McConnell Is Going To Spank Democratic Senators

Democrats are making a last ditch effort to create a constitutional and democratic crisis for our country. Yet, their efforts to impeach President Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors is petering out because rabid liberals in the House still have been unable to prove that the president did anything illegal that rises to the level suggested by our Constitution.

After parading around the Capitol in a bizarre and melodramatic fraternity-like ritual (reminiscent of “Animal House” with no robes), and a joyous celebration led by Speaker Pelosi that was highlighted by deal gifts for her co-conspirators (pens that were used to sign the impeachment articles), the proceedings now go to the Senate where, hopefully, adults will prevail.

Democrats will try to secure more witnesses, encourage new revelations and give the liberal press more opportunities to do their dirty work of propagating false news. But, Sen. McConnell is going to put an end to this destructive melodrama. A vote to acquit will likely occur soon, and Congress can get back to work.

Murderers, drug dealers, kidnappers and those who have committed treason have been treated more fairly than a sitting president. Democrats are screaming that Trump is hiding something nefarious that will threaten our democracy and 2020 election. Nonsense!

In the meantime liberal lawmakers have prevented our elected officials from doing they nation’s business for months. To Trump’s credit, he has forged ahead to accomplish great things for our economy, for minorities financially and for our national defense. The president has proven he can multitask even while Democrats nip at his heals.

Liberals have not learned that it’s impossible to impeach and convict a sitting president because he or she is not a nice person. There is no provision in the Constitution that requires more than half the citizens to like the president. In fact, many who support him do not like Trump.

What is laughable is that Democratic political gurus are celebrating an impeachment to nowhere even as their candidates are losing ground to Trump in the presidential campaign. If the witch-hunt gang, the dingbats who lead House committees, had any brains they would end the Trump hunt and focus on winning in 2020.

But no, there are legacies and reputations to build and destroy. Thankfully our country is so strong that it can repel the idiots who are working so hard to denigrate it.

With a booming economy, a skyrocketing stock market, progress on several fronts internationally, Trump is unbeatable by the rag-tag group of socialists. The New York Times has spoken and endorsed Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. The editorial board is backing two candidates. But only one can be elected. Even the Times is losing its mind by seemingly proposing a joint presidency, I guess, filled by two white females. Is diversity an issue for the Times?

Watch today as the Republicans give Democrats some of the same medicine dolled out by House Democrats. There will be no mercy.

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