The Education Conundrum

Here we go. Biden hasn’t even moved into the White House and radical progressives are calling for massive forgiveness of college debt. A New York Times article on the subject of student debt was the inspiration for this blog post.

The bid and ask range of college debt forgiveness stretches from $10,000 per borrower, or a total of $400 million, to $50,000, a total of $1 trillion. The Department of Education owns $1.4 trillion of student debt and is the largest consumer lender in the country. Liberals including teachers’ unions and the NAACP are calling for the higher amount. Biden has endorsed a $10,000 program and a promise to chip away at the remaining debt overtime.

The first major issue to contend with is whether a debt forgiveness program is best legislated or accomplished with a presidential executive mandate. There is an embedded constitutional issue with the mandate, as only Congress has the power to effectively pay Americans. But this is now being hotly contested by attorneys. Obviously, a mandate is the most efficient way to forgive the debt.

It should be noted that forgiving $400 million or $1 trillion would not be a cash outflow from the Treasury. The money has already been spent. Student loans were funded. The federal government would essentially be forgiving principle and interest on the loans, which would reduce future cash flow assuming borrowers paid the money and debt service in the future.

Then of course, someone must decide whether the most needy people would be getting the benefit of the debt forgiveness. Some say debt forgiveness is inefficient as 70% of the unemployed do not have college degrees. And 60% of the debt owed belongs to 40% of earners who have annual income of $74,000 or more. It appears that most debt forgiveness programs will benefit middle and upper class individuals more than the poor.

Proponents say debt forgiveness would be a stimulus to economic activity as borrowers would instantly have more cash flow to spend. And as mentioned earlier, the government would be providing stimulus without incurring more national debt.

Opponents say that those who have paid off loans will surely feel cheated. And, many students would borrow more money hoping that future debt payment forgiveness programs would happen again. Nevertheless, forgiveness of debt does not address the systemic problem of high cost of a college education.

Various experts have said that state schools should be free of charge. Others say repayment should be based upon the borrower’s earning power. But there have been no suggestions to date that would address the underlying problems outlined above.

There has been a lot of talk of the evils of student debt. Mistakes were made by many parties. Students borrowed today and did not concern themselves with the specter of repayment or taking courses that would enable them to repay their student loans after graduation.

Overzealous congresspeople incorrectly thought that providing debt for higher education without any quid pro quos was good policy. They were wrong to the tune of $1.7 trillion. Now the same people want to double down and make the debt disappear.

This legislation will be difficult to consummate unless the number is far lower than what progressives are demanding.  

Pandemic Party Pooper

I’ve been sitting around thinking about “My Life in Covid.” This will be the title of my book, if I ever sit down and write about the misery, deaths, politics, depression, unhappiness and despair of the time.

I was a very early victim of Covid. I’m in the vulnerable age group, but clean living, exercise, no alcohol and good food helped me beat the disease. Actually, I slept for most of the time that I was in the grip of the virus. Thankfully, I had no idea, nor did any of the experts, that I was in great jeopardy. If I had known, I probably would have suffered a nervous breakdown. Kudos to my family for nursing me back to health.

When I think of all the things that I do and don’t do since this freaking virus ruined our world, I’m amazed. It’s a wonder I have been able to keep busy and be somewhat productive. I’ve read scores of books (mostly junk novels), read newspapers, did crossword puzzles, discovered a new word play game in the Times called “Two Not Touch,” exercised two or three times a day, ate five times a day and paid bills.

I’m blessed with adult children who have stayed with my wife and me for extended periods. The game competitions are heated as are the political conversations. Everyone except me has a real job, so most of the day, family members isolate in different rooms zooming with their colleagues. But what have I been doing since March of last year?

