was told and behaved myself. The bad news was that it was a “participating MRI,” as opposed to a procedure where you lay still like a corpse.

I had to repeatedly exhale and hold my breath. I prefer to lay still and think of nothing except when I would exit the tube. Every time I held my breath, it felt like two or three minutes passed, when in reality, it was 10-20 seconds. I goofed one time and was ordered to do it again (my only transgression).

Well, guess what? I performed without a hitch. I was totally cool and courageous, if I do say so myself. No hysterics on my part, and I got MRIed like a big boy. I bumped elbows with the MRI operator, and he said I did a good job and would see me next year. He probably thought I was a pathetic wimp. All my preparation was well worth the time and effort. Even more importantly, my test was perfect.

If anyone is going to take an MRI and has fears, you may contact me, and I will give you a pep talk. It only took me 20 years to finally overcome my fear of the MRI bogeyman.

What If Democrats Sweep The Elections

What, specifically, am I worried about assuming Democrats sweep the elections? If they win the presidency, gain control of the Senate and retain a majority of the House, our political and economic systems will be turned upside down.

The most important issue would be action by the legislative branch to emasculate the Executive Branch, an overreaction to the past administration. In other words, members of Congress, including Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Chuck Schumer, will assert themselves and usurp the power of the presidency.

Frankly, Joe Biden is not strong enough leader to resist the majorities in both houses of Congress. Kamala Harris and Biden are products of the legislature. They may not even resist attempts to decrease the power of the presidency at all.

The first thing that Schumer will likely do is eliminate the filibuster in the Senate so that majority rules on all legislation. The minority will not be able to stop any initiatives by Democrats, an age-old right of the opposition party.

On the dark side, the new president and the Senate could pack the Supreme Court in the wake of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation. By adding two or three judges, liberals would then control the Judiciary as well. The right to bear arms would be one of the first to be attacked.

Together, the House and Senate would work diligently to fund their socialistic agenda. Unlimited amounts of money will be appropriated to pay for universal health care, free college tuition, welfare gifts, more power to unions, greater outlays for green projects and scores of other multi-billion-dollar entitlements.

The plan is to bilk the affluent class in America by taxing them out of existence. Tax rates will immediately be increased on the wealthy class as an oening salvo to decrease income inequality. When Democrats finally figure out that the top 1% cannot pay for all they need to fund their new entitlements, the middle class will experience higher taxation as well.

In the meantime, the government will need to borrow vast amounts to stay afloat. This will increase rates for mortgages and bank loans to corporations and individuals. The dollar will weaken against other currencies in this event.

Liberals will also abrogate regulatory reform signed by Trump during his tenure. These affectively will increase costs of most companies and devastate our economy. Stock prices will plummet, and 401K’s of the middle class will decline in value.

Socialism will kill exceptionalism, the desire to compete and be the best. The profit incentive will disappear, and innovation will peter out. The US will become a second-class nation soon to be outpaced by China. But, Americas will all be equal.

The big story in the short term is what liberal Democrats will do on Election Day. Will they encourage violent protest and behavior? Will they encourage outright anarchy if Trump is victorious? This will be the real test of Democrats. If they call for a peaceful election, will the radical wing of the left respond patriotically?

Republicans Fill RBG’s Seat While Democrats Whine

Democrats are whining and complaining about Republican intentions to fill a Supreme Court seat before the election. If they want to stack the court with liberals and control the process, they must win the presidency and the Senate. It’s the only way. The Constitution explicitly indicates that the president is responsible for nominating new judges, and the Senate confirms at its own pace.

In 2016, Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, would not consider the nomination of Merrick Garland and wanted to wait until after the presidential election to move forward with any new nominations to the Court. The Senate is responsible for confirming new justices and McConnell was well within his rights to delay. The Democrats should work on winning a majority of the Senate to ensure that nominees are considered in a timeframe favorable to the party. But they continue to whine instead.

