Ineffective+Untrustworthy+Too Old= No Nomination

In a story on Monday, the New York Times surveyed the latest polls dealing with Biden’s voter satisfaction, or in his case voter dissatisfaction, and its impact on the impending presidential election. The results are astounding, and certainly support the predictions of Softball Politics. Biden is not going to run for president for a second time if the Times’ assessment  is accurate.

Here is a short synopsis of the Times piece.

  • 64% of Democratic voters prefer a new standard-bearer in the 2024 election.
  • Biden received a 33% approval rating.
  • Widespread concerns about the economy and inflation have turned the national mood dark both for Biden and the trajectory of the nation.
  • Only 13% of American voters said the nation was on the right track.
  • 2/3 of independents now disapprove of the president’s performance, half of them strongly so.
  • Only 26% of Democratic voters said the party should re-nominate Biden in 2024.
  • 94% of Democrats under the age of 30 prefer a different presidential nominee. One Democrat said she wants a president “who’s not knocking on death’s door.
  • Jobs and inflation were important to 15% of voters.
  • More than 75% of voters said the economy was extremely important, and only 1 percent said the economy is excellent.

As all this pertains to the presidential election, the survey showed that Biden would defeat Trump 44 to 41% in a head to head competition. One of Biden’s favorite expressions is “don’t compare me to the Almighty, compare me to the alternative.

In an earlier blog, I mentioned that I have outstanding wagers about whether Biden and/or Trump will run in 2024. My Biden bet is looking very good at this moment. Legal problems, personality problems and an inability to govern the US will prevent Trump from obtaining the Republican nomination.

America Can Do Better Than Biden and Trump

I’ve had some animated debates recently about the Republican and Democratic nominees for president in 2024. I could not think of a worse election then one that pits Trump against Biden. I’m officially going on record that voters in both major parties we’ll see the light and not select either of these two men who, arguably, are the worst presidents in America’s history.

Joe Biden, with a majority in the House and effective majority in the Senate, has not been able to govern the US effectively. Rightly so, most Americans, less than 40%, think Biden is doing a good job. Why would Democrats nominate a man that a vast majority of voters dislike intensely? Doesn’t the party have anyone ready for prime time? Will Democrats re-nominate Biden because most incumbent presidents historically are renominated regardless of their performance? How stupid is that strategy?

Here are the primary reasons why Sleepy Joe has no chance to win another election:

  • Illegal immigration continues unabated.
  • Biden botched the US departure from Afghanistan.
  • Inflation is worse than any time since the 1980s.
  • Gas prices are at historical highs.
  • COVID and its offspring are still devastating America.
  • Biden originally supported defunding of the police.
  • Biden was not able to control Joe Manchin, Democrat from West Virginia, effectively making it impossible for Democrats to pass Biden’s agenda.
  • Russia and China are bullying the US, and other countries, with little push back.
  • The US has done nothing to temper North Korea and Iran, as they build nuclear weapons.
  • Biden is running on an anti-Trump platform.
  • Biden has made no advances in the fight against global warming.
  • Biden and Democrats have not supported free speech for every American, just for liberals.
  • Biden is a free spender who has turbocharged inflation with unparalleled new entitlements.
  • Joe will be 82 and 2024. He acts like someone who is that old.
  • Etc.

Now Trump. This man is a thorn in the side of America. He has single handedly pitted Americans against each other by endorsing violent protests after the 2020 elections. He’s a conspiracy weirdo. Trump is paranoid about his beliefs and that everyone is out to get him. Trump has serious character flaws and is not capable of effectively governing the US.

For over six years, scores of people have exposed Trump’s opulent and secretive lifestyle, and his megalomania. He obliterates people who have any opposing opinions. He expects loyalty to the death.

Trump is not intelligent enough to be president. He is a troublemaker and has virtually no friends. He is an exaggerator and a liar. He has no ability to manage even a small company much less the US. The only reason he was elected in 2020 is because the American voters hated Hillary Clinton and were looking for a change.

Trump is an embarrassment to America. He tried to bully his way through his first term. What’s incredible to me is that the Fox Network still supports Trump. I sit at home and watch some very intelligent journalists and talking heads still applauding Trump contributions. He took from America and gave nothing back in return.

The impending presidential election is critical to the US. We need to find leaders who are capable. Let’s forget about Joe and Donald and pick someone great.

I will be collecting on my bets in couple of years.

Trump For President? No Way!!!

