Pelosi Is Doomed

Nancy Pelosi is known to be a prolific fundraiser for her colleagues and a decent leader of the House of Representatives, until recently. Her decisions relating to the impeachment of President Trump have tarnished her legacy and have put the Democratic Party in peril.

Speakers of the House have very important roles to play. Among other things they must decide the order of business for the House. Additionally they must convince even the most independent and uncooperative members of their caucus to vote with the majority on important matters. Pelosi has failed in both regards during many agonizing months of Trump-bashing.

The Speaker has the responsibility to keep order and decorum and to abide by the Constitution. The venomous attitude from the first day of the Trump administration has done nothing other than to make a mockery of our political system. We have stooped to a level where every day a politician is calling others liars. The House is a hotbed for name-calling and disrespect

Several months ago Pelosi was dead set against impeaching President Trump unless there was bipartisan support for such a monumental undertaking. Rightly so, she resisted the unbridled and un-statesmen like urgings of new members of her caucus and some old members who despised the man that resided in the White House. Unfortunately for our democracy, our government, rule of law and respect among our lawmakers, Pelosi caved and sanctioned the unthinkable.

She agreed to move forward with impeachment without considering the weakness of the case against the president. Pelosi stood by and enabled left wing zealots to conduct a kangaroo court. She even allowed her colleagues to dash the rights of the accused. Witnesses were not called that had first hand knowledge. She and her liberal associates did what they were accusing Trump of, they attempted to influence an election.

The zealots pushed forward even though conviction was impossible. Republicans held a strong Senate majority and would never convict Trump of impeachable offenses given the flimsy evidence drummed up by Democrats. Pelosi knew this as well and yet she sanctioned the unholy trial of the president. She was persuaded to move ahead if it somehow would damage Trump’s chances in 2020. We know now that the opposite has happened- Trump has never seemed stronger.

How have Democrats hurt our country and it political system? Here is an abbreviated list.


  • Democrats conducted an impeachment proceeding that subverted the entire government. Everyone was focused on incriminating evidence and a smoking gun. They never materialized.
  • Important matters relating to defense, immigration, education, voting rights, income inequality, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, health care and so much more were put on the backburner so liberals could conduct their three ring circus.
  • Democrat lawmakers lied in their zeal to convict. The leaders of the committees that presented the impeachment were guilty of twisting and exaggerating and the truth.
  • Democrats trashed the rule of law.
  • Democrats did nothing to encourage a bipartisan proceeding. They ignored all requests by the opposition.
  • The impeachment was supported only by innuendo, gossip and second-hand testimony.
  • Democrats kept feeding unrealistic expectations to the liberal press, which was duped in the process.
  • Democrats indicated that Trump’s persona and attitude alone was impeachable. Not being nice is not an impeachable offense.
  • All comity between lawmakers has been lost. It will be a generation before it returns.
  • New rules by the House and violations of precedent will encourage frivolous efforts to impeach future presidents.
  • Democrats ignored the role of courts to deal with issues between the branches of government for expediency.


So, where are we now? Pelosi decided to not deliver articles of impeachment for a few weeks, thereby delaying the Senate trial. [Note: the articles are supposedly coming this week.] This will have an effect on the impending presidential campaign schedule and the primaries in several states.

Pelosi was holding on to get concessions from the Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell. She got nothing and will pay for her mismanagement along with her liberal confederates.

Many Democrats are now concerned that their political lives have been jeopardized by Pelosi, based upon the impeachment hoax. It just might come to pass.

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