Democrats Will Be Crushed In 2020

Democrats will likely be crushed in the 2020 presidential elections. It has become crystal clear that current liberal ideology of the party will not seduce voters. The move to the left in the primaries by Democrats is too radical for the majority of America.

Here are reasons why President Trump and many Republican candidates will ultimately prevail.

Bernie Sanders is an ineffective curmudgeon who has been lauding the benefits of socialism for years. He has no chance to win the presidential nomination or the general election. Republicans have effectively labeled Sanders a socialist, a characterization that might be attractive to idealistic young people and those who hate America, but one that mainstream America will not accept. Virtually all of Sanders’ compatriots have swung far left.

The US is not receptive to a political persuasion that vilifies capitalism, exceptionalism and the American dream. By emphasizing these things, Republicans will win over most Americans.

Impeachment threats and the continuation of investigations relating to Russia and obstruction of justice by the Trump administration are losing battles.

Everyone accepts the fact that Russia interfered in our 2016 elections. But most Americans, including Robert Mueller, don’t believe Trump colluded with Russia in that effort. This myth gives Trump and his fledgling campaign too much credit. Neither Trump nor his inexperienced and naïve minions were capable of masterminding a conspiracy of such dimensions with Russian operatives.

Proving obstruction of justice is virtually impossible. Trump has never hidden his feelings that he wanted to fire Comey, Mueller, DOJ incompetents and assorted other Trump haters.

But, the important issue is that an impeachment vote will go nowhere even if the House passes it. The Senate will not vote to oust Trump, similar to what transpired with Bill Clinton. In fact the impeachment of Clinton helped him win the next presidential election. The same will hold true of Trump, as he will effectively become a martyr if impeachment is successful.

Health care reform has become the greatest bug-a-boo for Democrats. Their great hero, Barack Obama tried unsuccessfully to reform health care. He spent trillions and did nothing other than confuse Americans with a poorly derived plan and poor execution.

Why would Americas give Democrats a mulligan to spend $30 trillion over ten years to finance a one-payer health care system? Even the most unsophisticated members of our country can understand that such an exorbitant amount is almost three times the current deficit.

Some Americans are wondering why Democrats are so intent on opening our border, incurring huge costs and increasing the number of illegal aliens when so many Americans cannot make ends meet. The country has already allowed 10-15 million illegals into the US.

Adding another 5-10 million more will only worsen the financial, social and political stress in border states. In the meantime, homelessness and need among American citizens increases every day. The bottom line is that America cannot be a safe haven for people worldwide.

Democrats have proven time and again that they are incapable of negotiating effectively across the aisle. The gun control controversy is a perfect example of this situation.

Republicans, influenced by repeated mass murders, are now ready to accept “red flags,” which identify deranged individuals that are in possession of firearms, and licensing of guns. The response from Democrats is that it is not enough. They are correct that “it is not enough,” but why not accept a deal that would make it a bit safer for innocent Americans?

To say they want a ban of automatic and military weapons is understandable, but it is too much to ask for at this time. Democrats should make the red flag and license deal, and then pursue banning automatic weapons later. Gun control is not going to be settled in one election cycle. It can only be done effectively incrementally.

There are other reasons why many think Democrats are losers in 2020. The threat of Democratic administration to our economy, the age of top liberal candidates and the failure of Democrats to solve urban problems are just a few of them.

But the most damaging issue, to reiterate, is the hard left attitude of Democrats. Ironically a moderate Democrat would have a real chance to defeat Trump, but unfortunately he or she could not win in the primaries.

Democrats Will Not Win In 2020

Democrats are playing into the hands of Donald Trump. He’s likely to be reelected because the opposition is making so many bad political decisions starting with their selection of candidates.

Most everybody in the country wants the Mueller investigation to end. Liberals were hoping that the president would be implicated in a conspiracy with Putin. It didn’t happen.

A massive collusion was something Democrats were depending upon. They wanted to ride it all the way to impeachment and/or the election. But the truth has been revealed. Trump and his band of dingbats are clumsy, indiscreet and naïve. And, they are totally incapable of orchestrating a massive effort to influence an election.

Would everyone please keep in mind that Trump is not a spy like James Bond. He’s a real estate guy. The president has been incapable of putting together a cohesive and effective administration. How could he possibly mastermind a scheme to take over the US government? It’s all fake news. And now it’s been exposed.

Most people thought Mueller and his ultra-liberal crew were honest hard-working idealists who live to put bad guys in prison. Not true.

They are serial leakers. All they want to do is bring down the president even if the evidence doesn’t justify it. Even now they are sending notes to liberal politicians that AG Barr misrepresented Mueller’s findings. If so, why hasn’t Mueller spoken up? The answer is that there was no collusion.

