Bloomberg Can Save The Democratic Party

The Democratic primaries are in full throttle. Already some of the players are being weeded out. The choices, perhaps, include a self-proclaimed socialist, a mayor from a small Midwestern city and a senator that I never heard of a few months ago. To make matters direr, the names of two of these aspirants are very difficult to spell and pronounce.

Do liberals really believe that a 78-year-old man who recently had a heart attack and is hell-bent on bankrupting our country can beat Donald Trump? Sanders admits that he does not know how he will pay for all the entitlements and giveaways he intends to bestow on poor Americans, although we know the affluent are going to take a beating. The main criticism of his main foil, Buttigieg (I had to look up the spelling), is exactly that concern- where will the money come from.

Would America be comfortable with a leader who espouses a system that has failed repeatedly throughout history? Sanders intends to tear down our capitalist state. If elected, he will eviscerate our greatest corporations that employ millions as he tries to resolve income inequality.

Everything in Sanders America will be free- food, shelter, medicine, education, childcare and Social Security. More and more of our neighbors will become wards of the state, slaves to an economic and social system that Americans have fought against repeatedly. Trump is not the most dangerous politician in the land, Sanders, Warren and all the radical left-wing advocates are.

And then there is Butt (I’m abbreviating so I don’t have to look up the spelling again.) How can we have a president whose name is impossible to pronounce and spell? Elementary school children will spend hours as the try to memorize Butt’s name.

Seriously, the man’s credentials are his B- performance running South Bend, Indiana. As a Notre Dame graduate who spent four years in South Bend, I know the job does not qualify a person to be president. Butt should wait and learn for ten more years and then run for the top job.

Klobuchar (I think the spelling is correct) is also an unknown quantity. She needs more seasoning than just her experience as senator of Minnesota. She also could be a factor in years to come, especially if she gives up the socialistic shtick.

Biden has proven once again that he hit his peak decades ago when he was elected senator from the smallest state in the union. For years, he has bumbled his way around Washington. It appears that his colleagues knew he would go no further. And, along came Obama who needed a subservient VP. This is all Biden brings to today’s electorate, working for a C+ president that could not achieve his destiny as modern day FDR. And by the way, Biden still has to deal with his and his son’s corrupt relationship with Ukraine.

Warren is more like a court jester dancing around the stage. Her proposals are moronic and her persona is offensive to many Americans. Plus she has a propensity to fib (and get caught in the act). Democrats will be better served with Warren out of the race. It’s a miracle that she was able to win a senatorial race. I suspect Warren will be defeated if she again runs for the Senate.

You are probably asking yourself what this middle of the road blogger thinks about 2020. The answer is one word- Bloomberg. He is the wild card. I’m not blinded by the man’s money and success running New York City (disregarding his flip flop on stop and frisk). He has the cash to finance his own campaign, and he would be a great leader for the country.

The only problem is that Bloomberg is really, really wealthy, white, male and not many people know of him in the heartland. In a contested Democratic convention where the aforementioned trio try to out liberal each other, Bloomberg could make a move and save the day for the party. Then voters could feel that they are saving the country from Trump without destroying it economically.

One thought on “Bloomberg Can Save The Democratic Party

  1. Sal, I agree with most of what you say., particularly your conclusion that Bloomberg could save the party, and perhaps the country. I would point out that Amy Klobuchar (I got help from spell check) has gone out of her way NOT to chase the left wing candidates and their supporters. She’s now the leading moderate choice, and I predict Biden will drop out and endorse her. Her experience prior to the Senate was as a prosecutor in Hennepin County, and I would add that my Republican brother-in-law, an attorney in Minnesota, says she did a great job (something the left wing might hold against her.

    I would only add that Delaware may have been the first state in the Union, but it’s not the smallest (see Rhode Island).


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