Ukraine, Trump and Biden

The press coverage of the Ukraine affair has been very one sided to this point.

President Trump has been severely criticized for asking the president of Ukraine to “look into” the activities of Joe Biden and his son Hunter, suggesting that they were involved in corrupt business dealings. In the meantime Biden and his son are not the subject of any investigations, and they are dodging tough questions by the press.

This is what Washington is all about. Party trolls look for dirt, make it public and demand an investigation. The Ukraine situation appears to be much ado about nothing from Trump’s perspective, but you would think otherwise by the accounts in the media and all the talk of impeachment. In fact, even before investigations began, liberals called for proceedings against the president.

Activities that the Bidens were involved in have been minimized by the liberal press. It should be noted that if Hunter received favors from the Ukraine based upon his father’s lofty position at the time, it would be illegal.

Trump released a transcript of his conversation with President Zelensky. And, the Ukraine leader has publicly indicated he was not subjected to any strong-arm tactics, like armaments for a political favor or anything else. Yet the liberals in Congress and the bloodthirsty media press forward.

Democrats are trying to unearth whether Trump was legitimately looking into actions by an American vice president that benefitted his son, or, whether the proposed investigation by the president was a way for him to thwart Biden’s aspiration to be president. It’s going to be difficult to prove the latter- what Trump really intended to do.

Hunter Biden has never distinguished himself as a businessman or an international financier. Yet he was given a seat on the board of a Ukraine company that paid him handsomely, while his father was dealing with the Ukrainian government. Sounds fishy to me. Should it be investigated? In fact it has been reported that the young Biden has also been involved in other untoward behavior.

The elder Biden keeps pooh-poohing any suggestions that he or his son did anything wrong or unethical while he served as Obama’s #2. These denials are not convincing as Joe whines about harsh treatment by the press. The latter comment is laughable when you compare it to the way CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times treat Trump. It makes you wonder whether Biden has the chops to be president. And besides, Biden’s actions are not excusable just because many think Trump also acted improperly.

In any case the morale of this boring and never ending saga is that Trump and Biden both need to be investigated. After all they are vying to become president of the United States. The press should root out illegal and unethical activity. The only problem is that Trump and Biden are not being treated equally. Maybe the solution is that neither man should be in office.