Epstein Was Plagued By Insects, Rodents And Sewerage

It may not be politically correct, but I cannot ignore the  conditions Jeffrey Epstein was subjected to during his final days.

Articles about Epstein depict abhorrent sanitary conditions in the facility in New York City where he was incarcerated. Insects, rodents, standing water from toilets certainly had an  impact on Epstein’s state of mind and possibly encouraged him to take his life. He arranged to meet with his attorneys all day long to avoid spending time in his filthy cell.

Don’t misread my feelings about Epstein. If even a few of the allegations made against him are true, he deserved to spend the balance of his life behind bars. The man allegedly trafficked scores of young girls in a sex scandal qualifying him as “scumbag of the decade.” Preying on girls, presumably with some of his good buddies, is not an activity that the police and FBI should sweep under the rug. It’s imperative that the entire sordid affair be investigated and made public in spite of Epstein’s death.

It ‘s also extremely important that the horrible conditions that prisoners, American citizens, must endure as they pay their debts to society improve. To say that killers, rapists, kidnappers and other assorted felons are not entitled to humane treatment regardless of their crimes is an injustice.

I can’t help but wonder whether conditions at GITMO, where terrorists are incarcerated, are as horrible as the facility  in downtown New York. Remember the GITMO crowd consists of mostly terrorists who are not American citizens. Reportedly they receive treatment far better than our own convicts. All people incarcerated by the US should have a clean environment as they do their time.

The Epstein affair calls into question the manner in which convicts are treated throughout the US in city, state and federal facilities. Incarceration for serious crimes should mean hard time, but cleanliness and safety must be a  priority if the country is going to claim that we respect the rights and liberties of everyone.

Democrats Will Be Crushed In 2020

Democrats will likely be crushed in the 2020 presidential elections. It has become crystal clear that current liberal ideology of the party will not seduce voters. The move to the left in the primaries by Democrats is too radical for the majority of America.

Here are reasons why President Trump and many Republican candidates will ultimately prevail.

Bernie Sanders is an ineffective curmudgeon who has been lauding the benefits of socialism for years. He has no chance to win the presidential nomination or the general election. Republicans have effectively labeled Sanders a socialist, a characterization that might be attractive to idealistic young people and those who hate America, but one that mainstream America will not accept. Virtually all of Sanders’ compatriots have swung far left.

The US is not receptive to a political persuasion that vilifies capitalism, exceptionalism and the American dream. By emphasizing these things, Republicans will win over most Americans.

Impeachment threats and the continuation of investigations relating to Russia and obstruction of justice by the Trump administration are losing battles.

Everyone accepts the fact that Russia interfered in our 2016 elections. But most Americans, including Robert Mueller, don’t believe Trump colluded with Russia in that effort. This myth gives Trump and his fledgling campaign too much credit. Neither Trump nor his inexperienced and naïve minions were capable of masterminding a conspiracy of such dimensions with Russian operatives.

Proving obstruction of justice is virtually impossible. Trump has never hidden his feelings that he wanted to fire Comey, Mueller, DOJ incompetents and assorted other Trump haters.

But, the important issue is that an impeachment vote will go nowhere even if the House passes it. The Senate will not vote to oust Trump, similar to what transpired with Bill Clinton. In fact the impeachment of Clinton helped him win the next presidential election. The same will hold true of Trump, as he will effectively become a martyr if impeachment is successful.

Health care reform has become the greatest bug-a-boo for Democrats. Their great hero, Barack Obama tried unsuccessfully to reform health care. He spent trillions and did nothing other than confuse Americans with a poorly derived plan and poor execution.

Why would Americas give Democrats a mulligan to spend $30 trillion over ten years to finance a one-payer health care system? Even the most unsophisticated members of our country can understand that such an exorbitant amount is almost three times the current deficit.

Some Americans are wondering why Democrats are so intent on opening our border, incurring huge costs and increasing the number of illegal aliens when so many Americans cannot make ends meet. The country has already allowed 10-15 million illegals into the US.

