NY Times Bashes Sen. Manchin

The New York Times showed its true colors in an editorial that was supposed to be a balanced account of some of the most controversial politicians. It’s not balanced and is indicative of why left wing, radical, liberal journalists deserve the trouncing they will experience in 2022 and 2024.

The author is an individual named Michelle Cottle, a member of the Times’ editorial board. I never heard of her so I googled her. She’s a long-time political writer for some liberal publications. She might as well be a member of Biden’s public relations team. The way she coddles politicians of her ilk is shameful and misleading. In particular, her effort to make excuses for Kamala Harris’ pathetic performance was sad.

It wouldn’t bother me if the cutesy pot shots were directed at buffoons on both sides of the aisle. Cottle’s “The 2021 Yearbook of Politics” was just too one sided. She loses credibility by not including President Biden, Bill de Blasio and the “Squad “ in Congress.

It’s amusing how two people can examine the same set of facts and have totally different perspectives. The most outrageous comments were directed at Sen. Joe Manchin. She writes that he is the “Biggest Pain in the Butt.” I’ll bet Manchin is not returning her phone calls or emails.

She indicates that Manchin spent the year obstructing his party’s legislative goals. Thank goodness the senator saw the light. Democrat proposals included a several trillion dollar giveaway that would have exacerbated inflation and ballooned our national debt. The climate change features of the legislation would have made us dependent on coal and natural gas from other countries. There was no way that the country could pay for the Biden smorgasbord of entitlements in the package. I’m ecstatic that Democrats were unable to ram the bill down our throats.

Cottle wrote that Manchin was “scrounging for Republican buy-in on voting rights legislation. Why would Republicans accede to a massive reformation of voting rights when the majority has only a razor’s edge advantage? Massive new legislation should be a compromise between the two national parties. Cottle, like Biden, overestimates the mandate from the voters.

The author wrote that Manchin regards his constituents “a bunch of slacker welfare cheats.” Really? I’d like to read Manchin’s words in context.  She called him a pious, pompous pointlessly destructive prat. (this word means “idiot”) . .” In the meantime, the senator risked his future and his legacy trying to do the right thing for West Virginians.

I believe Manchin saved the country from a terrible economic disaster by standing up to his misguided colleagues. He is a hero. Cottle just doesn’t like anyone who doesn’t vote for open borders and entitlements with a quid pro quos.

It’s my blog and so I get to write about a person who should be in the yearbook.

Joe Biden, our president, is a modern day political Methuselah (he lived for 969 years). Biden rose to power because the country regretted the election of Trump, and the other Democrat choices were all sad alternatives. He has proven to be a pathetic leader and unable to manage Congress. The administration has managed the pandemic ineffectively and given Americans no confidence that the virus will be defeated.  And worse, the president is constantly lying and making misstatements.

With hit pieces like this emanating from newsrooms, it will be a long time before politicians from both sides of the aisle work together for our nation.

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