Trump vs. Clinton: The Country Should Give Trump A Chance

By Sal Bommarito

I’ve really taken a lot of heat for my support of Donald Trump. After many conversations and further consideration, I still believe that he has had a positive impact on our election process and opened debate on substantive issues that previously were taboo. Americans should give him one more chance as we enter the debate stage of the campaign.

Hillary Clinton has recently stepped aside and allowed Trump to dig a deep hole for himself with endless blathering on Twitter. Trump’s continuing exhortations on sensitive subjects have enabled Clinton to conceal her misbehavior and her substandard performance as a public servant.

At the same time the media has cooperated with Clinton by minimizing certain actions that should be front-page news, and frankly, serious enough to warrant an indictment. Unlike Trump, Clinton and the future first gentleman have a long history of unethical, illegal and conspiratorial political behavior.

By now we all know that Bill’s legacy includes his uncontrollable libido and lying under oath about his disgraceful relationship with a White House intern. Anthony Weiner’s travails bring back some of those ugly memories.

The Clintons have always used their positions in government to line their pockets. It happened when bedrooms in the White House were rented for political donations, and continued as the Clintons traded access and favors for contributions to the Clinton Foundation. Although the Clintons claim they never received compensation from the foundation, the institution has paid for their lavish travel over the years. Both Hillary and Bill have taken money for speeches from people and groups that they denigrate while on the stump including bankers and foreign leaders of countries that oppress human rights.

The corruption continues under Hillary. She systematically violated specific rules about communication while Secretary of State. By setting up servers in her home, contrary to State Department guidelines, she probably, unwittingly, gave top-secret information to our enemies, as she attempted to keep her activities secret. FBI Director Comey has publicly stated that Clinton’s actions were negligent.

How does Clinton respond to her accusers? She lies. And she regularly gets caught in her deceit without any blow back. The press should be ashamed of itself for allowing this to continue. And, Clinton has eschewed press conferences for many months, which would likely result in embarrassing questions, and more lies.

I wouldn’t be supporting a flawed candidate like Trump if there were an acceptable alternative. There are only two choices- I dislike both of them, but Clinton is a much more dangerous candidate in my opinion. Nevertheless I do appreciate that Trump’s rhetoric gives pause to many voters.

If Clinton is elected she will continue Obama’s failed policies. Nothing has worked out for our beleaguered president. Even his beloved Obamacare fantasy is falling apart, as the truth about health care entitlements are exposed in the press.

Clinton is going to forge ahead with ulta-liberal policies that have given our country financial agita. Further, if Democrats don’t obtain a super majority in the Senate and a majority in the House, Clinton will be up against impenetrable obstacles implementing her  proposals.

Say what you may about Trump, but he has emboldened Americans to talk about things that heretofore have been off limits. Let me give you some examples.

I’m in favor of a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. However I do think Americans should appreciate the ramifications of a porous border. The inflow of illegals has created havoc in many municipalities. Schools, welfare, health care and unemployment have been greatly impacted by the loose policies of the U.S. With Trump I’m sure we would at least stop this problem from growing further.

The U.S. has been more than generous financially and militarily to many countries around the globe- at what cost and for what benefits? Trump will examine these burdensome arrangements and demand that beneficiaries at least respect American generosity.

Terrorism has flourished because of weak and ineffective policies. Frankly the U.S. hasn’t been aggressive enough with terrorists in the Middle East. Consider Iraq, Syria, Libya, Turkey, Yemen and the horn of Africa, all hot spots for years. Under Trump the people that hate non-believers will think twice before taking action against the U.S. or its citizens.

If nothing else Trump is an experienced deal maker. He recognizes when a transaction makes no sense (like the nuclear deal with Iran) or has outlived its benefit (too many entitlements). Welfare, military spending, diplomatic subsidies and many other arrangements will be examined carefully. Our past presidents and Congress have done a terrible job spending taxpayer money.

And just more issue. Our economic system is capitalism at its best. The current administration and Clinton’s will erode our economic legacy for populist gains. We need a new tax system, better control of spending and an unbiased person to negotiate between the have and the have-nots in this country.

