Trump And Progressives Are Creating Chaos In Washington

How did the federal government become so dysfunctional? Who’s responsible for making our leaders completely ineffective? There are two parties that share the blame- Donald Trump and the radical, progressive congressional Democrats.

From the day he was elected, America knew that having Trump as president was going to be challenging. He’s a neophyte who thinks he’s a master dealmaker and a negotiator. These might be true in the real estate business, but governing the most powerful nation in the world is something else.

In any case Trump is not a great politician, and he really needs help navigating through the complexities of Washington, even more than his predecessors. At first Trump seemed enthusiastic about recruiting qualified aides to advise him, but few have lasted. Most found it impossible to work for the man and were either fired or just walked off the job.

Trump concluded that the only people he could trust were his family and some close friends. This is not to say that Ivanka and Jared are not bright young people. Fact is they are equally unqualified for the governmental roles they play, and brought nothing to the political battlefield that suffocates the White House. Frankly to think that Kushner would be able to make peace between Israel and Palestine is laughable.

Never in recent history has a president fought so brutally with his counterparts in Congress. Every minor squabble immediately morphs into a death match that includes threats, name-calling, lies, innuendo, exaggeration and distrust.

Trump wants to be his own man with the press, a terrible idea for too many reasons to delineate in this essay. None of his press secretaries have survived for very long because Trump is uncontrollable, with his tweets and otherwise. He doesn’t listen to sage counsel, and too often mundane issues blow up and become major confrontations that dominate the news cycle. Additionally Trump is unable to allow snide commentary to roll off his back. The most insignificant comments ultimately become childish name-calling contests.

And finally the president needs to be surrounded with a legion of attorneys. He’s always defying tradition and interpretation of everything from the Constitution to existing laws. Using attack dog lawyers to intimidate others has not endeared the president to the people he must work with to effectively govern the country. And since when do presidents “ignore” requests from Congress.

Trump’s lousy disposition only serves to make his opponents despise him even more. He thinks he’s smarter than everybody, but it’s not true. It should be noted that Trump’s aggressiveness has been an asset when dealing with certain foreign leaders. Many despots only understand and respond to one thing, military might along with hardball negotiations.

For years presidents have debated with, fought with, denigrated, cajoled and crucified congress people. In most cases, after the debate is ended, everyone sits down and has an adult beverage. All the harsh rhetoric is forgiven. Not with Trump and the current crop of liberal crazies in the Democratic caucus.

Politicians grow to hate and resent each other for many reasons, but very few have let bad feeling get to the current level of distrust and disrespect.

It’s hard not to attribute an equal amount of blame for the current level of venom to social media and the blinding liberalism in the press today. From the moment Trump was elected, his political enemies and the radical left wing news have attempted to destroy his presidency. Not for one second did Trump‘s detractors give him an opportunity to prove he loves America. Every situation involving Trump was labeled evil, immoral, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, illegal or a lie.

Democrats have been seduced by a destructive bunch of misfits that can’t add one expense to another and are blinded in their efforts to bestow freebies even if they bankrupts the country. It should come as no surprise that these initiatives will be recognized by voters for what they are: socialistic.

Progressives will not be given a mandate to drain the resources of successful people. Nor will they be able to transform our country into a social state that eschews exceptionalism. Every American wants to earn more money and have a better life. Nearly everybody wants a shot at the brass ring. Radical liberals want to take money earned over the years and redistribute it. They constantly blame the most successful among us for the travails of those less fortunate.

But the most irksome liberal crime would be stealing the 2016 election from the victors with political chicanery and sleight of hand. Congress should not attempt to unseat a duly elected president without overwhelming proof of crimes and misdemeanors. For nearly three years radical left wing politicians have been twisting the truth and investigating the investigators. It has been a waste of both time and money

The latest brouhaha over Ukraine relations is a continuation of the Democratic ploy to oust Trump. It will not work because most of America has stipulated two things.

  1. Trump is not a nice guy or a great president, but that does not mean he should be thrown out of office.
  2. Trump has not done anything that rises to an impeachable offense.


I hope that all of the politicians that are taking Americans for fools lose their seats in 2020. I wish Trump were not president, but Democrat incompetence is going to give him another four years. I’m not looking forward to continuing investigations and dream of the day that our government once again is motivated to solve problems that afflict the poor, the unhealthy, the aged and our veterans.