Apparently, Donald Trump believes he can successfully run for president once again. He has been making appearances across the country at his former strongholds. I’m not sure what his supporters think he can do if he runs again, but I’d like to remind them of a few things. One thing is that he has no chance to be reelected president.

Trump will damage the Republican Party by diluting the drawing power of a credible conservative candidate. I’m sure he doesn’t give a damn about his party or anybody for that matter. In 1992, H. Ross Perot selfishly ran for president and took a large chunk of the popular votes from the incumbent Republican Party candidate; most of these votes would have gone to George H.W. Bush. It was one reason Bill Clinton stole the election from Bush.

Trump does not have a realistic chance to defeat Joe Biden, if the latter is the Democratic candidate. Trump’s legacy consists of a series of lawsuits and accusations of self-dealing and various types of corruption. Keep in mind the man was impeached.  So, a vote for Trump will come out of the pocket of the Republican candidate.

In hindsight, Trump has given America no reason to have another bite at the apple. The man is not a loyal party man and was a horrible candidate, only succeeding against Hillary Clinton because she was universally chastised by so many Americans. Most experts believe that Trump would have lost against any other credible candidate in 2016.

While in office, his megalomaniac behavior made the vast majority of Americans cringe, even those who voted for him as a way to defeat Hillary. Donald Trump is not someone you’d want to have a cocktail with or befriend. He’s not a nice man and only cares about himself. Time and again, he threw minions under the bus for his own missteps and thorough inability to serve as president. The White House had a revolving door to accommodate the people he fired or who walked out on him. He had no redeeming qualities.

Trump used the presidency to build his own image and failed miserably. He cared not for the needy or those with problems or allies that asked him for US assistance. His ascendancy to the highest office in the land was a perfect storm. Many Americans were turned off by politicians, so they gave a businessman a chance, a shady man at that, to lead the country. It could not have been a worse pick by the Republican Party.

Whenever Trump didn’t get his way, he cried foul. He was he was a terrible winner and a horrible loser who tried, and continues, to bring down our electoral system after he was defeated decisively by Biden and for the next year after.

Trumpers are under the impression that Biden’s failure to act and govern like a president gives Trump an opportunity to try again. They are both losers, and our country would be better off if both retire to a quiet place.

Every time I hear Trump drew a large crowd at one appearance or another, my skin crawls. He destroyed the Republican Party, but Biden has given conservatives another opportunity to take control over the government, the presidency and Congress. Let’s not let this opportunity slip away by supporting in any way a man who is dangerous for our country and our security.

There are many Republicans who are frightened of Trump and want to run for office without denigrating the former president. This is the wrong attitude. Trump has no power. He is an empty suit, a bad man that is despised in the US and around the world. By disavowing Trump, Republican contenders for the presidency will win kudos from loyal and informed party members.

Biden Speaks With The Press And Flops

It must be really depressing to be a Democrat these days. Nothing is going well for the left-wing party. All of the promises Joe Biden made to Americans have gone nowhere in Congress. To make matters worse, the leader looks haggard, confused and overworked.

Liberals are starting to feel like Republicans during the Trump years. They have control, but they can’t get a darn thing done. Democrat lawmakers should not have tried to change America in one presidential cycle with a 50/50 split in the Senate and a razor thin margin in the House.

Think about the ridiculous proposals. Democrats want to open borders even as people from Mexico and Central America are flooding into the US causing confusion and havoc. Pelosi and her minions are not bothered one bit about the illegals wading across the Rio Grande. That’s because liberals want to give citizenship to everyone without any conditions and because the illegals will probably vote Democratic when they become citizens.

Thoughtful Americans including many Democrats are scratching their heads and saying open borders are not a good idea, and maybe building a wall wasn’t such a stupid proposal. In the meantime, taxpayers are caring for these people without regard to criminal records, health and where the where they will ultimately settle.

Biden is negotiating with Russia as it prepares to overrun the Ukraine. Putin knows Biden is a lame duck with no real power over Congress. The Russian troublemaker knows he can ride roughshod over America. If he was politically savvy, Biden would threaten to bankrupt Russia if it invades the Ukraine. America should be prepared to shut down the Russian banking system. This is the only way to handle rogue despots like Vladimir Putin.

How can America have confidence in Biden when he insists on dealing with Iranian troublemakers. The ayatollahs are going to continue to threaten non-Islamic worshippers and Sunni regimes. And now the rogue president of Iran is making deals with Russia and China to foment more instability in the Middle East. We should not reinstate the Obama nuclear deal.

