If I Was President, I Would. . .

Softball Politics has been very critical of President Biden since he took office. It’s time that I present my agenda if I were to be elected in 2024. Note: Only kidding, I am 73 this month and too old to be president. But I could be available in a pinch.

I should inform you that I would run as a Republican, all things considered. Conservatives are not perfect. They make mistakes and propose dumb things just like Democrats. After all, they elected Donald Trump. But progressives and ultra-liberals are over running the Democratic Party trying to move the country towards socialism, whether you believe it or not. Why anyone would vote for a bunch of losers and extremists like the squad, Sanders, Harris and Biden is beyond me.

The number one item on my agenda would be to manage the pandemic. I would round up the 10 or 15 most distinguished epidemiologists in America and hold them hostage until they agreed upon a cogent plan to battle the viruses. I would not except wishy-washy and speculative pronouncements. It is possible that the human race will need to deal with this problem indefinitely. If so, let’s admit it and prepare for it.

This group would have access to all current data and research. It’s about time that our doctors and researchers were put on the spot. We’re dealing with life and death situations. If an outright cure is not available, the group will present this to the American people in a non-political manner and reveal every danger without window dressing, hyperbole or spin. Americans have a right to know whether vaccines really work, if viruses can be contracted more than once and the chances of getting the virus with and without a vaccine and booster.

Importantly, I would oversee the federalization of pandemic mandates for all Americans. Every state would have input, but the federal government would be responsible for decisions to keep children out of school, to require masks in school and at work and to require masks in restaurants and large gatherings. This would end the politization of the pandemic by state and local leaders. The virus is a national problem, not a local one.

And finally, I would consider the amount of money being spent on pandemic research versus diseases of the heart, cancer, etc. More research is necessary for viruses that can wipe out the human race. This is not to minimize every other disease. Rather, it is priority system of spending taxpayer money.

Another critical issue is our southern border. We should not permit any additional illegal immigration. The US cannot be a country without secure borders. No one should be able to walk/swim across the Rio Grande River and settle somewhere in the United States.

I would accomplish this by using federal troops and reserve units to police the border. These soldiers would be given authority to capture anyone crossing illegally and ship them back across the Mexican border.

I appreciate that America is a glorious melting pot, and our diversity affords us great benefits. But we cannot save the world. We cannot afford to subsidize ten or 20 million more people.

I would no longer stand aside and allow Russia, China, North Korea and Iran to act with impunity throughout the world. Human rights violations have not receded in recent years. They are growing in numbers and intensity. The US should lead the charge against human rights violators.

The US should not use deadly force except as a last resort. Rather, our response to acts committed by other countries should be economic in nature. If Russia invades Ukraine, the US should apply stringent sanctions on the country that meaningfully impact companies and wealthy citizens.

Chinese aggression towards others should be punished the same way. Our second greatest strength after our military might is our economy. Most of our large enemies are trying to improve their financial condition. The US can severely disrupt the growth of enemy economic plans by closing down banking systems.

I would stop supporting countries that openly oppose US policies. For far too long, America has funded nations around the world to gain their favor. This strategy has proven to be ineffectual. Why are precious resources being used overseas when they are needed desperately in America? The United Nations is an ideal place to start. For years, we have been funding projects in far off places, even as the leaders of these places badmouth America in speeches at the UN. If our neighbors don’t like our politics, they can make do without our financial assistance.

It’s about time that someone stopped the all-out attack on our police officers. Misdirected anarchists and troublemakers are leading the charge against our brave policemen and women. The need for domestic security is greatest in urban areas. To decrease the amount of police protection in these places is idiotic. As police strength weakens, criminals are emboldened. I would federalize any state or local police department if locals attempt to emasculate them.

A prosecutor in New York City has announced that the City will no longer arrest criminals for certain felonies as defined by lawmakers. The objective is to decrease the number of felons in jails and prisons.

These moronic actions and new policies need to be stopped. Prosecutors, district attorneys and US attorneys are not authorized to eliminate crimes that they don’t agree with. They have sworn to protect our citizens against crimes delineated by our lawmakers. This is a miscarriage of justice.

The time has come to neutralize the stranglehold teachers’ unions have over teachers, students and parents. Teachers are critical elements of our society. They are responsible for children during most of the time the kids are not sleeping. In New York City, there are over 1,000,000 students. It should be illegal for teachers to walk away from these individuals, just as it is for air traffic controllers. In 1981, Ronald Reagan fired 11,357 controllers for striking.

I would sanction Iran to such an extent that regime change was inevitable. The rogue state does not have a right to disrupt the Middle East. It does not have the right to force worshippers to convert to Islam. It does not have a right to convert Sunnis to Shiite. It does not have a right to possess nuclear weapons. It does not have a right to intimidate other nations. It is unnecessary to attack Iran unless they are close to developing a nuclear weapon. All we need to do is make it impossible for them to sell oil now. Iran should be barred from the banking system. Ultimately, the people of Iran will revolt against their leaders and the ayatollahs would lose control.

I have become deeply suspicious of the safety of US Airlines. Security before you board a plane seems to be fine. Who knows whether our security systems would head off another attack like 9/11? However, the quality of the equipment and the maintenance of airplanes are suspect. Planes seem to break down constantly causing massive delays.

I believe deregulation has been a failure. Seats are hard to come by and prices have skyrocketed. The airline system worked much more efficiently when the profits of these companies were guaranteed by setting fairs and scheduling. Airlines are no different than utilities. Instead of electricity and water, people are being transported. Let’s assure our airlines are safe and profitable by re-regulating the industry.

It’s time that social controversy was brought under control. The most radical members of opposing forces for abortion vs. life are dominating the political landscape and have been doing so for four decades. The same is true for gun control. There are compromises that could end all the time and money wasted in these highly contentious disagreements.

I would bring together leaders of the aforementioned groups and force them into compromise. America is a democracy, not a theocracy. Compromise should be based upon scientific input along with common sense, not old wives tales, religion and emotion. All the smart people that are trying to force others to feel one way or another should be muted. I’m tired of seeing our government arguing over issues that can be settled with one or two effective compromises.

It’s time that the federal government reconsider welfare. For most people, staying home is not an option. Able bodied Americans should be required to work. The federal government should provide a job to every single person in the country. This would be in lieu welfare checks and other kinds of aid. The ultimate cost of such a program would be more than offset by the growth in workers, taxpayers and productivity. I believe that most Americans who resent the welfare system would be on board with a new system that required people to work if possible.

There is much more that I would do if elected. Over time, I will discuss more of these important issues that impact our lives.

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