Clinton Supported By Political Perversion

By Sal Bommarito

America has been greatly divided by amoral politicians during the past few decades. No longer do our presidents represent all the people. They are loyal only to their political base.

The current election has encouraged Americans to draw deep battle lines that differentiate them from their opponents. Donald Trump’s nomination by Republicans has given ultra liberals an opportunity to bash Republicans and divert attention away from their own unsuitable candidate.

Trump is not a real politician. He’s an aggressive and seemingly successful businessperson with no relevant experience. Frankly he’s not someone that most of us would like to spend time with socially, much less have as our president. Yet he has effectively exposed the growing warts of American society and the ineffective policies of current leadership.

The problems with Trump are many and have been exposed by the establishment in both parties, the press and the writer on this site. All the Trump naysayers should take note that many millions of Americans, if not a majority, have found solace and even a little bit of hope that things can be much better in America with a change in leadership.

While bashing Trump, liberals continue to support a sitting president who is arguably the most unproductive president in decades, a man who has no discernable leadership skills and shamelessly makes war against successful Americans. His foreign policies have made America one of the most hated countries in the world. If you have any doubts about this watch the reaction of spectators at the Rio Olympics to every American success.

But what’s worse is that Democrats nominated a person who believes that she and her husband are uber-Americans. They are more important than all the rest of us. Laws and rules of the country don’t pertain to them in any way. They are power mongers who have left a trail of corruption and deceit in every place they served.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have lied to America repeatedly over the years: Hillary about emails, Libya and so much more, and Bill, while president, committed perjury. The latter was a monstrous act that denigrated our legal system, which is based upon Americans telling the truth under oath.

But what outrages me even more is that Democrats are lining up to give the Clintons another bite of the apple. They are using Trump’s faults as an excuse to support another person who is equally unfit to serve as president and downright untrustworthy (see recent polls).

What role does the press play in this laughable kabuki dance? Believe it or not the press is mostly liberal-leaning. That’s okay by me, but it’s inexcusable to give any candidate for president so many passes for inappropriate behavior. How can reporters at venerable newspapers and magazines allow the Clintons to get away with so much skullduggery and deception? Long gone predecessors at these institutions must be rolling over in their graves. The mantra of the press should be: “the truth is only relevant if it negatively impacts your opponents.”

Liberal perversion is likely to result in the continuation of Obama policies that have not served America or the world well during the past eight years. It’s unfortunate that Democrats have given us Clinton in the same election that Republicans have given us Trump.

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