I am confident Trump will recruit an all-star cabinet to help him govern, similar to to what Ronald Reagan did. I’m confident Clinton will do the same ill-advised things that Obama has done. I’m still planning to vote for Trump in November. Our country needs a change in leadership.

Should Americans Be Concerned About ISIS Attacking Our Homeland? Yes!

By Sal Bommarito

The viciousness of modern day terrorism overwhelmed me this morning. The New York Times published three  stories involving radical Islamists .

In Turkey a 14 year old “meandered into [a] gathering and detonated a vest of explosives.” It was a Kurdish wedding celebration not far from the border of Turkey and Syria. At least 51 people were killed and 69 were wounded. What kind of deranged individual recruits teenagers to commit such dastardly deeds? In fact they were Islamic terrorists affiliated with ISIS.

In Iraq 36 men were executed as punishment for an ISIS massacre of Shiites. One man who lost a brother and was notified about the hanging of the murderers said, “It was the happiest call I have ever received.” Thousands of Iraqis shared the grieving man’s sentiments. Roughly 1,700 Shiite military personnel were killed in the attack.

In a marketplace in Somalia more than 20 were killed by Islamic militants. The attack shows how determined religious fanatics are about killing nonbelievers going about their daily lives.

And the list grows every day. Should Americans be concerned about the immigration of radical Islamists into the U.S.? Damn right we should.

Donald Trump is correct in saying that Islamic terrorism is the most pressing threat in the world today. His approach to the immigration of Islamic people into our country is extreme, but a high level of care should to be taken to insure that violent criminals do not cross our borders.

Trump’s stance on immigration has been called xenophobic and bigoted. Perhaps his rhetoric is, but his instincts are on point. A reassessment of procedures that enable Middle Eastern immigrants to come to the U.S. should be undertaken immediately regardless of political correctness concerns. Scrutiny must be much greater to protect America.

If the U.S. continues to ignore the fact that a vast number of global terrorist attacks are being sanctioned by Middle Eastern troublemakers or people that they have indoctrinated, our country will be in greater peril.

We must be sensitive about overreaching and offending innocent people. But we should not allow liberal concerns about hurting the feelings of foreigners to impede efforts to keep our lives safe, lest we become victims of incidents like the ones mentioned above.



Clinton Supported By Political Perversion

By Sal Bommarito

America has been greatly divided by amoral politicians during the past few decades. No longer do our presidents represent all the people. They are loyal only to their political base.

The current election has encouraged Americans to draw deep battle lines that differentiate them from their opponents. Donald Trump’s nomination by Republicans has given ultra liberals an opportunity to bash Republicans and divert attention away from their own unsuitable candidate.

Trump is not a real politician. He’s an aggressive and seemingly successful businessperson with no relevant experience. Frankly he’s not someone that most of us would like to spend time with socially, much less have as our president. Yet he has effectively exposed the growing warts of American society and the ineffective policies of current leadership.

The problems with Trump are many and have been exposed by the establishment in both parties, the press and the writer on this site. All the Trump naysayers should take note that many millions of Americans, if not a majority, have found solace and even a little bit of hope that things can be much better in America with a change in leadership.

While bashing Trump, liberals continue to support a sitting president who is arguably the most unproductive president in decades, a man who has no discernable leadership skills and shamelessly makes war against successful Americans. His foreign policies have made America one of the most hated countries in the world. If you have any doubts about this watch the reaction of spectators at the Rio Olympics to every American success.

But what’s worse is that Democrats nominated a person who believes that she and her husband are uber-Americans. They are more important than all the rest of us. Laws and rules of the country don’t pertain to them in any way. They are power mongers who have left a trail of corruption and deceit in every place they served.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have lied to America repeatedly over the years: Hillary about emails, Libya and so much more, and Bill, while president, committed perjury. The latter was a monstrous act that denigrated our legal system, which is based upon Americans telling the truth under oath.