The most obvious thing is that when I go outside, I concentrate on keeping a mask properly situated on my face and staying away from all people I encounter. The good news is that Central Park is nearby, but there are many more people to avoid in that section of New York City. Walking is supplemented by frequent yoga instruction, via computer, and weightlifting. We purchased weights for our apartment because our gym has been closed indefinitely. For a time, there were no weights available online anywhere in the country. Many had the same idea we had, to workout at home.

The bigger issue is what I have not been doing. My wife and I are typical city dwellers, and so before the flu, we ate at local restaurants with family and business contacts several times a week. I would say that not being able to dine out has been one of the biggest issues for me. I never realized how important our restaurant regime was to our lifestyle and social life.

We have no young children so dealing with whether schools are teaching in person or via the Internet is not an issue for us, although it’s a huge problem for many people in the City.

But, what do we do for entertainment? We can’t see the Yankees, Mets, Knicks or Rangers. The New York City Ballet is closed, Broadway is shut down and SoulCycle has ceased operations.

Since restaurant dining is not in the cards as the temperature drops, where is global warming when you need it, I go grocery shopping to make dinner for my wife. Eli’s seems to be profiting in the time of Covid. They have not reduced their prices.

I have tons of family and in-laws in the City, along with a plethora of nieces and nephews. It’s been a full-time job to avoid and condemn family get togethers. The mayor and governor have effectively put a clamp on parties for the holidays. This has caused significant agita for most people. My father in law and his wife are insistent on having dinners and meals with the clan, but we must continue to dissuade them. In fact, they are the most vulnerable.

It would be terrific to drop everything and fly out to Vail or down to Miami for a few days, but the infectious disease gurus say flying is dangerous. I guess we know that to be a fact. Being confined in a long metal tube with re-circulated air with 200 potential carriers of the bug would appear to be a dangerous environment to be in for a couple of hours.

The world is on the cusp of benefiting from a vaccine. It was created in record time, in part, due to the efforts of President Trump. The man is universally despised, so let’s give him some love for getting the medical people to move rapidly. But there are a lot of unanswered questions. Like, who is going to receive the vaccine first? I assume first responders, for saving us, deserve to be at the top of the list. Old, vulnerable people should have a priority. Our government leaders and teachers are essential. But what happens next? The little ones get inoculated, do 15 to 30-year-olds come next or do 31 to 59-year-old individuals get the magical potion? Are City dwellers higher on the list and then ruralites? Should poor people have a position in the front of the line? And what about the rest of the world? Are we only going to be saving Americans and the other seven billion people be damned?

We need somewhere between seven and 14 billion doses of vaccine, depending upon whether you get a one-shot vaccine or a two-shot vaccine. Just imagine the politicians arguing over who should be immunized first, second and third. Maybe Democrats should come before Republicans because they control the greatest part of the government.

The return to normalcy is also an enigma. When will it be OK to fly in a plane, take a subway, ride in an elevator, eat in a restaurant, work at the office, go to school physically, not wear a mask, not distance from others, kiss a loved one on the face, go to a religious celebration, go to a funeral, have a beer with friends? Is it five minutes after you get the vaccine, or one year?

The Dangers Of One Party Government

Our nation is about to face a critical moment on January 5th, as Georgians vote for two senators. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are Republicans and the Reverend Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff are Democrats all vying to become part of the highly politicized Senate.

I doubt I have very many readers who are voting in the election, but the contest is going have a monstrous national impact on the way we are governed prospectively. Therefore, every American should be aware of the implications of these two Senate campaigns.

Other than to say that the Democrats are radical and left-wing politicians, and the Republicans are relatively moderate lawmakers, I will address what could possibly happen in the future in Congress depending upon who is victorious.

If Democrats win the two seats, they will effectively control the Senate with a 50-50 split between Republicans and Democrats. Vice president Kamala Harris will vote in any ties. If Republicans win either contested seat, they will control the Senate.

