End The Sh– Storm In The Senate Now

Americans have power-hungry Democrats to thank for creating such an unproductive tempest and constitutional confrontation. Our government is in crisis because of the venom directed at our president. Love him or not, he was duly elected and deserves to be treated with respect and given the chance to defend himself. He should be protected by the rule of law.

In the meantime, our government is in total paralysis as the bureaucrats and Trump-haters parse every action and every word uttered by the president since he took office three plus years ago. The team defending Trump is going to destroy the incompetent and lying band of misfits that presented a weak impeachment of Trump.

It’s now obvious that Pelosi didn’t follow the rules associated with impeachment. She is not the source of authority in the House and cannot unilaterally order her colleagues to begin proceedings. She neglected to obtain approval of the entire House to move forward with actions by its committees. It’s one person, one vote in the House.

The Trump team is eviscerating everything that the House incompetents have bored us with for 24 hours last week. A basis of impeachment is not apparent. There was no crime and all accusations are hearsay. None of the people who testified against Trump actually heard incriminating words. It was second, third and fourth hand information. The State Department officials are seemingly a bunch of gossiping biddies hanging around the water cooler and looking for ways to make a splash and get on TV.

But in the end, Trump authorized and delivered the now infamous Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. In fact, everyone concurs that Trump has done more to protect Ukraine from Russia than any other president.

Trump invited the Ukraine president to the US on three separate occasions, and they met without any preconditions or quid pro quos.

There has been no investigation of Burisma or the Bidens after all that has taken place. This is likely to change very soon as the corruption affiliated with the former vice president and his son is too overwhelming to ignore.

Trump has been fighting corruption around the world since he took office. It was a campaign promise to do so. He cancelled support to several countries at the same time that Ukraine was being evaluated for corrupt activities.

The president of the US is the top diplomatic officer. He has the constitutional authority to set policies, hire and fire diplomats and to take actions against other countries. A House that disagrees with his policies cannot impeach him.

The president has the right to keep conversations with his cabinet, staff, advisors and other foreign leaders confidential. This right enables the president to be effective as he navigates through sensitive discussions, and considers different options. Executive privilege has proven to be invaluable throughout American history and applied by every modern day president. Therefore the president is legally able to censor any individual that attempts to reveal national security sensitive information, including John Bolton.

The president’s attorneys have taken the opportunity to put into perspective the power of impeachment. It’s a proceeding that should be used sparingly because it can undo the election of a president. All other business of Congress ceases until impeachment is complete.

One of the fears of the founding fathers was that an unbridled opposition House of Representatives would impeach and turn the government head over heels for matters that should be decided with negotiation and/or by the courts.

The current impeachment is the third such action in the last 45 years. The only other presidential impeachment took place a hundred years earlier. The worst fears of the founding fathers have taken place. Impeachment is now too ubiquitous.

The current accusations by the House are based upon supposition, second hand knowledge and gossip. The House presumes too much and knows too little. Impeachment is supposed to be the last resort for crimes by the leader of our country. Serious crimes like treason are the real focus of this type of justice.

And finally, since when is someone (like the president) guilty until proven innocent. Why do we allow story mongers among the press to create sh—storms based upon innuendo and supposition? Where is the honor and devotion to sacrosanct journalistic tenets?

The impeachment and the trial should be dispensed with immediately. Trump cannot be convicted of anything. We need our lawmakers to do the business of the people, not to amuse misinformed zealots in the House who collect pens.

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