We Are Losing The War Against COVID

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling more depressed each day about the state of affairs in our country. There are a few issues that are really dragging us down. It might help to discuss, once again, the most important issue of our time, the ongoing pandemic.

By far, the greatest depression in America and around the world is the wave after wave of viruses that has been relentlessly attacking us. After a shaky start, our medical people and political leaders have made some progress. Slowly but surely, most of us are now being vaccinated. But, is this is all we must do?

Unfortunately, some Americans are resisting vaccines for sensible, and nonsensical reasons. The most compelling one is that they have not been convinced that inoculations are effective. Fair enough.

The effect of vaccines on our population remains very unclear. Do the vaccines and boosters protect us, or are they merely a placebo? Are we immune to the virus if we have already had the virus previously? Can we be asymptomatic and still pass on the disease? Are our testing techniques giving us accurate data? Are medical experts misreading the data collected? The federal government promised free tests, an unfulfilled pledge.

The bottom line is that medical advisers led by Anthony Fauci have not been able to tell us what we can do to ensure we do not contract the viruses, after two years of hell. It’s difficult to believe that with all the data being generated, the experts have not been able to effectively guide us.

What’s making this situation worse are the actions of our leaders and lawmakers. They are more misinformed then the medical experts. Every state has its own protocols. If you’ve traveled around at all you know that Floridians are fed up with all mandates and are acting accordingly, while New Yorkers are much more conservative about wearing masks and going to public places to eat and congregate. The US is a hodgepodge of different perspectives that has caused various responses to the infection.

And worse still, some political hacks are using the virus as a political bludgeon against their opponents. Our leaders must work together to coordinate the sickness and death that has tormented us for so long.

Currently, our country is led by a man who has been duly elected by its citizens and has not done nearly enough to rectify the issues relating to the pandemic. Should we just lead our lives and treat COVID viruses as we would any other flu? Should our kids go to school, or forgo important face to face exposure with teachers, in spite of the disease? Who is leading this country? We do not have a commander-in-chief in the war against COVID.

We’ve dealt with disease on numerous occasions over the years. Why is this challenge so much more difficult? Why hasn’t Joe Biden demanded that the great medical minds in this country caucus and figure out a course for all Americans. Each state is not independent when it comes to disease prevention. People in California can infect people in New York.

If Biden can’t organize the experts he should resign and be replaced with someone who can. Just not Kamala, please.

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  1. Sal,
    You are right on the money. This is a national problem and needs national solutions. A Czar should be appointed backed by a team of experts. A NASA type group should be created.

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