The Senate Will Not Convict Trump

Despite the avalanche of information and disinformation regarding the impeachment and trial of Donald Trump, there are only a few relatively simple issues that dominate the proceedings.

The venom that Democrats sport towards the president is driving them to conduct a campaign that cannot be successful. They are trying with all their might to convince the American people (and their Republican colleagues) to disparage the man who is our elected president. In essence they are saying that Trump is a “bad person” who has no right to be president, and this recognition warrants impeachment, and conviction in the Senate.

Liberals control the House and were able to have their moment when all decisions favored the impeachment effort. The proceedings were rigged against Trump because the investigative committees were led and controlled by some of the most partisan lawmakers in Washington.

The moment cannot be extended for two specific reasons. One is that the Senate is controlled by the opposition and will not do anything to endanger the president’s position. Republicans are not going to willingly recruit more witnesses (in fact they will block these efforts) with their 53-47 majority. Democrats had their time and should expect no cooperation from Trump loyalists.

The other major fact is that the indictments of Trump are bogus. It’s going to be impossible to overcome the stark reality that the president has the constitutional right to make foreign policy decisions. If he believes any American is acting corruptly, the president can legitimately conduct an investigation. So Trump was well within his authority to have Ukraine look into the fishy activities of the son of then Vice President Joe Biden. If Trump benefits politically from the action, so be it. Therefore the first impeachment article of self-dealing by the president is moot.

An undeniable and firmly established presidential privilege is that of executive privilege. The basis of the second impeachment article revolves around executive privilege. The law allows the president great latitude to keep certain information discussed with his staff and other world leaders confidential. This privilege greatly empowers the president who would be much less effective if required to disclose all sensitive conversations.

Correspondingly, the power of the Legislative branch is diminished by executive privilege. The battle between two branches of the government is not new, and nothing will change the balance of power that exists today. And certainly, the president will not lose his job because he exercised this authority.

The attitude of Democrats to think that the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, would cooperate in the indictment of the president is naïve. The Senate is not going to redo what the House incompetently did previously.

Democrats have only one avenue to pursue in the Senate. That is to solicit the four or five Republicans who may be interested in calling new witnesses. It’s unlikely that any great discoveries will be made, and the Senate would then move for acquittal.

If the interviews take place and a huge revelation ensues, it would still be a long shot to oust the president because 67 votes would be needed to convict.

Unfortunately the Senate and the voting public will be subjected to never ending partisan claptrap for the next few weeks.


McConnell Is Going To Spank Democratic Senators

Democrats are making a last ditch effort to create a constitutional and democratic crisis for our country. Yet, their efforts to impeach President Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors is petering out because rabid liberals in the House still have been unable to prove that the president did anything illegal that rises to the level suggested by our Constitution.

After parading around the Capitol in a bizarre and melodramatic fraternity-like ritual (reminiscent of “Animal House” with no robes), and a joyous celebration led by Speaker Pelosi that was highlighted by deal gifts for her co-conspirators (pens that were used to sign the impeachment articles), the proceedings now go to the Senate where, hopefully, adults will prevail.

Democrats will try to secure more witnesses, encourage new revelations and give the liberal press more opportunities to do their dirty work of propagating false news. But, Sen. McConnell is going to put an end to this destructive melodrama. A vote to acquit will likely occur soon, and Congress can get back to work.

Murderers, drug dealers, kidnappers and those who have committed treason have been treated more fairly than a sitting president. Democrats are screaming that Trump is hiding something nefarious that will threaten our democracy and 2020 election. Nonsense!

In the meantime liberal lawmakers have prevented our elected officials from doing they nation’s business for months. To Trump’s credit, he has forged ahead to accomplish great things for our economy, for minorities financially and for our national defense. The president has proven he can multitask even while Democrats nip at his heals.

Liberals have not learned that it’s impossible to impeach and convict a sitting president because he or she is not a nice person. There is no provision in the Constitution that requires more than half the citizens to like the president. In fact, many who support him do not like Trump.