What are the ramifications of having a Democratic-held Senate? It would mean that Democrats would control the presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Currently, the Senate business is subjected to filibusters by the minority party for all votes except judges and SCOTUS nominations. This means that judges and justices are confirmed with a simple majority vote. This changed several years ago when the Democratic majority voted to eliminate the filibuster, or a supermajority vote, to confirm judges. A few years later a Republican Senate majority voted to abrogate a supermajority vote for SCOTUS justices.

Currently all laws are enacted with a majority, unless the opposition filibusters the vote. Then the controlling party needs 60 votes to end the filibuster and enact a law. Democrats have threatened a vote to eliminate the filibuster for all Senate business. This would mean that the opposition party would have no power to stop any legislation for all intents and purposes.

You may ask why a filibuster is necessary. After all, the majority should rule. The filibuster became part of the lawmaking process so that frivolous and inappropriate legislation would be more difficult to enact. It is a way for the opposition to make it more difficult to enact laws that they believe are bad for our country. If a party has 60 votes in the Senate, as Democrats did during the early years of the Obama administration, there is no stopping the majority party if they also hold the presidency and the House.

Why is this issue critical at this moment? It’s because radicals in the Democratic Party have indicated that they would take action that will hurt our country our economy and our capitalistic system. Here is a short list of Democratic objectives:

  • The Senate can change the number of justices on the Supreme Court, thereby changing the political persuasion of the Court.
  • Congress would effectively change our economic system from a capital-based economy to a socialistic economy by bleeding the affluent and most successful among us.
  • The right of Americans to bear arms would be in jeopardy.
  • Immigration policy would be open borders.
  • Health care would be 100% socialized at an enormous cost.
  • Inane climate change policies would cripple industry.
  • Taxing policies would steal assets from hard working Americans.

Radical left-wing lawmakers would have a field day ripping down basic institutions like the banking system and high-tech companies.

The US would take several steps backwards just by the election of two Georgia senators.

Even if you are a Democrat, you should be aware of a country run by power hungry politicians with unlimited control over our government.

Biden Wants To Negotiate With Iran, Not A Good Idea

Tom Friedman of the New York Times wrote an instructive piece about the rogue state of Iran and its intentions moving forward. It’s about time a columnist on the left called out the ayatollahs for what they really are. Re-negotiating the Obama nuclear deal with Iran is not the best course for the new administration. Certainly, Friedman thinks not. I think it is idiocy.

It appears that Iran is still far from building a deliverable nuclear weapon, although it is difficult to be sure given all the secrecy surrounding the program. The continued assassinations of Iran’s nuclear scientists by Israel will serve to delay the schedule to an extent.

It’s a goal of the country’s leadership to have a WMD because the threat of a bomb would enable it to intimidate their neighbors in the Middle East. Friedman says the ayatollahs would never actually use it because Israel would retaliate and obliterate its mortal enemy. But why take this chance?

“The Iranian Air Force launched drones and precision-guided cruise missiles at Saudi Arabia’s most important oil fields and processing centers [several week ago] causing huge damage.” The Israelis called the attack a “Middle East Pearl Harbor.”  Neither the US, Saudi Arabia nor the UAE responded in kind. Unbelievably, not one country returned fire.

“The US did nothing.” Trump wants the Saudis to pay the US to respond militarily. This was part of his strategy to let the Arabs fight it out without US interference, right or wrong. This action will likely cause Israel and Saudi Arabia to increase their ties against a common enemy.

Bibi Netanyahu has already visited the Saudi Arabian leadership. These countries and other Gulf states will surely have a lot to say about Biden’s reported plans to re-establish a relationship with Iran, by easing sanctions and re-upping to the flawed nuclear deal.

Another point Friedman emphasizes is the development of precision-guided missiles, a more likely weapon to use, as opposed to initiating a nuclear Holocaust with a WMD. In the past, Iran provided missiles to terrorist organizations and countries surrounding Israel. They were inaccurate and did little damage. The Iranians proved that their precision missile are very accurate, and if unleashed on any of their enemies, they can create havoc.