It’s true that the replacement of RBG with a conservative judge would be a great coup for Republicans. They will have a rock-solid majority on the Supreme Court. And, if they ignore precedent, certain laws such as a woman’s right to choose and Obamacare, could be affected. It’s doubtful that abortion will be declared unconstitutional or illegal after all these years. Obamacare could, thankfully, be on the way out.

The truth of the matter is that Republicans control the White House and the Senate. In 2016, this was not the case. With this in mind, Republicans are in a position to establish the timing and confirmation of RBG’s replacement. Republicans are doing the things the Constitution mandates that they must do. And, would Democrats do the same if the shoe was on the other foot? You bet they would.

Among the many criticisms I have about Democrats is the vengeful disdain they have for the man in the White House. They called him unfit before and after he was fairly elected by America. They’ve made it as difficult and personal as they as they could for a new president. Given Trump’s reputation, how did they think he would react to being called every dirty name in politics? I will stipulate that Trump has made no attempt to temper the situation, and now it has spun out of control.

Democrats are divided. They are guided by tired and ineffective leadership. The best they could do is nominate a 77-year old man to be their presidential candidate. The leaders in the House are ancient and despised by the new breed of Democrats in Congress.

Further, Democrat efforts to gain control of the government by selling Americans on the benefits of socialism is insane. America will remain a capitalistic country for the foreseeable future. As much as philosophers and liberals hate income inequality, it will never end completely because America is a competitive place. Every American strives to be wealthier and improve his or her lifestyle.

Clearly, Democrats are focusing on the wrong issues. They demonize the most successful among us. They say the wealthy don’t pay their fair share, as the group pays their tax liabilities year after year as prescribed by tax laws. Democrats unnecessarily antagonize the wealthy class, even as they drive the economy and donate billions each year to the needy.

Democrats are losers, and their attitude about the Supreme Court proves it. They should spend less time impeaching and whining and more time trying to solve problems and grooming more young and qualified people to run for office.

Thank You Bill Gates

Thank goodness there are people like Bill Gates in this world. Somehow, in the face of a stubborn pandemic, Gates sees light at the end of the tunnel.

In a report about progress fighting global disease, malnutrition and poverty, Gates predicted hard financial times for trouble spots around the world. Yet he is confident that rich countries will once again dedicate large amounts of money to those in need.

In the meantime, the situation is dire. Vaccines for other maladies and for preventative activities are falling off as wealthy nations focus on doing the things necessary to stamp out domestic coronavirus. In effect, the percentage of GDP dedicated to foreign aid will decrease in the short term.

Another disturbing phenomenon is that wealthier nations such as the United States will focus on developing and distributing vaccines for their own use. Even this somewhat selfish perspective was set aside by Gates who said extra vaccines will be produced to take care of poorer countries.

There is a dark side to foreign aid that must be dealt with. Why should the US, or any wealthy nation, dedicate billions of dollars towards lesser developed countries when so many people in their country are under duress? Shouldn’t we allocate money first to our fellow Americans before sending support overseas? The ethical considerations of this situation are stunning and should keep ethicists busy for years to come. From a practical perspective, can the world be safe if there are so many medical issues around the globe that could wipe out the human race? Are we only as safe as the most unsafe among us?

Gates believes everything will be back on track in a couple of years. The United States will once again send billions of foreign aid to the needy outside of our country. But will other wealthy countries follow suit? Consider the problem Trump has had getting our allies to spend their fair share on defense. Once again, the United States may have to subsidize other nations. It is our moral obligation to do so.

Great, wealthy individuals, like Bill Gates are dramatically providing needed funds for the most basic needs around the world. They are an inspiration to all people on Earth. They deserve our gratitude and admiration.

If Democrats Win

Americans are going to have to live with a president that they don’t deserve for another four years. No matter who wins the election, we are going to be short-changed. I think we all know what it would be like with four more years of Trump deception and narcissism. Let’s discuss what might happen under a Biden administration.