What is laughable is that Democratic political gurus are celebrating an impeachment to nowhere even as their candidates are losing ground to Trump in the presidential campaign. If the witch-hunt gang, the dingbats who lead House committees, had any brains they would end the Trump hunt and focus on winning in 2020.

But no, there are legacies and reputations to build and destroy. Thankfully our country is so strong that it can repel the idiots who are working so hard to denigrate it.

With a booming economy, a skyrocketing stock market, progress on several fronts internationally, Trump is unbeatable by the rag-tag group of socialists. The New York Times has spoken and endorsed Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. The editorial board is backing two candidates. But only one can be elected. Even the Times is losing its mind by seemingly proposing a joint presidency, I guess, filled by two white females. Is diversity an issue for the Times?

Watch today as the Republicans give Democrats some of the same medicine dolled out by House Democrats. There will be no mercy.

Pelosi Is Doomed

Nancy Pelosi is known to be a prolific fundraiser for her colleagues and a decent leader of the House of Representatives, until recently. Her decisions relating to the impeachment of President Trump have tarnished her legacy and have put the Democratic Party in peril.

Speakers of the House have very important roles to play. Among other things they must decide the order of business for the House. Additionally they must convince even the most independent and uncooperative members of their caucus to vote with the majority on important matters. Pelosi has failed in both regards during many agonizing months of Trump-bashing.

The Speaker has the responsibility to keep order and decorum and to abide by the Constitution. The venomous attitude from the first day of the Trump administration has done nothing other than to make a mockery of our political system. We have stooped to a level where every day a politician is calling others liars. The House is a hotbed for name-calling and disrespect

Several months ago Pelosi was dead set against impeaching President Trump unless there was bipartisan support for such a monumental undertaking. Rightly so, she resisted the unbridled and un-statesmen like urgings of new members of her caucus and some old members who despised the man that resided in the White House. Unfortunately for our democracy, our government, rule of law and respect among our lawmakers, Pelosi caved and sanctioned the unthinkable.

She agreed to move forward with impeachment without considering the weakness of the case against the president. Pelosi stood by and enabled left wing zealots to conduct a kangaroo court. She even allowed her colleagues to dash the rights of the accused. Witnesses were not called that had first hand knowledge. She and her liberal associates did what they were accusing Trump of, they attempted to influence an election.

The zealots pushed forward even though conviction was impossible. Republicans held a strong Senate majority and would never convict Trump of impeachable offenses given the flimsy evidence drummed up by Democrats. Pelosi knew this as well and yet she sanctioned the unholy trial of the president. She was persuaded to move ahead if it somehow would damage Trump’s chances in 2020. We know now that the opposite has happened- Trump has never seemed stronger.

How have Democrats hurt our country and it political system? Here is an abbreviated list.


  • Democrats conducted an impeachment proceeding that subverted the entire government. Everyone was focused on incriminating evidence and a smoking gun. They never materialized.
  • Important matters relating to defense, immigration, education, voting rights, income inequality, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, health care and so much more were put on the backburner so liberals could conduct their three ring circus.
  • Democrat lawmakers lied in their zeal to convict. The leaders of the committees that presented the impeachment were guilty of twisting and exaggerating and the truth.
  • Democrats trashed the rule of law.
  • Democrats did nothing to encourage a bipartisan proceeding. They ignored all requests by the opposition.
  • The impeachment was supported only by innuendo, gossip and second-hand testimony.
  • Democrats kept feeding unrealistic expectations to the liberal press, which was duped in the process.
  • Democrats indicated that Trump’s persona and attitude alone was impeachable. Not being nice is not an impeachable offense.
  • All comity between lawmakers has been lost. It will be a generation before it returns.
  • New rules by the House and violations of precedent will encourage frivolous efforts to impeach future presidents.
  • Democrats ignored the role of courts to deal with issues between the branches of government for expediency.


