Israeli Critics In Congress Shielded By NY Times

In an August 22 editorial titled “The Revival of an Anti-Semitic Canard,” the NY Times sought to blame Trump for increased violence against Jews by distorting facts.

The only line in the editorial that was constructive was at its conclusion. It read as follows: “The right road forward is for Democrats, and Republicans, to maintain strong support for democracy and liberal values, both in Israel and in the United States.” Note: The reference, however, to liberal values is puzzling.

Democrats inspired a Trump political assault when they refused to appropriately censor congresswomen that unabashedly denigrated Israel, its prime minister and its citizens. Inflammatory rhetoric over their short tenure in Congress, which has been well publicized, continues to be outright racist. After Democrat leaders balked at sanctioning the female legislators appropriately, two members of the so-called “Squad” thought they had carte blanche to spew even greater anti-Semitic venom.

Trump’s response, as usual, was over the top, but not inaccurate. Among other things, the president is taking advantage of the Democrats’ growing frustration with the Prime Minister and his close relationship to Trump. He believes voting for these congresswomen and the Democrats that shielded them is an insult to Israel. And these bigots and their allies should be ostracized.

As expected the Times took the opportunity to dredge up some old dirt- Trump’s words are dangerous, he demonizes minority groups and equivocates about white supremacy. And remarkably the editorial board associates hate crimes against Jews to Trump, even as he strongly supports the State of Israel- an unbelievably twisted perspective.

The Times said Trump speaks about Jews as “different from other Americans,” suggesting that their loyalties are divided. This is true. There are some Jews that provide unbridled support to Bibi Netanyahu’s strong reactions to terror and threats to Israel’s sovereignty, and some that object to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

The polarization that is growing among Jews certainly creates a dangerous situation. But Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are greatly responsible for fostering a backlash to Israel’s efforts to avoid annihilation by virtually every one of its neighbors in the Middle East.

The Times should be more careful about how it characterizes the affection that Trump and so many Americans have for Israel. Suddenly it has become politically incorrect to support and protect our most loyal ally in the world, even from members of Congress. Why would American voters allow freshmen, and terribly disruptive, congresswomen to influence Israeli policy?




Democrats need new leadership. The obsession to entrap President Trump has completely overwhelmed the party. Trump is likely to win if liberals don’t focus on real issues affecting the nation. Consider the following case in point

For the last week, in the middle of a hot and heavy contest between 20 (or so) Democratic candidates for president, all the news focus has been on the phenomenon oddly called the squad. The group consists of four congressional Democrats, women of color that include Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley and Tlaib.

Donald Trump, sickened by negative remarks by the squad relating to America, said the group should return to their countries of origin if they are unhappy with the US. As an aside, three members of the squad were born in this country, and all are citizens.

The remark by the president was stupid, inflammatory and racist, so naturally it became a focal point of Trump haters and even some moderate politicians. Given the attention that the remark has received you would have thought Trump committed a crime against humanity. There’s no excuse for the president to speak about the four firebrands so aggressively, but they certainly have been saying things that rub Americans the wrong way.

The squad wants America to focus on their radical perspectives and their suggestion that revolution and socialism are the answers to our social and political problems. It’s no wonder that there has been such a backlash from conservative corners.

During the past few days, Trump supporters have been reminding America that the squad has made some pretty outrageous statements, proved they are inexperienced, assured us that they are biased against some groups (in particular Israel and Jews) and they are demanding socialistic changes. They outwardly spurn capitalism and exceptionalism. Given their government experience and lack of understanding of lawmaking and compromise, it’s a wonder that they are the center of attention.

In fact the squad has been a pain in Nancy Pelosi’s ass. There’s a heated presidential campaign going on and no one is talking about the contenders. Everyone is focused on the squad. If Ocasio-Cortez were 35, would she be a presidential candidate?

In just a few short months this woman defeated a relatively strong Democratic incumbent, has been the focus of magazines and liberal talk shows, endorsed several idiotic new entitlements (with no idea how to finance them) and led the effort to drive Amazon away from New York City along with billions of dollars of proposed expenditures for jobs and infrastructure. Some people, including Democrats, are starting to believe Ocasio-Cortez is a menace.

Back to the business of the House of Representatives. After years of wheeling and dealing, Pelosi is addled about how to deal with squad. She is encountering the same issue as Trump and all conservatives. If you criticize a female person of color, you’re may be labeled a racist, bigot and or sexist. Is Pelosi a racist? I don’t think so. I actually empathize with the House Speaker. The decades she’s spent building her reputation is being dashed by inexperienced rebel-rousers.

And what are Biden, Sanders and the rest of the presidential socialists thinking about as the squad is getting all the ink? They should also be bitter that the liberal media is most interested in nailing Trump (in part by labeling him racists at every occasion). The liberal infrastructure is crumbling before us. Does anybody recognize the irony as it relates to the squad?

Trump is going to keep antagonizing the squad and keep them in the public’s eye. His base will be overjoyed and the electorate will continue to wonder who the Democrat candidates are and what they stand for.