Trump Says Baltimore Is “Rat-Infested”

The name-calling and accusations between the White House and Capitol Hill are escalating every day. The latest involves, who else, the name caller in chief- President Trump, and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD).

The congressman, who is black, was berating a White House official about the appalling conditions on the border with Mexico. The rant included some very strong statements about abominable conditions that immigrant children are facing at the border. The implication was that Trump and his aides are not concerned with the welfare of innocent children.

Trump responded to the congressman’s tongue-lashing, and as is his style, indicated that Cummings’ district includes the “rat-infested” city of Baltimore. Further, Trump said the congressman has done little over decades to improve the abominable situation in the city.

Trump’s tweet was immediately labeled a racist slur because many of Cummings’ constituencies are black. It was an easy target for Trump-haters.

Many Trump supporters don’t really believe that the president intended to make a racial remark, but who knows what the man is thinking when he goes over the edge on social media in a hissy fit.

Cummings’ was wrong to accuse border guards of treating immigrants inhumanely, as funding has not been sufficient to adequately take care of the thousands who are illegally crossing the border. But Trump was also out of line with his inflammatory statement. It certainly will not be helpful to Trump if he expects to ever have a working relationship with House Democrats. And now this latest chapter of Trump’s bonehead rhetoric will dominate the news for days.

Trump has been in office for nearly three years and he has not changed his nasty and vicious attitude. And there is no expectation that a kinder and gentler person will emerge during the next 18 months through the 2020 election.

But support for Trump is building in spite of his ubiquitous verbal and social media assaults against those that disagree with him. The country is improving and Americans are taking notice.

Economically liberals are hoping for a downturn so Trump will not be able to use the economy in his campaign rhetoric. Liberals want the world economy to also come crashing down as a result of the trade war between China and the US. Liberals want the US’s allies to abandon us and to support the dangerous and existential Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration. Liberals want the situation at the Mexican border to blow up, even as border officials are working under the most adverse conditions while the pols “talk” about it daily.

But, intelligent Americans are able to look beyond Trump’s horrible personality and belligerent perspectives, if his performance warrants them to do so. The economy is not showing any signs of tailing off. Iran is going bankrupt, as Trump has cut off its revenues from oil sales. North Korea will also go belly up if Kim refuses to give up his nukes. China is not looking so strong these days as it faces growing unemployment and credit problems. And most recently, citizens of Hong Kong, who want to elect their own leaders democratically, are challenging Mainland China.

The only thing that has gone haywire in America is Washington D.C. The left and the right are not capable of working together. Democrats are still trying to find a crime by Trump that is impeachable (instead of spending their time improving America and Baltimore). And Democrats have offered the electorate socialists and people who are unable to add and subtract as candidates for president.

The Democrats are going to lose in 2020. Armageddon is not around the corner. The US is still the strongest power in world. Voters will see the light and agree that the only thing worse than Trump in the White House, would be one of the liberal candidates in the Oval Office.

It’s shameful that among 330 million Americans we cannot find one person who is moderate, truthful, empathetic, intelligent and truly patriotic to be our president.


Hardball Politics Is Hurting America

Americans with different political persuasions have disagreed with each other ever since our forefathers founded this country. The negotiations that led to the formation of our republic were extremely intense.

Over the years American politicians have fought about and dealt with many serious issues including states’ rights, slavery, declarations of war and so much more. Unfortunately leaders and lawmakers of today have intensified their confrontations. With great encouragement from the press and social media, we now live in world where a new crisis arises from disparaging remarks and bad behavior every day.

Liberals attribute the nasty and unproductive environment to the election Donald Trump. He epitomizes the essence of hardball politics. He believes performance and winning supersedes all else. Sensitivity, empathy, humility, comity and truthful interface are no longer values that political adversaries care about.

But it’s not just about Trump. There are others who provoke, slander and lie to gain an edge. Politics is a dirty business practiced on both sides of the aisle.

Even more disconcerting is an unbridled media that happily reports the most sordid and hurtful actions and comments of others to gain notoriety and readership. No longer do reporters skirt certain issues to temper scandal. No longer is reporting unbiased and factual. The press bares great responsibility for the current state of affairs. They are a pack of wolves, desperate to tear apart and ruin a person or organization before all the facts have been analyzed. A scoop, even it is untrue, is what the press thrives on.