So, where are we now? Pelosi decided to not deliver articles of impeachment for a few weeks, thereby delaying the Senate trial. [Note: the articles are supposedly coming this week.] This will have an effect on the impending presidential campaign schedule and the primaries in several states.

Pelosi was holding on to get concessions from the Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell. She got nothing and will pay for her mismanagement along with her liberal confederates.

Many Democrats are now concerned that their political lives have been jeopardized by Pelosi, based upon the impeachment hoax. It just might come to pass.

Democrat Lies And The Impeachment Hoax

I’m disgusted and frustrated by the ongoing spectacle of impeachment that is taking place in Washington and have a strong sense that my readers are equally ashamed and disillusioned by the behavior of our elected officials.

The problem I have is based upon the underhanded, unfair and deceitful actions of House Democrats to effectively attempt a coup d’état of the US Government.

Donald Trump has contributed greatly to the current imbroglio. He’s a despicable person, and one that I didn’t vote for in 2016 and have no intention of voting for in 2020. My blog, Softball Politics, has repeatedly criticized the president’s un-statesmanlike persona, attitude, racism, self-aggrandizement and narcissism.

Our current leader is not the kind of person we should have in the White House. Nevertheless, he won the 2016 Election, in spite of all his shortcomings.

All the twisted and partisan crap relating to collusion between Trump and Russia has been debunked. Frankly, Trump’s minions didn’t, and still don’t have, the experience or the chops to orchestrate a voter fraud on a national level. There should be no concern that Trump will do anything sinister in 2020 regarding the election.

Trump has surprised Americans and the rest of the world with shrewd gambits. He’s crude in his execution, but you can’t deny that the US economy is moving ahead great guns. Trump has exposed the inequities in economic and strategic military agreements. He has no inhibition about calling out anyone who attempts to cheat our country. The president has been an unfaltering supporter of Israel. Many of his domestic policies have positively impacted the employment and lifestyles of minorities.

But disingenuous liberals are leading too many Americans down a primrose path. House Democrats have convinced each other that a sitting president is fair game for frivolous impeachment charges in the interest of partisan politics. In reality a president should only be threatened by the specter of impeachment if he has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, and his accusers can prove it.

The same group of Democrats who bungled every aspect of the Russian collusion fiasco has trumped up new charges that at one point or another involved bribery, abuse of power, obstruction of Congress and other lesser accusations that, even if proven, do not rise to the level of impeachable offenses. Yet, with the majority in the House, Democrats are wasting time and money in a monstrous hoax.

In fact, the Democrats are the ones guilty of abuse of power. They have twisted hearsay and innuendo into impeachable indictments of the president. These malcontent politicians are sanctimonious liars whose mission in life is to destroy a US president who sees the world differently than they do. Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler have created a constitutional crisis. This was unnecessary because in a few short months Americans will have the opportunity to vote for Trump, or one of his Democratic rivals.

I’m sickened by the thought of hearing more of Trump’s hyperbole and inarticulate blathering about his greatness. Yet I’m even more disheartened that House Democrats have exceeded their constitutional authority. Deposing a president should only be possible if you can prove high crimes with real evidence according to the rule of law.


House Democrats Erode Our Democratic System

House Democrats have seriously damaged our democracy. Their relentless pursuit of dubious charges against the president has created a constitutional crisis. House actions to this point have blurred the lines of power between the three major branches of our government.

The founders created a mechanism to depose a president if he or she oversteps their authority. At the same time they were careful about delineating crimes of a president that might qualify him or her for impeachment. They used words like high crimes and misdemeanors that portray a guilty president as one who is detrimental to our democracy because his crimes were heinous under any circumstances. Visions of treason, sedition and murder are the crimes that come to mind.

The founders certainly didn’t envision presidents being ousted for speculative indiscretions that couldn’t be proven or were based upon hearsay without being processed under the rule of law. Keep in mind almost all of the initial testifiers in the Judiciary Committee’s investigation of Trump had second and third hand information about the president’s actions and conversations. Most of the evidence was hearsay that wouldn’t be admissible in a court of law. When the proceedings move to the Senate, the president will benefit by the usual amenities of a court of law that will include facing accusers (including the whistle-blower), representation by counsel and calling witnesses.

