Biden Speaks With The Press And Flops

It must be really depressing to be a Democrat these days. Nothing is going well for the left-wing party. All of the promises Joe Biden made to Americans have gone nowhere in Congress. To make matters worse, the leader looks haggard, confused and overworked.

Liberals are starting to feel like Republicans during the Trump years. They have control, but they can’t get a darn thing done. Democrat lawmakers should not have tried to change America in one presidential cycle with a 50/50 split in the Senate and a razor thin margin in the House.

Think about the ridiculous proposals. Democrats want to open borders even as people from Mexico and Central America are flooding into the US causing confusion and havoc. Pelosi and her minions are not bothered one bit about the illegals wading across the Rio Grande. That’s because liberals want to give citizenship to everyone without any conditions and because the illegals will probably vote Democratic when they become citizens.

Thoughtful Americans including many Democrats are scratching their heads and saying open borders are not a good idea, and maybe building a wall wasn’t such a stupid proposal. In the meantime, taxpayers are caring for these people without regard to criminal records, health and where the where they will ultimately settle.

Biden is negotiating with Russia as it prepares to overrun the Ukraine. Putin knows Biden is a lame duck with no real power over Congress. The Russian troublemaker knows he can ride roughshod over America. If he was politically savvy, Biden would threaten to bankrupt Russia if it invades the Ukraine. America should be prepared to shut down the Russian banking system. This is the only way to handle rogue despots like Vladimir Putin.

How can America have confidence in Biden when he insists on dealing with Iranian troublemakers. The ayatollahs are going to continue to threaten non-Islamic worshippers and Sunni regimes. And now the rogue president of Iran is making deals with Russia and China to foment more instability in the Middle East. We should not reinstate the Obama nuclear deal.

Biden thinks he’s going to be able to enact his entitlement extravaganza “in chunks.” What the hell is he talking about? Biden was shut down by fellow Democrats because his legislation would have worsened inflation. He wanted to spend too much. The Federal Reserve has stated that monstrous new entitlement programs will not be good for our economy. Overspending will exacerbate our national debt problem and devalue the dollar. Biden obviously never took economics 101.

Biden’s naive actions in Afghanistan have given his doubters even more reasons to expect the worst overseas. Clearly, the president did not listen to his generals. Americans are still in Afghanistan trying to escape.

Joe Biden spent several decades in the Senate. One would think that he could lead his colleagues in his Senate. But no, his own party members are revolting against him. Two Democratic senators have single handedly stopped all of Biden’s initiatives.

Last week Biden subjected himself to a barrage of questions for over two hours, a rare event for this administration. Once again, his responses to questions were fraught with exaggerations and misstatements. I’m not a Democrat, and I actually felt sorry for the guy. For a number of statements, Biden’s aides had to walk back comments made by the president after the news conference. And Biden said he thought his administration was doing a good job even as his ratings have dropped precipitously. The most outrageous statement was that he said he would run again with Kamala Harris as his vice president partner. Both should retire before the next presidential election.

Sympathies to my Democratic friends. Biden is going to lead his colleagues to a great defeat in 2022 in 2024. You better brace yourself for a political catastrophe.

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