An Acquittal Is Imminent

Time is running out for House Managers in their quest to impeach Donald Trump and undo the 2016 presidential election. They tried everything to discredit and embarrass the president, who steadfastly deflected criticism on social media and with noteworthy success regarding the economy, trade and diplomacy. You may not appreciate the man’s style, but he has gotten many things done in recent months.

You can always sense when the opposition is getting frustrated. The whining and exasperation grows, the facts become more distorted, and they begin to suggest that 60 million people who voted for Trump are idiots. It’s never the shortcomings of the opposition’s arguments; it’s always someone else’s inability to grasp the facts.

The White House counsels have been eating Schiff’s and Nadler’s lunch for several days. The House Managers looked like rank amateurs. Their version of the truth has been overwhelmed by their reliance on innuendo, second hand gossip and hyperbole.

Professor Dershowitz has many people thinking that Trump’s behavior, although brash, dangerous and un-statesmanlike, was not impeachable. Frankly, it was sad to see Schiff and Nadler go head to head with Dershowitz. The latter has been teaching and researching constitutional law for 50 years. His opinions are significant, even if they are controversial. The congressmen were out of their league.

But it didn’t stop there. The White House counsels provided devastating testimony that clearly indicates that Trump should not be impeached. They provided, what else, facts and quotes from Democratic witnesses. The White House gang bludgeoned the Dems with irrefutable truth. Law students will be studying their arguments and technique for years to come.

But the real kicker is that there is no proof that Trump traded missiles for an investigation of the corrupt Biden family, or that keeping presidential conversations confidential for security reasons is a crime.

Give it up Schumer. You lost big time. The presidential election is a lock for Trump. You should spend your time trying to minimize losses in Congress for the next nine months.

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