Exacerbating the lower standards of the protected fifth estate are social media trolls who, for both profit and sport, eviscerate others with unfounded gossip, bias and exaggeration. A single “dirty” item can spread across the globe in a hear beat as part of a “viral” moment. Even the term viral has a negative connotation relating to disease.

What are the implications of incivility to our society? For one thing it is driving away good people from public service. Why would a judge want to become a Supreme Court justice given the insulting and degrading confirmation process? Why would anyone want to be a legislator and dedicate most of their time to raising money for the next election, and trying, every day, to impress aggressive journalists? The current system has us struggling to find one really qualified person to be our next president. And, what about the pathetic and incompetent individuals that are elected mayors of great cities and governors of our states?

Some people have used our Constitution to justify the application of money in our elections, a serious mistake. No longer are winners the most qualified candidates. Rather the elected are the best fundraisers. The importance of money ahs been turbo charged by trying to prove that campaign contributions are an element of free speech.

Do we want leaders who are experts at creating vicious political advertisement, or men and women whose principal objective is to keep America great? Being reelected, and raising the money to accomplish it, is all that is important to politicians these days.

And finally there is the issue of term limits. Without limits, corruption and entitlement flourish. The old must make way for the young. The usefulness of a politician is offset by his or her personal idiosyncrasies over an extended period of time. And ironically, the only people who can bring us the blessings of term limits are the ones who will lose their jobs with term limits.

How’s Trump Doing?

It’s going to drive liberal Trump haters insane to hear that the president is scoring huge victories in spite of his frightful attitude and undiplomatic demeanor. The biggest issue, relating to the election, is the surging US economy.

The stock market hit new highs on Friday. There are competing influences impacting the markets, but generally there’s a lot of positive momentum. However, Federal Reserve Chief, Jerome Powell, said the following “. . . trade tension and a weaker global economy [are] weighing on the outlook and [he] said the Fed was prepared to act.”

Some economists think Powell is intentionally ignoring the strong jobs report and the potential ‘trade truce’ with China. Currently most are expecting a move by the Fed at its next meeting. Critics of such an action say it is an accommodation to Trump. Others point out that problems in Europe, including Brexit, and an economic slowdown in China justify some loosening by the Fed. Who says the Fed is apolitical?

In the meantime inflation is not a pressing problem and consumers are spending at a rapid clip. The former gives license to the Fed to keep interest rates down.

The old adage, “It’s the economy, stupid” is apropos. Trump is going to get a boost in the election if the economy continues to improve, unemployment stays under control and wages for the middle class increase.

Making it more disheartening for Trump naysayers is the possibility that the president may actually negotiate a favorable trade deal with the Chinese. I’ve been saying all along that the US can have a great impact on the Chinese economy. Tariffs are one way to exert this advantage. The US buys far more products from China than China from the US. Tariffs will decrease the current trade imbalance, and this will increase worker furloughs and bankruptcies in China.

One of the most important issues for Xi Jinping is keeping Chinese industry running at full speed and keeping workers on the job. Frankly it’s more important for Xi, personally, to smooth relations with the US regarding trade than any other area of disagreement between the countries.

What can the US gain from negotiations with the Chinese? One thing is respect. US economic strength is far more influential than military might, although America is still, by far, the most powerful nation in the world. China needs favorable economic conditions. Many of its industries are highly leveraged, especially banks, which cannot deal with large credit losses.

Moving to other areas, Trump is going to make a deal with Kim Jung-un. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if a nuclear disarmament treaty is indirectly a part of a US trade deal with China. If I were Trump I would make a NOKO accommodation a required element of the trade negotiations.

Kim is in a position to solidify his regime for decades but he needs desperately to end economic sanctions and to have US become a trading partner. This can only happen if Kim gives up the nukes. If he walks away, economic sanctions will eventually be his downfall. Once again the US’s economic might can ultimately be more powerful and be less expensive than going to war.