I’ve selected four broad topics to consider in this assessment. They are: socialism, patronization of violent protest, out of control spending and unrestrained illegal immigration.

Are Americans prepared to reside in a country where exceptionalism is a dirty word? Do we want everyone to earn the same amount of money, live in the same size house and not benefit from extra effort, ambition or innovation? The part of the American dream that is rarely discussed is the possibility to make it big and have a great life. Most Americans want to grab the brass ring even though they know that becoming a wealthy is a long shot.

Our country has so many people who have had incredibly productive careers in which many lives have been influenced and improved. All the high-tech opportunities would never have materialized if there were no avenues to raise capital that led to high returns. But, it’s not just money. The personal satisfaction of giving a better life to your family and to your employees is the ultimate rush. This satisfaction is far more noble than just accumulating money in your bank account.

Americans want a chance to do well and win the contest. They want to be recognized as honor students, as employees of the month, as entrepreneurs of the year, as new chief executive officers.

Americans don’t want to be classified as equals. They don’t want their government to tell them where to live, what schools they should attend, what occupations they should have or how much money they can make. Americans want to excel and over-achieve.

There is no way that the country will stand by and allow its leaders to institutionalize important aspects of life. Americans don’t want salary or price controls, limits on outsized compensation, free (and substandard) medical care or less innovation that might improve our lives, our wellness or happiness. Socialism is a nonstarter, even if Biden wins.

More and more average citizens are standing up and saying they support the right to protest, but they abhor the individuals that are agitating for more violent action against federal and local governments and the police. Even Biden has said so. Men like Gandhi, Mandela and King have made long-lasting impacts on their countries and civilization by protesting peacefully.

Uncivilized and uneducated people that have no hope must sometimes resort to violence. Anarchy and unrestrained leadership encourage violence. That’s not what we have in our country, even with the likes of Donald Trump at the helm. America does not want a king or a despot, or anyone who strives for this type of power. They cannot thrive politically in this country.

Radicals have implicitly endorsed violent behavior that is taking place in the country. Some overly aggressive progressives have used the plight of Blacks to espouse an aggressive strategy to force change. It’s a terrible way to encourage change. Violent action will be met with violent pushback.

When compromise and men and women of peace and good intentions are stifled by killing, looting and anarchy, the improvements that are sought take much longer to obtain. Blacks deserve better than what they have been subjected to for the last 200 plus years. The tide is in their favor. The time is right. The political environment has never been better. Violence will spoil these efforts, and Democrats should be advising their constituents accordingly, and not turning a blind eye to anarchy.

The deficit is out of control it was impossible to avoid this situation with the pandemic. The government needed to spend to help the middle class, unemployed Americans and struggling businesses. As normalcy returns, the spigot must be turned down or the dollar and the economy will be permanently damaged. The crazy proposals at this time made by Biden and his followers will only make matters worse.

Certain entitlements are necessary now, but most new proposals should be delayed until after the current economic crisis subsides. Suggesting universal health care, forgiveness of school debt and a massive climate control program now shows just how out of touch liberals are.

It’s time to address the causes of poverty with a job for every able-bodied citizen, as opposed to cash payments from the government with no quid pro quo. Everyone should have a job and those that cannot work should be given enough money to live comfortably. This investment will pay off over time.

Democrats are going to load us up with new entitlements if they take control, just like Obama did with Obamacare.

America is having a difficult time taking care of its citizens. We don’t need any more illegals in the country. The interlopers are creating gigantic financial stress in many places throughout the country. Ultimate citizenship for those already in the US should be an objective, but only if new illegal immigration is curtailed.

Democrats want open borders. It’s political, as most of the people, if they become citizens, will likely vote Democratic. We cannot afford to take care of more illegal immigrants.

A vote for Biden will lead to economic and social chaos. Joe is not a moderate, and his administration will be chock full of radical individuals that will push social and economic change too soon.