Iran is a menace. The ayatollahs cannot be trusted. The leaders want to dominate the Muslim world, eliminate Israel and diminish the US presence in the region. The question is what kind of weapons will they use to try to achieve their goals?

Biden should play tough with Iran, increase sanctions and push for regime change. There will be no peace in the Middle East, so long as Iran has the money to build new armaments. The US need to be diligent about any effort to produce a nuke.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Despite recent political insanity and regional problems relating to the influenza crisis, Americans have reasons to be optimistic.  As in all other crises, including world wars, 9/11 and other terrorist attacks, our country will rally once again and be the beacon of hope for all mankind. The light at the end of the tunnel is shining brighter every day.

Several things have happened or are happening that should give us a feeling that there are good times ahead. First and foremost, the Trump experiment is over. Even if you are a supporter of the president, it’s got to be a great relief that he will soon leave the White House. Americans from both political parties are tired of his antics.

Trump did some positive things. Unfortunately, his brash attitude and terrible persona offset his accomplishments. Our economy is ready to take off, we are enjoying better and fairer relations with enemies and allies and most of us now recognize that what we read and hear from the press must be taken with a grain of salt.

The president failed miserably as a leader, a diplomat, a peacemaker and a friend. The man has no confidantes except for his close family. All he has is a long line of groupies that ride his coattails by telling him what he wants to hear. Trump was bad for America, and hopefully he will fade away into oblivion.

Another positive event is the pace at which our scientists and doctors have reacted to COVID-19. Frankly, I was dismayed by the original response of the medical community to the pandemic last March and April. None seemed to be prepared for the deadly shroud that the flu cast on the entire world.

The US and all countries have experienced outbreaks of infectious diseases before, so there should have been action plans to fight deadly viruses. Why was the medical community not ready to combat a bug that could literally wipe out mankind? Existential threats should be at the top of researchers’ focus lists. We spent billions of dollars on cancer, heart disease and other maladies. Why weren’t we spending more to protect the world from this type of existential threat?

Anyway, that was yesterday. Pharmaceutical companies broke all sorts of records creating a new vaccine. The time needed to invent an effective serum to kill off Covid-19 was a fraction of the time it usually takes to bring a cure to market. Disregarding the aforementioned un-preparedness, our scientists have done a great job and deserve a lot of credit for working so diligently to save us.

It’s only a matter of time before the vaccine is distributed worldwide. Our worst fears are being allayed as I write this essay. There is a strong chance that we will get back to normalcy in the coming months.

In America, there is one trend that is frightening, however. Radical political and social groups are attacking fellow Americans needlessly. I totally appreciate the fact that all issues relating to our society, such as civil rights, gender rights, a woman’s right to choose, etc. are on the table. I’m delighted that the country seems prepared to address inequality of every type.

What I’m not happy about is the intensity and violence affiliated with those who are leading specific efforts. What saddens me is that needed discourse about political and social preferences always become vitriolic and confrontational in Washington, at colleges, at cocktail parties and even in kitchens at suppertime.

All Americans must appreciate that the evils and unfairness of 250 years cannot be rectified in one congressional session or by one president. And, appreciating both sides of disagreements is essential to finding lasting solutions.

Free speech is in jeopardy. If this continues, it will result in an unfortunate backlash, rather than correcting inequalities some experience every day.

Now sit back and watch the light at the end of the tunnel grow brighter every day.

Is Going To School Worth The Risk?

Education is one of the most important issues for parents these days. When you have to be concerned about a rogue virus, educational decisions are much more difficult for administrators to make, and for parents to accept.

It is worthwhile to look at the risks and rewards of sending children to school in the current toxic environment.

First, the downside of remote teaching. Just about everybody agrees that children learn exponentially more in person than with a computer at home. The children who stay home for an extended period of time are losing valuable instruction that will not be good for their future advancement. It’s difficult to estimate how far behind students will be in one month, three months or one year when the pandemic ends.

