Nikki Haley Begins Her Quest To Be President In 2024

Nikki Haley has begun to position herself as the successor to President Donald Trump. She is portraying herself as a loyal Trump devotee by not challenging him in the 2020 Republican primaries, denigrating the impeachment fiasco orchestrated by rabid, radical and misled Democrat lawmakers and outing disloyal former members of the Trump administration.

Clearly Haley has her eye on 2024. With a resume that includes the governorship of South Carolina and US Ambassador to the United Nations, she looks like a top contender for the Republican nomination for president in a few years.

In an interview with Norah O’Donnell of CBS News, Haley indicated that she did not believe Trump pressured the Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden for corruption. And the president ultimately delivered weapons to Ukraine that had been appropriated by Congress. Since there was no inquiry of the Biden family and the weapons were given to the Ukraine, there was no “quid pro quo.”

Additionally Haley had very strong words for the clandestine actions of John Kelly, the former White House Chief of Staff and Rex Tillerson, the former Secretary of State. These men, Haley said, tried to enlist her support to avoid compliance with direct orders of the president, an act that borders on treason. Haley told these men to voice their concerns with President Trump and resign if his response was not in line with their perspectives.

It’s refreshing to see that loyalty and respect for the presidency is not totally passé in Washington, and some people believe it’s honorable to support Trump while he is still our president.

All the aforementioned issues are documented in Haley’s new book titled “With All Due Respect: Defending America With Grit and Grace.” The book along with many more personal appearances will definitely give Haley an edge over competition she may encounter in the next presidential election.

Nikki Haley: The Alternative To Trump In 2020

After many conversations with friends and acquaintances of all political persuasions, it’s become obvious that more Americans every day are beginning to appreciate President Trump’s efforts to improve the country. However many of the same people are frustrated, disgusted and resentful of the president’s demeanor and style. Frankly, on too many occasions, the man has been an embarrassment to his constituents.

What conservative America needs is a president who is generally in synch with Trump’s policies relating to immigration, trade, foreign policy, economics, regulations and smaller government. Challenging a sitting president, on the other hand would require a daring assault by a brave and determined conservative candidate.

Just imagine the support a moderate female conservative would receive in 2020. A person who is a proven leader, an administrator and diplomat, is what our country needs.

I believe Nikki Haley is the right person for America.

By way of background, Haley is 46 years old. She is married and has two children. Haley is of Indian descent and is a converted Protestant. She graduated from Clemson University with an accounting degree.

Haley is currently the Ambassador to the United Nations. She was the first female and Indian governor of South Carolina. And Haley was a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives. She was considered as a vice presidential running mate by Mitt Romney and Donald Trump.

Haley has been a restrained supporter of President Trump but has publicly disagreed with him on several issues. She criticized candidate Trump for not immediately disavowing the support of the Klu Klux Klan, and the president’s ban on Muslims.

Haley was the first significant woman in the Trump administration and was confirmed 94-6 by the Senate.

Over the years Ambassador Haley has taken strong stands on a plethora of important issues. They included:


-Taking down the Confederate flag outside the South Carolina State Capital building

-Anti-tax initiatives

-Restraint of abortions

-Enforcement of immigration laws

-Israel security and relocation of American Embassy to Jerusalem

-Support of voter IDs

-Death penalty for a 21 year-old murderer who killed 6 women and 3 men in an African American church

-Fought against the Muslim ban

-In favor of strong sanctions against Russia relating to Crimea and influencing US elections

-Denunciation of Hezbollah for terror activities over many years

-Support of strong sanctions against North Korea

-Support of gay rights

-Support of strong sanctions against the treachery of Iran and its nuclear program


During her relatively short career, Nikki Haley has taken on substantive positions that have rounded out her resume and involve domestic and foreign policy issues. Additionally she has entered the political fray when she deemed it necessary, defying Trump and other politicians. In 2016 Haley responded to President Obama’s State of the Union Address by saying that he “often [has] fallen far short of his soaring words.”

The road to the Republican presidential nomination will require yet another perfect political storm. Continuing appreciation of Trump’s agenda and economic success, coupled with a resounding recrimination of his un-statesman-like persona, self-aggrandizement, and totally un-American political tactics are keys to the success of a presidential primary challenge.

The table is set for this storm as Trump has failed to realize that his petty battles with members of both parties, all critics and other world leaders is not the path to another term in office.

As mentioned, challenging a sitting president of the same party is a daunting task. But Trump has changed all the rules. Yet his efforts on so many fronts domestically and internationally have been “trumped” by his horrible demeanor and belligerent political tactics.

It’s time for a change, a woman in the White House, a sensible yet strong conservative that can redeem American’s reputation. We need a leader who will tactfully and aggressively use America’s unsurpassed military and economic strength in leading the world in the 21st Century.

Nikki Haley is the perfect candidate for this reformation.