Trump As A Misogynist

Every time I begin to appreciate the efforts of President Trump, he communicates something idiotic and/or non-PC on Twitter. See NY Times article.

Trump “referred to the pornographic film actress Stephanie Clifford as ‘Horseface’ in a tweet on Tuesday.” The irony of this stupid comment was that a federal judge had just dismissed a defamation suit by the actress against Trump. He won the battle, but he’s a really bad winner. Clifford, professionally known as Storm Daniels, replied on Twitter “by using the nickname ‘Tiny’ for the president.” And so the name calling between a president and a low-end movie actress continues.

I’m sure that Trump’s advisors are pleading with him to end his Twitter onslaught against women that he dislikes, or those who have accused him of some sort of sexual misbehavior. The man is incapable of letting this stuff roll off his back and stick to more lofty issues like leading the most powerful nation in the world.

When Trump lashes out at another woman calling her a pig, unattractive or overweight, the liberal press goes bonkers and dredges up all of the unkind comments he’s made about Carly Fiorina, Megyn Kelly, Omarosa Newman, Rosie O’Donnell and others. When they read these horrid stories, women who might want to vote for Trump are reminded that he does not look kindly on the fairer sex.

In effect, Trump’s unfiltered Twitter outbursts offset the positive work he is doing relating to employment, the economy, trade, taxes, immigration, health care, terrorism etc.

Frankly, the president’s immature and un-statesman-like use of social media may even impact his uncanny ability to use social media to influence public opinion and get re-elected in two years. The growth of his base has been stymied by uncontrollable outbursts directed at women. Women on the fence, will more likely than not vote for Trump’s adversaries in a few weeks and in 2020.

Trump has to believe that his success in managing our country will overwhelm all of his shortcomings including his uncensored tweets. It’s a dangerous assumption, especially since women represent about half of the electorate.

After reading two books that portray the president’s inability to stay focused on important issues and his disregard for constructive criticism, it shouldn’t surprise me that he continues to tweet and say things that are so offensive even considering the damage these actions may have on his base. But I am.

I think Republicans have a good chance of rallying in the midterm elections and again in 2020. But can they overcome the self-aggrandizing, misogynistic personality of their president? Can our country reelect a man who clearly believes that women are the inferior sex? I think not.