The ayatollahs of Iran are on a road to oblivion. By continuing to threaten commerce in the Straits of Hormuz and stoking terror elsewhere in the Middle East, Iran is losing support of the European Union, especially Great Britain. Attacking oil tankers is a stupid and unproductive strategy that my earn Iran a few hundred cruise missiles as a warning. Similar to other countries mentioned above, US economic sanctions are disseminating Iran.

Trump was absolutely justified in abrogating the Iran nuclear deal. Most importantly it gave Iran a pathway to nuclear arms in about a decade.

Domestically, the majority of Americans are not enamored by the actions of Trump. In fact so many despise him that they will not give him credit for his successes. And further, too many Americans would be happy to see the president fail even if the country suffers. This group includes the liberal press.

But Trump presses forward with aggressive comments and distortion of the truth. He seems to relish opportunities to slam his opponents in fiery rallies and on social media. These are unproductive, but Trump says he must defend himself from fake news and unfair treatment by his opponents.

All this is a sideshow to the main attraction, the 2020 elections. Trump looks like a winner mostly because Democrats have moved too far left. A socialist will not be elected in America, at least not yet. Also, Americas will grow to understand that every entitlement can’t be free. The country cannot provide new entitlements without cutting critical services elsewhere, no matter how much they increase taxes. American voters will understand this problem as the debates and the political rhetoric continues to ramp up.

Mueller Couldn’t Find The Witch

Is Donald Trump “off the hook?” It appears so, at least as far as the Russian collusion witch-hunt is concerned.

But Democrats are so obsessed with destroying the Trump administration, they may subpoena all of the work that Mueller has done and start all over again wasting millions more dollars and time in the process.

But there’s so much more juicy Trump stuff for Democrats to dig into that will take them right up to the next election. Trump’s business practices and ethics will be next on the agenda. Also who’d be surprised if the Democrats surfaced one, two or ten other women who are willing to attest to being sexually abused by Trump?

From a political perspective it would be disastrous to reopen Mueller’s files. Americans across the country and in both parties are sick of the whole charade. The special counsel and his left wing sycophants would have done anything to nail the president, and they couldn’t.

Ironically, everyone knew that Trump and his merry band of amateurs were not savvy enough to perpetrate a voter conspiracy with Putin. Trump can’t even build an administration or retain his appointees. It’s absurd to portray the president as some sort of James Bond master villain seeking world domination. Americans wish he could be even mildly influential domestically and internationally.

Trump has proven over the years to be a terror in his business dealings. There are a plethora of bad stories circulating around from people he has done business with that are likely to be exposed in the ensuing weeks and months. Who knows if any of them might lead to an impeachment proceeding? Probably not, but it depends upon the nature of the discoveries.

Tax evasion is usually a fruitful direction for investigators. Has Trump cheated on his taxes? No doubt there are many gray areas in which Trump’s high paid tax attorneys pushed the edge of the envelope. But to prove evasion, the government would have to show intent to defraud the I.R.S.

Bribes, as defined by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, could present a problem for Trump and his dealmakers. Payments to foreign governments or their agents are commonplace, and illegal, for US individuals and corporate entities. Did Trump ever pay a bribe to gain a foothold to build a hotel, casino, building or whatever in a foreign country? It’s feasible, that’s for sure.

What will it take to force the creeps that Trump has done business with to testify against him? You have to believe Trump has pissed off many people during his reign in the real estate business. Could one of these people bring down the president after being threatened with jail time by prosecutors? Democrats will be turning over every rock to find rats.

How will the conclusion of the Mueller investigation affect Trump’s ability to keep his campaign promises of 2016 to make the country more secure, rebuild the infrastructure, erect a wall, keep the economy chugging along and make new trade and strategic deals with other countries?

The answer is that Trump will not be able to make any gains by going to Congress. He’s in the exact same position as Obama. With a Democratic majority in the House, Trump will not be able to enact any legislation, so he will need to use mandates to make changes.

Regarding 2020, liberals better be careful. Trump is looking pretty solid politically. All his tweets and other commentary relating to Mueller’s investigation were spot on- it was expensive, disruptive, unfair and proved not a thing. Democrats are at a serious disadvantage going into 2020 for the presidency and in Congress. Their strategy to socialize the country is going to be a big bust.

