Voting Rights For Convicts: Another Crazy Progressive Proposal

Several of the progressive, left wing socialists vying for the Democratic presidential nomination have gone too far. They are trying to convince Americans that convicted felons in prison and jail should retain the right to vote. Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, Democratic candidates for president, are leading this outrageous effort.

Many moderates and conservatives anticipated crazy proposals from ultra liberal candidates, and they are not being disappointed. Already Democrats are suggesting outlandish pie-in-the-sky proposals that include a multi-trillion dollar green new deal, a multi-trillion dollar free health care plan for all Americans (and the end of private health care coverage), free college tuition and free child care. The cost of all these entitlements and initiatives would certainly bankrupt our country. Supporters of these ideas say higher taxes on the affluent would pay for them.

So it’s not a revelation that radical liberals would also suggest that incarcerated individuals should not lose their right to vote. And it also comes as no surprise that their opponents are outraged by such a ridiculous proposal.

Why would law-abiding Americans allow convicts to vote? Their freedom has been taken away because they stole, cheated, murdered, kidnapped or terrorized fellow Americans. They brought sadness and devastation to countless families. Convicts are not supposed to have comfortable experiences while incarcerated, or be able to influence anyone outside of prison.

The only conceivable reason for this inane proposal is the Democrats’ search for more votes. Anyone who would vote progressive is a target of Democrats. Since the number of people locked up in the US is about 2.3 million, getting them the right to vote could impact many elections.

It’s likely that most Americans would support a change in voting rights for convicts who have paid their debt to society. This should be an item for discussion if Congress ever gets around to prison reform.

This episode is reminiscent the Willie Horton controversy during the George H.W. Bush/ Michael Dukakis presidential campaign. Horton, a violent criminal, was furloughed from prison in Massachusetts and committed additional crimes. It was a boon to Bush who said his opponent was soft on crime.

The bottom line is that many Americans are not sympathetic to the most violent criminals in jail. It is likely that Republicans will try to pin this on liberal candidates.

This voting rights proposal, which is being championed by several liberal candidates, is insulting to the victims and survivors of violent crimes and is indicative of what will be in store for America if a progressive candidate wins the White House.