But what outrages me even more is that Democrats are lining up to give the Clintons another bite of the apple. They are using Trump’s faults as an excuse to support another person who is equally unfit to serve as president and downright untrustworthy (see recent polls).

What role does the press play in this laughable kabuki dance? Believe it or not the press is mostly liberal-leaning. That’s okay by me, but it’s inexcusable to give any candidate for president so many passes for inappropriate behavior. How can reporters at venerable newspapers and magazines allow the Clintons to get away with so much skullduggery and deception? Long gone predecessors at these institutions must be rolling over in their graves. The mantra of the press should be: “the truth is only relevant if it negatively impacts your opponents.”

Liberal perversion is likely to result in the continuation of Obama policies that have not served America or the world well during the past eight years. It’s unfortunate that Democrats have given us Clinton in the same election that Republicans have given us Trump.

Donald Trump For President, Despite The Latest Controversy

By Sal Bommarito

A few weeks ago I disclosed that I would be voting for Donald Trump. Frankly it was a very difficult decision. I’m very disappointed that the greatest country in the world has nominated two individuals  that have unfavorable ratings in excess of 50%.

Rather than bemoan the lack of a truly suitable candidate I selected the one that I think will do the least damage to the country. Herein lies the difference between Clinton supporters and me.

Unfortunately a controversy in which Trump has unwisely participated in a war of words with the Muslim parents of a fallen soldier has dominated the news cycle. It was a serious misstep on the part of the Republican nominee and indicative of his impetuous personality. In some ways the situation has been blown out of proportion as the father has criticized Trump with great zeal even though his target bears no responsibility for his son’s heroic demise. I don’t believe this episode by itself rises to an indiscretion that disqualifies Trump to be president. Yet I do strongly urge every American to honor our brave soldiers and support the grieving families.

If elected Hillary Clinton will serve as a supplicant to Barack Obama and further his cockeyed foreign policies. After all she was his Secretary of State for four years. Clinton in an epic flip-flop has endorsed some of the wackiest of Bernie Sanders’ socialist proposals. She has conformed to Obama’s ideology and moved left, not necessarily because she believes it would be good for America, but because she expects to receive more votes.

This is but one of the principal issues I have with Clinton. She wants to rule the world and will do anything (lie, cheat, flip-flop and employ policies bad for America) to achieve her objectives. But we all know what she plans to do. It’ll be Obama for another four years.

As Obama’s successor  Clinton will be unable to manage the government effectively unless there are radical changes in the composition of Congress. She will likely  govern by edit (similar to Obama) because she will not receive any support of from her opponents.  Obama’s foreign policies have destroyed America’s reputation globally, and Hillary will not do anything to change course.

What do we know about Trump? He does have an extraordinarily abrasive personality. Yet he thankfully identified many things in America that need to be changed. He has fascinated a large segment of America by offering a new direction. So  many Americans are unhappy, disenfranchised and disillusioned by our government.

What will Trump do to rectify the areas that need to be fixed? To mention a few, Trump will stop illegal immigration. He will instruct his military to attack ISIS and defeat them. He will increase security in the U.S. He will rebuild relationships with our allies. He will increase military spending. He will be the law and order president. He will implement new initiatives to increase employment and economic growth starting with the cancellation of various trade agreements that have or will increase U.S. unemployment. And sadly he will piss off Americans and foreign leaders in the process.

I like the idea that the U.S. will no longer be an economic or military patsy for the rest of the world. I don’t want the U.S. to subsidize the security of other nations, especially when these same countries defy us on a regular basis. I want to feel safer at home and when I travel.

Many of my acquaintances have called me names, questioned by sanity and made disparaging remarks because I support Trump. Most of these remarks emanate from affluent, highly educated ultra liberals that claim to be empathetic toward the under classes.  In the meantime working class men are disparaged by theseTrump haters.

I hope  Trump assembles an All-Star cabinet the way the Ronald Reagan did in 1980. At some point Trump will realize that he alone can’t run the U.S. like a real estate company. He needs experts in many areas to help him develop new initiatives for the country to make America great again, just like any new president.