Adding another 5-10 million more will only worsen the financial, social and political stress in border states. In the meantime, homelessness and need among American citizens increases every day. The bottom line is that America cannot be a safe haven for people worldwide.

Democrats have proven time and again that they are incapable of negotiating effectively across the aisle. The gun control controversy is a perfect example of this situation.

Republicans, influenced by repeated mass murders, are now ready to accept “red flags,” which identify deranged individuals that are in possession of firearms, and licensing of guns. The response from Democrats is that it is not enough. They are correct that “it is not enough,” but why not accept a deal that would make it a bit safer for innocent Americans?

To say they want a ban of automatic and military weapons is understandable, but it is too much to ask for at this time. Democrats should make the red flag and license deal, and then pursue banning automatic weapons later. Gun control is not going to be settled in one election cycle. It can only be done effectively incrementally.

There are other reasons why many think Democrats are losers in 2020. The threat of Democratic administration to our economy, the age of top liberal candidates and the failure of Democrats to solve urban problems are just a few of them.

But the most damaging issue, to reiterate, is the hard left attitude of Democrats. Ironically a moderate Democrat would have a real chance to defeat Trump, but unfortunately he or she could not win in the primaries.

Stupid Politics

On the heels of the latest shooting incidents, our leaders are not responding the way politicians have before them.

After a tragedy as great as 9/11 and others that are equally horrible, but smaller in scope, our leaders always call for unity among Americans. We set aside politics to help those impacted by despicable acts of violence. Today, the protocols have changed.

It’ obvious to everyone that our president’s sensibilities are not what we expect from our leaders. And it would be a waste of time to try to convince anyone that this is not the case. His rhetoric is understandably interpreted as racist, nationalist, sexist and all the other “ist” characterizations. But to blame Trump for violent actions of lone wolf shooters, who are obviously mentally disturbed, is taking it too far.

In fact the president went out of his way to denigrate white supremacists, and the hatred and violence they have come to represent. How can Trump’s political opponents attribute all the senseless violence in America and elsewhere in the world to our leader?

It’s as if there is no history before Trump was elected three years ago. I’ve been around long enough to know that racist, nationalistic and sexist behavior preceded Trump by quite a few years.

And to use references to Nazis and their leader to describe the president . . . It’s no wonder Trump is so quick to respond on social media. It would be more effective to avoid counter-punching especially when accusations and character attacks become grotesquely cartoonish, but this is not going to happen.

Keep in mind, there is a Democratic primary under way. And, all the players believe that being the most socialistic, radical and offensive relating to Republicans is a pathway to the White House. It’s so out of control that this political strategy is going to give Trump another four years.

The latest comments from the left directed at the president were warnings to stay away from areas affected by the two most recent shootings. It is every president’s responsibility to ease the pain and suffering of Americans that experience terrorism and hardships. If Trump didn’t go to Texas and Ohio, he would have been lambasted. Yet local leaders told the president to stay away. Is this good politics?

To blame the violence of single shooters on the president and tell him he is not welcome to places where Americans are mourning is beyond the pale. Middle of the road voters will punish Democrats for this breach of tradition.

There has been growing consensus among politicians on both sides of the aisle to address gun control. Red flags, absconding weapons from individuals who are mentally unstable, and gun licensing are now in play. Trump has indicated he would support some type of legislation in these regards. How did Democrats respond (in particular Chuck Schumer)? They said it’s not enough.

It isn’t enough, but to pass on an opportunity to make Americans a little safer is idiotic. And, why not grab what you can on this contentious issue? Gun control will be amended incrementally over time, if at all.

GUNS In The Hands Of Dangerous People

Until now, Softball Politics has intentionally avoided commentary on gun control. The subject is a hot potato if there ever was one.

This essay will not take sides in the controversy, on the heels of two domestic terrorist attacks in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas. Two gunmen killed 29 and injured 59 people. The writer will attempt to bring some common sense and possible compromise to the contentious debate relating to gun control, so we can all be safer in public, at work, at school and in our homes.