But the real damage by Democratic shenanigans over the past few weeks is that impeachment is now a tool readily available to any opposition-led majority in the House of Representatives. For frivolous and unpopular actions future presidents will be subjected to yet another three-ring circus, as we witnessed in recent weeks. The bar for impeachment is now on the ground as if we were prosecuting a common thief, as opposed to the leader of the free world.

The lesson about “lowering the bar” should have been obvious to liberal lawmakers in the House based upon a similar episode in the Senate a few years ago. For decades the filibuster was used to stymie appointments to federal courts by the minority. Democrats, in frustration, changed the rules of the Senate enabling senators to confirm judges with a simple majority, and not a super majority, for all judges except Supreme Court justices.

Democrats, thinking that they outwitted their rivals, disregarded the reality that they might face if control reverted back to Republicans, which it did. Republicans, upon assuming power changed the rule further to include Supreme Court justices. Democrats objected, but were drowned out by their own stupidity.

The result was confirmation of a series of young conservative justices to the highest court in the land that will affect the law and our society for many years. It was a naïve and tragic miscalculation.

Here we are at the same crossroads. Prospectively, Americans should expect a hair trigger when Republicans regain the House, which could be in 2020 even if Trump loses the presidency. If Warren is elected, perhaps Republicans will impeach her for lying about her background to the electorate and to Harvard University when she applied for a position at the law school.

Democratic Monkey Business

The impeachment stage is thankfully coming to an end. Articles should be delivered to the House of Representatives soon, and Democrats, with their majority will impeach Donald Trump. The Senate will then convene and acquit making the whole process a colossal waste of time.

There are a number of important takeaways that can be drawn from this horrid experience, none of which are positive things for our country or the people we elected to represent us.

The process to impeach the president has completely disregarded the rule of law. It is defined as “a principle of governance in which all persons, institutions and entities, public and private, including the State itself, are accountable to laws that are publicly promulgated, equally enforced and independently adjudicated.”

The law has not been fairly applied by Democrats during the impeachment of Trump. They kept the whistleblower’s identity a secret for reasons unknown. How can the person who initiated this process not be questioned? Customarily the accused have the ability to face their accusers.

Defendants are supposed to be able to call witnesses. This was not permitted in the House proceedings. And hearsay is typically not admissible. Democrats have not presented one witness who saw or heard with his or her own eyes or ears the commission of an impeachable offense.

There have been multiple accusations against Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the impeachment brigade. Republicans objected to the aforementioned rule of law violations and the way the congressman has scornfully led the process.

In the future any majority in the House will not hesitate to impeach a future president based upon current events. The problem with impeachment is that it costs millions of dollars of taxpayer money and completely paralyzes Congress. Our lawmakers cannot effectively conduct the business of the country while attempting to destroy a presidency.

But most important thing about impeachment is the animosity it engenders. Republicans and Democrats in a two-party democracy must serve as a check and balance against corruption, obstruction and misuse of taxpayer money by the other party. But the venom existing between the parties will likely change the way that lawmakers negotiate with each other in Congress in a bad way.

Democrats moved forward with impeachment despite the fact that another presidential election is right around the corner. Sixty-something million Americans voted for Trump, and he collected 304 electoral votes in 2016. Why wouldn’t Democrats defer to the electorate, rather than defying the will of the voters with such laughable evidence?

The answer is obvious. Democrats do not have a candidate that moves the country. The only way for Dems to beat Trump is to remove him legislatively from office before the 2020 election. Moreover, Dems think that rapid-fire accusations- Trump is a traitor, he colluded with Russia to win in 2016, he obstructed justice, he bribed Ukraine into helping him in 2020 and so on- will denigrate Trump and enable a liberal to win next November.

Things in Washington have never been worse. Yet, the country is chugging along nicely economically, and most Americans are benefiting by high employment, higher wages, low energy prices, etc. There are major foreign affairs issues that threaten our peace and prosperity, but Trump seems to be doing quite well dealing with them.