How important is the socialization aspect of school at a young age? Is interfacing with other young people important to the maturation process? Most parents believe it is critical.

Interrupting the process for an extended period of time is noteworthy from many perspectives. Most important is the way children learn how to relate to one another and to their teachers. It’s not the same as spending time with a parent (versus another child of the same age).

Younger children need to have a significant amount of exercise in their curricula and space. So, keeping children engaged and cooped up in a small apartment for six months as compared to school with roomy classrooms, a gymnasium and a cafeteria, could have a significant impact.

Many urban children are dependent upon the free meals they receive at school. There is little doubt that remote learning results in some malnutrition. Not benefiting from these meals will put even greater strain on families as they try to fill the gap.

If parents must stay home from work to care for their children, they will lose crucial wages for their absence. Small businesses are having a difficult time and will likely be unable to accommodate parents with care issues.

The damage related to shutting down the country is difficult to measure. In the case of parents losing their jobs, the issues are fairly clear. Parents will not earn needed funds to care for and feed their families. And, the companies that these parents work for will be deprived of essential employees if childcare interferes with attendance. Above all, parents must first care for their children before the needs of their employers.

The overriding issue for parents who are hesitant about sending their children to school is the potential of infection. The more individuals that children come into contact with, the greater the chances that they will be exposed to the virus. But the odds of children coming down with anything more than a fever and a cough are slim unless they suffer from a serious health issue. The only deadly risk is infecting parents and grandparents.

Most schools that teach face to face have complied with masking orders and distancing between the students. This has not moved Mayor DeBlasio who closed schools for nearly a million students in NYC. Moreover, teachers are similarly protected against exposure to the flu.

In total, the sensibility of sending children to school is greater than keeping them at home. However, parents should be given the option to have their children be educated remotely. This is not a time to be forcing parents or students to do things they are not comfortable with.  

What If Trump Refuses To Leave?

The standoff between President Trump and the entire political infrastructure in Washington is becoming more perilous every day for the country. Even Republican leaders are starting to say that Trump should give up for the benefit of the republic.

 It’s disconcerting to think that Democrats and others supporting Joe Biden may have committed voter fraud. Rudy Giuliani tried to make this case on Thursday. He’s acting as president Trump’s personal attorney. Unfortunately, Rudy was unable or unwilling to give proof of voting irregularities. For some reason, he thinks that Americans will believe Trump and him without verification of wrongdoing.

All the lies and exaggerations by the president during his tenure are coming back to haunt him. He has not provided one shred of credibility to his protestations. If the voters are going to side with Trump, he and Giuliani are going to have to make march out witnesses, fraudulent ballots and rigged voting machines. And this will have to be done in the next week or two.

I, for one, have lost confidence in the voting system in our country. Statistical analysis by Trump operatives, indicate that Biden benefited by ballot stuffing, used dead people’s names on ballots and manipulated voting machines, which were allegedly wired to add votes to Biden. Giuliani says he has affidavits from people who witnessed all types of voter corruption. All this is grounds for an investigation, but with an ample electoral majority and an overwhelming popular vote, Biden is going to be our next president.

I’m curious about what would happen if Trump refuses to leave and give the reins of government to Biden. Will Trump be handcuffed and escorted from the White House? Who will have the dubious honor of dragging the ex-president onto Pennsylvania Ave? Will it be the FBI or the Washington PD that does the dirty deed? Is Trump committing treason by not abiding to the wishes of the electorate? I guess no one knows. It never happened before in American history.

Then there’s all the secrets and national security information that must be passed on to the president-elect. And what about the box that gives the president the ability to launch nuclear weapons? What about the distribution of vaccine to combat the COVID-19 flu?

Americans should have known that Trump would be a major pain in the ***, if he lost. He thinks the security of our nation and the credibility of our democracy are things that he can manipulate. The departing president is a menace and deserves to be disparaged and ridiculed. He’s a total embarrassment to the country.