Guns are not responsible for the plethora of violent deaths across the country. They are inanimate objects that evil and troubled individuals use to generate fear and terror, and to ruin lives. In the aftermath of gun violence in which innocents are slaughtered in shopping malls, schools, universities, places of work and places of worship, many of those supporting gun control, and even the abolition of gun ownership, continue to attribute the problem to the weapons themselves and the proliferation of arms in this country. This is only a part of the overall problem.

It is true that statistically the odds of being shot by a domestic terrorist are much greater than by a foreign-supported terrorist. So what should the most civilized and advanced country in the world do to stem gun violence to protect Americans from future attacks? Banning weapons is not an option because the Constitution protects our right to bear arms.

An obvious solution is to make it as difficult as possible for a deranged person, a criminal or a child to gain possession of a gun. Additionally weapons that are manufactured and sold to the public should not include weapons that are clearly designed to kill humans. Weapons made for military and police purposes are the most dangerous.

The country is evenly split about what you will now read. If a weapon is created to generate significant firepower, a civilian should not own it. Why make it easy for an individual, whose spouse cheated on him, is insane, was fired from his job or is a white, black or brown supremacist to buy a gun with a large clip that can shoot many bullets at a rapid rate. By banning all automatic and semi-automatic weapons potential killers will not be able to murder others so easily.

Many things in our lives are dangerous to the health of citizens. These items are regulated for safety reasons. Automobiles are an excellent example. A person who is unstable, has poor vision or is experiencing poor reflexes should not drive a car. When individuals apply for licenses or renewal of them, DMV officials assess these issues.

Why shouldn’t all gun owners be licensed similarly? Why wouldn’t it be useful to have a complete list of all gun owners and the weapons they possess? This would be no more intrusive than knowing whose driving cars in the country and what cars they are driving.

Citizens who have psychological issues or are convicted felons should not be able to own a weapon. The verification process should be long enough to completely eliminate spot decisions to buy when a person is distraught.

It’s understandable that gun advocates are concerned that if they make concessions, further concessions will be mandated. It should not be a slippery slope for gun advocates to work together with those who oppose gun ownership to enact sensible regulations that keep guns out of the hands of criminals, children and mentally impaired individuals.

Too many innocent people are being brutally gunned down. There are too many guns with excessive power and performance in the hands of undesirables who may want to kill another person.

Above all, we must all respect the Constitution, which makes it legal for Americans to own guns. But effective regulation about the types of guns we own and the character of people who own them is critical.

Every time another tragedy takes place our leaders and lawmakers are outraged. It only takes a few weeks for the outrage to subside, and nothing is done.

Let’s at least make it more difficult for military and police weapon to not get into the hands of those who might use them to kill. Simultaneously we need to protect the rights of Americans to own guns for protection and sport.

Democrats Are Blinded By Their Hatred Of Trump

It’s no wonder Democrats want to oust Donald Trump. He’s a racist, misogynist, sexist, narcissist and a terrible role model (sorry if I left any other pertinent characterizations). But, are Democrats cutting off their noses to spite their faces?

Are voters going to be excited and encouraged to vote by never ending attempts to prove Trump committed impeachable offenses? Will they get amped up about supposed links between Russia and the president? No, they won’t, except maybe the most radical elements of the group.

Democrats are playing right into Trump’s hands. He continues to outrage opponents with silly nicknames, accusations of socialism and proclaiming they do not love America. In the meantime, substantive issues are not being discussed. It’s incredible that so little time is being dedicated to the economy, terrorism and nuclear proliferation.

Worse yet, Democrat candidates are competing for the “most liberal politician” award. Just about everybody is now a self-proclaimed socialist. Keep in mind that being the most liberal means you must promise to give America more entitlements even if they would eventually bankrupt America. Liberals believe that saying everything will be “free” is the key to winning the hearts of voters in 2020. It makes no difference that the promises will never be kept and/or they are not financeable.

At every turn Trump beats his opponents to the punch. You just cannot underestimate the power of the bully pulpit. Radicals and first term liberal lawmakers are setting the agenda for the Democratic caucus. Ocasio-Cortez, a six-month representative and former bartender, along with her squad, want a socialistic revolution, as do Sanders, Warren and Harris, the strongest candidates aside from Biden.