It’s amazing that conservative and liberal perspectives about the impeachment are so different. Frankly, I think Democrats have struck out during the proceedings. They are not going to be able to throw Trump out of office with hearsay. They have already struck out twice before trying to prove collusion and obstruction.

I hope that voters punish Democrat lawmakers for damaging our country in 2020.

And, of course, there is Trump, the man that Obama installed into the Oval office. He’s a menace, but he’s going to be leading the country for another five years. So, everybody, get over it.

Democrats’ Dream Of Impeachment Fades

The presidential impeachment circus continues. For hours, liberal lawmakers slogged through a myriad of meetings, phone calls and gossip trying to dredge up a crime by Trump that would justify removing him from office.

Viewers of the proceedings are reported to be fewer and fewer each day. Everyone is waiting for a breakthrough revelation, but none have materialized. Odds are that 80% of Americans still don’t know the capital of Ukraine (Kiev), 90% don’t know where the country is located (eastern Europe on the Black Sea) and 99.99% don’t know the president’s name (Zelensky).

Basically, every witness called has been a State Department bureaucrat affiliated to Ukraine. All of those called to testify are government hacks (with fancy titles- mostly “ambassador”), whose purpose is to legitimize Ukraine, assist it in becoming a loyal and non-corrupt member of NATO and the European Union and arming it so it can serve as a buffer between Europe and Russia. The latter, led by Vladimir Putin, yearns to of reassemble the Soviet Union by reclaiming all of the original Soviet States. Recapturing Ukraine would be a first step in the process.

When this witch-hunt began, many expected the individuals appearing before the House Intelligence Committee to be avid Trump-haters, plain and simple, and their objective would coincide with Democrat’s- to impeach Trump. The fact is that each bureaucrat, to date, is a rabid Ukrainian supporter determined to convince the president and Congress that Ukraine can evolve into a productive member of the community of nations. Surprisingly most of the witnesses are apolitical, and only interested in the well being of Ukraine. Most of them have worked under both Republican and Democrat presidents.

Not one of the witnesses on Tuesday incriminated Trump for pressuring Zelensky to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden, or said Trump bribed, extorted or intimidated the Ukraine president. The harshest criticism was directed at Rudy Giuliani. He’s not a government official. But he’s acting on behalf of President Trump regarding Ukraine. Time and again the State Department officials indicated that they resented Giuliani’s intrusion onto their turf, and his actions have been detrimental to US policy regarding Ukraine.

Tuesday could be the worse day so far for Schiff and his misinformed minions. Nobody cares about the impeachment because it’s a charade, and the Senate will acquit.

Is it possible that not one single person will actually testify that he or she, first hand, witnessed Trump committing an impeachable crime? It appears so.

Pathetic Witnesses: Impeachment Doomed

The US is on the verge of a great miscarriage of justice. Referencing second, third and fourth hand evidence, the House of Representatives is preparing to impeach the president of our country.

It’s difficult to be moved by the accounts of testimony given by two State Department hacks. Both tried to make Americans believe that they were at the epicenter of American policy relating to Ukraine. And their gossip mongering was factual and reliable.

The truth is that neither of these men ever spoke with the president, his chief of staff or any significant decision makers. They merely heard and reported dirt and opinions of others from around the water cooler. As many critics have already said, their testimony would be banished from any legitimate court of law, if, in fact, the Democratic investigation were not a kangaroo court.

Despite their fancy titles, long-term careers in public service and fashionable bow ties, neither Taylor nor Kent participated in creating policy (they admitted it). Their job is to execute policies that begins with the president.

Several times Taylor said he wasn’t testifying to take sides in the impeachment of Trump. Really? Rather he was reporting what he heard. More than once Taylor opined about what Trump was trying to do during conversations he was not a party to. Unless Taylor and Kent are psychics, neither could have possibly known whether Trump was rooting out corruption in Ukraine, or looking for dirt on a political opponent.