Obama And Congress Will Clash

By Sal Bommarito

Has the liberal media participated in an effort to diminish the mistakes and errors in judgment of the Obama administration? Absolutely. Progressive reporters and editorial writers have been protecting the president for the past six years. There has been no misstep great enough to inspire a thorough investigation by the free press. Americans should appreciate the untiring efforts of Fox News, which refuses to let the most egregious actions slip by without comment.

All this came to a head during the recent elections. Voters finally realized that the president’s ideological bent and uncompromising demeanor is responsible for a number of decisions that hurt the economy and America’s reputation abroad. The reaction of the electorate has been so severe that Democrat candidates who supported Obama’s agenda during his tenure eschewed him in their campaigns. The press has thankfully begun to dig deeper into the plethora of scandals and dysfunction that have plagued the White House.

Consider the following two issues.

• Obamacare is a disaster, even though the press has consistently advocated the benefits of this entitlement. Creating an affordable medical insurance program for lower and middle class families is and continues to be a noble objective. But the law was enacted without any concurrence by Republicans and ramrodded through Congress. The result was a poorly crafted giveaway that hurt almost as many individuals and businesses as it helped. A huge number of the poorest beneficiaries have received assistance via Medicaid, something that could have been enacted without Obamacare drama.
• With the help of the press, the administration has downplayed the criminal and unethical behavior of various agencies of the government. The IRS scandal tops the list. It is inconceivable that our tax collectors were targeting citizens who have different political preferences, and now they are covering up their misdeeds.

The list goes on. But most disturbing is the ideological tenacity of our president. He is on a mission to punish, sanction and disparage the most successful and wealthiest Americans. He says some citizens are too greedy and capitalistic. They don’t do enough for the poor. He thinks exceptionalism somehow deteriorates our society. Business achievement is unproductive. 1%ers are not paying their fair share.

The 2012 presidential campaign rewarded Obama’s class warfare tactics. He successfully denigrated a person who built a huge private equity business and benefitted by it financially. The media jumped on the Obama bandwagon and destroyed Mitt Romney simply because he has enjoyed a great career.

Along with voters, Democrat politicians realize that the president is radioactive. Many will no longer tie themselves to his misguided policies. Allegiance to the president during the last several years was the downfall for many liberal candidates. Obama’s presence in Washington, his actions and his arrogance together with low voter turnout (apathy) were the undoing of progressives seeking to retain or gain office. The press was forced to participate in the resultant electoral massacre because the story was so pervasive.

During the next few months, important decisions will be made regarding the confrontation with ISIS and Iran’s nuclear program. For sure, Congress, under new leadership, will step up its oversight of these matters. The media should follow suit. Investigative reporters must shed their biases and provide the facts that will help Americans understand what their leaders are up to.

The president is not going to change his method of operation. Already he is threatening to mandate immigration changes without approval of Congress. If this occurs, it will be a long, hard two years until the next presidential election.

President Obama Is Not Going To Be A Conciliator

By Sal Bommarito

The president seemed awfully relaxed during his press conference yesterday, after an election that completely changed the power structure in Washington. Republicans are now the majority in both houses of Congress. Given that Obama’s policies, management style, ambivalence and defiance were among the most important things that swayed voters, it is shocking that he so glib and unconcerned about trying to find ways to work together for the benefit of the country.

Many politicians that supported the president were crucified at the polls, yet the president has decided to let it all roll off his back. Publicly, he has shown little empathy for those who were defeated. One reason for this approach may be the fact that almost none wanted Obama to campaign with them.

The president said he would try to work with his adversaries, but also threatened to govern without congressional endorsement, if Congress did not approve of his initiatives. One day after the country repudiated the president and his party, he did not think it was important to seek genuine reconciliation with the new Congress.

It is more than disconcerting that several critical issues are brewing while the president prepares to go to battle with Republicans once again. The war with ISIS is a prime example. The president used the War Powers Act to attack ISIS without congressional approval. However, after a period of time, the president must go to Congress to obtain concurrence or a declaration of war.

The problem is that the president’s plan is faulty. He continues to insist that no U.S. ground forces will be deployed, even though the war cannot be won without such support according to most experts. Alternatively, the coalition intends to train Iraqis and a “moderate rebel force” in Syria to provide ground assistance. The plan is inane because of the time it will take to make the force battle ready. Additionally, the newly trained soldiers are not expected to be large enough or skilled enough to repel the more experienced ISIS fighters. So, a strategy to continue bombing is something Congress will definately consider carefully.