Biden thinks he’s going to be able to enact his entitlement extravaganza “in chunks.” What the hell is he talking about? Biden was shut down by fellow Democrats because his legislation would have worsened inflation. He wanted to spend too much. The Federal Reserve has stated that monstrous new entitlement programs will not be good for our economy. Overspending will exacerbate our national debt problem and devalue the dollar. Biden obviously never took economics 101.

Biden’s naive actions in Afghanistan have given his doubters even more reasons to expect the worst overseas. Clearly, the president did not listen to his generals. Americans are still in Afghanistan trying to escape.

Joe Biden spent several decades in the Senate. One would think that he could lead his colleagues in his Senate. But no, his own party members are revolting against him. Two Democratic senators have single handedly stopped all of Biden’s initiatives.

Last week Biden subjected himself to a barrage of questions for over two hours, a rare event for this administration. Once again, his responses to questions were fraught with exaggerations and misstatements. I’m not a Democrat, and I actually felt sorry for the guy. For a number of statements, Biden’s aides had to walk back comments made by the president after the news conference. And Biden said he thought his administration was doing a good job even as his ratings have dropped precipitously. The most outrageous statement was that he said he would run again with Kamala Harris as his vice president partner. Both should retire before the next presidential election.

Sympathies to my Democratic friends. Biden is going to lead his colleagues to a great defeat in 2022 in 2024. You better brace yourself for a political catastrophe.

President Lame Duck

Alas, Joe Biden has become a lame duck president just one year after taking office. His own party is accusing him of political missteps since taking office along with an inability to keep promises made during the campaign. Biden is following in the footsteps of Barack Obama, who bit off more than he could chew with Obamacare and then lost a filibuster-proof Congress after about two years. Obama didn’t anticipate the untimely death of Sen. Teddy Kennedy and the resistance of his opposition. Biden overestimated the influence of his left-wing comrades.

Unlike other situations, Biden’s own colleagues are doing him in. Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, both Democrats, have vehemently opposed outrageous initiatives of the president. After decades in the Senate, you’d think Biden would know how to navigate through thorny political minefield in Congress. He didn’t give weight to his razor thin margin in the Senate. At 50/50, only one defector can derail big plans of a president and a political party.

The lesson to be learned is that a president should not try to make massive changes in our country without a buy in from the opposition and a significant mandate from the voters. The bad blood in Washington has made it exceedingly difficult to get anything done these days.

Specifically, Democrats tried to slip through a $5 trillion spending plan and change the rules relating to the Senate filibuster (to enact voting rights reform). Overspending and attempted dominance by a political party without a mandate was resisted by the two Democratic senators. They saved the country from several horrible mistakes, granting unwise entitlements and ensuing exacerbation of inflation, and blowing up Senate rules that have been in place for a long time.

Why didn’t Biden appreciate the fact that radical left-wing hacks in his own party were leading him down the primrose path? Joe has Schumer, Pelosi, Sanders, the Squad and a number of socialists in his government to thank for his predicament. He is destined, for sure, to be in office only one term, and Democrats are going to lose seats in the House and Senate in 2022 and 2024. And, Joe Biden has 40 plus years experience in Washington. Can you believe such an experienced person can perform so ineffectively?

After all this said and done, our government worked well. It prevented a rogue group of socialists from disrupting our country. Having a 50/50 advantage in the Senate is not a platform from which a president can change the pillars of the country.

But what will happen during the next three years. Probably, Republicans will gain majorities in the Senate and the House. But with a Democratic president little will be accomplished, as one would expect Biden to veto all Republican initiatives. Gone are the days that opposing parties could find compromise. There will be little or no compromise between now and 2024.

It causes great concern that Joe Biden will be conducting foreign policy for three more years. Getting close to Iran and mishandling Russia and China is expected with Biden in a lead role. Hopefully, Congress will be able to fend off bad decisions regarding our allies and enemies.

If I Was President, I Would. . .

Softball Politics has been very critical of President Biden since he took office. It’s time that I present my agenda if I were to be elected in 2024. Note: Only kidding, I am 73 this month and too old to be president. But I could be available in a pinch.