So what do Democrats want to do? Generally they hope to destroy the president at any cost. Specifically they want to keep alive the conspiratorial fake news gravy train. But it’s not going to help them garner an advantage over Trump, or result in impeachment.

Mueller’s done. He couldn’t find enough evidence to prove what he really wanted to prove. The American public is going to beat congressional Democrats to a pulp in 2020, if they move forward and redo the Mueller witch-hunt.

Democrats are allowing the newest, most inexperienced and most radical elements of their party to set the agenda for the presidential campaign. And the party platform is being loaded up with socialistic and progressive pie-in-the-sky nonsense that voters won’t ultimately support. Why is this not obvious to the bumblers vying for liberal votes?

It’s not necessary to go crazy left to make gains against Trump. Even large portions of the liberal base won’t support contenders that propose the country adopt Marxist principles. America is a capitalistic society in which exceptionalism is valued and rewarded.

Other than idealistic college students who are influenced by left-wing professors, and the most radical elements in our society, no one wants their homes, schools, salary, cars and bank accounts to be the same as their neighbor. People want a chance to be great. They want to innovate, invent, be creative, work harder than others, make more money and have a more comfortable life.

Socialism is a non-starter in this country. Republicans are going to continually point out the pitfalls of socialism including the fact that every meaningful socialistic experiment in the world has failed.

Democrats keep resorting to initiatives that have already failed. Health care aka Obamacare is a bust. Premiums are higher, deductibles are greater and service is declining. Obama’s dream and legacy has become a nightmare for many Americans.

What do Democrats now propose? Universal health care. The Obamacare mandate already has many Americans addled. Why is the government trying to make them buy health insurance if they don’t want it? The answer, Obama’s plan would have this group subsidize the unhealthiest among us.

The latest gambit is to go all in and have every American be insured with the same plan. It won’t work for two reasons. One, almost 200 million Americans are unwilling to give up their company or private health care coverage. Why? Because they want to keep the their doctors, and they don’t want to wait for services.

The other reason universal health care is a non-starter is because our country can’t afford it. Liberals, if they spent any time analyzing the facts, would know that the current health care system, in which nearly 200 million Americans pay for coverage, is already bankrupting the country.

If everyone was 100% subsidized by the federal government, all the entitlements that Americans now enjoy would end and a federal bankruptcy would be imminent.

Nothing substantive legislatively is going to happen prior to the 2020 election. Trump will attempt to do beneficial things for the country and will be stymied at every turn. Total obstruction is what we will experience.

There is one ray of hope for the country. We must all pray that Trump gets fed up being president and resigns. He’s going to win against anyone in the current group of Democratic candidates. But if he resigns, Nikki Haley can save the day. I understand Haley made a big splash at the recent AIPAC Conference.

The New Socialist Party

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the old-timers running the Democratic Party to control their caucus. Frankly it’s gratifying to see that politicians other than Trump are off the rails using social media. How long have Republicans dreamed of the day that Trump would forget to tweet some inane or insulting message?

In the old days new legislators sat in the back row, observed, learned, gave a couple of irrelevant speeches on uninteresting topics and voted along party lines. No more. Anybody can now speak to the entire world through a smart phone.

Two inexperienced congresswomen are controlling the Democratic dialog since they were elected last November. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is essentially leading the party’s move to the left. She’s an admitted socialist who clearly was asleep during math class in high school just a few years ago. We know this to be true because of her inane Green New Deal proposal that will cost trillions of dollars that the US doesn’t have, and a proposed tax increase that would allegedly conquer the income inequality problem in one election cycle. AOC has come a long way from the bar she tended in the Bronx a short time ago.

Now Ilhan Omar, another liberal congresswoman, is center stage. She’s on a crusade to expose the racist actions of Israel against the Palestinian people. Her objective is to convince her fellow legislators that the Israeli government is committing human rights violations against Arabs and should be sanctioned by the US.

Since the mid 20th Century Israeli Jews have fought with their Arab neighbors over self-determination, land rights and religious freedom. This woman actually believes she is capable of settling this half-century dispute by tweeting anti-Semitic vitriol.

Omar neglected to consider that three Jews, Eliot Engel, Jerrod Nadler and Nita Lowey, chair powerful committees in the House, and that they might deem her remarks inappropriate. Chuck Schumer, also Jewish, is the Democratic Leader of the Senate. This group will not sit by idly and allow a congressional newbie to hurl anti-Semitic epithets and upset Israel support in Congress.

Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and James Clyburn, the House leadership, are very long in the tooth. They are not hip and do not appreciate the power of social media. The uprising by rookie congress people is indicative that changes are on the horizon for Democrats in the House.