But what if the lawsuits favor Trump? What if the Democratic bosses in blue stronghold cities like Philadelphia, the Twin Cities, Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta did mess with ballots? It wouldn’t be the first time in history that people running for office and their supporters cheated. It truly would be the crime of the Century and it would destroy the Democratic Party.

The best case would be for Trump to walk away and retire to Florida. Americans can then forget about the last four years and move on with their lives. The next best case is to allow Biden to have his victory and waste millions on litigation relating to the 2020 election. At least voters will then know if it was rigged by zealous Democrats.

Biden Intends To Do Business With Iran

Joe Biden has already stipulated that he will go down the very dangerous path of trying to make peace with the Iranian ayatollahs. It’s a hopeless endeavor mostly because Iran is not trustworthy and very dangerous.

Iran wants three things, the ability to develop a nuclear bomb, elimination of US sanctions and domination of Muslims in the Middle East and beyond.

It should be noted that President Trump did everything in his power to rein in Iran, short of a military invasion. He put pressure on Iran with sanctions in an effort to prevent it from building a weapon of mass destruction. He increased economic sanctions on Iran to encourage it to change its ways.

Soon after becoming president, Trump abrogated the inane nuclear deal that Obama signed onto. The arrangement is/was not strong enough because it only delayed Iran’s goal of building a nuclear weapon for about a decade.

For decades, the US was committed to halting nuclear proliferation globally, and then Obama caved while dealing with America’s number one adversary to build his legacy. Obama’s minions gave in on virtually every important issue. Obama even ordered the release of $150 billion of Iranian funds captured in the US and paid the ayatollahs $1.8 billion dollars in cash.

Did Obama really believe that Iran would honor the treaty and not hide illegal nuclear activities? How could the president be so naive about the intentions of Iran when its leaders and citizens often call for the destruction of the US?

Other signatories on the nuclear deal sided with Iran in its dispute with the US even though they are/were at more risk from Iran’s possession of a nuclear bomb than the US. Why you ask? Because several of the signatories had lucrative economic arrangements with Iran. Joe Biden has said that he will re-up to the original deal, which, by the way, was never confirmed by the Senate.

Re-endorsing the nuclear deal will give clear sailing to Iran to finish building a weapon. Iran also has demanded compensation for the aforementioned economic sanctions. It was folly to make this deal the first time around and would be governmental malfeasance to do it again.

By decreasing or eliminating sanctions, Iran will be able to sell its oil on the world market to fund its nuclear development and a reign of terror on its neighbors and other countries in the Middle East.

Iran hates America, but it despises Sunni countries even more. It has vigorously attacked its Sunni enemies covertly and overtly. It’s unholy alliance with Russia and Syria has seriously impacted efforts to organize a lasting peace in Iraq and in Syria. Iran still proclaims that it will do anything in its power to destroy the State of Israel.

Even if Iran does not employ its nuclear weapons against Israel or others, it will use its new-found power to intimidate other nations in its region. An existential weapon does that for rogue countries.

During his tenure, President Trump has facilitated relationships with the Gulf States, who are mostly Sunnis. The new arrangements serve as a buffer against Iran’s domination in the region. If the US does not prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon, others, Iran’s numerous enemies, will likely develop or buy nuclear weapons to protect themselves.

Joe Biden is preparing to allow these things to happen. America has sided with Sunni Arabs. Biden will stymie this beneficial foreign relationship gambit.

Trump Must Coordinate With Biden

The end of Donald Trump’s reign of terror, and the inauguration of Joe Biden cannot happen soon enough. There are a number of pressing life and death situations that need to be considered immediately by the president-elect.

The most dilemma is the pandemic. The new president must lead the charge as we defend ourselves against the COVID-19 flu. This means the federal government should consider, and implement if necessary, further actions (mandatory masking, restaurant closures, remote teaching and the like) to decrease the spread of the virus and resultant deaths. This is no time to take a break from efforts to protect Americans.