Yet Americans want peace (with other countries and between political parties), security, affordable health care, the end of terrorism, more jobs and better education for young ones.

Nancy Pelosi and the wisest members of the Democratic Party keep telling colleagues that they are going to give the election to Trump on a silver platter if they continue down the current road. The president, love him or hate him, relates to Americans. Nadler, Schiff and all the other impeachment zealots are not gaining any traction outside of Capitol Hill.

To make matters worse, if the House votes to impeach (which is highly unlikely), the Senate is going to acquit the president, and he will become a martyr of sorts (just like Bill Clinton). The impeachment effort is going to fall flat on its face just like the Mueller investigation.

In the meantime Trump is making speeches and leading rallies in key cities, talking about all the “great” things his administration is accomplishing.

More moderate candidates, during the debates, said radical Democratic ideology is going to be responsible for a Trump victory. No one is listening. Impeachment is dead on arrival and liberals keep pushing for more investigation.

The country needs new leadership in the White House and in Congress. Our elected officials have failed us and should be replaced. The problem is that Democrats are so blinded by their desire to get rid of Trump, they are foregoing the easiest way to do it- beat him in the voting booth.

Universal Health Care Is Not Free

Note: This essay was written after the first debate and before the second debate.

It’s premature to write an assessment of the Democratic presidential debates because we’ve only heard from half the group. But, the priorities and perspectives voiced on Tuesday night were telling and frightening.

Many topics were covered, but none was more controversial than health care. It’s abundantly clear that all the liberal contenders think this debate is critical, and it will be an important issue in the 2020 Elections. There is no doubt that every liberal contender has assumed the mantra that “health care is a human right.” This characterization is a bit melodramatic, but it was expressed many times during the evening.

Frankly every American and every politician thinks that health care is an important entitlement. The problem is that it’s a multifaceted conundrum, and there are many different ways that it may be improved and tailored to meet the needs of Americans.

The most important factors pertaining to universal, one-payer health care are:

  • Even though advocates of universal health care say it’s free to participants, it’s not without monstrous cost to the taxpayers. If any person receives health care “free,” taxpayers will be pay for it. If health care is restructured as per Bernie Sanders, trillions of dollars must be allocated to pay for each and every visit to doctors and hospitals, including illegal immigrants that liberals want to include. It’s very difficult to estimate the cost of this “free” entitlement. If each American generates $10,000 annually in medical expenses, the cost (330 million times $10,000) is $3.3 trillion annually. This excludes the operational costs of the bureaucracy and start up costs. Over ten years the total cost would be more than $30 trillion.
  • If every American is able to get “free” health care, the number of visits by an average American to doctors and hospitals will likely increase markedly. We already encounter significant delays when making appointments to have major surgery and to see the most capable doctors. There will be utter chaos as Americans fight for the attention of their preferred health care providers.
  • Many of the Democratic candidates support a one-payer system. This means that all existing private medical plans will be terminated. No one will be able to buy priority treatment. For many union members, who have sacrificed cash compensation for “Cadillac” health care coverage, the new system would effectively decrease their overall compensation.
  • And finally, the source of payment for universal health care is unknown. Democrats would like us to believe that raising taxes on the 1% will fund the program. This is utter nonsense no matter how often Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren scream and holler to the contrary.


One moderate on the panel of candidates, who is totally irrelevant to the election, wisely suggested that Democrats are promising entitlements that will never come to fruition, and that one-payer insurance would take away health care insurance from 150 million people with private plans. Since there are only 30 million, or so, who are uninsured in America, why reconstruct the entire medical infrastructure at great cost? Obama did the same thing a few years ago and grew the deficit by over $2 trillion.

Sanders and Warren are bull sh—-g America. They are trying to seduce people to vote for them by offering “free” things that are not free and not deliverable. Universal, one-payer medical insurance will never happen because the country cannot afford it. It will take insurance away from millions of satisfied Americans. It will result in massive hospital failures and a revolution by doctors. It will essentially take away money from other American priorities. It will bankrupt America.

