Americans Must Be More Negotiable

Many Americans have become disillusioned with the behavior of their neighbors and leaders pre-election, post election and during the very annoying and disconcerting pandemic. Given the severity of the overall situation, I had hoped everyone would join together to battle the horrible and deadly viruses that have plagued us for two years. It seems that just the opposite is happening.

For our governmental leaders, the pandemic is not war like WWII. Men and women enlisted in the armed forces to fight an enemy that threatened our freedom and our lives. Correspondingly, our leaders told the truth about impending danger as a courtesy to those at home. They did not withhold information from the minority leaders in government, as their support enabled our forces to be more prepared to fight. Both groups worked together to annihilate the enemy for the benefit of America. Politics was set aside for the duration of the war.

These days politicians are running for office 100% of the time.  All their communication is wordsmithed to help these individuals win future elections. The personal interests of our politicians are considered ahead of the security of our nation. It’s time this ended.

Today, in Congress, there are all types of special interest groups that are interfering with the smooth operation of the government. But, what about those who are not members of an interest group? Who’s looking out for their needs?

Then there are the pols that are driven by their feelings about social issues. How can a senator follow his conscience about a woman’s right to choose if 60% of his or her constituents are on the other side of the issue? I think pols should not vote their conscience on controversial issues unless his or her constituencies are in agreement.

Our country has wasted so much time, effort and money arguing about social issues, like the aforementioned women’s rights. The way to put controversy to rest is to compromise. We should not attempt to change the laws previously enacted every time the Supreme Court moves to the left or to the right. Women are legally able to obtain abortions. That is the law. Why can’t we just agree on a period of time that a woman must choose to move forward, whether it be based on the viability of the fetus or a time that is consistent with scientific facts?

Gun control is another issue that raises the temperature in Washington. Many believe owning firearms is mandated by the Constitution. Others disagree. The endgame in this battle on a national scale is common sense and negotiation that will make everyone safer. Keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals, mentally ill individuals and minors without parental supervision is good for everyone. When a crazed individual killed 20 babies in Connecticut it should have encouraged our leaders to find ways to secure the safetyof all individuals as it pertains to owning weapons.

There are all kinds of disagreements relating to income inequality. For some reason, people on the left believe that the most wealthy and successful among us are stealing from the poor. I can assure you that these people are unable to cheat and avoid prosecution. The tax laws and the perspectives of the authorities are so stringent and lopsided that it is impossible to get away with illegal activities, especially when the target is a wealthy person. Bernie Madoff had no chance to walk away from the people he swindled. And now he is suffering the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life in prison.

One of the most misunderstood perceptions relating to welfare, entitlements and other assistance is that it cannot be perpetual. Our country cannot afford to subsidize able-bodied people in perpetuity. Aid should be enacted to respond to a need, a moment in time.  Eighty percent of the country cannot live off the government unless we abandon our capitalist society. Assistance should come and go as needs materializes. A beneficiary should have the responsibility to find a job and escape welfare. Providing for your own family is the end game that will satisfy those Americans who are paying for entitlements.

Americans must take the lead in changing our world from a place where wars start on a daily basis and human rights violations are commonplace. As a separate point, all American should appreciate that the US is by far the most advanced place in terms of security and standard of living. To see people marching in the streets and protesting violently is a sad sight for those of us who appreciate the benefits of living in America. Where else could these people live more happily than in this country? But the problem is that the global community spends far too much on bombs and rifles. Perhaps, one day, this money will be used for social advancement.

Back to the pandemic. For starters, I believe everyone should have the option to be vaccinated. But there is a huge potential downside to not doing so. The doctors and scientists say the virus will be controlled sooner if everyone takes the shots. So why do some eschew the vaccinations? To some it is a violation of civil liberties. I think the antivirus people should open their minds, be considerate and join the team. By doing so we will be able to lead a normal life much sooner without fear.

If non-vaccinated people persist they will be ostracized more every day. Already one cannot eat at restaurants and attend parties without proof of vaccination. This phenomenon will continue as the pandemic proceeds.

In summary, Americans and their leaders need to be more tolerant and flexible and end negativity and confrontation.

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