Secondarily, Biden is going to assume responsibility for the distribution of the vaccine when Trump exits the White House. The tentative plan is to immunize vulnerable elderly people and first responders in January and all others within six months. The logistics affiliated with inoculating two or three hundred million people are monumental. Biden should definitely play a major role in this effort, and Trump should start packing his suitcase, including his hair gel.

It’s obvious that Trump wants credit for defeating the pandemic. Under the best of conditions, this will not happen, right or wrong. Trump had his time as our Commander-in Chief, and now he must pass the baton, with or without accolades.

It’s been reported that Iran is misbehaving and breaking promises relating to nuclear development limits in the original Obama agreement. The New York Times indicated that inspectors found “a significant increase in the country’s stock of nuclear material.” Supposedly, Trump and his advisors considered a military strike on Iran, but it was not implemented.

Once again, it can be argued that the president is looking to have a significant legacy moment, and justification to extend his tenure. Both of these objectives are far-fetched to say the least.

The economy is at a critical point. It appears that the markets believe the US will experience very good conditions and relatively strong growth in 2021. This all could come crumbling down if Biden makes any bad decisions such as a widespread lock-down relating to the pandemic or over funding to support domestic businesses and individuals. Biden should be part of these discussions.

And finally, there is the political environment. Biden said he would make peace between Republicans and Democrats. Given that the Senate will be controlled by Republicans, the government will be at a standstill unless frayed egos are soothed, and comity returns to Congress.

The morale of the story is that Trump needs to transition to Biden right now.

Walk Away, Mr. President

The president, who was defeated earlier this month, has indicated that he might not turn over power to his opponent. This inane and defiant attitude personifies the principle reason Trump was not elected for another four years.

Mr. President, you did a pretty good job governing the country. Our economy grew, and you made us more secure. But your inability to build bridges with those that oppose you or even suggest alternative actions was/is abominable. In the corporate world, the board of directors would say your business judgment is good. But keeping you on in any capacity is not worth the anxiety that you create. So, it was with the American voters.

Many people hate you to the point that they wept for joy when you were declared the loser of the election. Just imagine the emotion and vitriol that would have arisen if you won. Radical liberals would have protested, rioted and destroyed major cities throughout the country. This is not to say that I condone violent protests. I don’t.

Many households were torn apart when parents supported Trump, and their children voted for Biden. I hasten to point out that millennials are replacing baby boomers as the greatest political force in America. This group wants equality and the end of racial, sexual and religious bigotry.

You may believe in these ideals. If you do, you have a strange way of showing it. By not speaking out against white supremacists and the pervasive growth of gun ownership, you lost important groups of voters. A more measured response to sensitive issues would have made you a winner on Election Day.

You did solve a number of important problems. You promised to cut taxes, and you did. You promised to abrogate unfair trade agreements, and you did. You promised to clean up the Washington swamp, and you did. You made progress with Blacks, Latinos and other minorities economically. You restored the reputation of the US in the face of global anti-American sentiment.

The problem is that you rubbed our faces in all of your successes. You are the most un-humble leader the country has ever had. You are not the greatest. You are a liar. You twist and distort the truth. The press has a field day reporting on your misstatements and exaggerations daily.

I’m puzzled why anyone would vote for you. Of course, Americans have the right to pick who they want to govern our country. But you lost this time. You are a bad loser and a bad winner. Therapy might be helpful.

Mr. President, you are our elected leader and it hasn’t worked out, with the advancement of the pandemic, the hostile and unfair media and a bunch of vicious politicians on the other side of the aisle.

You have an opportunity to do a good thing. Walk away and begin to rehabilitate yourself. It’s never too late. Americans want a peaceful and effective transition of presidential power. You should make it happen for the good of our republic.