Calculated Risks Pertaining To Corona Virus

Don’t you wish you could freely visit family members, work at your office, take your spouse out to dinner, walk the streets without wearing those damn masks and send your children off to school each morning? Well, don’t expect to do these things too soon. Many Americans and many government officials are being especially careful and conservative as they protect their loved ones, co-workers and constituents.

Supposedly, 94% of Americans who die from the coronavirus had pre-existing conditions. That means you have very little chance of dying unless you have a pre-existing medical issue. The list of ailments is available from many sources. These favorable odds present interesting possibilities along with extremely difficult considerations for our leaders.

Should political and health authorities make decisions assuming that anyone who contracts the virus can die? Americans make decisions all the time that are based upon the odds of dying or being injured, such as smoking, driving a car, skydiving and travelling on an airplane.

The risk of getting sick is approximately the same for everyone. If two people attend the same beer party, don’t wear masks, don’t distance and don’t wash their hands, they probably have about the same odds of getting sick (at least as far as we know). But, if one of these people has asthma, he or she has a much greater chance of perishing from the disease.

As our president, governors, mayors, business CEOs, teachers and heads of families make decisions about how to live, work and socialize, should they do things that defy the odds? This could be decisions that decrease or increase the odds of mortality. It depends upon the exact odds, one would suppose.

Take going to school, rather than studying from home. If a healthy child has practically zero chance of dying, shouldn’t a decision to send the child to school be a legitimate choice? Keep in mind, the child may have a meaningful chance of contracting the virus and being sick for up to two weeks.

Similarly, the CEOs of companies must decide whether to order their employees back to the office. If they know who is vulnerable, who has existing conditions and/or advanced age, they could reasonably demand that employees come to work, excluding those at risk.

Similarly, the president, who is responsible for the safety of 340 million American must decide how to set a pace for a return to normalcy while encountering scores of different opinions. For sure, he or she must ensure that masking, distancing and washing are employed. But when does the president say it’s time to reinvigorate our economy? It probably should be when he is sure a vast number of Americans will not die from the coronavirus, more so than whether Americans might contract the virus.

In recent history, the presidents of the United States did not shut down the country for measles and mumps. These viruses infected millions, and the vast majority of sufferers did not die, unless they had pre-existing conditions.

When will Americans get back to normalcy? Are we going to have our lives be disrupted in perpetuity, or are we prepared to play the odds? The odds would have us be extra careful about vulnerable people who have a high chance of dying if they contract coronavirus.

And of course, there are less then all-in options. Certain activities are more dangerous than others. The menu is great and includes eating inside restaurants, going to the movies, going the health clubs, going to bars and the like. With proper precautions, we can live relatively safely and participate in these activities.


The Price Of A Democratic Vote

Voters are going to have to hold their noses as they choose between the lesser of two evils in the 2020 presidential election. How did America get into such a terrible predicament? Why aren’t there scores of qualified individuals who would love to be president of our country?

This essay will focus on liberals and provide reasons why voting for the Democrats is a bad idea. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I am supportive of the alternative candidate.

One of the worst aspects of the Democrats’ campaign strategy is portraying America as a despicable world power and blaming all the evils around the globe on US and its current leader, Donald Trump.

Personalities aside, Trump is not responsible for the pandemic, the plight of Blacks in this country, huge deficits, terrorism or any of the other major issues that bedevil our nation.

Trump is not a nice fellow. He is results oriented, and without conscience. He is his own most enthusiastic supporter and cheerleader. He is not someone you would want to go out and have a beer with. He is also a liar and exaggerates his own accomplishments. Fact checkers are having a field day with every word he speaks and every tweet he posts on Twitter. But Trump has kept many promises, has propped up the economy and has put the fear of God into our enemies.

The next broad criticism of Democrats is that they will not win by proclaiming one after another that Donald Trump is a bad guy. Practically no one denies this including his most ardent supporters.

Related to this is the aforementioned denigration of our country by liberals. We are free. We can say whatever we choose to say. We can practice any religion. We can marry who we want. We can become whoever we want, if we study hard and work hard. We live in the safest place in the world. Our country has the strongest military on Earth.

