Donald Trump For President, Despite The Latest Controversy

By Sal Bommarito

A few weeks ago I disclosed that I would be voting for Donald Trump. Frankly it was a very difficult decision. I’m very disappointed that the greatest country in the world has nominated two individuals  that have unfavorable ratings in excess of 50%.

Rather than bemoan the lack of a truly suitable candidate I selected the one that I think will do the least damage to the country. Herein lies the difference between Clinton supporters and me.

Unfortunately a controversy in which Trump has unwisely participated in a war of words with the Muslim parents of a fallen soldier has dominated the news cycle. It was a serious misstep on the part of the Republican nominee and indicative of his impetuous personality. In some ways the situation has been blown out of proportion as the father has criticized Trump with great zeal even though his target bears no responsibility for his son’s heroic demise. I don’t believe this episode by itself rises to an indiscretion that disqualifies Trump to be president. Yet I do strongly urge every American to honor our brave soldiers and support the grieving families.

If elected Hillary Clinton will serve as a supplicant to Barack Obama and further his cockeyed foreign policies. After all she was his Secretary of State for four years. Clinton in an epic flip-flop has endorsed some of the wackiest of Bernie Sanders’ socialist proposals. She has conformed to Obama’s ideology and moved left, not necessarily because she believes it would be good for America, but because she expects to receive more votes.

This is but one of the principal issues I have with Clinton. She wants to rule the world and will do anything (lie, cheat, flip-flop and employ policies bad for America) to achieve her objectives. But we all know what she plans to do. It’ll be Obama for another four years.

As Obama’s successor  Clinton will be unable to manage the government effectively unless there are radical changes in the composition of Congress. She will likely  govern by edit (similar to Obama) because she will not receive any support of from her opponents.  Obama’s foreign policies have destroyed America’s reputation globally, and Hillary will not do anything to change course.

What do we know about Trump? He does have an extraordinarily abrasive personality. Yet he thankfully identified many things in America that need to be changed. He has fascinated a large segment of America by offering a new direction. So  many Americans are unhappy, disenfranchised and disillusioned by our government.

What will Trump do to rectify the areas that need to be fixed? To mention a few, Trump will stop illegal immigration. He will instruct his military to attack ISIS and defeat them. He will increase security in the U.S. He will rebuild relationships with our allies. He will increase military spending. He will be the law and order president. He will implement new initiatives to increase employment and economic growth starting with the cancellation of various trade agreements that have or will increase U.S. unemployment. And sadly he will piss off Americans and foreign leaders in the process.

I like the idea that the U.S. will no longer be an economic or military patsy for the rest of the world. I don’t want the U.S. to subsidize the security of other nations, especially when these same countries defy us on a regular basis. I want to feel safer at home and when I travel.

Many of my acquaintances have called me names, questioned by sanity and made disparaging remarks because I support Trump. Most of these remarks emanate from affluent, highly educated ultra liberals that claim to be empathetic toward the under classes.  In the meantime working class men are disparaged by theseTrump haters.

I hope  Trump assembles an All-Star cabinet the way the Ronald Reagan did in 1980. At some point Trump will realize that he alone can’t run the U.S. like a real estate company. He needs experts in many areas to help him develop new initiatives for the country to make America great again, just like any new president.



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