Trump Wants Revenge

Now we are sure, besides all his other faults, Donald Trump is a terrible loser and a terrible winner. After obliterating the Democrats relating to a Russian conspiracy and two articles of impeachment, the president fired back with both guns blazing at his political opponents, as reported in the New York Times.

Trump “exacted payback” at a prayer breakfast shortly after the impeachment trial ended in acquittal. “Choosing retaliation,” the president “lashed out” at all the Dems involved in a massive attempt to undo the 2016 election and eliminate him from consideration in 2020. Mitt Romney, a Republican senator who voted for one of the impeachment articles, was also a target of Mr. Trump.

At the breakfast, Trump “denounced the evil and crooked” lawmakers and the “top scum” at the FBI for attempting to end his presidency.

The president and his aides believe that the Dems “should pay for” the impeachment debacle. In fact, G.O.P. senators are now focusing on alleged Ukrainian corruption perpetrated by Joe Biden and his son Hunter. This could very well dash Biden’s aspirations to be the next president.

Here is a list of derogatory comments made by Trump during the breakfast diatribe. [Comments taken from aforementioned Times article]


  • The [impeachment] investigation was evil.
  • Dirty cops in government.
  • Leakers and liars.
  • The impeachment should never have happen to a president.
  • [Nancy Pelosi] was disingenuous saying she prayed for [Trump].
  • The impeachment was all bullsh-t.
  • James Comey is a sleazeball.
  • Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok are lowlifes.
  • Mitt Romney is a failed presidential candidate who used religion as a crutch.
  • Adam Schiff is a corrupt politician.

Note: It’s difficult to believe our elected officials speak in this way about each other. The other side did more than their fair share of name-calling during the impeachment proceedings.

Donald Trump should have left the dirty work to his staff and taken the high road. He has more than enough to be proud of. Taking off on a rant about his sworn enemies only drags him down to their level. The electorate just might warm up to him if he ended his poisonous and unproductive rhetoric.

Trump should be totally focused on his good work relating to the economy, low unemployment, new jobs, a bull stock market, major concessions in new trade deals and the assassination of another important terrorist. But instead he continues a war of words with the incompetent Democratic leadership.

If you assume Trump wins in 2020, which I think is the likely outcome, reconciliation between the major parties will be a long time coming. The president should take the first step in changing the current environment. But we all know that it won’t happen.

In the meantime, Democratic socialists running for president are attacking each other, and Iowa Democrats don’t know how to add, so its primary results are being contested. Maybe Bloomberg will save the party, but people in Davenport, Iowa probably never heard of him.


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