And what status do Taylor and Kent have to officially criticize their president? None. In fact their opinions about Trump’s Ukraine policies never reached the Oval Office.

Both men were so tickled and thrilled that they were getting attention, and members of Congress acted like they cared about what they do. Their jobs are to accumulate information from superiors and try to keep Ukraine officials on track. And, in an attempt to get Ukraine to be a little less corrupt, Taylor was able to dangle javelin tank missiles in the faces of Ukraine leaders. Taylor and Kent are nothing more than political yentas.

If this is the best Democrats can do to convince the Senate to convict Trump, I can’t wait to see what happens next. Americans should be ashamed of Schiff and Pelosi for trying to destroy a presidency with so little evidence. And by the way we already know Trump’s not a nice guy. But this is not an impeachable offense.

Just a few words about Ambassador Marie Yanovitch. The big question is what did her appearance before the Intelligence Committee have to do with Trump’s impeachment?

Yanovitch was fired by Trump prior to the phone calls and alleged actions that are being showcased by House Democrats. If the Dems wanted to question a sympathetic character, they were successful.

Please remember that ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the president. He doesn’t have to provide any reasons why he dismissed Yanovitch. If she was unhappy with her fate at Trump’s hands, she should have quit and wrote a book like so many others. She could have told the world that Trump is a lousy boss.

Am I The Only American Disgusted With Trump And House Democrats?

Millions of Americans are fed up with the current state of the federal government.

For three years Donald Trump has been trying to convince us that he is the greatest American president. His arguments are not convincing considering that about half of the country would like to see him impeached. At the same time Trump’s opponents have been trying unsuccessfully to dig up dirt on the president since his first day in office. Both parties have failed dismally to win over new supporters and most Americans are furious that Congress has been unable to do the people’s business.

Every time I read the New York Times or watch CNN, I want to pull the hair from my head. Can a president actually be as horrible as both of these news outlets portray Trump? But the big question is did the president commit high crimes and misdemeanors? We lived through the Mueller investigation for two years and it was a total bust. No evidence was uncovered to prove Trump colluded with Russia or obstructed justice.

At the same time Trump is lambasting the liberal press and do-nothing Democrats. “Fake news!” is the president’s mantra. In over 11,000 tweets since being elected, he makes fools out of those who criticize him and a fool out of himself. He repeatedly says House Democrats are incompetent, liars, and dangerous to our country.

To make matters worse, many Democrat presidential candidates are trying to convince the electorate that the US should morph into a socialistic state. In particular Sanders and Warren are attempting to buy the loyalty of voters by telling them they will overtax successful people in our country. What a bad plan. Even Bill Gates criticized this ploy. These geniuses say they will provide one-payer health care for all Americans that is projected to cost between $20 and $40 trillion (our current level of debt is about $20 trillion). Even Democrats are attacking Warren for her ridiculous entitlement promises. How does she intend to pay for all of her giveaways without bankrupting the country?

Trump is sashaying across America and every day unleashes a string of offensive tweets like a schoolboy. He says horrible things about anyone who criticizes him. He proclaims that the economy is the best in history. In the meantime a setback in Chinese trade negotiations would reduce the Dow Jones by several thousand points in a heartbeat. It’s true that employment is up, unemployment is down (even for minority groups) and Trump continues to ride roughshod on Iran, Europe, Mexico, Canada and many more countries in an effort to negotiate fair deals.

A disgraceful situation occurred a few days ago when Trump took credit for the assassination of al-Baghdadi, the former terrorist leader of ISIS. From his bunker in the basement of the White House, our Commander-in-Chief “orchestrated” the operation. Trump was not part of the mission, other than giving his approval to move ahead (to which he deserves some credit). I wonder if the president dressed up in camouflage as he directed his special operators.