I should inform you that I would run as a Republican, all things considered. Conservatives are not perfect. They make mistakes and propose dumb things just like Democrats. After all, they elected Donald Trump. But progressives and ultra-liberals are over running the Democratic Party trying to move the country towards socialism, whether you believe it or not. Why anyone would vote for a bunch of losers and extremists like the squad, Sanders, Harris and Biden is beyond me.

The number one item on my agenda would be to manage the pandemic. I would round up the 10 or 15 most distinguished epidemiologists in America and hold them hostage until they agreed upon a cogent plan to battle the viruses. I would not except wishy-washy and speculative pronouncements. It is possible that the human race will need to deal with this problem indefinitely. If so, let’s admit it and prepare for it.

This group would have access to all current data and research. It’s about time that our doctors and researchers were put on the spot. We’re dealing with life and death situations. If an outright cure is not available, the group will present this to the American people in a non-political manner and reveal every danger without window dressing, hyperbole or spin. Americans have a right to know whether vaccines really work, if viruses can be contracted more than once and the chances of getting the virus with and without a vaccine and booster.

Importantly, I would oversee the federalization of pandemic mandates for all Americans. Every state would have input, but the federal government would be responsible for decisions to keep children out of school, to require masks in school and at work and to require masks in restaurants and large gatherings. This would end the politization of the pandemic by state and local leaders. The virus is a national problem, not a local one.

And finally, I would consider the amount of money being spent on pandemic research versus diseases of the heart, cancer, etc. More research is necessary for viruses that can wipe out the human race. This is not to minimize every other disease. Rather, it is priority system of spending taxpayer money.

Another critical issue is our southern border. We should not permit any additional illegal immigration. The US cannot be a country without secure borders. No one should be able to walk/swim across the Rio Grande River and settle somewhere in the United States.

I would accomplish this by using federal troops and reserve units to police the border. These soldiers would be given authority to capture anyone crossing illegally and ship them back across the Mexican border.

I appreciate that America is a glorious melting pot, and our diversity affords us great benefits. But we cannot save the world. We cannot afford to subsidize ten or 20 million more people.

I would no longer stand aside and allow Russia, China, North Korea and Iran to act with impunity throughout the world. Human rights violations have not receded in recent years. They are growing in numbers and intensity. The US should lead the charge against human rights violators.

The US should not use deadly force except as a last resort. Rather, our response to acts committed by other countries should be economic in nature. If Russia invades Ukraine, the US should apply stringent sanctions on the country that meaningfully impact companies and wealthy citizens.

Chinese aggression towards others should be punished the same way. Our second greatest strength after our military might is our economy. Most of our large enemies are trying to improve their financial condition. The US can severely disrupt the growth of enemy economic plans by closing down banking systems.

I would stop supporting countries that openly oppose US policies. For far too long, America has funded nations around the world to gain their favor. This strategy has proven to be ineffectual. Why are precious resources being used overseas when they are needed desperately in America? The United Nations is an ideal place to start. For years, we have been funding projects in far off places, even as the leaders of these places badmouth America in speeches at the UN. If our neighbors don’t like our politics, they can make do without our financial assistance.

It’s about time that someone stopped the all-out attack on our police officers. Misdirected anarchists and troublemakers are leading the charge against our brave policemen and women. The need for domestic security is greatest in urban areas. To decrease the amount of police protection in these places is idiotic. As police strength weakens, criminals are emboldened. I would federalize any state or local police department if locals attempt to emasculate them.

A prosecutor in New York City has announced that the City will no longer arrest criminals for certain felonies as defined by lawmakers. The objective is to decrease the number of felons in jails and prisons.

These moronic actions and new policies need to be stopped. Prosecutors, district attorneys and US attorneys are not authorized to eliminate crimes that they don’t agree with. They have sworn to protect our citizens against crimes delineated by our lawmakers. This is a miscarriage of justice.

The time has come to neutralize the stranglehold teachers’ unions have over teachers, students and parents. Teachers are critical elements of our society. They are responsible for children during most of the time the kids are not sleeping. In New York City, there are over 1,000,000 students. It should be illegal for teachers to walk away from these individuals, just as it is for air traffic controllers. In 1981, Ronald Reagan fired 11,357 controllers for striking.

I would sanction Iran to such an extent that regime change was inevitable. The rogue state does not have a right to disrupt the Middle East. It does not have the right to force worshippers to convert to Islam. It does not have a right to convert Sunnis to Shiite. It does not have a right to possess nuclear weapons. It does not have a right to intimidate other nations. It is unnecessary to attack Iran unless they are close to developing a nuclear weapon. All we need to do is make it impossible for them to sell oil now. Iran should be barred from the banking system. Ultimately, the people of Iran will revolt against their leaders and the ayatollahs would lose control.

