Hillary Clinton: Don’t Believe Everything People Are Saying About Her At The Convention

By Sal Bommarito

Hillary Clinton’s anemic resume as a First Lady and politician over the past several decades is being rewritten by her  supporters during the Democratic Convention. Is there anyone who really believes this claptrap?

For those of us old enough to remember Hillary’s early years, we know that she’s was involved in scandal and intrigue long before she became a candidate for the presidency. The list of shady deals and scandals is long and includes the following:

  • Whitewater- a property investment scandal. Everyone affiliated with the transaction was indicted except the Clintons.
  • Clinton Global Initiative- political favors for  contributions.
  • Chinagate- Bribes from Chinese operatives.
  • Travelgate- job favors.
  • Vince Foster- suicide victim resulting from involvement in Clinton scandals.
  • Filegate- accessed FBI files on opponents.
  • Cattle futures- $1,000 investment grew to $100,000 profit.
  • Lootgate- Absconded White House furniture and shipped it to home in Chappaqua, NY.
  • Numerous campaign donation violations.
  • Benghazi- resulted in the deaths of four Americans including the Ambassador to Libya.
  • Emails on personal servers when Secretary of State, and the destruction of evidence.

We should expect to hear more about Clinton’s long list of scandals over the next few months as Donald Trump unleashes  his henchmen. The point to be made is that corruption and disregard for the law are a trademark of the the Clintons.

It would be an understatement to say that many Americans were sick and tired of Hillary even before she ran for senator. During her husband’s tenure in the White House she worked on health car reform. Hillary’s recommendations were quashed resoundingly by Republicans and sensible members of her own party. As an aside, we should expect that Hillary will give Bill important assignments if she wins the election. It’s likely this will be done without any concurrence of Congress.

During Bill’s presidency Hillary was always actively engaged. She chimed in aggressively going far beyond the traditional role  of First Lady. When Bill’s dalliances with women became public, she was humiliated and became a sympathetic character. Ironically Bill’s sordid behavior propelled Hillary politically. Some observers were astounded that she didn’t walk away from her husband. But we know why.

Hillary stood by her man. Why would she subject herself to continued embarrassment by a husband who has no control over his libido? The answer is obvious. She’s not even in the same political solar system as Bill, and she knows it. Hillary needed/needs him to build her political career. It’s a relationship of convenience. Bill and others need to make syrupy speeches about her altruism and patriotism as they have been doing this week. Alas she’s not as saintly as some have portrayed her.

Hillary’s record as Secretary of State is now front and center.  Trump and other opponents have repeatedly said that the world is far more worse off and  dangerous now than it was when the Obama administration took control of the White House eight years ago. The U.S. no longer has trustworthy allies because we have broken so many promises. We have let down many world leaders, and Hillary was an active enforcer of Obama’s warped world view that has led us to this moment in history.

And now more scandal. Hillary has serious problems with modern technology. Clearly no one has advised her about the derivative risks of using email . Mrs. Clinton, here are some guidelines you might want to consider. Do not communicate any national security information on email . Do not discuss illegal activities, immoral behavior or make disparaging remarks on email. Pick up a phone (that is secure) and communicate.

Finally Hillary has been unabashed about lying and twisting the truth. And she depends upon her subordinates to fall on swords for her. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the latest casualty.

Yet, carrying one the worst trustworthiness ratings in the history of politics, people vouch for Clinton. Some say she is the lesser of two evils. Maybe this is true, but she’s plenty evil.




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