Trump vs. Clinton: Are Americans Safe Or Not?

By Sal Bommarito

A huge amount of criticism at the Democratic Convention was directed at Donald Trump because he believes the world has become much more  unstable and dangerous during the current administration. After hearing Democratic speaker after speaker regurgitate the same perspective that everything is fine and dandy in America and abroad, I asked myself if I am frightened.

My answer is a resounding yes. I am concerned for my family and fellow citizens every time I go to the airport, into a subway or to a ballgame. I have repeatedly refused to visit global hot spots because I fear the growing animosity of others against Americans.

In major cities across America groups of people are publicly calling for the death of police officers. Every day our brave first responders risk their lives to protect us. There is no place that needs police intervention more than urban areas. Yet the residents in these places march, protest, destroy property in their neighborhoods as they denounce police brutality and procedures.

Around the world every nation denigrates the U.S. The reasons for this are many, but the one most often heard is that America is no longer a dependable ally. How is the proposed isolationism of Trump any different than the non-intervention policies of Obama (especially in the Middle East)? The latter has let down our friends repeatedly. This has resulted in great gains by terrorists and the most violent groups in the world. Our president would rather waste time debating whether those that wish us harm are just plain terrorists or Islamic radicals.

Donald Trump didn’t foment the conditions that have resulted in a world of hate and bigotry. Trump is not responsible for the terrorist attacks around the world or the police assassinations in America. Trump didn’t encourage out of control slaughter of thousands across the globe by religious fanatics. This all began long before his appearance on the scene.

Trump has correctly pointed out that warm and fuzzy diplomacy is not effective. America must assert itself or Russia will continue to illegally annex more former Soviet republics, the Chinese will abscond more territory near their country, North Korea will continue to develop intercontinental missiles, Iran will soon have a nuclear bomb and ISIS will keep the world on edge with more suicide attacks.

Rather than fighting with terrorists and murderers the current administration would rather wage war with the most affluent in America. Obama’s class warfare rhetoric has been more than shameful pitting American against American. This is not 18th Century France. The rich are not stealing from the poor.

The socialists, ultra liberals and the have nots are angry that some people  are successful,  go to great colleges,  earn a great living and enjoy their lives. The emphasis should be raising the prospects of all Americans, not taking money from the affluent and redistributing it without any conditions on the recipients.

Trump is playing an important role by pointing out what is wrong with America. Obama has done the same thing for years, focusing exclusively on those who are prospering in America. Trump is astute to recognize that things are not as rosy as Clinton and Obama would have us believe. Many Americans are frightened and/or hurting economically. The Democrats have proven that they are incapable of improving America. And they have poisoned worldwide relationships formed before Obama’s tenure began.

Trump is by no means a perfect candidate. I have indicated so many times on this blog . But at least he isn’t shy about telling us like it is. The last thing this country needs is a continuation of Obama’s presidency.

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