Neither Clinton nor Warren Are Great Presidential Candidates

By Sal Bommarito

The New York Post entered the debate about the next Democratic candidate for president. It is possible that history will repeat itself, and Hillary Clinton will once again lose out to an untested and more liberal primary candidate.

The odds of this happening are dependent upon the current perspectives of liberal voters and their desire to participate in the process- will black and young people to turn out to vote?

If the liberal base is more concerned with progressive government that is principally focused on income inequality and slaying the dragons of Wall Street, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) will have an advantage. If the base wants a person who might be successful in a general election, less radical and more experienced, Hillary Clinton should be the choice.

Since I am not going to vote for either of these candidates, my analysis is relatively unbiased (sort of). So, in that vein, it should be noted that Democrats are facing the same dilemma as Republicans, which is, can a radical candidate who has an advantage in the primaries win the general election without morphing into a more moderate contender?

You may recall that Mitt Romney had to lean to the right in 2008 to secure the Republican nomination. But, this tactic hurt him dearly in the general election. If Warren is successful against Clinton, she will likely have the same problem.

Regarding Warren, I hasten to point out that her resume is very similar to President Obama. Frankly, she has little experience applicable to being the leader of the free world, and we all have witnessed how a president performs when he or she has scant political and business acumen.

Warren was elected a U.S. senator in 2013, so her congressional knowledge is virtually nil. Previously, she was a Harvard Law professor specializing in bankruptcies. The only other important credit apparent in a Google search is that she served as an adviser for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. So, one might ask, how will she deal with the ISIS crisis, nuclear proliferation and Russian aggression? I hope American voters will not make the same mistake again and elect a person who brings little to the presidency other than hostility towards the financial services industry and affluent Americans.

Hillary Clinton is a known quantity. She is experienced, yet marginally successful as a senator and Secretary of State (in my opinion). Her claim to fame is that she is married and greatly supported by the most famous politician in recent history. But, she has lived in the White House as First Lady; she served in the Senate and led the State Department. A vote for Warren over Hillary would be strange and illogical decision.

Clinton has been around the block a few times. She lost in 2008 when she was expected to run away with the election. Some say she is a sub-par campaigner. Also, in recent months, Clinton has made several blunders on the road peddling her not so successful novel. She is starting to look tired and very beatable when stacked up against Warren’s liberal, bellicose and enthusiastic rhetoric.

My conclusion is that Democrats should find a third candidate to run for president because neither of the aforementioned can win the general election. Not that it matters, but I would not vote for either person if I were a Democrat.

OMG! Republicans And Democrats Are Working Together.

By Sal Bommarito

The political drama in Washington is both astounding and uplifting, after last six years of stagnation. Yet, I never expected Democrats led by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to trade roles with the Tea Party and call for closing down the government. (Hypocrisy? Maybe. Check out Warren railing against Republicans for shutting down the government in 2013.)

Warren beseeched her liberal colleagues to do everything possible to sabotage the passage of a bipartisan bill to fund the government. Warren was apoplectic about provisions in the bill that will take some pressure off the devils lurking on Wall Street. Warren assumed an aggressive posture even though the president said he would sign the bill into law.

In case you are not up to speed, Warren is a huge Fat Cat hater. She believes financial executives earn too much money, take too many risks, steal from the poor and commit crimes against humanity. Many pundits are predicting that she might be a radical alternative to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign.

This contingency is a juicy thought. Is it possible that an ultra-liberal Democrat may win the primary over a less liberal candidate, and then lose in the general election? Sound familiar? It should. Same thing has been happening to Republicans for years. The thought of Hillary Clinton getting whomped a second time by another relatively unknown would be satisfying to many Clinton antagonists.

But, Bill Clinton is not going to sit by idly and let this happen. It’s time for the Clinton smear brigade to descend upon Warren and put her into her place. I know nothing about Warren other than she despises a lot of my friends, so it will be amusing to learn about her skeletons.

Back to Congress. The passage of the aforementioned bill, which provides funding for the government through September, would be a real coup for Speaker John Boehner and his allies. He managed to recruit 57 Democrats to narrowly pass the bill. It proves that both sides of the aisle can work together on issues that are important to America. The Democrats who sided with Republicans gave up some things and Republicans sidestepped the immigration controversy for the time being. It was refreshing to see our leaders compromise and get something done.

If I were king of the Republicans, I would seek other opportunities to work with the minority. The obvious issue is immigration. Liberal Democrats claim that conservatives reject immigration reform and want to deport illegal immigrants, all 10-15 million of them, back to their country of origin. This is total nonsense. Conservatives have already accepted the fact that illegals will receive a path to citizenship. So, a compromise is waiting to happen.

From my vantage point, the only real challenge will be to stop further illegal immigration and cap the total number of aliens in the country. Aside from this, forging a deal that enables illegal immigrants to become citizens will not be a monumental achievement. For the most part, signing up, observing our laws, paying taxes and the passage of time are the principal deal points. All can be negotiated without animosity.

No matter what, a decision to naturalize millions should be a project for the president and Congress, not just the president.

2015 may be a better year for the U.S. politically. It was a pleasant surprise that the parties found a way to work together at long last.