Democratic Convention Is A Mess

By Sal Bommarito

The Democratic Convention is getting more interesting with each passing day. There’s all sorts of intrigue. It all  kicked off with the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as Chairwoman of the convention, after emails were published that indicated that the Democratic establishment attempted to discredit Bernie Sanders.

It didn’t take long for the convention to become  raucous. Sanders’ supporters have been marching and demonstrating outside of the convention. Many of them are openly attacking Hillary Clinton.

Inside the convention center Sander’s delegates are raising hell, interrupting speakers and verbally denouncing Clinton. Elizabeth Warren, the most famous hater of Wall Street companies and their employees, was heckled mercilessly during her ubiquitous income inequality speech. Sanders’ delegates have accused her of abandoning their guy.

Many delegates are carrying pro Sanders signs and negative Clinton placards. Even Sanders, in his Monday evening presentation, could not subdue his own base. He probably doesn’t appreciate that his loyalists are more loyal to his socialistic rhetoric than to him personally.

Two of the most interesting developments relate to Trump and Michelle Obama.

Many Democrats, in an effort to downplay the Schultz email scandal, are proliferating a rumor that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the Russian autocrat, are in cahoots. Supposedly they’re admirers of each other, even though it’s been reported that they have never met.

Startlingly some diehard Clinton backers are saying that Russian hackers were responsible for publicly disclosing the embarrassing emails (certainly feasible), and then delivering them to the press on the day before the Democratic Convention began. The intent was to disrupt Clinton’s big moment. All this was a plan conceived by Trump and Putin.

Really? A Trump and Putin conspiracy? I don’t think so. Certainly Putin has a favorite between Trump and Clinton; and it’s probably Trump. Putin has a cold relationship with Clinton that dates back to her highly unsuccessful tenure as Secretary of State.  In any case I’m sure Putin will grow to despise President Trump after they meet.

But most important is a story in the NY Times that briefly touches on the enthusiastic support of Hillary by Michelle Obama. The public shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that  Michelle is a big fan of Hillary, or she’s so invested in the election of a woman president.

In the Times article the writer hit upon something that is  noteworthy. The Clintons and the Obamas dislike each other. Hillary bashed Barack when they opposed each other in 2008, and Barack supposedly is frustrated by Bill’s political and personal antics. According to the Times the four of them have not dined together since 2013.

Barack’s legacy will surely  be flushed down the toilet if Trump wins. Considering that Obama has so little to hang on to from a legacy perspective, it would be disastrous if Obamacare were cancelled or radically changed, and his anti-confrontational foreign policies were abandoned (among many other things). If Trump wins, Obama will barely be mentioned in history books.

Ergo- Michelle is trying to help her guy and not really supporting Hillary.

I’m sure there will be much more drama in the next few days as all the friends of Hillary fight it out for air time at the convention (another story in the Times).




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