Immigration is one of the most important issues for America today. Forging a plan that protects Americans from drastic demographic and socioeconomic transformation will be a great challenge. The president has threatened to implement reforms (citizenship for millions of illegals) by edict and without congressional approval. He does not have the right to go it alone, nor does he have the right to unilaterally grant immunity and citizenship to illegal immigrants without limits and responsibilities. Unfortunately, this potential action by the president could lead to a serious constitutional confrontation.

Many Americans who are experienced in deal making believe the president has a low social IQ. He does not recognize or accept others who disagree with his perspectives; he is incapable of compromise. He casts aside all opposition, including members of Congress. This is a recipe for disaster. The result of his continued propensity to disenfranchise the other party will result in two more years of complete governmental paralysis.

The New York Times Comes To Obama’s Rescue

By Sal Bommarito

The New York Times wing of the Obama administration was in full tilt today. The leading editorial criticized Democrats running for office who eschew the president and his “greatest” achievements.

Readers should be offended that the NY Times played the race card not once but twice in the editorial: “Mr. Obama remains highly unpopular among white voters, particularly in Southern states . . .” and “[Democrat candidates running for office] run the risk, though, of alienating important constituents who prefer a party with a spine, especially black voters, who remain supportive of Mr. Obama.”

Here’s a news flash, Candidate Obama won the last two presidential elections with support from every racial group. His problem is not racial; it may be that the president has not kept promises made during his campaigns, and he’s a sub par leader domestically and internationally.

Let’s consider the actions of several Democratic senatorial candidates. Alison Lindergan Grimes, has refused to say whether she voted for Obama. Only one candidate, Gary Peters, “has been willing to appear with the president on the stump . . .” Other candidates, Mark Begich and Kay Hagan, have spoken against Obamacare and want to “fix it.” Maybe there are some serious problems with the law if members of the president’s party are unhappy with it.

Ms. Hagan and Mark Pryor have even suggested that the Obama policy on Ebola ought be changed, and a travel ban should be installed for all residents of Africa. And finally, candidate Mary Landrieu “has fought loudly against the president’s energy policies . . . [and] she even opposes legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.”

By the way, all of the comments made above were extracted from the NY Times article.

The bottom line is that President Obama is unpopular and Americans are very unhappy with his performance. In this group, are a number of Democrats. And, the NY Times continues to abet Obama’s lost causes.

The Clintons And The Obamas Fight For Control Of The Democratic Agenda

By Sal Bommarito

Game on. The battle for the control of the Democratic Party is in full throttle. How delicious, the Clintons vs. the Obamas for all the marbles. Which wife will become the first female president?

Most astute Americans know that the two families have been at each other since the 2008 election. A nobody, named Barack Obama stole the presidential election from Hillary (and Bill). The country was so enamored with political correctness that it chose a person with no experience over the wife of a former president.

It was great political intrigue until the guy we picked started to make a whole slew of mistakes. And now, the electorate has buyer’s remorse. I often hear “I wish I voted for Hillary in the 2008 primaries.” Yet, the president believes that he has put America on a more righteous path, and he wants someone to replace him in 2016 that will carry his torch and support his ideology. Is Hillary that person? No way. The differences between Barack and Hillary are stark and make one query why the president chose Hillary as Secretary of State in the first place. It was not a great decision based upon Hillary’s achievements (minimal) and her support of Barack after her retirement.

Before the election that Hillary was supposed to run away with, the Obamas won the hearts of many people who were supposed to be loyal to the Clintons, among the most famous were Teddy and Caroline Kennedy. Bill Clinton must have been apoplectic when the Kennedy’s spurned his wife; he thought there was an understanding. Many others also jumped on the Obama bandwagon; Edward Klein’s new book titled Blood Feud should be consulted for a complete list of the turncoats that abandoned the Clintons. This time around, Bill is not going to sit by idly. He will do everything he can to ensure his wife will be the next president (and he will be her co-president).

The fact is that every candidate must openly disparage Barack’s legacy in 2016 to have any chance of winning. Voters, for the most part (based upon current polls), think Barack is not doing a good job and they want him gone. So, if any Democrat says otherwise to solicit Barack’s endorsement, he or she will be ridiculed and cast aside.