I have become deeply suspicious of the safety of US Airlines. Security before you board a plane seems to be fine. Who knows whether our security systems would head off another attack like 9/11? However, the quality of the equipment and the maintenance of airplanes are suspect. Planes seem to break down constantly causing massive delays.

I believe deregulation has been a failure. Seats are hard to come by and prices have skyrocketed. The airline system worked much more efficiently when the profits of these companies were guaranteed by setting fairs and scheduling. Airlines are no different than utilities. Instead of electricity and water, people are being transported. Let’s assure our airlines are safe and profitable by re-regulating the industry.

It’s time that social controversy was brought under control. The most radical members of opposing forces for abortion vs. life are dominating the political landscape and have been doing so for four decades. The same is true for gun control. There are compromises that could end all the time and money wasted in these highly contentious disagreements.

I would bring together leaders of the aforementioned groups and force them into compromise. America is a democracy, not a theocracy. Compromise should be based upon scientific input along with common sense, not old wives tales, religion and emotion. All the smart people that are trying to force others to feel one way or another should be muted. I’m tired of seeing our government arguing over issues that can be settled with one or two effective compromises.

It’s time that the federal government reconsider welfare. For most people, staying home is not an option. Able bodied Americans should be required to work. The federal government should provide a job to every single person in the country. This would be in lieu welfare checks and other kinds of aid. The ultimate cost of such a program would be more than offset by the growth in workers, taxpayers and productivity. I believe that most Americans who resent the welfare system would be on board with a new system that required people to work if possible.

There is much more that I would do if elected. Over time, I will discuss more of these important issues that impact our lives.

Dire Election 2022 Update For Democrats

The 2022 elections will be a politically earthshattering affair. They will set the stage for what happens two years later when Americans elect a new president.

History tells us that the presidential party in power usually loses congressional seats during off year elections. Joe Biden’s performance should ensure that Democrats will suffer in the House and probably the Senate. After the 2024 elections, the entire government may once again be in the hands of conservatives. The progressive experiment will then be declared a failure and pols like AOC, Sanders and Pelosi will be relegated to the backbenches in the House and Senate.

The immigration tragedy on the southern border, the clumsy and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, bumbling of COVID and related disease responses, relations with China and Russia, the economy, inflation and other issues are wreaking havoc in presidential opinion polls. And rightly so. Democrats are shunning the president’s support in their local elections, the first sign of abandonment by politicians on the run.

Democrats are splintered ranging from very liberal to radical liberal. Only Manchin and Sinema in the Senate have shown courage by resisting entitlement increases and spending that will exacerbate inflationary pressures. America is feeling the effect of higher prices across the board right now. The party in power always pays the price for economic strife.

For some reason, Biden continues to support efforts to relax sanctions on Iran. This is the most militarily preposterous action imaginable. Iran is our deadly enemy, and it wants to develop nuclear weapons. It is mad to give the ayatollah’s such a deadly weapon. They will use it to intimidate any country or party that is not Shiite. A third World War becomes a realistic concern with a nuclear Iran.

China and Russia became more aggressive with the arrival of Biden and the Democrats. They have no fear of our military might with the current president as commander-in-chief. China is expanding its influence across the globe, but most notably in the South China Sea and neighboring areas. Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine. Thousands of soldiers are mustering along the common border of Russia and Ukraine.

The continuing movement to the left by the Biden administration is really beginning to irritate Americans. Persistent support of violent mob protest, defunding police, high crime rates, rioting in the name of income inequality are beginning to erode support of Democrats. Law and order will be an important issue when Democrat candidates debate Republican candidates prior to the midterm elections.

The blow back is so dire for the liberal crowd that even Donald Trump is rallying, God help us. His reemergence is the only hope for Democrats. Let’s hope Trump is unable to muster any support, as his presence will drive voters away from Republican candidates.   

Biden Was A Bust In Rome And Scotland

A lot is happening in the political arena these days. Most importantly, Biden went to Rome and Scotland in an attempt to stir up the world about an impending climate crisis and other issues.

Biden has been unable to rein in his left-wing colleagues and enact any legislation dealing with climate change, infrastructure and elderly and young Americans. The COVID brouhaha is still mystifying the entire medical community and the leaders of countries around the world. And there is a governor’s race in Virginia that may be the beginning of the end of the current administration and domination of Democrats.

