Democrats Prepare To Behead, I Mean Impeach, Trump Once Again

The New York Times published a photo of House members parading in step to present articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. Again! The photo shows masked and sinister members doing a death march across the Capitol rotunda towards the Senate chambers. It would have been more effective if they wore black robes.

My first impression was the group was on their way to behead a failed leader (or spouse) like the old days in Europe a la Henry VIII. The ax man must have been waiting in the Senate sharpening his tool of death before he decapitates our shamed leader.

Why are leaders and lawmakers obsessed with impeachment after Trump has left office? Do they hate the man so much that they want to embarrass and ridicule him even after he has passed presidential power to Biden? What’s to gain by humiliating just less than half the electorate in this country, or about 73 million people? Most recognize they pulled the wrong lever in 2016 and 2020.

Oh, I know. How about preventing Trump from running for office in the future. He has as much chance to win a presidential race or a governor race as a convicted murderer. So, what is it that Democrats are trying to accomplish?

Maybe they want to trounce their political opposition in this country. Maybe it’s the Republican Party, as a whole, that is their target. I stipulate that Republicans made a huge mistake voting for Trump. But this has been exposed, reprimanded and the Department of Justice can go after Trump for crimes committed including his intention to incite a riot in Washington at their leisure.

The wisdom of paralyzing the Republican Party is questionable. A two-party political system is much more efficient and beneficial than a one-party system. Ironically, the latter is closer to a monarchy than the first.

We need a strong opposition party to prevent the majority party from, well, doing stupid things. Spending too much time increasing entitlements unnecessarily, forcing change in our social system, killing capitalism (and spreading socialism), opening borders, increasing taxes and so much more are on the Democratic agenda and must be restrained.

A strong minority party with a filibuster in hand is the only way to protect us from the radical left.

And one final point. A show of unity that Joe Biden says we need in America is not going to happen if Democrats are sore winners and continue to belittle their adversaries. Unity, comity, compromise and effective legislation needs to be encouraged by the party in power not the party that lost power.

I would prefer the beheading group depicted in the Times photo to refocus on delivering vaccines to end the unnecessary deaths from Covid. I would like to see the federal government work towards strengthening our economy even more. I would like to feel safe from threats by Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and terrorist groups around the world.

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