It will never be enacted by Congress.

Trump Says Baltimore Is “Rat-Infested”

The name-calling and accusations between the White House and Capitol Hill are escalating every day. The latest involves, who else, the name caller in chief- President Trump, and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD).

The congressman, who is black, was berating a White House official about the appalling conditions on the border with Mexico. The rant included some very strong statements about abominable conditions that immigrant children are facing at the border. The implication was that Trump and his aides are not concerned with the welfare of innocent children.

Trump responded to the congressman’s tongue-lashing, and as is his style, indicated that Cummings’ district includes the “rat-infested” city of Baltimore. Further, Trump said the congressman has done little over decades to improve the abominable situation in the city.

Trump’s tweet was immediately labeled a racist slur because many of Cummings’ constituencies are black. It was an easy target for Trump-haters.

Many Trump supporters don’t really believe that the president intended to make a racial remark, but who knows what the man is thinking when he goes over the edge on social media in a hissy fit.

Cummings’ was wrong to accuse border guards of treating immigrants inhumanely, as funding has not been sufficient to adequately take care of the thousands who are illegally crossing the border. But Trump was also out of line with his inflammatory statement. It certainly will not be helpful to Trump if he expects to ever have a working relationship with House Democrats. And now this latest chapter of Trump’s bonehead rhetoric will dominate the news for days.

Trump has been in office for nearly three years and he has not changed his nasty and vicious attitude. And there is no expectation that a kinder and gentler person will emerge during the next 18 months through the 2020 election.

But support for Trump is building in spite of his ubiquitous verbal and social media assaults against those that disagree with him. The country is improving and Americans are taking notice.

Economically liberals are hoping for a downturn so Trump will not be able to use the economy in his campaign rhetoric. Liberals want the world economy to also come crashing down as a result of the trade war between China and the US. Liberals want the US’s allies to abandon us and to support the dangerous and existential Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration. Liberals want the situation at the Mexican border to blow up, even as border officials are working under the most adverse conditions while the pols “talk” about it daily.

But, intelligent Americans are able to look beyond Trump’s horrible personality and belligerent perspectives, if his performance warrants them to do so. The economy is not showing any signs of tailing off. Iran is going bankrupt, as Trump has cut off its revenues from oil sales. North Korea will also go belly up if Kim refuses to give up his nukes. China is not looking so strong these days as it faces growing unemployment and credit problems. And most recently, citizens of Hong Kong, who want to elect their own leaders democratically, are challenging Mainland China.

The only thing that has gone haywire in America is Washington D.C. The left and the right are not capable of working together. Democrats are still trying to find a crime by Trump that is impeachable (instead of spending their time improving America and Baltimore). And Democrats have offered the electorate socialists and people who are unable to add and subtract as candidates for president.

The Democrats are going to lose in 2020. Armageddon is not around the corner. The US is still the strongest power in world. Voters will see the light and agree that the only thing worse than Trump in the White House, would be one of the liberal candidates in the Oval Office.

It’s shameful that among 330 million Americans we cannot find one person who is moderate, truthful, empathetic, intelligent and truly patriotic to be our president.


Mueller Hurts Efforts To Impeach Trump

Robert Mueller finally made his long awaited visit to Capitol Hill to testify about his investigation of President Trump. Boy, did he ever disappoint Democrats.

The special counsel was “not helpful” to liberal lawmakers in their efforts to build an impeachment case. Mueller was “confused” and often times seemed “uninformed” about the contents of the investigation he supposedly led.

Mueller said he did not play a large role in the interviews of the 500 individuals that testified to his staff. This admission has led many to think that he was just a figurehead and did not personally orchestrate the multi-year hunt for evidence against the president.

Congressional Democrats were hoping that Mueller would give them fodder to proceed with an impeachment and ultimately removal of Trump from office. Their hopes were dashed as Mueller bumbled through the proceedings, by asking congressional interrogators to repeat questions time and again. It appeared that the special was mentally impaired at times.