There’s more, such as the abortion debate in the in the Supreme Court, inflation concerns and supply shortages, which I will not comment on at this time.

Biden is likely to give up trying to lead America pretty soon. Pelosi, AOC, Schumer, Manchin, Sinema and McConnell are getting the best of him. So why not try to take over the world? Maybe America is not a big enough stage for Biden. He needs a global challenge. I’m being facetious, of course. Other world leaders are not sanguine about US global leadership.

China didn’t show up in Rome or Scotland, nor did Russia. How can you conduct a summit meeting when two of the largest countries in the world play hooky? The rogue leaders of these countries [I wonder if they collaborated] don’t believe Biden has the chops to make an impact on world events or even govern America. Biden is still trying to convince his peers that he is the guy to deal with increasing temperatures, terrorism, financial distress, disease, religious wars, economic wars, etc. Give me a break. Joe was having trouble staying awake at one of the meetings this week. China and Russia still respect our power, but they think very little of our leaders, especially the man who lives in the White House.

On the domestic front, which China and Russia are monitoring closely, it’s one disaster after another. The biggest issues are the those created by members of Biden’s political party. Joe Manchin is not going to agree to a large amount of societal changes and entitlements in the US. Manchin has already gotten the Democrats to eliminate any restrictions on coal that would affect his home state of West Virginia, and the second climate change and entitlement bonanza has been cut in half because Manchin required it to be so. If Manchin, for some reason backs off, Kyrsten Sinema will not vote nay, which will kill this second package and possibly the first.

Progressives in Congress are pulling out their hair. All their inane giveaways and freebies are slowly dissipating. None of them have come to realize that the split in Congress is razor thin and they would be better off taking smaller bites and not trying to change too much too quickly.

COVID is still driving our medical people bonkers. Every day brings a new issue to the forefront. The doctors and research people can’t agree what the protocols should be. To make matters worse, large groups of people are refusing to be vaccinated. There is a civil right at play that can only be overcome with good leadership. Forget that in this administration. Nine thousand workers in New York City were laid off for not taking the vaccine.

And finally, there is a governor’s race in Virginia pitting Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton minion, against Glenn Youngkin, a private equity guy. The former was supposed to walk over Youngkin, but he made some stupid remarks about education and what teachers are teaching in the state regarding racism. McAuliffe has alienated thousands, and maybe a million, parents who are Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Education is not is not really a partisan issue. If an upset occurs, and Youngkin wins, it could have political ramifications across the country in the 2022 midterm elections. Update, Youngkin defeated McAuliffe.

At the center of all these problems is Joe Biden. Was he really the right person to move into the White House in 2020?

Trump’s Back, But Don’t Sweat It

Donald Trump’s attempt to become a viable presidential candidate in the 2024 Election is a total farce an insult to America. Liberals would have you believe that the former president has an efficient political system in place, capable of blowing up the ambitions of anyone who does not show him respect. I think this characterization is a canard.

True, there are small pockets of radical right-wing fervor around the country. But they are unorganized, not institutionalized and have very little political clout outside their own domains. Trump was unable to lead the government and effectively recruit capable aides. Yet, liberal commentators would have you believe that he has a large organization of operatives prepared to sabotage our government and our political system. This is a myth.

Let’s get personal for a moment. The man is a narcissist and cares about no other person than himself. He’s not a patriot. He endorses activities that supposedly reflect well on his ideology. [Consider the assault on the Capitol]. His ideology is fluid and changes on a daily basis in response to criticism. What makes me chuckle is that Joe Biden was such a horrible candidate that Trump was able to have a decent showing in the 2020 elections. Against a qualified Democrat opponent, Trump would have lost decisively. And remember, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, the only politician in America who couldn’t beat Trump at the time. He’s had the good fortune of running against two incompetent losers.

Trump believes that the electoral system is corrupt. For sure, there was some cheating going on. But the crimes espoused by Trump and his minions are just too unbelievable for most Americans. Our electoral system is not perfect, but it has weathered the passing of time and as given us duly elected officials for over two centuries. The criticism of our system by liberals is similarly over the top. With a bipartisan effort, our lawmakers should be able to find compromise for a voting system for those who are currently disadvantage.

