America Can Do Better Than Biden and Trump

I’ve had some animated debates recently about the Republican and Democratic nominees for president in 2024. I could not think of a worse election then one that pits Trump against Biden. I’m officially going on record that voters in both major parties we’ll see the light and not select either of these two men who, arguably, are the worst presidents in America’s history.

Joe Biden, with a majority in the House and effective majority in the Senate, has not been able to govern the US effectively. Rightly so, most Americans, less than 40%, think Biden is doing a good job. Why would Democrats nominate a man that a vast majority of voters dislike intensely? Doesn’t the party have anyone ready for prime time? Will Democrats re-nominate Biden because most incumbent presidents historically are renominated regardless of their performance? How stupid is that strategy?

Here are the primary reasons why Sleepy Joe has no chance to win another election:

  • Illegal immigration continues unabated.
  • Biden botched the US departure from Afghanistan.
  • Inflation is worse than any time since the 1980s.
  • Gas prices are at historical highs.
  • COVID and its offspring are still devastating America.
  • Biden originally supported defunding of the police.
  • Biden was not able to control Joe Manchin, Democrat from West Virginia, effectively making it impossible for Democrats to pass Biden’s agenda.
  • Russia and China are bullying the US, and other countries, with little push back.
  • The US has done nothing to temper North Korea and Iran, as they build nuclear weapons.
  • Biden is running on an anti-Trump platform.
  • Biden has made no advances in the fight against global warming.
  • Biden and Democrats have not supported free speech for every American, just for liberals.
  • Biden is a free spender who has turbocharged inflation with unparalleled new entitlements.
  • Joe will be 82 and 2024. He acts like someone who is that old.
  • Etc.

Now Trump. This man is a thorn in the side of America. He has single handedly pitted Americans against each other by endorsing violent protests after the 2020 elections. He’s a conspiracy weirdo. Trump is paranoid about his beliefs and that everyone is out to get him. Trump has serious character flaws and is not capable of effectively governing the US.

For over six years, scores of people have exposed Trump’s opulent and secretive lifestyle, and his megalomania. He obliterates people who have any opposing opinions. He expects loyalty to the death.

Trump is not intelligent enough to be president. He is a troublemaker and has virtually no friends. He is an exaggerator and a liar. He has no ability to manage even a small company much less the US. The only reason he was elected in 2020 is because the American voters hated Hillary Clinton and were looking for a change.

Trump is an embarrassment to America. He tried to bully his way through his first term. What’s incredible to me is that the Fox Network still supports Trump. I sit at home and watch some very intelligent journalists and talking heads still applauding Trump contributions. He took from America and gave nothing back in return.

The impending presidential election is critical to the US. We need to find leaders who are capable. Let’s forget about Joe and Donald and pick someone great.

I will be collecting on my bets in couple of years.

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