Republicans focused on the political persuasion of the 13 senior members of Mueller’s staff. All are Democrats and many of them were affiliated to and/or financially supportive of Hillary Clinton.

“The movie was not better than the book,” was how some critics of Mueller’s performance described the proceedings. Mueller was not helpful in the Democratic jihad to bring down the president. The left’s preoccupation with impeachment is likely to now be tempered moving forward. This would seem to give Speaker Pelosi new life, as she has not been in favor of impeachment. Rather she wants her caucus to direct their attention to the issues that are affecting middle class Americans.

As expected President Trump was gleeful and reinvigorated by Mueller’s abominable performance. He’s once again claiming that the special counsel’s efforts were a witch-hunt, a waste of time and a waste of money.

Trump said this pathetic episode has damaged liberal efforts to win the presidency in 2020 and will probably result in large losses by his congressional opponents. “Democrats have less than nothing,” Trump said.

Trump has been un-presidential from his first day in office. But Democrats are giving voters a treasure trove of reasons why they should support him in his reelection. Given the health of the economy, it appears that Trump is generating great momentum, and polls will prove it. The Mueller affair could very well be the impetus to assure victory for the president.

Dealing With Immigration, Iran And Health Care

Our country is facing a plethora of problems. Dealing with issues has become increasingly more difficult because our government is so divided, as are our citizens.

There are a few situations that are causing great consternation across the country. They include immigration policy, nuclear proliferation and health care.

Immigration to the US emanating from Mexico and Central America has torn our country apart. The immigration dilemma and its effect on our society should not have come as a great surprise. Developed countries throughout the world are experiencing similar demands from large groups of people that have been persecuted and are seeking a better place to live.

So many are trying to escape horrible circumstances that are exacerbated by authoritarian rule, genocide and religious intolerance. The number of refugees stacked up in terrible conditions has reached epic proportions. Food, shelter and medicine are scarce.

Some nations are threatened by the demands of people seeking a better life. Why is this so? Resources in most countries are becoming more coveted every day. Even in the US accommodations for illegal immigrants are impacting American citizens in need. By giving to the people waiting on our doorsteps, the government is depriving services to people who were born in this country and living in poverty.

Further, the migration of many people of different cultures creates an array of societal, financial and political issues. Immigrants must be cared for. Who is going to provide services? Where will immigrants be transported once in the country? In the US they cannot all settle in Texas, Arizona and California. How many people can be assimilated in a short period of time?

Americans have always been sensitive to suffering and agony of the downtrodden. It’s in our DNA to come to the rescue of forsaken people. But how many can we help? Should we open our borders and accept everyone? Is the US able to care for all immigrants that want entry and permanent status in the country? How much of our limited resources can we afford to give to these people? How will another 1,2,3 or 10 million immigrants affect our country? There are more questions than answers. Tough decisions must be made to rein in the immigration problem. Can the US be the destination of persecuted people from all over the world? Not likely.

A nuclear event is the greatest existential threat to our world. The use of a WMD even in a far off places such as the Middle East and the Far East would have dire consequences for millions of people.

Note: The most volatile situation at this moment is North Korea. It appears that its leader is amenable to negotiating a disarmament treaty. Since NOKO has deliverable weapons, it should be the highest priority of US diplomacy.

The most dangerous country in the world is Iran. The reason for this designation is that the country is the leading provocateur of terror in the Middle East. And it is committed to owning nuclear weapons. The Obama nuclear deal with Iran did not ban Iran from developing a nuclear capability. It only deferred this eventuality.

Trump, rightly so, pointed out this radical possibility and abrogated they treaty. Now the US is committed to isolating Iran politically and economically until it agrees to never build a nuclear bomb.

What might the ayatollahs do if they had a deliverable bomb? Under duress they could use it against Israel. This would be a foolish and deadly decision because Israel would retaliate in kind with a much greater counter punch. But if it did occur, the Middle East would be in turmoil for an extended period. And worse, the US might be drawn into the fray.

