Hugs And Kisses May Bring Down Cuomo

The governor of New York is doing a dance in front of television cameras and reporters in an effort to retain his office. What separates Cuomo from other serial sexual abusers is that he has managed to downplay even worse actions involving nursing home victims of Covid.

Seems to me the media has confused priorities. Why isn’t the death, from potentially negligent behavior and a cover-up, more significant than a stolen kiss or an inappropriate touch? Has political correctness gotten to the point where social abuses are more significant than homicide?

Earlier this week, a teary-eyed Cuomo said he often times greets friends and acquaintances with affection. A kiss on the cheek or a hug are commonplace at his social get togethers. The NY Times published a picture of Cuomo preparing to plant a kiss on a shell-shocked woman who outed Cuomo. You can’t fool a camera, Andy.

When do “harmless gestures” go over the line? The answer is that they are taboo if a woman ultimately objects to them any time in the future. How does a man know when an affectionate gesture is in order? There’s only one sure-fire answer. If a woman initiates a kiss or a hug it’s legitimate and doesn’t violate any social rules. Yet, the best policy for men is to keep their distance and avoid any contact at all with female co-workers.

One of the new norms with Covid is to fist bump or elbow bump others, rather than shaking hands. Maybe we should continue this tradition when the virus is defeated, in place of any other type of physical contact whatsoever. Men would be much less likely to run afoul.

And what about the families of elderly people mismanaged by Cuomo. Do you think they really care about governor’s addiction to greet and touch? Are the families going to get justice for their losses? Why isn’t the media screaming for Cuomo’s ouster and prosecution?

It is alleged that Cuomo concealed the number of Covid deaths from nursing homes in New York State. He was trying to hide the number to avoid criticism relating to a policy to send recovering Covid nursing home patients back to their homes to avoid crowding at hospitals. This tactic may have caused unnecessary deaths of older people. As part of the cover-up, investigators are saying Cuomo’s staff fudged Covid numbers to prop up the governor’s reputation.

It is stunning that even Democrats are calling for an accounting of nursing home deaths and Cuomo’s resignation. But, just like the press, most are focused on the greet and touch accusations rather than the loss of life.

A lot of things have changed in the past 25 years. One of the greatest is the relationship between men and women. If I were making rules for interaction between the sexes, I would teach young boys that touching a girl or woman is dangerous under almost every circumstance.