The Wall And Abuse Of Power

Here we go again. The bull-headed president is trying to bully Congress with his crisis declaration relating to the wall. The wall is a barrier Trump wants to build on the southern border of the country separating the US from Mexico.

No doubt there exists an immigration and humanitarian crisis. Fifteen million people have already entered the country illegally and thousands at the border are in need of food, water and medical services. However Congress in their never ending incompetence has been unable to reform immigration to deal with the border situation.

So Trump decided to abscond money from some unused pots of cash appropriated by Congress for his wall. The administration believes the declaration gives the president the power to use the funds.

The cover excuse for proposed legislation by Democrats to stop this re-allocation of funds by the administration is that the president is violating constitutional separation of powers, which requires Congress to approve all expenditures of the federal government, otherwise known as the power of the purse.

A president has the authority to take certain actions and pay for them in an emergency situation, but the majority of Senate and House members do not believe the border situation qualifies as a true emergency.

The true intent of Democrats is not really abuse of power, as any informed observer would note. Rather they are trying to buffalo the American public about their intentions to stop Trump from making good on his most important campaign promise- to build a wall and stop illegal immigration.

The amount or money involved in this epic confrontation is a little over $5 billion, a relatively insignificant amount. Democrats can spend a billion dollars in their sleep with both hands tied behind their backs.

It seems that Republicans who are defying the president are sincere in their concerns about the president overstepping his authority. Additionally Republicans don’t want future liberal presidents to have the power to spend without congressional approval either.

Actually it’s moot because Trump is going to veto legislation that would make it impossible for him to “re-appropriate” funds. The Supreme Court will ultimately decide if Trump is abusing his power. Some are predicting the two new Trump Justices, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, will side with the Democrats relating to the separation of powers between the president and Congress.

The next year and a half is going to be yet another unhappy time in Washington. Hopefully it will encourage some of the old, tired political hacks to retire. A victory over Trump regarding the wall will energize his opponents even further so that obstruction will make it impossible for the administration to deliver on any further campaign promises. This will occur along side of more investigations of Trump’s presidential, business and personal affairs (literally).

Given that the economy is moving ahead at a good clip, maybe it’s better if our government does not make any significant decisions. I really don’t think this is what our forefathers had in mind when they incorporated checks and balance into the Constitution.

The Art Of Not Making A Deal

Congressional Democrats have created a gigantic sh–storm by refusing to approve a relatively minor installment on Trump’s immigration wall.

Opponents of the president will do anything they can to embarrass the president even if the country suffers for it. When Obama was in office conservatives never wanted America to fail, in any regard, to gain a political advantage. It’s un-American to do so.

Sen. Schumer and Speaker Pelosi can’t quite grasp the current state of play in the negotiations. Trump is looking for a way to appease his constituents at virtually any cost by moving forward with his wall. If Democrats approve a $5 billion appropriation for it, the president will do just about anything in return.

What might these things be? For one, the DACA kids could put on the road to citizenship immediately. Second, in terms of immigration policy, the road to citizenship for all 15 million illegals in the country can be paved. There need be only one proviso, no more new illegals, which the wall will help to accomplish.

Democrats are missing an opportunity to hit a grand slam homerun on the immigration front because they don’t understand how to negotiate effectively, and they are blinded by their animus towards the president.

Americans who are following this story should take note of two interesting facts. One is that the $5 billion ask by the president is a drop in the bucket as it relates to our national budget of several trillion dollars. Second, all the whining about federal employees not receiving a paycheck is bluster. The Senate has already offered a bill that guarantees these people back pay lost from the furloughs. The House will surely follow suit.

Democratic leaders need to rein in their new electees who are screaming for impeachment. This country does not need another three-ring political circus and constitutional crisis that leads to nowhere and only serves to divert our lawmakers. The House can impeach with its majority. But there is no way the Senate will convict with a required 2/3 vote.

I suggest the liberals start focusing on China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, health care, education, terrorists, human rights, climate change and disease control and forget about small potatoes like the wall.

This is not so say that immigration is an unimportant topic. Fifteen million illegals are roaming around our country utilizing services that cost our taxpayers $125 billion each year. We need to deal with this problem now and stop it from growing any larger. Build the damn wall already. It will stop a huge number of new interlopers from entering the country.

Let’s use some smart negotiating tactics and get our government back to work for us.