I’ve had it with the investigations of every move by Trump. In a short year voters will have a chance to change leaders. Democrats believe that they can denigrate Trump so one of their pathetic candidates will win. It’s not going to happen. Voters will resent the obvious outcome of the impeachment- Trump will stay in office because the Senate will acquit. Why are Democrats acting like there is any chance to convince 20 or 25 Republican senators to join them and convict Trump of a high crime?

In the meantime the country is going to hell and a hand basket. Budgets are not being approved, infrastructure is crumbling, LGBTQ rights are being violated, health care is deteriorating, immigration is unsettled and trade agreements are not being signed. I want a government that does its job. I abhor sanctimonious legislators who break the law every day by leaking confidential information and lying to the public.

Obama and Democrats are responsible for setting the stage for a person like Trump. We are stuck with him at least until next November when he will likely defeat an incompetent Democrat, unless Bloomberg jumps into the fray.

Impeachment Is Threatening Our Democracy

The swamp known as Washington, D.C., is becoming more toxic every day, and the impeachment of President Trump is threatening our democracy.

The impetus of the growing peril to our country is, of course, the election of Trump, who strode into office in response to voter dissatisfaction. The Trump experiment has been anything but a smooth ride for our nation.

The Obama administration swung far to the left and disenfranchised the very people Obama promised to help, the black community and young Americans. Ironically these groups did the worst during the Obama years, and yet both groups remained loyal to the president.

The backlash to an incompetent and ineffective president has been over cooked. Voters looked outside of Washington for new leadership. Donald Trump, a man known for his quirky, aggressive and self-promoting disposition defeated several stalwarts of his party in the primaries in a wild and whacky primary contest.

To no one’s surprise Trump attacked opponents personally and brought them to their knees. He denigrated the Republican establishment and proclaimed it was only one notch above Democratic progressivism. Trump decimated his competition. And America chose a shady real estate developer with absolutely no experience to lead the party.

Even more ironic, Democrats chose about the only person in their party who could not defeat Trump. Trump out-campaigned Hillary Clinton whose attitude of entitlement proved to be her downfall. She was not going to be president, and was decisively defeated in the one and only metric that matters- the Electoral College.

Trump was just as surprised as anyone when he eked out a win in Florida, and then Ohio, then Michigan, then Pennsylvania and so on. Voters were sick of the old guard, dynasties and bold-faced liars, and yet they chose a man who has proven that he is a greater liar than any presidents before him.

Now we are on a precipice. Do American voters cast their ballot for a continuation of the bizarre, self-indulgent, idiosyncratic and non-statesman-like leadership of the incumbent? Or do they opt for a socialist and make a complete U-turn politically?

How has the country painted itself into such a corner? Opponents of Trump have moved left to deflect Trump’s right persuasion. Both parties have become far more extreme and the ultimate outcome of the impending election will be another president that cannot bring the country together.

Historically candidates were radical in the primaries and more centrist in the general election. No more. What you see in the impending primaries is what you will get if any of the current crop of candidates are victorious.

But there’s another sinister trend at play in the halls of Congress. Under the pretense that Trump is trying to unconstitutionally increase the influence of the president, Congress is moving forward to usurp the power of the vote from the people. Why would Democrats be so anxious to impeach and possibly oust a president one year away from a new election? Even more important, why would Congress attempt to undo the legitimate election of Trump in 2016?

This perspective is not an endorsement of Trump, the president or the man. But if he did not commit an impeachable crime, Trump should not be distracted from his duties as president to contend with a House that is hell-bent on prosecuting him.

The precedent of such an action would be very dramatic and meaningful. A House that opposes a president at any time will now be less constrained to begin impeachment proceedings with a simple majority, thereby bringing government to a halt. Of course being convicted by the Senate with a super majority will likely result in few if any convictions.

The hatred, venom and unprofessional behavior of Democratic leaders is unmistakable and has been fostered by spinning of information, illegally leaking confidential testimony and denying due process. In America we change leaders by replacing bad performers with replacements that are duly elected, not through proclamations by Congress.

Presidents are not above the law. But if a president is to be impeached it should be done fairly, according to the rule of law and without political interference.