In the meantime all of the Democratic initiatives to dump Trump, increase voting rights, fight against the wall, increase gun control and decrease prescription drug prices are not getting any face time. Even the Michael Cohen circus has left town.

What does all this mean politically? Well one must consider the individuals vying for the Democratic nomination for president to answer the question. Just about every one of the contenders is slowly morphing into a full-fledged socialist. They must move left to win the primary. The base consists of millions of millenials and underprivileged people who actually believe socialism will benefit them. But if moving left means avowing socialism, the Democratic Primary winner is going to lose in the general election because people in all parties are more than skeptical about dumping our nation’s capitalistic heritage.

The Democrats in Washington are being led by radical newbies in the House. They are usurping power from the old guard. Most of these people are calling for the impeachment of the president so that Democrats will continue to investigate and probably redo Mueller’s work (assuming he does not implicate the president). I think voters are getting tired of hearing the same accusations over and over, and no indictment of Trump.

The liberal presidential contenders are not focused on major geopolitical issues. The candidates are all-in regarding women’s rights and abuse issues. Some want the US to go all green even though it is unaffordable. All want to raise taxes to exorbitant levels regardless of that effect on the economy. So, the winner of the Democratic primary will be a socialist for all intents and purposes.

What about North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, human rights, starvation and disease worldwide, terrorism and the national deficit? If you want someone attuned to these issues you could be forced to vote for Trump, or better, Nikki Haley or Mitt Romney.



What About The Moral Compass Of Democrats?

America’s moral compass has come under attack based upon the actions and attitude of President Trump. His lies and exaggerations have fooled no one in the age of the Internet.

Administratively Trump rules like a monarch responsible only to himself and his political base. He has singlehandedly destroyed comity in Washington making it impossible to find compromise and for him to effectively lead the country.

But the current paralysis of Congress is not only the fault of the president. Democrats have stooped to the lowest level of underhanded politics the country has experienced in many years. Certainly their actions have been turbo charged by the misfit in the White House. But they have taken obstruction, disrespect and anarchy to great heights. The moral compass of Democrats is low, as liberals put political gains ahead of the stability and security of America.

To reiterate, the worst thing one could say about Democrats is that they would do anything to denigrate the president, even at the expense of our country. It is the lowest form of politics that’s been evident since the war between the states. The only thing legislators have not done to this point is challenge each other to duels and fisticuffs in the Capitol Building.

The response of liberals to Trump and conservatives in general has been shameful. Trump’s terrible administration has been exacerbated by his opponent’s complete lack of respect of the office he holds. They are overly aggressive, ill-advised and incompetent. Democratic leadership has been unable to rein in the trash-talking and vile comments by its caucus.

The new crop of rookies in Congress has made matters worse by using Trump as an excuse to take the country left and even suggest that socialism is the answer to all of our problems. This group has called the president every type of monster in the most unprofessional and undignified manner. Their positions would have more credibility if they toned down the rhetoric and just exposed the president’s lies and political missteps with diplomacy and respect.

The Democratic Party has no status in America. All we know about them is that they want Trump out regardless of the costs, and they have no specific political agenda. The best they can muster is pie in the sky entitlements and programs that have no chance to succeed.

Democrats want open borders that will only serve to worsen the problems affiliated with the 15 million illegals already in the country

Democrats want to overtax the most successful people in America, which will negatively impact the economic potential of the country and our capitalistic society.

Democrats want to redistribute wealth from Americans who have worked hard to those that have grown to expect support for nothing in return.

Democrats want to end the use of fossil fuel in a few years, a ridiculous proposal that would destroy our transportation infrastructure.

Democrats want free college tuition with no strings attached.

Democrats want to expand a medical system that’s already on track to bankrupt the country.

And the list goes on. Apparently neo-liberals are unable to do simple arithmetic. By adding up the costs of all these programs, they would see that they are part of their impossible dream.

New congress people with little experience and even less common sense are making foolish and insulting comments about the president and even certain ethnic groups. This has created a dilemma for Speaker Pelosi who has not been able to temper the unbridled and unproductive enthusiasm of these young lawmakers.

Some Democrats have suggested that conservatives be harassed in public places such as restaurants. Some liberals are only in favor of free speech when it supports their positions.

Unbelievably liberals have been responsible for censoring speeches by conservatives at colleges and other public forums. The recent Berkeley riots were in response to such a conservative presentation. Keep in mind the college was the epicenter for free speech in the 1960s. No more.

When Democrats suggest that Trump has harmed America, they should look in the mirror and consider the fact that their response to a terrible president has not been sterling. Moreover the pathetic and socialistic slate of Democrats vying for the presidency will only increase the chances that Trump will win another term in office.