Trump’s terrible reputation was widespread before he was elected in 2016. Americans took a chance on him because he ran against a person who’s even more despicable than he. We elected a person who had no governmental expertise and had a history of terrorizing anyone he dealt with in business. When we look back, it’s easy to say it was a stupid move by the voters. The country needed a change, and we just picked the wrong person. Why would Americans do it again? Why vote for a man who is universally hated?

Trump had some good plans. Unfortunately, he was unable to prove that they were beneficial for America. Now, even Trump’s best proposals are anathema just because he offered them. The “wall” and immigration policies Trump laid out would have been far better than the mess at the southern border at this time.

 Trump called out deadbeat countries for underfunding NATO. Trump exposed China for what it really is, our most deadly and sinister enemy. Trump would not negotiate with Iraq’s ayatollahs. They are liars who hate all non-Islamic people. And the list goes on. Trump would have been a better president if he hired and listened to informed aides. He wanted to be a dictator, and the country did what it should, bounce him from office.

I hate to denigrate fellow Americans, but I just cannot see why Republicans of any type would support Donald Trump, the most hated man in the world, for president, at such a vulnerable time for Democrats.

Biden is too old, two weak and not intelligent enough to run the country. It took him a short time to prove he doesn’t know what the hell is doing. He is a puppet for the radical progressives who want to change the world in one presidential cycle.

Good Republicans candidates could very well retake control of both houses of Congress in 2022 and the presidency in 2024. Let’s not blow this opportunity by giving Trump a voice in our political system once again.

Start Packing, Mr. President

Everyone, including the writer, has been very critical of actions, and inaction, of President Biden in recent weeks. Perhaps we should be focusing on positive steps that the leader can take to benefit America and Americans even if they mark the end of the insane power play by liberals in Congress.

The first thing that comes to mind is the infrastructure deal that nearly every legislator said would be good for the country. Our infrastructure needs an upgrade lest we watch our bridges and roads become more dangerous and crumble before our eyes. Democrats are currently using the $1.5 trillion deal as a bargaining chip to do another $3.5 trillion or more of entitlement giveaways. Virtually every Republican is against the latter deal, and most would vote for the first infrastructure proposal without any hesitation.

Democrats need to be amenable to deferring conversations about borrowing a spectacularly large amount of money for social and environmental improvements. Getting something done would really help Democrats at this moment. And they could assign blame to Republicans for not supporting the follow up legislation. This could have a meaningful and beneficial impact on Democrat political standing in both 2022 and 2024 elections.

Trying to add $5 to 6 trillion to our national debt at this moment is really a terrible idea. And to attempt it without any support from the minority is political suicide for Democrats. Loudmouth progressive crazies in the liberal fold will just have to wait and see and how the chips fall in the coming elections to implement the biggest entitlement program in history. I don’t think the large new legislation is doable in the foreseeable future. Democrats should attempt to push through pieces of the larger deal that would attract Republicans, especially some things relating to climate change.

It may be too late, but Biden really needs to take drastic action along the southern border and stifle illegal immigration. He and Kamala, who is supposed to be managing the process, are just ignoring the despicable refugee conditions that have developed. The suffering at the location is not acceptable. Biden should support “the wall” that most Democrats mocked a few years ago and flood the area with troops that will be needed to stop more illegals from entering the country.

At this point, there will be dramatic and horrific human suffering regardless of what direction the federal government takes. It should opt to end the migration even if the use of force is necessary. It has become nothing less than an invasion.

Biden’s approval ratings are dropping precipitously each day as he dodges questions from the media, and his progressive colleagues continue to talk up unrealistic expectations. Biden’s administration was doomed right from the start by the likes of Sanders, AOC, Pelosi, Warren and all the fashionable progressives in Congress.

Promises were made and no one except the opposition bothered to count votes to see if the razor thin margins in the House and Senate could accommodate such drastic changes in our social programs, much less adding another $6 trillion to the deficit. Biden was snookered into supporting outrageous changes built on a vicious attack by progressives on Republicans and conservatives.

The time is coming when Democrats are going to have to back off and let Biden’s term fritter away. He will be remembered as a dismal president, one who didn’t have the energy, courage or skill to do the to do things demanded of him by power-grabbing progressives.

The least Biden should do is end efforts affiliated with changing our society and economic systems in one presidential cycle. Democrats made promises that were impossible to keep and should be prepared to lose big in 2022. Maybe that will encourage them to work on projects and goals with Republicans that are attainable.