Based upon all the protests and affiliated violence, you would not think the US is anything but a panacea. If you are jealous of those who work hard and have a better lifestyle than yours, you probably hate the country. We can all make up plenty of reasons to despise others. This is not a winning strategy.

I’ve tried to make a relatively complete list of controversial things that liberals are demanding and items in their party platform. They should drive voters to cast their ballots for the opposition. Here they are:

Liberals are anti-guns. Gun control has been a huge controversy for many years. Very little progress has been made on the issue. Most important is that a huge number of Americans hold the right to bear arms as sacrosanct. It is their #1 issue when they consider who they will vote for. Anti-gun sentiment lights up this voting block.

Liberals want open borders. This is problematic because illegal immigration hurts federal, state and local governments financially, takes jobs from American citizens and fosters illegal activities such as drug running and other crimes. The sentiment against open borders is huge.

Liberals are waging a war against the police. For sure, there has been too many unlawful actions by rogue police against the Black community. The solution is training police to be more diligent and to avoid deadly force, not rioting, looting, mass confrontation with police and defunding of the police departments.

On college campuses, free speech is limited to liberal speakers. Free speech does not protect all ideas, as it was intended to do. Radical left-wing groups stifle the free flow of thought. This situation rubs many Americans the wrong way.

Liberal leaders support violent protests implicitly and explicitly. There will be greater push back by law abiding citizens and by the authorities if it continues.

Liberals are screaming for free college tuition and forgiveness of student debt. Who will bear the brunt of these absurd and very costly entitlements? The middle class, most likely.

Liberals are pushing to keep students out of school running up to the election. They’re politicizing our children’s welfare.

Biden says he will reinstate the idiotic Iran nuclear deal. Giving the radical ayatollahs nuclear weapons is an existential error.

Liberals favor socialism over capitalism. It’s highly unlikely that the majority of Americans in the United States today will vote for this change.

Liberals want unfettered welfare benefits with no conditions.

Liberals will attack our financial system if they control the government. The health and well-being of banks makes new technology and prosperity possible.

Liberals are giving amnesty to rioters in big cities and forgoing the rule of law.

Liberals want universal health care. It’s unaffordable. A better plan is to give people who cannot afford healthcare free insurance. This can be done by expanding Medicaid.

Liberals are going to raise taxes on the middle class if they are victorious in November. It’s the only way to pay for the outrageous entitlement programs that have been proposed.

As you can see, a vote for Democrats carries with it some dire consequences. A radical move to the left will destroy the American standard of living.

Biden Will Be A Stay At Home President

The liberal media and Democrats are trying to convince Americans that the convention was a great success. They claim it was a seminal moment even as one irrelevant speaker followed the next.

Think about it. The only important moment was the nomination of a Black woman as Joe Biden’s running mate. This was the first time that a woman of color and a woman of Asian descent received this honor. It was a big win for both the Black and Asian communities.

Unfortunately, Democrats pushed for Joe as their candidate for president. How unique and progressive was that. Not. Another old white man who has been hanging around Washington for four or five decades was selected to lead the Democrats. It was an opportunity to inject new blood into the party, but the bosses stayed with a 77 year old establishment guy who has flipped on many important issues over the years. Did liberals miss a genuine opportunity? They sure did. And, by the way Joe is going to have to explain his flip-flopping.

Democrats realized that Sleepy Joe may not have the stamina to govern for four years much less eight. So, what did they do? They picked a young woman who was spurned early in the primary process to step into Joe’s shoes, if he can’t perform politically. If Kamala is going to effectively be the president, standing in for him when he’s exhausted and running in his place in 2024, why not pick Kamala now to lead the party?

It just goes to show you how misdirected Democrats are. There’s a revolution occurring in their midst that is demanding radical changes. Progressives are slowly making more progress and gaining control. The party is not leaning left any more, it is radical left.

