Democrat Candidates Are The Pits

Some members of the left are beside themselves because Kamala Harris has given up her dream to becoming the first black female to win the presidency, for now. Just like Clinton, she and her crybaby followers are screaming misogyny and racism. Everyone is to blame except the candidate herself for her terrible performance.

Who are Harris and her minions pointing their fingers at? The electorate, Democrat leaders and, believe it or not, the “liberal media” are a few of the targets.

The electorate is culpable because it doesn’t want a female, black president. Really? I would remind the reader that half the people who vote, or more, are women. Most people believe liberals would die to have a black woman in the White House, as president. In fact several black, female celebrities have been mentioned during the past year or so. Of note are Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. But neither was amenable to compete, thank heavens.

Democrat leaders supposedly didn’t give Harris the support she needed. With 20+ individuals vying for the nomination, the Democrat higher-ups decided to see who distinguished themselves before backing anyone. This makes perfect sense. And what did Harris fail to do during her campaign? She was inept at justifying her actions as a fierce prosecutor of drug dealers and users, and she attacked Joe Biden for his perspectives and actions 20, 30 and 40 years ago. The irony is that blacks are very fond of Biden, more so than for Harris and Booker.

Harris supporters say the press has been unfair to the candidate. The only thing the press is guilty of is reporting the facts about Harris lousy campaign, and inability to get campaign funding to stay in the race.

Compared to the incredible venomous treatment Trump has received from the press, Harris’ was tame. No president has been assaulted to the extent that Trump has been. It appears that future presidents will have to be prepared to be sliced and diced by the media on a daily basis. Kamala is not. Social media will make politician’s lives intolerable in the future.

From the Democratic perspective there is little bias in politics against people of color or women. Obama proved that blacks can endear themselves to expansive swathes of the electorate. Hillary Clinton proved that women are acceptable candidates when she received the majority of votes in 2016. And Nikki Haley will soon prove that a woman can become president in 2024.

A round robin of Democratic candidates reveals the following. Mayor Pete is the apparent winner in Iowa. He has no support from blacks, so his performance should slide off greatly in South Carolina.

Biden is still running on Obama’s “non-accomplishments,” but without Barrack’s endorsement. Biden’s staff is sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for his next gaffe. Joe has a tendency of saying stupid and untoward things. And he still needs to tell America about his son’s (and his) exploits in Ukraine. He will likely kill it in South Carolina given the size of the black vote.

Warren is freaking out Americans who have any idea about what it takes to effectively manage our economy. Her proposed giveaways are dangerous and have no chance of enactment.

Sanders is old and too fragile to continue much longer. Young people love his anti-establishment credentials, but will they even show up at the polls?

And who knows whether Bloomberg will be able to buy the nomination in this day and age?

The rest of the field is moot.

Take away: Trump wins the election easily.

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