The US is committed to Israel, and it is likely that we would respond mightily to an Iranian nuclear attack, a contingency that can only be eliminated by preventing Iran from developing a bomb.

As an afterthought, it should be noted that Iran could also direct its venom towards its Sunni opponents. In a large-scale brouhaha, Saudi Arabia and others on the peninsula could also be attacked with WMDs.

Health care is always front and center politically in the US. Obama created a huge conundrum that has tortured Americans and the country’s medical system ever since it was rammed down our throats several years ago. It has cost the country trillions and has made it difficult for any one in this country to feel secure about their ability to pay for a medial emergency.

The latest rage of Democrat liberals is universal, one payer insurance. Private insurance would not be permitted. Millions of people who are happy with their health care would be subjected to an entirely new arrangement that would impact the quality of service, the doctors they might want to use and how much they pay.

Instead of trying to herd millions of Americans into an expensive one size fits all policy, Obama health care reform should have only focused on those who were unable to pay for care. A large Medicaid service available to the needy was all that had to be done. However, Obama wanted to enact a large legacy initiative, and he ultimately screwed up the entire medical system. Now most of the 20 Democrats running for president want a health care mulligan that will further screw up health care.

The solution to the heath care Rubik’s Cube is evasive, but it should not be a one-payer system, and it should not take away private insurance already in effect. If redone incorrectly, the health care system could bankrupt our country.


Hardball Politics Is Hurting America

Americans with different political persuasions have disagreed with each other ever since our forefathers founded this country. The negotiations that led to the formation of our republic were extremely intense.

Over the years American politicians have fought about and dealt with many serious issues including states’ rights, slavery, declarations of war and so much more. Unfortunately leaders and lawmakers of today have intensified their confrontations. With great encouragement from the press and social media, we now live in world where a new crisis arises from disparaging remarks and bad behavior every day.

Liberals attribute the nasty and unproductive environment to the election Donald Trump. He epitomizes the essence of hardball politics. He believes performance and winning supersedes all else. Sensitivity, empathy, humility, comity and truthful interface are no longer values that political adversaries care about.

But it’s not just about Trump. There are others who provoke, slander and lie to gain an edge. Politics is a dirty business practiced on both sides of the aisle.

Even more disconcerting is an unbridled media that happily reports the most sordid and hurtful actions and comments of others to gain notoriety and readership. No longer do reporters skirt certain issues to temper scandal. No longer is reporting unbiased and factual. The press bares great responsibility for the current state of affairs. They are a pack of wolves, desperate to tear apart and ruin a person or organization before all the facts have been analyzed. A scoop, even it is untrue, is what the press thrives on.

Exacerbating the lower standards of the protected fifth estate are social media trolls who, for both profit and sport, eviscerate others with unfounded gossip, bias and exaggeration. A single “dirty” item can spread across the globe in a hear beat as part of a “viral” moment. Even the term viral has a negative connotation relating to disease.

What are the implications of incivility to our society? For one thing it is driving away good people from public service. Why would a judge want to become a Supreme Court justice given the insulting and degrading confirmation process? Why would anyone want to be a legislator and dedicate most of their time to raising money for the next election, and trying, every day, to impress aggressive journalists? The current system has us struggling to find one really qualified person to be our next president. And, what about the pathetic and incompetent individuals that are elected mayors of great cities and governors of our states?

Some people have used our Constitution to justify the application of money in our elections, a serious mistake. No longer are winners the most qualified candidates. Rather the elected are the best fundraisers. The importance of money ahs been turbo charged by trying to prove that campaign contributions are an element of free speech.

Do we want leaders who are experts at creating vicious political advertisement, or men and women whose principal objective is to keep America great? Being reelected, and raising the money to accomplish it, is all that is important to politicians these days.

And finally there is the issue of term limits. Without limits, corruption and entitlement flourish. The old must make way for the young. The usefulness of a politician is offset by his or her personal idiosyncrasies over an extended period of time. And ironically, the only people who can bring us the blessings of term limits are the ones who will lose their jobs with term limits.