Young Democrats like Joseph Kennedy are attempting to this displace old hacks like Ed Marky, senator of Massachusetts. And Nancy Pelosi is backing the newbie. In case you don’t know, Joe Kennedy is a member of “the” Kennedy family.

Democrats have also broken a prime rule of politics: in the primaries go radical, and in the general elections be moderate. Ask Bill Clinton what he thinks of this platitude.

Liberals are creating chaos throughout the country with their outrageous demands. Reasonable and measured immigration has morphed into open borders. Peaceful protest is being replaced with violence and destruction of property in urban centers. Free health care for the needy is now unaffordable universal care. Freedom of speech only pertains to left wing ideologists. Conservatives are no longer permitted to speak at universities. Free college tuition, increased entitlements, and the list goes on.

And now Democrats have the audacity to think that they can win an election pushing a radical platform with a presidential candidate who will not campaign. He’s going to send his VP candidate on the road while he stays in his basement.

Democrats made a mistake picking an elderly man to be the leader of the free world and going ultra- liberal. They will pay the price.

Joe Won’t Win By Just Badmouthing Trump

Joe Biden has an excellent opportunity to be the next president of the United States. But, he must do some basic things to secure a victory.

In round numbers, the polls show Biden with about 50% popular support and Trump with about 42%. These numbers could be off by a meaningful amount for a number of reasons. The first, and most obvious issue, is whom pollsters corresponded with.

If pollsters are querying probable voters from a fair distribution of Republicans and Democrats that reflects reality, the polling figures are probably accurate. If the breakdown of Republicans and Democrats is skewed in any way, pollsters maybe doing things that give Biden an undeserved edge in the presidential contest that will fade away on Election Day.

There is a theory that some people are kicking around that could also be meaningful. If voters are embarrassed to admit that they are voting for Trump and tell pollsters that they are voting for his opponent, the polling numbers are not reflecting true sentiment. In many social conversations, voters will not admit that they favor Trump to friends and acquaintances. This is feasible because so many Americans despise Trump, the man, but favor his policies for the most part. Some others think Biden is not mentally capable of being president.

And finally, there is the Electoral College. More frequently in recent years, the candidate with the most popular votes is not the one with the winning number of electoral votes.

It seems to some that Biden and his people are running exclusively using a strategy to denigrate Trump, rather than trying to convince voters Biden is the most qualified candidate with the best plans for America. This is a dangerous tactic. Keep in mind, as mentioned previously, many voters may vote for the man who has a proven record of leadership even if his character is suspect. This becomes more probable if the other candidate has a mediocre resume, as does Joe Biden.

Trump has gone head to head with China, Iran and North Korea relating to economic and military issues. For the most part, he has been successful. He may also be on the verge of a major breakthrough in the Israeli/Arab conundrum.

Domestically, the economy is doing great considering that the world is being plagued by a deadly virus. A good economy has historically benefitted incumbent presidents.

And then there is the issue of how one depicts his opposition. It really is a waste of time and money to highlight the foibles of Trump’s character at this stage. There are no new votes to be had for doing so. Everyone already knows the president is a dark character. So, a constant barrage of bad guy speeches only plays to the liberal base. It will have no real impact on independents to repeat over and over again that Trump was impeached. In fact, he was not convicted, and Bill Clinton won an election after he was impeached.

Rather, Democrats should be formulating concrete proposals on all the major issues. If they want to focus on guns and abortion, they should state their cases boldly. If they have a better plan to beat the pandemic, tell voters what it is. All the speakers on the first night of the horrible virtual convention just related ubiquitous Trump stories. I bet they gained not one new voter.

And finally, any chances of victory will decrease exponentially if Biden conducts his campaign from the basement of his house. Trump won the last time because he was out campaigning every day, and Hillary did not. It looks like this is going to happen again.

I’m afraid Democrats have the wrong candidate for president, and he is getting lousy advice from his campaign hacks.