Hillary knows that Barack is radioactive, so she needed to start to bad-mouth the president sooner or later. She began her campaign to distance herself from Barack over the past couple of weeks because her new book campaign has been disappointing, and she has not performed well in interviews, even with supporters like Steven Colbert. The first volley was an interview with The Atlantic in which Hillary dealt with Obama’s decision not to be more supportive of the Syrian rebels; doing so might have “prevent[ed] the fighting from spreading to Iraq.” And also, in the same interview, Hillary criticized Barack’s comment about not doing “stupid stuff,” not a particularly sophisticated foreign policy perspective.

In classic Clintonesque style, Hillary later called Barack to say that her comments were not intended “to attack him, his policies or his leadership.” Yeah, right! The Clintons like to bash people, send a message and then they say they are sorry. Of course, Barack is aware of this ploy, and no matter what he said in response to Hillary, I am sure he does not believe her and resents her even more today than yesterday.

This incident is not a good sign for American politics going into the 2014 elections and the general election two years later. Gamesmanship, deceit, untrue advertisement in the media and by word of mouth will overwhelm the electorate. And, I have not even mentioned the Republican campaign machine.

Does Karl Rove Help The Cause Of Republicans

The current political landscape is fraught with pols and talking heads, who do not necessarily help the party to which they are affiliated . Karl Rove is an excellent example of a person whose time has passed, but his commentary is still encouraged by  conservative media outlets.


Rove wrote an article  that was published by the Wall Street Journal on July 3, 2014 titled “The Democrats’ Top Leaders Wilt in the Polls.” Given that Rove’s reputation is still suffering from his disastrous prediction that Mitt Romney would win the presidency in 2012, how can Republicans depend upon the man for substantive, unbiased and accurate political input? I’m afraid Karl is a has-been whose greatest moments came when George W. Bush was president.


Rove’s op-ed is chock full of political gossip that surely delights the hearts of hardcore conservatives. Paragraph after paragraph of his piece attacks Obama and Clinton. I don’t necessarily disagree with anything mentioned, but his words are not impactful because he is, well, he’s Karl Rove.


For Obama, the IRS investigation (it’s a cover up), the economy contracted  in the first quarter (most analysts expect a recovery in the balance of the year), children from Central America (neither political party has done a damn thing to reform immigration), Iraq is disintegrating (Bush started this mess), Obama’s polls are down (just look at Bush’s poll numbers and those of the current Congress today) and the Supreme Court “slapped him down” in four recent rulings are all mentioned by Rove.


And then there’s Obama’s attitude. Most Americans now realize that the president is insular; he’s a one-man show, and he gets pissed whenever anyone criticizes him. Frankly, he’s arrogant. But this is old news. The president has always parsed his words carefully, but recently, he has uttered some inappropriate things. The worst comment may have been his “So sue me” admonition to the Congress.


Similarly, Rove went off on Hillary Clinton. Please, Hillary is such an easy target. We all know about her political warts. And, we recognize that she thinks she has a divine right to be president. Rove writes that Clinton’s popularity has dropped precipitously to the level at which she lost the 2008 primary. I’m not exactly sure what this foretells, as her favorability rating is greater than 50%.


Then, Rove makes a point that Clinton is unable to offer any significant foreign policy achievements during her tenure as Secretary of State, other than resetting the Russian relationship. Actually, Clintin’s comment really is a joke, especially since Putin has not been reset- he just invaded Ukraine while the U.S. and other western countries have done little other than imposing a few economic sanctions.


Clinton’s new book, according to Rove is ill timed. In it, the Clinton says the couple pays ordinary taxes (as they rake in $200,000 for one speech). And,  the happy couple was “dead broke” and in debt at the end of Bill’s term (but now they have many millions).


However, the worst aspect of the op-ed is when Rove starts to opine about the Clinton political strategy to win the 2016 presidential election. Here’s a news flash, Mrs. Clinton has not said she will run for president. If she does run, she will win the primary and be difficult to beat in the general election.


Demeaning comments about Democrats from the mouth or pen of Karl Rove are hurting the Republican cause. My recommendation is that Rove take a sabbatical until after the 2016 election along with all of his Tea Party supporters, or Clinton will surely win in 2016.